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6,981,409Control surface controller force measurement system2006-01-03
6,981,671Airframe structure-integrated capacitor2006-01-03
6,981,672Fixed canard 2-D guidance of artillery projectiles2006-01-03
6,981,673Wear resisting sleeve system for aircraft landing arresting cables2006-01-03
6,981,674System and method for space elevator2006-01-03
6,981,676Method and spoiler system for ensuring the aerodynamic continuity of the upper surface of an aircraft2006-01-03
6,982,402Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles2006-01-03
6,982,655Method and indicator for displaying information showing the airspeed tolerance margins for an aircraft2006-01-03
6,983,588Turbofan variable fan nozzle2006-01-10
6,983,700Variable drag projectile stabilizer for limiting the flight range of a training projectile2006-01-10
6,983,910Membrane structure2006-01-10
6,983,911Aviation tire2006-01-10
6,983,912Hybrid exhaust heat shield for pylon mounted gas turbine engines2006-01-10
6,983,913Safety device for parachute canopy2006-01-10
6,983,914Deployable solar array assembly2006-01-10
6,984,109Rotor blade pitch control assembly2006-01-10
6,985,801Cockpit instrument panel systems and methods with redundant flight data display2006-01-10
6,986,481Extendable joined wing system for a fluid-born body2006-01-17
6,986,482Suspension part of a turbojet engine2006-01-17
6,986,483Inertial reference system for an aircraft2006-01-17
6,986,484VTOL aircraft external load drag reduction system2006-01-17
6,986,485Overhead space access stowable staircase2006-01-17
6,986,486Aircraft control system2006-01-17
6,986,695Method for attaching an empennage assembly to a model airplane2006-01-17
6,986,929Composite preform structural panel having electrically conductive stitching2006-01-17
6,987,257Attitude determination system and method2006-01-17
6,988,246Touch sensitive input and display arrangement for controlling and monitoring aircraft cabin systems2006-01-17
6,988,376Air-conditioning system2006-01-24
6,988,692Rear fastening device for aircraft engine2006-01-24
6,988,693Methods and apparatus for passive illumination of refueling hoses2006-01-24
6,988,694Push release loop2006-01-24
6,989,769Safety index2006-01-24
6,990,396Method and apparatus for reaction wheel dynamic compensation in long-duration deployment of a large reflector2006-01-24
6,990,797Methods and apparatus for operating gas turbine engines2006-01-31
6,990,798Hybrid inlet2006-01-31
6,990,885Missile interceptor2006-01-31
6,991,304Method and device for automatic control of an aircraft deceleration in running phase2006-01-31
6,993,420Method for monitoring a plurality of systems of an aircraft including displaying tasks already performed2006-01-31
6,993,898Microwave heat-exchange thruster and method of operating the same2006-02-07
6,994,045Superhydrophobic coating2006-02-07
6,994,294Stabilization of a drogue body2006-02-07
6,994,295Quonset type parachute2006-02-07
6,994,296Apparatus and method for maneuvering objects in low/zero gravity environments2006-02-07
6,994,297Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle2006-02-07
6,995,688Method and apparatus for thwarting attempts to hijack aircraft and for responding to other aircraft emergencies2006-02-07
6,997,013Cooling system for an on-board inert gas generating system2006-02-14
6,997,301On-board entertainment display retractor safety device2006-02-14
6,997,413Flying amphibious SUV2006-02-14
6,997,414Cargo door modification to ease emergency egress2006-02-14
6,997,415Method and arrangement for aircraft fuel dispersion2006-02-14
6,997,416Linear actuation device for spacecraft and solar generator unfolding systems2006-02-14
6,997,637Deceleration-limiting roadway barrier2006-02-14
7,000,638Diverter valve with multiple valve seat rings2006-02-21
7,000,869Cross section for a supersonic airplane2006-02-21
7,000,870Laminar flow wing for transonic cruise2006-02-21
7,000,871Ice detection assembly installed on an aircraft2006-02-21
7,000,872Circular parachute2006-02-21
7,002,126Projectile steering by plasma discharge2006-02-21
7,003,374Aircraft cargo loading logistics system using machine readable identifiers2006-02-21
7,003,380System for computationally efficient adaptation of active control of sound or vibration2006-02-21
7,003,383Flight management system using holding pattern entry algorithms2006-02-21
7,004,047Variable area nozzle for gas turbine engines driven by shape memory alloy actuators2006-02-28
7,004,423Projectile diverter2006-02-28
7,004,424Projectile flight altering apparatus2006-02-28
7,004,425Flying body for firing from a tube with over-caliber stabilizers2006-02-28
7,004,426Control system for rotorcraft for preventing the vortex ring state2006-02-28
7,004,427Retractable lifting blades for aircraft2006-02-28
7,004,428Lift and twist control using trailing edge control surfaces on supersonic laminar flow wings2006-02-28
7,004,430Threat-resistant aircraft tray2006-02-28
7,004,431High pressure spray system2006-02-28
7,004,432Aircraft flap extension mechanism2006-02-28
7,004,618Timer setting mechanism for mechanical dereefer2006-02-28
7,005,175Ventilated double-walled composite aircraft fuselage shell2006-02-28
7,006,903Method and system for routing mobile vehicles and scheduling maintenance for those vehicles related application2006-02-28
7,007,888Inertial position target measuring systems and methods2006-03-07
7,007,889Flexible airfoils and method2006-03-07
7,007,890Turbojet designed to be fixed onto the AFT part of the fuselage of an aircraft, in upper position2006-03-07
7,007,891Retractable landing gear for aircraft2006-03-07
7,007,892Insulating baffle for a floor shear truss2006-03-07
7,007,893Methods and systems for controlling flammability control systems in aircraft and other vehicles2006-03-07
7,007,894In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for preventing oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-03-07
7,007,895Variable flow restricting devices2006-03-07
7,007,896Shock and vibration isolation system2006-03-07
7,007,897Flight control actuation system2006-03-07
7,008,233Retractable panel interface cable device and method2006-03-07
7,008,276Propulsion system2006-03-07
7,010,398Control system providing perspective flight guidance2006-03-07
7,010,905Ventilated confluent exhaust nozzle2006-03-14
7,010,906Gas turbine engine haveing a disconnect panel for routing pipes and harnesses between a first and a second zone2006-03-14
7,011,273Organizer console2006-03-14
7,011,275Internal spur gear drive2006-03-14
7,011,276Carrying or guiding device for aircraft components2006-03-14
7,012,233Thrust vectoring a flight vehicle during homing using a multi-pulse motor2006-03-14
7,013,208Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control2006-03-14
7,013,745Unattended ground sensor assembly2006-03-21
7,014,141Unmanned airborne reconnaissance system2006-03-21
7,014,142Low-drag rotor/wing flap2006-03-21
7,014,143Aircraft lightning strike protection and grounding technique2006-03-21
7,014,144Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2006-03-21
7,014,145Variable position intake for an aircraft mounted gas turbine engine2006-03-21
7,014,146System for aiding control of the deceleration of an aircraft moving over the ground2006-03-21
7,014,147Anti hijacking system2006-03-21
7,014,148Cockpit security door/restroom2006-03-21
7,014,149Traction kite design2006-03-21
7,014,150Method and system for optimizing torque in a CMG array2006-03-21
7,014,151Pitch-based carbon foam heat sink with phase change material2006-03-21
7,014,359Temperature measuring device2006-03-21
7,017,857Active vibration control system2006-03-28
7,017,858Two-tone isolator assembly2006-03-28
7,017,859Method of making a miniature, operable box kite2006-03-28
7,017,860Control and fixing device for the sail of a kite2006-03-28
7,017,861Control system for actuators in an aircraft2006-03-28
7,017,862Wake vortex visualizer for an aircraft2006-03-28
7,017,863Turbulent flow drag reduction2006-03-28
7,018,266Land sail vehicle2006-03-28
7,021,585Aircraft engine rear mount with thrust links and boomerang-shaped lever2006-04-04
7,021,586Force feedback refueling system for unmanned aircraft2006-04-04
7,021,587Dual channel fail-safe system and method for adjusting aircraft trim2006-04-04
7,021,856Splicing for interconnected thin-walled metal structures2006-04-04
7,023,361Covert runway lighting apparatus and method2006-04-04
7,023,380RF attitude measurement system and method2006-04-04
7,024,340Automatic collection manager2006-04-04
7,025,088Providing an indication of the position of a valve member2006-04-11
7,025,171Safety harness2006-04-11
7,025,304Helicopter messenger cable illumination2006-04-11
7,025,305Aircraft panel2006-04-11
7,025,306Individual module for aircraft passengers2006-04-11
7,025,307Method and apparatus for solar tacking momentum maintenance in long-duration deployment of a large reflector2006-04-11
7,028,351Modular patient support system2006-04-18
7,028,947Self-powered tethered decoy for heat-seeking transport aircraft missile defense2006-04-18
7,028,948Apparatus for increase of aircraft lift and maneuverability2006-04-18
7,028,949Landing assist probe mounting system2006-04-18
7,028,950Load bearing window2006-04-18
7,028,951Parachute reefing system2006-04-18
7,028,953Two-sided deployable thermal radiator system and method2006-04-18
7,028,954Microfabricated translational stages for control of aerodynamic loading2006-04-18
7,029,196Clock lock2006-04-18
7,030,576Multichannel hall effect thruster2006-04-18
7,031,810Control system and process for several actuators2006-04-18
7,031,811Fuel efficient airspeed trim2006-04-18
7,032,856Modern thermal sensor upgrade for existing missile system2006-04-25
7,032,857Multi-sensor guidance system for extreme force launch shock applications2006-04-25
7,032,858Systems and methods for identifying targets among non-targets with a plurality of sensor vehicles2006-04-25
7,032,859Counter rotating ducted fan having a permanent magnet drive2006-04-25
7,032,860Emergency anti-torque thruster system2006-04-25
7,032,861Quiet vertical takeoff and landing aircraft using ducted, magnetic induction air-impeller rotors2006-04-25
7,032,862Method and system for mounting radio avionics2006-04-25
7,032,863Increased security flight deck door strike apparatus and method2006-04-25
7,032,864Wing with inflatable struts2006-04-25
7,035,725Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control2006-04-25
7,036,423Released control release mechanism in particular for use in the space industry2006-05-02
7,036,767Projectile seeker2006-05-02
7,036,768Multi-purpose airship2006-05-02
7,036,769Microstructures using carbon fiber composite honeycomb beams2006-05-02
7,036,770Methods and apparatus for illumination of refueling hoses2006-05-02
7,036,771Kite safety, control, and rapid depowering apparatus2006-05-02
7,036,772Spacecraft with extensible radiators2006-05-02
7,036,773Compact external launcher for small space payloads2006-05-02
7,037,568Joining member for mechanically joining a skin to a supporting rib2006-05-02
7,039,367Communications using unmanned surface vehicles and unmanned micro-aerial vehicles2006-05-02
7,040,210Apparatus and method for restraining and releasing a control surface2006-05-09
7,040,247Stabilizing surface for flight deck or other uses2006-05-09
7,040,570Weather-agile reconfigurable automatic target recognition system2006-05-09
7,040,571Single pull control horn2006-05-09
7,040,572Lighter-than-air aircraft with air cushion landing gear means2006-05-09
7,040,573Landplane to flying boat conversion2006-05-09
7,040,574Aircraft and watercraft adapted to float on main wing2006-05-09
7,040,575Foam composite insulation for aircraft2006-05-09
7,040,576Fire shield apparatus and method2006-05-09
7,040,577Attachment apparatus for injection-molded frameless canopies2006-05-09
7,040,578Locking the cowl doors of a turbojet2006-05-09
7,040,579Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2006-05-09
7,040,580Automatic activation device for deploying a parachute and methods thereof2006-05-09
7,041,363Solid body with microstructured surface2006-05-09
7,043,343Method for testing a missile time-space-position unit for missile2006-05-09
7,043,345System and method with adaptive angle-of-attack autopilot2006-05-09
7,043,355Multisource target correlation2006-05-09
7,043,897Square ultra thrust reverser system2006-05-16
7,044,422Gyrostabilized self propelled aircraft2006-05-16
7,046,823Correlation tracker breaklock detection2006-05-16
7,047,112Control device for a cabin system in an airplane2006-05-16
7,047,113GPS navigation device2006-05-16
7,048,227Parachute supported aircraft with controlled wing collapse and inflation2006-05-23
7,048,228Slotted aircraft wing2006-05-23
7,048,229Low sonic boom inlet for supersonic aircraft2006-05-23
7,048,230Laminar flow nacelle for an aircraft engine2006-05-23
7,048,231Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging2006-05-23
7,048,232Plottner rotor kite2006-05-23
7,048,233Dual conduction heat dissipating system for a spacecraft2006-05-23
7,048,234Adaptive flap and slat drive system for aircraft2006-05-23
7,048,235Slotted aircraft wing2006-05-23
7,048,505Method and system for regulating fluid flow over an airfoil or a hydrofoil2006-05-23
7,050,286Composite structure lighting protection2006-05-23
7,051,509Apparatus for reducing foreign object debris ingestion into aircraft engines2006-05-30
7,051,973Airborne enhancement device2006-05-30
7,051,974Pivoting aircraft wing and associated method2006-05-30
7,051,975Aircraft flap or slat drive system with redundant drives and shaft drive lines2006-05-30
7,051,976Process for improving the maneuverability of an aircraft during a resource2006-05-30
7,051,977Aircraft wheel support mechanism2006-05-30
7,051,978Adaptable payload processes2006-05-30
7,051,979Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2006-05-30
7,051,980Efficient orbit sparing system for space vehicle constellations2006-05-30
7,051,981Method for aligning a spacecraft2006-05-30
7,051,982Fairing arrangements for aircraft2006-05-30
7,052,573Method to eliminate undulations in a composite panel2006-05-30
7,053,993Laser pointing sighting system with designator range finder2006-05-30
7,054,725GPS navigation device2006-05-30
7,055,304De-icing device for turbojet inlet guide wheel vane, vane provided with such a de-icing device, and aircraft engine equipped with such vanes2006-06-06
7,055,450Transportation vehicle and method operable with improved drag and lift2006-06-06
7,055,777Airship and method of operation2006-06-06
7,055,778Apparatus and method for lighter-than-air aircraft2006-06-06
7,055,779Detachable skis for aircraft2006-06-06
7,055,780Life support systems for aircraft2006-06-06
7,055,781Cooled insulation surface temperature control system2006-06-06
7,055,782Cellular actuator device and methods of making and using same2006-06-06
7,057,734Integrated reaction wheel assembly and fiber optic gyro2006-06-06
7,059,034One-piece closed-shape structure and method of forming same2006-06-13
7,059,090Fairing access door with reinforcement and method of manufacture2006-06-13
7,059,560System for determining the target range for a laser guided weapon2006-06-13
7,059,561Deployment device for a fin2006-06-13
7,059,562Vertical lift flying craft2006-06-13
7,059,563Systems, apparatuses, and methods for moving aircraft control surfaces2006-06-13
7,059,564Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including a cleat for capturing aircraft on a line2006-06-13
7,059,565Aircraft frame hole patterns and brackets, and associated methods2006-06-13
7,059,566Unmanned aerial vehicle for logistical delivery2006-06-13
7,059,567Small weapons shield for helicopters2006-06-13
7,059,568Panel for a vehicle2006-06-13
7,059,569Method for aerial rearmament of aircraft2006-06-13
7,059,570Aerial delivery device2006-06-13
7,059,571Deployable spacecraft mount for electric propulsion2006-06-13
7,059,664Airflow control devices based on active materials2006-06-13
7,059,931Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft2006-06-13
7,062,363Refinement of spacecraft angular velocity and attitude estimates using star data2006-06-13
7,062,364Electronic non-linear aircraft dynamic parameter display2006-06-13
7,063,288Shock wave modification method and system2006-06-20
7,063,289Helicopter tail section2006-06-20
7,063,290Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2006-06-20
7,063,291Amphibian delta wing jet aircraft2006-06-20
7,063,292Actuation apparatus for a control flap arranged on a trailing edge of an aircraft airfoil2006-06-20
7,063,898Surface modified metal parts2006-06-20
7,065,957Segmented mixing device for jet engines and aircraft2006-06-27
7,066,426Multimodal, deployable vehicle2006-06-27
7,066,427Active protection device and associated apparatus, system, and method2006-06-27
7,066,428Unfolding wing for air-launched, low speed air vehicles2006-06-27
7,066,429Apparatus and method for predictable movement of structural components during failure2006-06-27
7,066,430Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including extendable capture devices2006-06-27
7,066,431Turbulent flow drag reduction2006-06-27
7,066,501Aircraft latch2006-06-27
7,066,551Curved beam aircraft passenger seat2006-06-27
7,066,808Aircraft cabin multi-differential pressure control system2006-06-27
7,066,997Coal tar and hydrocarbon mixture pitch and the preparation and use thereof2006-06-27
7,068,188Runway approach lighting system and method2006-06-27
7,068,210Low-cost position-adaptive UAV radar design with state-of-the-art cots technology2006-06-27
7,070,144Aircraft and missile afterbody flow control device and method of controlling flow2006-07-04
7,070,145Tailboom-stabilized VTOL aircraft2006-07-04
7,070,146Aircraft thickness/camber control device for low sonic boom2006-07-04
7,070,147Lubricating oil filling structure for an engine2006-07-04
7,070,148Aerodynamic component for controlling a landing guide path of an aircraft2006-07-04
7,070,149Seats that convert to sleeper bunks2006-07-04
7,070,150Method and system for presenting moving simulated images in a moving vehicle2006-07-04
7,070,151In orbit space transportation and recovery system2006-07-04
7,070,850Drag reduction article and method of use2006-07-04
7,073,748UAV comprising a sensing system for detection and identification of biological particles2006-07-11
7,073,749High altitude reconnaissance vehicle2006-07-11
7,073,750Propulsion system for model airplane2006-07-11
7,073,751Aircraft structure fatigue alleviation2006-07-11
7,073,752Automatic reserve or primary parachute activation device2006-07-11
7,074,003Helicopter moving device2006-07-11
7,074,474Composite material-stiffened panel and manufacturing method thereof2006-07-11
7,075,048Omni-directional radiation source and object locator2006-07-11
7,076,341Autonomous manoeuvring for spinning spacecraft2006-07-11
7,076,342Attitude sensing apparatus for determining the attitude of a mobile unit2006-07-11
7,077,358Helicopter with torque-correcting thruster device2006-07-18
7,077,359Pneumatically launched folding wing glider toy2006-07-18
7,077,360Passenger sitting/sleeping arrangement2006-07-18
7,077,361Micro-optics concentrator for solar power satellites2006-07-18
7,077,466Lifejacket pouch2006-07-18
7,077,467Cable raceway2006-07-18
7,077,631Ram air turbine with speed increasing gearbox2006-07-18
7,078,658Heater mat made of electrically-conductive fibers2006-07-18
7,078,880Energy storage flywheel voltage regulation and load sharing system and method2006-07-18
7,079,070Radar-filtered projectile2006-07-18
7,080,681Heat pipe component deployed from a compact volume2006-07-25
7,080,804Hot-start navigation information distribution system2006-07-25
7,080,805Stiffened structures and associated methods2006-07-25
7,080,806Overhead space access conversion monument and service area staircase and stowage system2006-07-25
7,080,807Window frame/seal assembly and method of forming the same2006-07-25
7,080,809Space transportation system2006-07-25
7,081,729Variable-structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA motoring subsystem2006-07-25
7,083,139Method for guiding a rocket2006-08-01
7,083,140Full-bore artillery projectile fin development device and method2006-08-01
7,083,141Self-propelled projectile2006-08-01
7,083,142Compact co-axial rotor system for a rotary wing aircraft and a control system thereof2006-08-01
7,083,143Apparatuses and methods for attaching engines and other structures to aircraft wings2006-08-01
7,083,144Apparatus and methods for support of propulsion systems interconnect members2006-08-01
7,083,145Crew rest module and method of forming same2006-08-01
7,083,146Seating arrangement especially adjoining an emergency exit in an aircraft passenger cabin2006-08-01
7,083,147Modularized insulation, systems, apparatus, and methods2006-08-01
7,083,148Assembly for carrying and ejecting stores2006-08-01
7,086,219Cowl structure for a gas turbine engine2006-08-08
7,086,503Brake condition monitoring2006-08-08
7,086,629Severance of polycarbonates and polycarbonate laminates with linear shaped charge2006-08-08
7,086,874Seat track cover and method with embedded conduits for seat-to-seat electrical connectivity2006-08-08
7,087,317Composite laminated aluminum-glass fiber sandwich panels2006-08-08
7,088,263Runway approach lighting system and method2006-08-08
7,089,090Flight control indicator determining the maximum slope for the flight control of an aircraft by terrain following2006-08-08
7,089,108Method and apparatus for entering a flight plan into an aircraft navigation system2006-08-08
7,090,029Firefighting bomblets and a precision aerial firefighting method utilizing the same2006-08-15
7,090,163Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles2006-08-15
7,090,164Method for producing a lift and a horizontal thrust2006-08-15
7,090,165Aeroengine nacelle2006-08-15
7,090,166Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for transmitting forces to the aircraft during launch2006-08-15
7,090,167Method and apparatus for liquid containment, such as for aircraft fuel vessels2006-08-15
7,090,168Catenary girt arrangement for emergency evacuation slides2006-08-15
7,090,169Retaining clamp for alignment of risers when packing a parachute2006-08-15
7,090,170In-orbit satellite sensor alignment determination2006-08-15
7,090,171Momentum stabilized launch vehicle upper stage2006-08-15
7,090,172Process for countering the vibrations induced in an aircraft by the windmilling of a fan and system of electric flight controls implementing this process2006-08-15
7,090,314Load assist mechanism for an overhead bin2006-08-15
7,093,424Thrust reverser system electro-mechanical brake manual release mechanism2006-08-22
7,093,666Apparatus and method for providing fireproofing to an aircraft auxiliary power unit2006-08-22
7,093,787Lightning strike mitigation system2006-08-22
7,093,788Rotating flying wing aircraft and control system2006-08-22
7,093,789Delta-winged hybrid airship2006-08-22
7,093,790Mooring facility for tethered gas balloon2006-08-22
7,093,791Aircraft spiralling mechanism--c2006-08-22
7,093,792Laminar-flow airfoil2006-08-22
7,093,793Variable cam exhaust nozzle2006-08-22
7,093,794Aircraft and detonative engine incorporating pulse detonation engines2006-08-22
7,093,795Methods and systems for operating aircraft landing gears2006-08-22
7,093,797Adaptable payload apparatus and methods2006-08-22
7,093,798Transformable airplane2006-08-22
7,093,799Guided missile having a jettisoned protective cap2006-08-22
7,093,800Method of operating a satellite for end-of-life maneuvers2006-08-22
7,093,801Positioning system, device, and method for in-flight refueling2006-08-22
7,093,802Pressurized sonobuoy deployment system2006-08-22
7,093,803Apparatus and method for aerodynamic wing2006-08-22
7,093,804Foldable and deployable assembly of elements mounted on board a spacecraft2006-08-22
7,093,805System and methods for integrating a payload with a launch vehicle2006-08-22
7,093,806Method and system for decoupling structural modes to provide consistent control system performance2006-08-22
7,097,131Drain valve and method of mounting2006-08-29
7,097,132Apparatus and method for selectivity locking a fin assembly2006-08-29
7,097,133Articulated folding wing structure and method2006-08-29
7,097,134Wing device for sporting activities2006-08-29
7,097,136Immersible unmanned air vehicle and system for launch, recovery, and re-launch at sea2006-08-29
7,097,137Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles2006-08-29
7,097,138Overhead luggage container, particularly for airplanes2006-08-29
7,097,139In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-08-29
7,097,140System and method for spacecraft attitude control2006-08-29
7,098,619Actuator and movement linkage system2006-08-29
7,098,810Aircraft autorecovery systems and methods2006-08-29
7,098,811Method and apparatus for tactile cueing of aircraft controls2006-08-29
7,099,745Robot system using virtual world2006-08-29
7,100,865Method and apparatus for stowing and deploying control surfaces of a guided air vehicle2006-09-05
7,100,866Control system for a flying vehicle2006-09-05
7,100,867Lifting foil2006-09-05
7,100,868Method for the control of aero gas turbine engines2006-09-05
7,100,869Turboprop carrier structure and an assembly including such a carrier structure2006-09-05
7,100,870Jam tolerant electromechanical actuation systems and methods of operation2006-09-05
7,100,871Lightweight structural component made of metallic ply materials2006-09-05
7,100,872Lavatory fast pack system and method2006-09-05
7,100,873Hanger assembly for aircraft2006-09-05
7,100,874Flexible structural restraint layer for use with an inflatable modular structure2006-09-05
7,100,875Apparatus and method for the control of trailing wake flows2006-09-05
7,100,885Seat mounting rail, particularly for a commercial aircraft2006-09-05
7,101,246Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft2006-09-05
7,101,297Compact actuator2006-09-05
7,102,113Three-axis attitude control propulsion device and flying object comprising the same2006-09-05
7,103,455Man/machine interface for control of the automatic pilot for piloted aerodyne provided with an ATN transmission network terminal2006-09-05
7,103,952Engine loader and transporter apparatus and methods2006-09-12
7,104,306Cast unitized primary truss structure and method2006-09-12
7,104,372Damping structure and applications2006-09-12
7,104,495Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a container having a guide structure for aircraft components2006-09-12
7,104,496Active protection device and associated apparatus, system, and method2006-09-12
7,104,497Method of synchronizing fin fold-out on a fin-stabilized artillery shell, and an artillery shell designed in accordance therewith2006-09-12
7,104,498Channel-wing system for thrust deflection and force/moment generation2006-09-12
7,104,499Rechargeable compressed air system and method for supplemental aircraft thrust2006-09-12
7,104,500Thrust reverser with sliding pivot joints2006-09-12
7,104,501Blade member for airplane2006-09-12
7,104,502Ice detector for improved ice detection at near freezing condition2006-09-12
7,104,503Aircraft loading apparatus2006-09-12
7,104,504Inflatable wing with active canopy profile control2006-09-12
7,104,505Autonomous satellite docking system2006-09-12
7,104,506Spacecraft disturbance trimming system2006-09-12
7,104,507Very safe manned rocket and method of entertaining2006-09-12
7,104,862Reduced visibility rotorcraft and method of controlling flight of reduced visibility rotorcraft2006-09-12
7,105,790Process to control the trajectory of a spinning projectile2006-09-12
7,107,131Cross-engine aircraft communication system2006-09-12
7,107,196Model controller computer interface2006-09-12
7,107,755Engine arrangement2006-09-19
7,107,757Aircraft provided with thrust reversers2006-09-19
7,107,842Angular rate sensor using micro electromechanical haltere2006-09-19
7,107,910Penetrator and method of using same2006-09-19
7,108,223Missile control system and method2006-09-19
7,108,224Aircraft engine rear suspension with thrust recovery2006-09-19
7,108,225More aerodynamic wheel fairings for small airplanes2006-09-19
7,108,226Interior seating architecture for aircraft2006-09-19
7,108,227Insulation package and use thereof2006-09-19
7,108,228Hydrogen-fueled spacecraft2006-09-19
7,108,229Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft2006-09-19
7,108,230Aircraft with topside only spoilers2006-09-19
7,108,231Adjustment mechanism for a variable-shape wing2006-09-19
7,108,232Helicopter force-feel and stability augmentation system with parallel servo-actuator2006-09-19
7,111,807Arrangement in catapult2006-09-26
7,111,808Arrangement of a safety and information device on at least one passenger seat in a passenger cabin of a commercial aircraft2006-09-26
7,111,809Aircraft excessive fuel dumping ejection parallel to flight direction2006-09-26
7,111,810Forward pivoted full flying control tail boom2006-09-26
7,113,109Voice activated alerting system for aircraft crew2006-09-26
7,113,851Practical orbit raising system and method for geosynchronous satellites2006-09-26
7,114,601Torque transfer limiting arrangement for a rotational drive shaft2006-10-03
7,114,680Methods and apparatuses for launching and capturing unmanned aircraft, including a combined launch and recovery system2006-10-03
7,114,681Landing assist apparatus with offset landing probe2006-10-03
7,114,682System and method for transportation and storage of cargo in space2006-10-03
7,114,683Device and method for a spacecraft2006-10-03
7,114,684Method, apparatus, and computer program product for safe exit maneuver from dimensionally extended rotating space vehicle2006-10-03
7,114,685Wing for an aircraft or spacecraft2006-10-03
7,114,785Aerodynamic surfaced bicycle wheel2006-10-03
7,115,010Floatation system including life raft2006-10-03
7,115,323Titanium foil ply replacement in layup of composite skin2006-10-03
7,118,065Lateral thrust control2006-10-10
7,118,066Tall V/STOL aircraft2006-10-10
7,118,067Wheel mounted water spray deflector2006-10-10
7,118,068Lowerable luggage compartment with a rear force supporting device2006-10-10
7,118,069Integrated window belt system for aircraft cabins2006-10-10
7,118,070Composite seal and window assembly2006-10-10
7,118,071Methods and systems for controlling lower surface shocks2006-10-10
7,118,072Method for reducing resistance of flying object using expandable nose cone2006-10-10
7,118,073Skyhook reserve parachute deployment system2006-10-10
7,118,074Electrodynamic tether2006-10-10
7,118,075System and method for attitude control and station keeping2006-10-10
7,118,076Satellite comprising means for transferring heat from a shelf supporting equipment to radiator panels2006-10-10
7,118,077Platform and system for mass storage and transfer in space2006-10-10
7,118,328Gearbox mounted force generator2006-10-10
7,118,340Swashplate and pitch link arrangement for a coaxial counter rotating rotor system2006-10-10
7,119,665Sound generator for a kite2006-10-10
7,120,521Anti hijacking fail-safe system with alert locator tracking capabilities2006-10-10
7,120,522Alignment of a flight vehicle based on recursive matrix inversion2006-10-10
7,120,959Automated elevational adjustment of passenger loading bridge2006-10-17
7,121,124Oval swing lock mechanism2006-10-17
7,121,128Method of manufacturing elliptic deep-drawn products2006-10-17
7,121,353Airborne vehicle for firefighting2006-10-17
7,121,502Pseudo GPS aided multiple projectile bistatic guidance2006-10-17
7,121,503Better balanced canard airplane with forward engine2006-10-17
7,121,504Hanging device to connect an engine to an aircraft wing2006-10-17
7,121,505Method of control for toy aircraft2006-10-17
7,121,506Remotely controlled model airplane having deflectable centrally biased control surface2006-10-17
7,121,507Methods and apparatuses for capturing and storing unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for securing the aircraft after capture2006-10-17
7,121,508Aircraft wheel immobilizer2006-10-17
7,121,509Alerting system for aircraft crew2006-10-17
7,121,510Luggage bins and aircraft passenger cabin ceilings2006-10-17
7,121,511Shock wave modification method and system2006-10-17
7,121,512Drain particularly for engine support strut2006-10-17
7,122,733Multi-junction photovoltaic cell having buffer layers for the growth of single crystal boron compounds2006-10-17
7,124,000Graphic closure indicator for cockpit traffic display2006-10-17
7,124,001Relative attitude estimator for multi-payload attitude determination2006-10-17
7,124,981Thrust reverser utilizing integrated structural bypass duct2006-10-24
7,124,982Device for bracing a shell in an aircraft fuselage2006-10-24
7,124,983Hybrid electrical ice protection system and method including an energy saving mode2006-10-24
7,127,138Apparatus and method for directing a light beam to a target2006-10-24
7,128,186Airport bridge people lift2006-10-31
7,128,294Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for launching aircraft with a wedge action2006-10-31
7,128,295Pivot mechanism for quick installation of stowage bins or rotating items2006-10-31
7,128,296Animal-scaring device and method of employing same2006-10-31
7,129,596Hovering wind turbine2006-10-31
7,129,846De-icing information system2006-10-31
7,130,725Method for correcting control surface angle measurements in single viewpoint photogrammetry2006-10-31
7,130,741Navigating a UAV with a remote control device2006-10-31
7,130,744Method for determining and compensating the scale factor error caused by a wavelength change in a GPS-based inertial navigation system2006-10-31
7,131,600Reverse venturi atomization chamber and the use thereof2006-11-07
7,131,610Portable aircraft hangar2006-11-07
7,131,611Device and method of control of fixed and variable geometry rhomboid wings2006-11-07
7,131,612Nacelle inlet lip anti-icing with engine oil2006-11-07
7,131,613High-altitude launching of rockets lifted by helium devices and platforms with rotatable wings2006-11-07
7,133,776Attitude alignment of a slave inertial measurement system2006-11-07
7,134,627Device for lashing down rotorcraft blades2006-11-14
7,134,629Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures2006-11-14
7,134,630Thermal deformation determination for payload pointing using space-based beacon2006-11-14
7,134,631Vorticity cancellation at trailing edge for induced drag elimination2006-11-14
7,136,752Method and apparatus for on-board autonomous pair catalog generation2006-11-14
7,137,588Ballistic target defense system and methods2006-11-21
7,137,589Compound helicopter with combined wings and landing struts2006-11-21
7,137,590Lubricating installation for rocking power transmission box2006-11-21
7,137,591Tilting mast in a rotorcraft2006-11-21
7,137,592High-aspect ratio hybrid airship2006-11-21
7,137,593Vertical conveyor arrangement for the transport of catering service goods in an aircraft with at least two decks arranged one above another2006-11-21
7,137,594Aircraft interior configuration detection system2006-11-21
7,137,595Flight lock actuator with dual energy sources2006-11-21
7,137,596Aircraft surface ice inhibitor2006-11-21
7,137,597In-flight refueling system, bladder device and method for preventing oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-11-21
7,137,598In-flight refueling system, sensor system and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-11-21
7,137,599Launcher with dual mode electronics2006-11-21
7,137,786Tilting transmission gearbox comprising a pivoting connection with plain bearings2006-11-21
7,138,028Vacuum assisted resin transfer method for co-bonding composite laminate structures2006-11-21
7,138,599Plasma-based de-icing2006-11-21
7,139,567Tone based command system for reception of very weak signals2006-11-21
7,139,643Control device with servocontrol loop, particularly an electro-hydraulic flight control actuator2006-11-21
7,140,574Inertial position target measuring systems and methods2006-11-28
7,140,575Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for releasably gripping aircraft during launch2006-11-28
7,140,576Inflatable wing with manifold2006-11-28
7,142,971System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle2006-11-28
7,142,981Laser range finder closed-loop pointing technology of relative navigation, attitude determination, pointing and tracking for spacecraft rendezvous2006-11-28
7,143,813Foam bumper and radiator for a lightweight heat rejection system2006-12-05
7,143,973Avia tilting-rotor convertiplane2006-12-05
7,143,974Methods and apparatuses for launching airborne devices along flexible elongated members2006-12-05
7,143,975Landing arrangement for an aircraft2006-12-05
7,143,976UAV arresting hook for use with UAV recovery system2006-12-05
7,143,977Force supporting module for providing a load-dependent supporting force2006-12-05
7,143,978In-seat power supply floor module2006-12-05
7,143,979Vehicle windshield2006-12-05
7,143,980Aerial chemical application and control method2006-12-05
7,143,981Parachute rescue system for multistory buildings2006-12-05
7,143,982Dynamic yaw steering method for spacecrafts2006-12-05
7,143,983Passive jet spoiler for yaw control of an aircraft2006-12-05
7,143,984Throttle lever for controlling the speed of at least one aircraft engine2006-12-05
7,145,734Windowed optical system having a tilted optical element to correct aberrations2006-12-05
7,146,299Adjustable simulation vehicle capabilities2006-12-05
7,146,796Nested latch thrust reverser2006-12-12
7,147,181Canard fin unit2006-12-12
7,147,182Gas-powered tip-jet-driven tilt-rotor compound VTOL aircraft2006-12-12
7,147,183Lift system for an aerial crane and propulsion system for a vehicle2006-12-12
7,147,184Aerodynamic fairing system for airship2006-12-12
7,147,185Device for assembly of a shroud placed between an aircraft engine air intake and a pylon2006-12-12
7,147,186Interoperable aerial refueling apparatus and methods2006-12-12
7,147,188Aircraft store ejector rack systems and methods2006-12-12
7,147,269Airflow control devices using current2006-12-12
7,147,271Airflow control devices with planar surfaces2006-12-12
7,149,610Momentum estimator for on-station momentum control2006-12-12
7,149,611Virtual sensor mast2006-12-12
7,150,232Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles2006-12-19
7,150,234Finless training projectile with improved flight stability over an extended range2006-12-19
7,150,427Boundary layer transition model2006-12-19
7,150,428Beam laser atmospheric scattering trajectory guidance2006-12-19
7,150,429Tandem powered power tilting aircraft2006-12-19
7,150,430Internet linked environmental data collection system and method2006-12-19
7,150,431Electrical generator fluid-flow-coolant filtration2006-12-19
7,150,432Horizontal augmented thrust system and method for creating augmented thrust2006-12-19
7,150,433Aircraft bolster trays2006-12-19
7,150,434Vehicle wake vortex modifier2006-12-19
7,150,435Type aircraft2006-12-19
7,151,478Pseudo-orthogonal waveforms radar system, quadratic polyphase waveforms radar, and methods for locating targets2006-12-19
7,152,495System and method for adaptive cancellation of disturbances2006-12-26
7,152,635Commercial aircraft on-board inerting system2006-12-26
7,152,827Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a container having a guide structure for aircraft components2006-12-26
7,152,828Method and apparatus for the hookup of unmanned/manned ("hum") multi purpose vehicles with each other2006-12-26
7,152,829Perforated skin structure for laminar-flow systems2006-12-26
7,154,429Device for protecting military vehicles from infrared guided munitions2006-12-26
7,156,033Inflating aircraft flotation device2007-01-02
7,156,203Device and method for evacuating persons, for example from a multi-storey building on fire2007-01-02
7,156,342Systems for actively controlling the aerostatic lift of an airship2007-01-02
7,156,343Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2007-01-02
7,156,344Long-haul airplane2007-01-02
7,156,345Modular overhead stowage bin systems and associated methods2007-01-02
7,156,346Arrangement of seats for an aircraft cabin2007-01-02
7,156,347Pivotable pylon for external carriage of aircraft stores2007-01-02
7,156,348Platform and system for propellant tank storage and transfer in space2007-01-02
7,156,349Artificial satellite2007-01-02
7,157,663Conducting-fiber deicing systems and methods2007-01-02
7,159,817Vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft with distributed thrust and control2007-01-09
7,159,818Multi-spectral air inlet shield and associated inlet structure2007-01-09
7,159,819Mounting structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing2007-01-09
7,159,820Seaplane with retractable twin floats2007-01-09
7,159,821Integrated transport system for overhead stowage2007-01-09
7,159,822Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures2007-01-09
7,159,823Rapid deployment of troops and cargo2007-01-09
7,159,824Device and method for on-orbit calibration verification of an infrared sensor2007-01-09
7,159,825Process and device for the optimization of the deflection of the spoiler flaps of an aircraft in flight2007-01-09
7,162,336Process and system for transmitting information on an aircraft2007-01-09
7,163,1762-D projectile trajectory correction system and method2007-01-16
7,163,177Airship ballast system2007-01-16
7,163,178Seat rail for aircraft cabin and method of manufacturing such a rail2007-01-16
7,163,179Commercial service platform in space2007-01-16
7,165,742Aircraft spiralling mechanism - B2007-01-23
7,165,743Front fastening device for aircraft engine2007-01-23
7,165,744Turbine engine arrangements2007-01-23
7,165,745Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and braking subsequent grip motion2007-01-23
7,165,746Vibration motor primary flight control actuator2007-01-23
7,165,747Method and device for guiding an aircraft for aiding parachute drops2007-01-23
7,168,656Lightweight helicopter2007-01-30
7,168,657Toy helicopter landing skid structure2007-01-30
7,168,658Arrangement of seats for an aircraft cabin2007-01-30
7,168,659Control device for moving a vehicle closure element2007-01-30
7,168,660System for capturing and recovering free-flying objects in space2007-01-30
7,171,290Method and device for controlling satellite attitude and steering using a gyrodyne cluster2007-01-30
7,172,154Catch device of cockpit door2007-02-06
7,172,155Seat interface for powered seat track cover2007-02-06
7,172,156Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging2007-02-06
7,172,157Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging2007-02-06
7,172,158Ram air parachute canopy with trapezoidal cells2007-02-06
7,172,159Parachute steering system2007-02-06
7,173,649Video airship2007-02-06
7,174,835Covert tracer round2007-02-13
7,175,130Missile steering using laser scattering by atmosphere2007-02-13
7,175,131Deployment and drive device for projectile control surfaces2007-02-13
7,175,132Mechanism for eliminating limit cycle oscillations on servocontrolled aerodynamic control surfaces2007-02-13
7,175,133Wing driving apparatus2007-02-13
7,175,134Hydraulic damper for shimmy of aircraft landing gear2007-02-13
7,175,135Methods and apparatuses for capturing unmanned aircraft and constraining motion of the captured aircraft2007-02-13
7,175,136Method and apparatus for detecting conditions conducive to ice formation2007-02-13
7,175,168Wing positioner for installing and removing an aircraft wing2007-02-13
7,178,395Control logic for fluid flow control devices2007-02-20
7,178,442Detachable hanger2007-02-20
7,178,757Motorcycle rider autogyro2007-02-20
7,178,758Propellers and propeller related vehicles2007-02-20
7,178,759Hinged door for aircraft landing gear2007-02-20
7,178,760Method and apparatus for inhibiting accretion of airborne material on a surface of an aircraft2007-02-20
7,178,761Container apparatus for object to be dropped2007-02-20
7,178,762Reinforcing material for parachutes and methods for reinforcing parachutes2007-02-20
7,178,763Passive deployment mechanism for space tethers2007-02-20
7,178,954System and method for guiding a passenger in an aircraft cabin2007-02-20
7,181,020Audio feedback regarding aircraft operation2007-02-20
7,182,290Methods and systems for starting propeller-driven devices2007-02-27
7,182,291Integrated aircraft structural floor2007-02-27
7,182,292Wide spreader bar and lift-up seat spreader bar for seat legs2007-02-27
7,182,293Airfoil box and associated method2007-02-27
7,182,294Kite surfing bar2007-02-27
7,182,295Personal flight vehicle and system2007-02-27
7,182,296Methods and apparatus for error-tolerant wrap-back ACE monitor2007-02-27
7,182,297Method and apparatus for supporting aircraft components, including actuators2007-02-27
7,182,325Compliant spacer2007-02-27
7,183,946Safety aircraft flight system2007-02-27
7,183,947System and method of utilizing wireless remote device for communication, activation and control of various defense systems for countering hostile activity aboard an airplane2007-02-27
7,183,966Dual mode target sensing apparatus2007-02-27
7,185,844Methods and systems for guiding an object to a target using an improved guidance law2007-03-06
7,185,845Faceted ball lens for semi-active laser seeker2007-03-06
7,185,846Asymmetrical control surface system for tube-launched air vehicles2007-03-06
7,185,847Winged vehicle with variable-sweep cantilevered wing mounted on a translating wing-support body2007-03-06
7,185,848Mass transfer system for stabilizing an airship and other vehicles subject to pitch and roll moments2007-03-06
7,185,849Passenger accommodation cabin for a vehicle2007-03-06
7,185,850Cut to fit powered seat track cover2007-03-06
7,185,851Inflatable aerodynamic wing and method2007-03-06
7,185,852Actuator with helical cam guides2007-03-06
7,185,853Air discharge valve for an aircraft2007-03-06
7,185,854In-flight refueling system and method for extending and retracting an in-flight refueling device2007-03-06
7,185,855Method and system for steering a momentum control system2007-03-06
7,185,856Method for controlling the attitude of an satellites in elliptic orbits using solar radiation pressure2007-03-06
7,185,857Thrust vector actuation control system and method2007-03-06
7,185,858Spacecraft gyro calibration system2007-03-06
7,187,498Surveillance window2007-03-06
7,188,007Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information2007-03-06
7,188,464Methods for operating gas turbine engines2007-03-13
7,188,558Pyromechanical separating element2007-03-13
7,188,801Weapon guidance system2007-03-13
7,188,802Convertible aircraft provided with two tilt fans on either side of the fuselage, and with a non-tilting fan inserted in the fuselage2007-03-13
7,188,803Vertical take-off and landing aircraft2007-03-13
7,188,804Float retractable landing gear2007-03-13
7,188,805Continuous power bus for seat power2007-03-13
7,188,806Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed2007-03-13
7,188,807Refueling booms with multiple couplings and associated methods and systems2007-03-13
7,188,808Aerialwind power generation system and method2007-03-13
7,190,304System for interception and defeat of rocket propelled grenades and method of use2007-03-13
7,191,593Electro-hydraulic actuator system2007-03-20
7,191,981Telescoping powered seat track cover2007-03-20
7,191,982Floor for aircraft2007-03-20
7,191,983Methods and systems for controlling flammability control systems in aircraft and other vehicles2007-03-20
7,191,984Thermal design for spacecraft modules2007-03-20
7,191,985Aircraft multi-axis modal suppression system2007-03-20
7,192,462Engine air filter and sealing system2007-03-20
7,193,520Anti-hijacking system for airplanes and airports2007-03-20
7,193,530Aircraft landing gear automated inspection and life limitation escalation system and method2007-03-20
7,193,556System and method for the measurement of full relative position and orientation of objects2007-03-20
7,195,197Techniques for controlling a fin with unlimited adjustment and no backlash2007-03-27
7,195,198Helicopter blade emergency detachment system2007-03-27
7,195,199Flapping apparatus2007-03-27
7,195,200Unmanned helicopter, takeoff method of unmanned helicopter, and landing method of unmanned helicopter2007-03-27
7,195,201Adaptable payload enabling architecture2007-03-27
7,195,202Method and device for improving the thermal comfort in passenger airplanes2007-03-27
7,195,203Wing skin and method of manufacture thereof2007-03-27
7,195,204High altitude platform control system2007-03-27
7,195,205Parachute with skirt reefing system2007-03-27
7,195,206Apparatus and method for servicing and inspecting small free-flying platforms in orbit in space2007-03-27
7,195,207Winged spacecraft2007-03-27
7,195,208Multi-device controller for model aircraft2007-03-27
7,195,209Aircraft high-lift system with overload protection2007-03-27
7,195,210Fiber matrix for a geometric morphing wing2007-03-27
7,197,147Computationally efficient means for optimal control with control constraints2007-03-27
7,198,062Fluid control valve2007-04-03
7,198,223Ultralight coaxial rotor aircraft2007-04-03
7,198,224Energy absorbing airframe for a vertical lift vehicle2007-04-03
7,198,225Aircraft control system2007-04-03
7,198,226Landing assist apparatus retention strap spool2007-04-03
7,198,227Aircraft cargo locating system2007-04-03
7,198,228Aircraft cabin crew complex2007-04-03
7,198,229In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2007-04-03
7,198,230Method and system for maximizing satellite constellation coverage2007-04-03
7,198,231Method of applying ablative insulation coatings and articles obtained therefrom2007-04-03
7,198,232Optimal speed management for reaction wheel control system and method2007-04-03
7,198,233Reusable orbital vehicle with interchangeable cargo modules2007-04-03
7,198,234Method and apparatus for modulating flow separation2007-04-03
7,198,691Fastenerless internal support for hollow structures2007-04-03
7,199,543Power drive unit with unit load device sensor2007-04-03
7,201,346Circular fixed wing VTOL aircraft2007-04-10
7,201,347Process for improving the landing of an aircraft2007-04-10
7,201,348Cruise missile recovery system2007-04-10
7,201,349Medical unit in an aircraft2007-04-10
7,202,809Fast acting active protection system2007-04-10
7,204,049Emergency drop system for an aircraft advertising display2007-04-17
7,204,453Rotor and aircraft passively stable in hover2007-04-17
7,204,454Aircraft with articulated leading edge of fuselage and wings2007-04-17
7,204,455Motion assisting apparatus2007-04-17
7,204,456Landing gear having a gas vessel, and methods of maintaining such landing gear2007-04-17
7,204,457Barrier net2007-04-17
7,204,458Closing system interposed between two elements2007-04-17
7,204,460Orbital debris shield2007-04-17
7,204,672Multi-modal forced vortex device2007-04-17
7,205,066Structural element with rib-receiving member2007-04-17
7,206,674Information display system for atypical flight phase2007-04-17
7,206,698Ground operations and imminent landing runway selection2007-04-17
7,207,253Parachute line cutting device2007-04-24
7,207,517Munition with integrity gated go/no-go decision2007-04-24
7,207,518Cartridge with fin deployment mechanism2007-04-24
7,207,519Blade restraint system2007-04-24
7,207,520System, method, and apparatus for designing streamline traced, mixed compression inlets for aircraft engines2007-04-24
7,207,521Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft2007-04-24
7,207,522Safety device trigger for activating a safety device2007-04-24
7,207,523Seat power bus with discrete connection ports2007-04-24
7,207,524Device for warning of differential pressure during the opening of a pressurized closing device pertaining to an opening in the fuselage of an aeroplane2007-04-24
7,207,525Apparatus for grasping objects in space2007-04-24
7,207,526High efficiency tip vortex reversal and induced drag reduction2007-04-24
7,207,742Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways2007-04-24
7,210,283Maintenance and inhibition plate for a thrust reverser2007-05-01
7,210,611Formed structural assembly and associated preform and method2007-05-01
7,210,651Compact co-axial rotor system for a rotary wing aircraft and a control system therefor2007-05-01
7,210,652Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2007-05-01
7,210,653Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft2007-05-01
7,210,654Unmanned airborne reconnaissance system2007-05-01
7,210,655Reconfigurable interior sidewall2007-05-01
7,211,982Variable-structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA motoring subsystem2007-05-01
7,212,135Real time analysis and display of aircraft approach maneuvers2007-05-01
7,213,786Lift unit for vertical take-off and landing aerial vehicle2007-05-08
7,213,787Valves for annular conduits including aircraft fuel conduits and associated systems and methods2007-05-08
7,213,788Microjet-based control system for cavity flows2007-05-08
7,213,882Seating unit2007-05-08
7,216,036Integrated inertial stellar attitude sensor2007-05-08
7,216,386Carabiner attachment bracket for a basket rescue stretcher2007-05-15
7,216,429Methods for replacement of a slotted tail rotor blade pitch horn2007-05-15
7,216,474Integrated air inlet system for multi-propulsion aircraft engines2007-05-15
7,216,581Piston locking actuator2007-05-15
7,216,642Pneumatically launched folding wing glider toy2007-05-15
7,216,740Rappelling rig2007-05-15
7,216,830Wing gull integration nacelle clearance, compact landing gear stowage, and sonic boom reduction2007-05-15
7,216,831Shape changing structure2007-05-15
7,216,832Method of assembling a single piece co-cured structure2007-05-15
7,216,833In orbit space transportation and recovery system2007-05-15
7,216,834Orbit space transportation and recovery system2007-05-15
7,216,835Aircraft with extendable leading edge of fuselage and wings2007-05-15
7,216,922Fairing panel retainer apparatus2007-05-15
7,217,184Electrical generator fluid-flow-coolant filtration method2007-05-15
7,219,014Method and apparatus for real-time star exclusion from a database2007-05-15
7,219,579Apparatus and method for actuating control surfaces2007-05-22
7,219,853Systems and methods for tracking targets with aimpoint offset2007-05-22
7,219,854Cycloidal hybrid advanced surface effects vehicle2007-05-22
7,219,855Rising and moving apparatus and manufacturing method thereof2007-05-22
7,219,856UAV recovery system2007-05-22
7,219,857Controllable refueling drogues and associated systems and methods2007-05-22
7,219,858Method for deploying multiple spacecraft2007-05-22
7,219,859Multipurpose modular spacecraft2007-05-22
7,219,860Spacecraft including control vanes having variable absorptive, reflective and emissive characteristics2007-05-22
7,219,861Guidance system for radio-controlled aircraft2007-05-22
7,221,436System and method for optimization-based sensor steering and tracking2007-05-22
7,222,819Aircraft ram air inlet with multi-member closure flap2007-05-29
7,222,820Aircraft lavatory2007-05-29
7,222,821Method and apparatus for treating fuel to temporarily reduce its combustibility2007-05-29
7,222,822Linear actuation device for spacecraft and solar generator unfolding systems2007-05-29
7,222,823Payload adapter2007-05-29
7,223,047Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways2007-05-29
7,225,061Method and device for detecting pilot induced oscillations in an aircraft2007-05-29
7,225,062Device for indicating the vibration level of a vehicle2007-05-29
7,225,999Spray array apparatus2007-06-05
7,226,015Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow2007-06-05
7,226,016Method and arrangement for low or non-rotating artillery shells2007-06-05
7,226,017Aerodynamically stable, high-lift, vertical takeoff aircraft2007-06-05
7,226,018Landing gear method and apparatus for braking and maneuvering2007-06-05
7,226,019Efficient cargo liner installation2007-06-05
7,226,020Apparatus for driving and adjusting flaps hinged to an aircraft2007-06-05
7,227,110Prevention of ice formation by applying electric power to a liquid water layer2007-06-05
7,228,231Multiple stayout zones for ground-based bright object exclusion2007-06-05
7,228,232Navigating a UAV with obstacle avoidance algorithms2007-06-05
7,228,611Method of transferring large uncured composite laminates2007-06-12
7,229,046Servo mounting system for direct drive of an aircraft control surface2007-06-12
7,229,047Aircraft roll disconnect mechanism2007-06-12
7,229,048Aerodynamic control of a hypersonic entry vehicle2007-06-12
7,229,049Unitized rotary actuator hinge fitting2007-06-12
7,230,205Compressor airfoil surface wetting and icing detection system2007-06-12
7,231,997Hybrid drive powered lift platform2007-06-19
7,232,091Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2007-06-19
7,232,092Flying vehicle-launching apparatus and method2007-06-19
7,232,093Cooled insulation surface temperature control system2007-06-19
7,232,094Method and device for adapting the seat row arrangement in passenger planes according to need2007-06-19
7,232,095Overhead rest assembly2007-06-19
7,232,096Positive lock seat device2007-06-19
7,232,097Fire shield method2007-06-19
7,233,859Method and device for planning a trajectory2007-06-19
7,234,663Bubble cloud acoustic damping for launch vehicle fairing2007-06-26
7,234,664Draw spring linkage, particularly for light aircraft2007-06-26
7,234,665Aircraft landing gear snow ski tow bar2007-06-26
7,234,666Pivoting storage bin and method of making2007-06-26
7,234,667Modular aerospace plane2007-06-26
7,234,668Friction welding metal components2007-06-26
7,234,921Method for increasing operating efficiency of the rotor blade of an aerogenerator (variants)2007-06-26
7,236,121Pattern classifier and method for associating tracks from different sensors2007-06-26
7,237,747Device for assisting an airplane in intercepting a segment of a flight path utilizing positional and ground speed indicators2007-07-03
7,237,748Landing gear method and apparatus for braking and maneuvering2007-07-03
7,237,749Collapsible mobile platform interior structure2007-07-03
7,237,750Autonomous, back-packable computer-controlled breakaway unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)2007-07-03
7,237,751Helicopter rotor and method of repairing same2007-07-03
7,237,752System and method for reducing plasma induced communication disruption utilizing electrophilic injectant and sharp reentry vehicle nose shaping2007-07-03
7,240,877Multi-engined aircraft with lowering shaft2007-07-10
7,240,878High wing monoplane aerospace plane based fighter2007-07-10
7,240,879Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics2007-07-10
7,240,943Independent divan door and drawer assembly2007-07-10
7,241,113Vorticity control in a gas turbine engine2007-07-10
7,243,703Flexible heat exchanger2007-07-17
7,243,878Regional aircraft boarding modules, and methods of using same2007-07-17
7,243,879Lattice fin for missiles or other fluid-born bodies and method for producing same2007-07-17
7,243,880Landing gear door assembly2007-07-17
7,243,881Multi-function trailing edge devices and associated methods2007-07-17
7,244,487Apparatus, system, and method of joining structural components with a tapered tension bond joint2007-07-17
7,246,480System for heating an air intake of turbine engine2007-07-24
7,246,539Apparatus for actuating a control surface2007-07-24
7,246,620System for monitoring pilot and/or passenger oxygen saturation levels and estimating oxygen usage requirements2007-07-24
7,246,658Method and apparatus for efficient heat exchange in an aircraft or other vehicle2007-07-24
7,246,769Vehicles particularly useful as VTOL vehicles2007-07-24
7,246,770Aircraft with rotatable leading edge of fuselage and wings2007-07-24
7,246,771Lifting device for a luggage compartment in an aircraft, as well as aircraft with a lifting device for a luggage compartment2007-07-24
7,246,772Acoustic absorption system for an aircraft interior trim panel system2007-07-24
7,246,773Low power, pulsed, electro-thermal ice protection system2007-07-24
7,246,774In-flight refueling system, boom, and method for extending range of motion of an in-flight refueling boom2007-07-24
7,246,775System and method of substantially autonomous geosynchronous time-optimal orbit transfer2007-07-24
7,246,776Method and system for CMG array singularity avoidance2007-07-24
7,246,777Method, apparatus, and computer program product for safe exit maneuver from dimensionally extended rotating space vehicle2007-07-24
7,246,987Solid motor transport trailer with rotatable chock supports2007-07-24
7,247,852Methods and apparatus for sensor systems2007-07-24
7,248,948Apparatus and method for estimating attitude using inertial measurement equipment2007-07-24
7,248,967Autonomous velocity estimation and navigation2007-07-24
7,249,730System and method for in-flight trajectory path synthesis using the time sampled output of onboard sensors2007-07-31
7,249,732Aerodynamically stable, VTOL aircraft2007-07-31
7,249,733Lighter-than-air aircraft including a closed loop combustion generating system and related methods for powering the same2007-07-31
7,249,734Aerodynamic vehicle having a variable geometry, co-planar, joined wing2007-07-31
7,249,735Translating conduit apparatus for an airplane or equipment2007-07-31
7,249,736Process for landing a tailless aircraft2007-07-31
7,249,737Cell door system for aircraft security2007-07-31
7,249,756Low-profile, multi-axis, highly passively damped, vibration isolation mount2007-07-31
7,250,849Detection of undesired objects on surfaces2007-07-31
7,251,592Boundary layer transition model2007-07-31
7,251,914Frame mount latch assembly for subsurface aircraft servicing pit2007-08-07
7,252,263Design methods and configurations for supersonic aircraft2007-08-07
7,252,264Flying sailboat2007-08-07
7,252,265Microaircraft and cellular phone equipped with microaircraft2007-08-07
7,252,266Landing assist apparatus eccentric bushing2007-08-07
7,252,267Aircraft archway architecture2007-08-07
7,252,268Interior configuration for an aircraft cabin2007-08-07
7,252,269Asymmetrical low-profile bulkhead2007-08-07
7,252,270System and method for launching a missile from a flying aircraft2007-08-07
7,252,324Spoiler for vehicles and manufacturing method thereof2007-08-07
7,255,044Projectile having circumferential members for varying a base cone angle of the projectile as a function of speed2007-08-14
7,255,104Breathing gas supply system2007-08-14
7,255,208Aircraft brake wheel heat shield2007-08-14
7,255,304Tandem motor actuator2007-08-14
7,255,305Flying device utilizing natural principles2007-08-14
7,255,306Method and computer program product for controlling the control effectors of an aerodynamic vehicle2007-08-14
7,255,307Closure panel arrangement2007-08-14
7,255,308Solar dominated satellite constellations capable of having repeating common ground tracks2007-08-14
7,255,309Vernier active flow control effector2007-08-14
7,255,376Pressure sensing dead bolt2007-08-14
7,255,623Self-stabilizing rotating toy2007-08-14
7,255,916Metallic layer material, reinforced with basalt fibers, as well as products made thereof2007-08-14
7,258,301Personal propulsion device2007-08-21
7,258,302Aircraft internal wing and design2007-08-21
7,258,303Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment2007-08-21
7,258,304Cushioned grounding clamp2007-08-21
7,258,305Space based change detection using common ground track constellations capable of being configured for multi-manifest launches2007-08-21
7,258,306Thermal deformation determination for payload pointing using space-based beacon2007-08-21
7,258,307Device and method for damping at least one of a rigid body mode and elastic mode of an aircraft2007-08-21
7,258,308Method and apparatus for controlling airflow with a gapped trailing edge device having a flexible flow surface2007-08-21
7,258,406Suspension device for lowerable luggage compartments2007-08-21
7,260,453Checklist error mitigation system2007-08-21
7,260,456Pixel-frequency slews and filters for star data measurements2007-08-21
7,261,255Transformable airship2007-08-28
7,261,256Variable-duct support assembly2007-08-28
7,261,257Cargo aircraft2007-08-28
7,261,258Cruciform parachute design2007-08-28
7,262,394Mortar shell ring tail and associated method2007-08-28
7,262,395Expendable sonobuoy flight kit with aerodynamically assisted sonobuoy separation2007-08-28
7,262,957Modular communication fixture for installation on board of a passenger conveyance2007-08-28
7,263,414Method and device for controlling the attitude of an aircraft2007-08-28
7,263,939Simplified elevated sailing apparatus2007-09-04
7,264,198Time-to-go missile guidance method and system2007-09-04
7,264,199Unloaded lift offset rotor system for a helicopter2007-09-04
7,264,200System and method for improved rotor tip performance2007-09-04
7,264,201Process for reducing the aerodynamic loads applied to the elevators of an aircraft during takeoff2007-09-04
7,264,202Tri-cycloidal airship2007-09-04
7,264,203Spider actuated thrust reverser2007-09-04
7,264,204Unmanned aerial vehicle catcher2007-09-04
7,264,205Parachute release apparatus2007-09-04
7,264,206Leading edge flap apparatuses and associated methods2007-09-04
7,267,067Apparatus and method for reducing fluid drag on a submerged surface2007-09-11
7,267,297Integrated axially varying engine muffler, and associated methods and systems2007-09-11
7,267,298Method for correcting the flight path of ballistically fired spin-stabilised artillery ammunition2007-09-11
7,267,300Aircraft capable of vertical and short take-off and landing2007-09-11
7,267,301Aircraft engine with means of suspension from the structure of an aircraft2007-09-11
7,267,302Window airflow damper2007-09-11
7,267,303Method and system for providing cruciform steered, bent biconic and plasma suppression for maximum accuracy2007-09-11
7,269,486Method and device for automatically determining a capture trajectory of a flight trajectory for an aircraft, as well as a procedure and system for automatic guidance of an aircraft2007-09-11
7,270,295Solar thermal aircraft2007-09-18
7,270,296Small-size high-speed transmission system for use in microturbine-powered aircraft2007-09-18
7,270,297Hoist for aircraft cabin construction2007-09-18
7,270,298Personal flying apparatus2007-09-18
7,270,299Space based change detection using common ground track constellations2007-09-18
7,270,300System and method for an ambient atmosphere ion thruster2007-09-18
7,270,301Surface optical reflector, for space craft such as a geostationary satellite2007-09-18
7,270,302Scalable thermal control system for spacecraft mounted instrumentation2007-09-18
7,270,303Pincer apparatus for nanosat transport across a satellite2007-09-18
7,270,304Isolating positioning boom for instrument platform2007-09-18
7,270,305Aircraft leading edge apparatuses and corresponding methods2007-09-18
7,270,520Fairing for the rotor of a rotorscraft2007-09-18
7,271,740System and process for providing improved aircraft operational safety2007-09-18
7,271,741Method and device for detecting an overstepping of design loads of the fin of an aircraft2007-09-18
7,271,796Reconfigurable control for a combat vehicle2007-09-18
7,273,194Weapon guidance system2007-09-25
7,273,195Vertical lift craft2007-09-25
7,273,196System for vehicle attitude and/or momentum control2007-09-25
7,274,309Aircraft landing gear initial touch-down velocity monitor2007-09-25
7,274,310Aircraft landing gear kinetic energy monitor2007-09-25
7,274,978Electrical power supply system for unmanned aircraft2007-09-25
7,275,362Thrust reversers including latching mechanisms and methods for manufacturing such thrust reversers2007-10-02
7,275,496Balloonsonde launcher2007-10-02
7,275,691Artillery fire control system2007-10-02
7,275,710Aircrew restraint system2007-10-02
7,275,711Gas-powered tip-jet-driven compound VTOL aircraft2007-10-02
7,275,712Ducted fan vehicles particularly useful as VTOL aircraft2007-10-02
7,275,713Jack apparatus2007-10-02
7,275,714Airship docking mechanism2007-10-02
7,275,715Operational ground support system2007-10-02
7,275,716Aircraft cabin module2007-10-02
7,275,717Helicopter one-piece door2007-10-02
7,275,718Active control of a drogue body2007-10-02
7,275,719Wind drive apparatus for an aerial wind power generation system2007-10-02
7,275,720Actively cooled ceramic thermal protection system2007-10-02
7,275,721Arrangement for generating vortexes2007-10-02
7,275,722Wing tip device2007-10-02
7,276,681On-board light source based gain correction for semi-active laser seekers2007-10-02
7,278,257Turbojet electromechanical thrust reverser with synchronized locking devices2007-10-09
7,278,606Helicopter having a fusilage section and a tail section coupled thereto2007-10-09
7,278,607Solar-powered aircraft2007-10-09
7,278,608Reinforced insulation product and system suitable for use in an aircraft2007-10-09
7,278,609Movable nose cap and control strut assembly for supersonic aircraft2007-10-09
7,278,610Aircraft wing with electrothermal deicing and/or anti-icing device2007-10-09
7,278,611Pulsed detonation engines for reaction control systems2007-10-09
7,278,612Swaged cable deployment in space2007-10-09
7,278,825Method and system for regulating fluid over an airfoil or a hydrofoil2007-10-09
7,280,896Process and device for constructing a synthetic image of the environment of an aircraft and presenting it on a screen of said aircraft2007-10-09
7,280,917Systems and methods for controlling a landing position of sensors deployed from an air vehicle2007-10-09
7,281,318Method of manufacturing a composite structural member having an integrated electrical circuit2007-10-16
7,281,680VTOL/STOL ducted propeller aircraft2007-10-16
7,281,681Hydrogen powered aircraft2007-10-16
7,281,682Spacecraft and launch system2007-10-16
7,281,683Process for aiding the takeoff of an aircraft2007-10-16
7,281,684Systems and methods for braking aircraft, including braking intermediate main gears and differential braking2007-10-16
7,281,685Flush-top seat mounting rail for passenger aircraft2007-10-16
7,281,686Window assembly for aircraft fuselage2007-10-16
7,281,687In-flight refueling system and method for facilitating emergency separation of in-flight refueling system components2007-10-16
7,281,688Materials for self-transpiring hot skins for hypersonic vehicles or reusable space vehicles2007-10-16
7,282,681Microwave fabrication of airfoil tips2007-10-16
7,284,726Self extinguishing composite primary structure2007-10-23
7,284,727Systems and methods for aerial dispersion of materials2007-10-23
7,285,326Lightweight structure particularly for an aircraft2007-10-23
7,285,753Heating system for use in on-board kitchens in means of transport and a method for heating food on board means of transport, in particular aircraft2007-10-23
7,285,932Method and apparatus for loss of control inhibitor systems2007-10-23
7,285,933Method and apparatus for loss of control inhibitor systems2007-10-23
7,286,289Surveillance window2007-10-23
7,286,911Aircraft pilot assistance system and method2007-10-23
7,287,722Rocket-powered vehicle racing competition2007-10-30
7,287,723Tethered or free flight blimp with collapsible tail fins2007-10-30
7,287,724Tether system for balloon ride2007-10-30
7,287,725Missile control system and method2007-10-30
7,287,726Landing gear door assembly2007-10-30
7,287,727Aircraft evacuation slide inflator having valve leakage trap and safety vent2007-10-30
7,290,735Layout of the top part of an aircraft cabin2007-11-06
7,290,736Aircraft door2007-11-06
7,290,737Nonsurvivable momentum exchange system2007-11-06
7,290,738Dual jet emerging lift augmentation system for airfoils and hydrofoils2007-11-06
7,291,373Thermally insulated structure--full depth sandwich joint concept2007-11-06
7,293,739Aircraft archway2007-11-13
7,293,740Aircraft crewmember articulating berth system2007-11-13
7,293,741System and methods for distributing loads from fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits2007-11-13
7,293,742Reefing assembly for a circular parachute2007-11-13
7,293,743Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing, and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics2007-11-13
7,293,744Lift-flap mechanism2007-11-13
7,293,818Seat for armored vehicle2007-11-13
7,294,036Flying disc2007-11-13
7,295,884System and method of designing a load bearing layer of an inflatable vessel2007-11-13
7,296,395Engine inlet air particle separator with active flow control2007-11-20
7,296,520External telemetry unit2007-11-20
7,296,529Fluidynamic lift combined array, technology2007-11-20
7,296,655Duct liner acoustic splice2007-11-20
7,296,656Acoustic mechanical retainer2007-11-20
7,296,766Lightweight structural damping assembly2007-11-20
7,296,767Variable speed transmission for a rotary wing aircraft2007-11-20
7,296,768Structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing2007-11-20
7,296,769Cryogenic fuel tank insulation assembly2007-11-20
7,298,291Graphical symbology apparatus for use in an airborne refueling system2007-11-20
7,300,019Multimodal, deployable vehicle2007-11-27
7,300,020Systems and methods for braking aircraft, including braking intermediate main gears and differential braking2007-11-27
7,300,021Aerospace vehicle fairing systems and associated methods2007-11-27
7,300,112Frame assembly for passenger seat2007-11-27
7,300,494On-board inert gas generation system with compressor surge protection2007-11-27
7,300,693Resin infused transparent skin panel and method of making same2007-11-27
7,302,316Programmable autopilot system for autonomous flight of unmanned aerial vehicles2007-11-27
7,302,317System and method to enhance attitude estimation for transfer orbit maneuver2007-11-27
7,302,323Transportation data recording system2007-11-27
7,302,340High altitude parachute navigation flight computer2007-11-27
7,303,166Highly maneuverable powered airship2007-12-04
7,303,167Flight lock actuator with dual energy sources2007-12-04
7,303,168Aircraft spraying conversion kit for use in extinguishing fires2007-12-04
7,303,700Methods of making optically clear structural laminates2007-12-04
7,304,283Target tracking device for a flight vehicle2007-12-04
7,304,296Optical fiber assembly wrapped across gimbal axes2007-12-04
7,305,285Method and device for piloting an aircraft2007-12-04
7,305,286System and method for gyro enhanced vertical flight information2007-12-04
7,306,186Tandem powered power tilting aircraft2007-12-11
7,306,187Inflatable endurance unmanned aerial vehicle2007-12-11
7,306,188Non-pyrotechnic remote-controlled parachute jettison device2007-12-11
7,306,189System and method for an ambient atmosphere ion thruster2007-12-11
7,306,644Gas generating system and method for inerting aircraft fuel tanks2007-12-11
7,308,114Method and apparatus of automated optical container code recognition with positional identification for a transfer container crane2007-12-11
7,308,762Method and apparatus for rotatably supporting movable components, including canards2007-12-18
7,308,966Device for reducing jet engine exhaust noise using oscillating jets2007-12-18
7,309,043Actuation device positioning systems and associated methods, including aircraft spoiler droop systems2007-12-18
7,309,044Device and method for improving security during the operation of air traffic2007-12-18
7,309,045Modular vehicle units, including aircraft interior storage units, and associated methods2007-12-18
7,309,046Method for determination of fuselage shape of supersonic aircraft, and fuselage front section shape2007-12-18
7,309,047Systems and methods for controlling flexible communication links used for aircraft refueling2007-12-18
7,309,048Vision system and method incorporating graphics symbology for use in a tanker refueling system2007-12-18
7,309,049Orbital debris shield2007-12-18
7,309,267Integrated float raft2007-12-18
7,310,573Method and apparatus for isolating aircraft equipment2007-12-18
7,310,578Fast access, low memory, pair catalog2007-12-18
7,311,175Acoustic liner with bypass cooling2007-12-25
7,311,287Methods for incorporating area ruled surfaces in a supersonic aircraft2007-12-25
7,311,288Aircraft wing structure and a method for decreasing flight speed of the aircraft2007-12-25
7,313,362High altitude airborne craft used as radio relay and method for placing said airborne craft on station2007-12-25
7,313,963Isothermal de-iced sensor2008-01-01
7,314,124Vibration damping apparatus2008-01-01
7,314,198Aircraft evacuation slide with thermally actuated gas relief valve2008-01-01
7,314,398Floatation system including life raft2008-01-01
7,316,370Missile fin locking method and assembly2008-01-08
7,316,371Method and device for steepening a landing approach of an aircraft2008-01-08
7,316,372Fuselage spar for aircraft and central sparbox provided with such a spar2008-01-08
7,316,373Disengage device for aircraft control2008-01-08
7,316,539Vane assembly with metal trailing edge segment2008-01-08
7,317,261Power generating apparatus2008-01-08
7,318,564Power line sentry charging2008-01-15
7,318,565Electric motor assisted takeoff device for an air vehicle2008-01-15
7,318,566Aircraft with a lift system2008-01-15
7,318,619Method and apparatus for reducing drag and noise for a vehicle2008-01-15
7,320,446 Interior layout of an aircraft cabin2008-01-22
7,322,179Air intake and method for breathing air using an air intake2008-01-29
7,322,545Structural mechanism for unlocking and engaging a controllable surface on a hinged platform (wing)2008-01-29
7,322,546Performance airplane wing with tip tank assembly2008-01-29
7,322,547Aerospace vehicle leading edge slat devices and corresponding methods2008-01-29
7,324,016Navigational indicating system for rotary wing aircraft2008-01-29
7,324,747Aircraft fuselage element and method of taking a number of pictures2008-01-29
7,325,569Butterfly valve with integral split flapper relief valve2008-02-05
7,325,769Fast-pivot missile flight control surface2008-02-05
7,325,770Mounting of engine onto an aircraft structure2008-02-05
7,325,771Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures2008-02-05
7,325,772Aircraft heat sink and electronics enclosure2008-02-05
7,325,773Kite winch and method for pulling-in a kite2008-02-05
7,328,104Systems and methods for improved inertial navigation2008-02-05
7,328,771Zero acoustic splice fan case liner2008-02-12
7,328,870Aircraft propulsion system comprising four engines with pusher propellers2008-02-12
7,331,235Device for indicating a beat level2008-02-19
7,331,401Method and apparatus for fighting a fire in an enclosed space in an aircraft2008-02-19
7,331,421Flow restrictors for aircraft inlet acoustic treatments, and associated systems and methods2008-02-19
7,331,544Deployable receptacle2008-02-19
7,331,545Aircraft archway2008-02-19
7,331,546Bendable wing for micro air vehicle2008-02-19
7,331,547Device for facilitating the lowering of a landing gear by gravity2008-02-19
7,331,548Control linkage for T-tail aircraft elevator surfaces2008-02-19
7,331,752Method of conversion of continuous medium flow energy and device for conversion of continuous medium flow energy2008-02-19
7,333,044Rocket-powered sensor target assembly2008-02-19
7,334,395Aircraft structure that includes a duct for guiding fluid flow therethrough2008-02-26
7,334,755Tandem rotor wing and tandem fixed wing aircraft2008-02-26
7,334,756Ground-effect craft and method for the cruising flight thereof2008-02-26
7,334,757Airship retrieval system2008-02-26
7,334,758Attachment assembly for mounting a seat to the floor of a vehicle2008-02-26
7,334,759Airplane surface protection film kits2008-02-26
7,334,760Flow control device and method of controlling flow2008-02-26
7,337,097Dynamic modeling technique for the deployment of large satellite antennas2008-02-26
7,337,605Thermal management for aircraft auxiliary power unit compartment2008-03-04
7,337,743High lift authority marine control system2008-03-04
7,337,795Fuel balancing system2008-03-04
7,338,009Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception2008-03-04
7,338,010Air-launchable aircraft and method of use2008-03-04
7,338,011Method making it possible to prevent vibration of a rudder of an aircraft and aircraft using this method2008-03-04
7,338,012Landing gear door with controlled kinematic control2008-03-04
7,338,013Floor for aircraft2008-03-04
7,338,015Gravity extraction air launch system for launch vehicle2008-03-04
7,338,016Multi-grommet retained slider for parachutes2008-03-04
7,338,017Methods and apparatus for vibration and buffet suppression2008-03-04
7,338,018Systems and methods for controlling aircraft flaps and spoilers2008-03-04
7,338,694Method for an integral composite forward flange in a composite2008-03-04
7,339,108Solar energy concentrator device for spacecraft and a solar generator panel2008-03-04
7,339,537Capacitive drive antenna and an air vehicle so equipped2008-03-04
7,339,659Method and system for identifying hostile missile launch locations2008-03-04
7,341,221Attitude determination with magnetometers for gun-launched munitions2008-03-11
7,341,222Micro-unmanned aerodynamic vehicle2008-03-11
7,341,223Hybrid unmanned vehicle for high altitude operations2008-03-11
7,341,224Miniature expendable surveillance balloon system2008-03-11
7,341,225Aircraft wing and aeroengine arrangement for attenuating engine noise2008-03-11
7,342,765Current insulation device for fuel systems2008-03-11
7,343,228Transient cancellation technique for spacecraft solar wing stepping2008-03-11
7,343,232Vehicle control system including related methods and components2008-03-11
7,343,861Device and method for producing an infrared emission at a given wavelength2008-03-18
7,344,013Loading support device for cargo spaces in a means of transport, in particular for cargo spaces in aircrafts2008-03-18
7,344,106Vertical take-off and landing aircraft2008-03-18
7,344,107Dual flow APU inlet and associated systems and methods2008-03-18
7,344,108Landing assist apparatus interface bulkhead and method of installation2008-03-18
7,344,109System and method for integrating air and ground transportation of passengers and cargo2008-03-18
7,344,110Aircraft with detachable passenger escape cabin2008-03-18
7,344,111Reversible space plane2008-03-18
7,345,265Enhancement of aimpoint in simulated training systems2008-03-18
7,346,437Secure interactive 3d navigation method and device2008-03-18
7,347,147Braking device for a trajectory-correctable spin-stabilized artillery projectile2008-03-25
7,347,399Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment2008-03-25
7,348,918Mobile ballistic missile detection and defense system2008-03-25
7,350,745Apparatuses and methods for applying forces to a structure utilizing oscillatory wing motions in a fluid2008-04-01
7,350,746Dual hull airship controlled by thrust vectoring2008-04-01
7,350,747Engine mounting structure under an aircraft wing2008-04-01
7,350,748Modular construction of an aircraft control system2008-04-01
7,350,749Mass transfer system for stabilizing an airship and other vehicles subject to pitch and roll moments2008-04-01
7,350,750Control system for airbrakes of an aircraft2008-04-01
7,350,751Anti-flip landing gear for aircraft2008-04-01
7,350,752Fairing and installation methodology for sensor pressure belts2008-04-01
7,350,753RF shielding for aircraft windows2008-04-01
7,351,174Twin turbo-shaft engine with accessory gearbox drive means2008-04-01
7,353,090System, bus monitor assembly and method of monitoring at least one data bus of an aircraft2008-04-01
7,354,017Projectile trajectory control system2008-04-08
7,354,018Aircraft cabin module for passengers2008-04-08
7,354,019Seat, and aircraft passenger seat in particular2008-04-08
7,354,020System for use of external secondary payloads2008-04-08
7,354,021Magnet for an ionic drive for space vehicles2008-04-08
7,354,022Device for monitoring tiltable flaps on aircraft wings2008-04-08
7,354,636Flexible laminate material for lighter-than-air vehicles2008-04-08
7,356,389Vehicle data services2008-04-08
7,356,390Systems and applications of lighter-than-air (LTA) platforms2008-04-08
7,357,149Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2008-04-15
7,357,351Linear shock wave absorber2008-04-15
7,357,352Air vehicle assembly and an associated control system and method2008-04-15
7,357,353Method of joining structural elements in an aircraft2008-04-15
7,357,354Aircraft door hinge assembly2008-04-15
7,357,355Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2008-04-15
7,357,356Attitude and antenna steering system for geosynchronous earth orbit (GEO) spacecraft2008-04-15
7,357,357Aircraft mode suppression2008-04-15
7,357,358Aircraft leading edge device systems and corresponding sizing methods2008-04-15
7,357,684Control system for a linear propulsor array2008-04-15
7,358,466Localized heat treating apparatus for blisk airfoils2008-04-15
7,359,777System and method of analyzing aircraft removal data for preventative maintenance2008-04-15
7,360,490Spin-stabilized artillery projectile2008-04-22
7,360,741Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and breaking subsequent grip motion2008-04-22
7,360,742Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed2008-04-22
7,362,234Controller for remote vehicles and craft and for virtual subjects2008-04-22
7,363,119Methods and systems for automatically displaying information, including air traffic control instructions2008-04-22
7,363,120Method of adjusting at least one defective rotor of a rotorcraft2008-04-22
7,363,121System, method and apparatus for searching geographic area using prioritized spatial order2008-04-22
7,364,115System and method for controlling engine RPM of a ducted fan aircraft2008-04-29
7,364,116Automatic control systems for aircraft auxiliary power units, and associated methods2008-04-29
7,364,117Passive cooling system for auxiliary power unit installation2008-04-29
7,364,118Propulsion arrangement2008-04-29
7,364,119Multipurpose passenger compartment in a cabin of a commercial passenger transport aircraft2008-04-29
7,364,120Quantized control-moment gyroscope array2008-04-29
7,364,121Methods and systems for automatically controlling aircraft takeoff rolls2008-04-29
7,366,590Impending failure and failure annunciation systems for actuators and drive train components2008-04-29
7,366,592System for automatically controlling lift-enhancing devices of an aircraft, in particular wing leading edge slats2008-04-29
7,367,369Aircraft tire2008-05-06
7,367,525Munition with integrity gated go/no-go decision2008-05-06
7,367,526Device and system for assistance within interception by an aircraft of a flight path segment2008-05-06
7,367,527Reinforced insulation product and system suitable for use in an aircraft2008-05-06
7,367,528Airport system for operations, safety, and security2008-05-06
7,367,529Momentum tube for distributed actuation2008-05-06
7,367,530Aerospace vehicle yaw generating systems and associated methods2008-05-06
7,367,531Systems and methods for evading heat seeking missles2008-05-06
7,367,532High lift longitudinal axis control system2008-05-06
7,369,053De-icing information system2008-05-06
7,369,922Distributed architecture for a system for managing aircraft landing gear2008-05-06
7,370,468Turbojet electromechanical thrust reverser with servo-controlled door displacement2008-05-13
7,370,566Complimentary retrograde/prograde satellite constellation2008-05-13
7,370,828Rotary wing aircraft2008-05-13
7,370,829Method and system for controlling helicopter vibrations2008-05-13
7,370,830System and method for landing a tailless aircraft in a crosswind2008-05-13
7,370,831Power strip for seats2008-05-13
7,370,832Payload to support track interface and fitting apparatus and methods2008-05-13
7,370,833Method and system for determining a singularity free momentum path2008-05-13
7,370,834Apparatus and methods for in-space satellite operations2008-05-13
7,370,835Platform and system for mass storage and transfer in space2008-05-13
7,370,836Missile defense system and methods for evading heat seeking missiles2008-05-13
7,374,129Device for launching a power kite2008-05-20
7,374,130Method and apparatus for vehicle control using variable blade pitch2008-05-20
7,374,131Support device for a galley2008-05-20
7,374,132Insulation product and system suitable for use in an aircraft2008-05-20
7,374,133Wing having a negative dihedron for towing a load2008-05-20
7,374,134Systems and methods for semi-permanent, non-precision inspace assembly of space structures, modules and spacecraft2008-05-20
7,376,494Apparatus, system and method for aircraft security and anti-hijacking intervention2008-05-20
7,376,496Spacecraft magnetic momentum control system2008-05-20
7,377,466Propulsion system for miniature vehicles2008-05-27
7,377,467Aircraft luggage locker2008-05-27
7,377,468Active stabilization of a refueling drogue2008-05-27
7,377,469Heat shield2008-05-27
7,377,470Wireless-controlled airplane2008-05-27
7,377,783Modular human habitat simulator2008-05-27
7,378,626Directed infrared countermeasures (DIRCM) system and method2008-05-27
7,379,796Low-altitude flight guidance system, warning system for low-altitude flight guidance, warning generator for low-altitude flight guidance and method for low-altitude flight guidance2008-05-27
7,380,504Telescoped projectile2008-06-03
7,380,749Combined fuel cell aircraft auxiliary power unit and environmental control system2008-06-03
7,380,750Method for lighter-than-air aircraft2008-06-03
7,380,751Jetair recovery generator2008-06-03
7,380,752Aircraft interior architecture2008-06-03
7,380,753Composite material structure2008-06-03
7,380,754Clamp block assemblies and methods2008-06-03
7,380,755Frangible pneumatic latch2008-06-03
7,380,756Single dielectric barrier aerodynamic plasma actuation2008-06-03
7,381,459Toughened uni-piece, fibrous, reinforced, oxidization-resistant composite2008-06-03
7,382,283Method and device for detecting an overstepping of design loads of the tailplane of an aircraft2008-06-03
7,382,287Avionics system, method and apparatus for selecting a runway2008-06-03
7,383,104Low-noise flight support system2008-06-03
7,383,105System and method for monitoring passenger oxygen saturation levels and estimating oxygen usage requirements2008-06-03
7,383,679Air intake structure for aircraft engine2008-06-10
7,384,015Aircraft nose with shield2008-06-10
7,384,016Adaptive compliant wing and rotor system2008-06-10
7,387,276Aerial sensor pod deployment system2008-06-17
7,387,277Aircraft wing composed of composite and metal panels2008-06-17
7,387,278Parachute ripcord pins2008-06-17
7,387,279Method and apparatus for supplying orbital space platforms using payload canisters via intermediate orbital rendezvous and docking2008-06-17
7,389,959Modular overhead privacy system and method2008-06-24
7,389,960Passenger cabin seat power bus2008-06-24
7,391,340Portable helicopter landing area and use method thereof2008-06-24
7,392,963Supersonic flight vehicle2008-07-01
7,392,964Method and apparatus for utilizing a lifeboat for a space station in earth orbit to serve as a lunar spacecraft2008-07-01
7,394,046Tracking of a moving object2008-07-01
7,394,047Interceptor guidance for boost-phase missile defense2008-07-01
7,395,657Flade gas turbine engine with fixed geometry inlet2008-07-08
7,395,761Variable-force payload ejecting system2008-07-08
7,395,832Fuel tank for spacecraft2008-07-08
7,395,987Apparatus and appertaining method for upfinding in spinning projectiles using a phase-lock-loop or correlator mechanism2008-07-08
7,395,988Rotor wing aircraft having an adjustable tail nozzle2008-07-08
7,395,989Aircraft fuselage and corresponding aircraft2008-07-08
7,398,182Method and device for detecting degradation of performance of an aircraft2008-07-08
7,398,586Methods and systems for manufacturing a family of aircraft wings and other composite structures2008-07-15
7,398,641Aeroengine intake having a heat exchanger within an annular closed chamber2008-07-15
7,398,945Cast unitized primary truss structure and method2008-07-15
7,398,946Power line sentry charging2008-07-15
7,399,221Cabin for work vehicle2008-07-15
7,400,287Smart chaff2008-07-15
7,400,289Plume-to-hardbody offset compensation in boosting missiles2008-07-15
7,400,949Device for adjusting at least one parameter, in particular for an aircraft automatic pilot system2008-07-15
7,401,570Aircraft extremity marker2008-07-22
7,401,682Architecture for an acoustic liner2008-07-22
7,401,751Fluid flow regulator with overpressure relief function2008-07-22
7,401,752Protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods2008-07-22
7,402,973Power drive unit with unit load device sensor2008-07-22
7,403,715Free space optical bus2008-07-22
7,404,530Control of a drogue body2008-07-29
7,405,654Fluidized bed technology for security enhancement2008-07-29
7,406,368Apparatus, system and method for aircraft security and anti-hijacking intervention2008-07-29
7,406,369Ground effects compensated angle of attack command system and method2008-07-29
7,406,370Electrical energy management system on a more electric vehicle2008-07-29
7,407,116Spray washer structure of insulator used for aircraft2008-08-05
7,407,131Method for creating an aeronautic sound shield having gas distributors arranged on the engines, wings, and nose of an aircraft2008-08-05
7,407,132Method of steering aircraft by moving the stagnation point and aircraft using the method2008-08-05
7,407,133Using imbalanced thrust in a multi-engine jet aircraft2008-08-05
7,407,134Auxiliary nose undercarriage, a force-transmission structure, and a rotary wing aircraft2008-08-05
7,407,135Aircraft provided with a belly fairing, and corresponding belly fairing2008-08-05
7,407,136Static port skin applique apparatus and method2008-08-05
7,407,137Dual voltage integrated power and attitude control system and method2008-08-05
7,409,292Method and system for degimbalization of vehicle navigation data2008-08-05
7,409,820Electrical thrust reverser tertiary lock system including a voltage limiting circuit2008-08-12
7,410,119Rotating missile emitting light pulses2008-08-12
7,410,120Control surface assemblies with torque tube base2008-08-12
7,410,121Man-powered ornithopter-sailplane2008-08-12
7,410,122VTOL UAV with lift fans in joined wings2008-08-12
7,410,123Aircraft and hybrid with magnetic airfoil suspension and drive2008-08-12
7,410,124Lightweight air vehicle and pneumatic launcher2008-08-12
7,410,125Robotically assisted launch/capture platform for an unmanned air vehicle2008-08-12
7,410,126Tunable acoustic absorption system for an aircraft cabin2008-08-12
7,410,127Seat track anti-rattle locking device2008-08-12
7,410,128Transport device in cargo spaces in aircrafts2008-08-12
7,410,129Stacking tie-rod release device for a deployable structure2008-08-12
7,410,130Star-tracker-based attitude determination for spinning spacecraft2008-08-12
7,410,131Pulsed detonation engines for reaction control systems2008-08-12
7,410,132Jam tolerant electromechanical actuation systems and methods of operation2008-08-12
7,410,133Miniature trailing edge effector for aerodynamic control2008-08-12
7,412,825Flow path splitter duct2008-08-19
7,412,930Frictional roll control apparatus for a spinning projectile2008-08-19
7,413,140Rotary wing aircraft with undercarriage structure2008-08-19
7,413,141Gas turbine engine fuel control system and regulating valves therefor2008-08-19
7,413,142Split torque gearbox for rotary wing aircraft with translational thrust system2008-08-19
7,413,143Payload to support track interface and fitting apparatus and methods2008-08-19
7,413,144Positioning system, device, and method for in-flight refueling2008-08-19
7,413,145Aerial delivery system2008-08-19
7,413,146Control apparatus for kite powered conveyance device2008-08-19
7,413,147System and method for propellantless photon tether formation flight2008-08-19
7,413,148Remotely located cryocooler2008-08-19
7,413,149Wing enhancement through ion entrainment of media2008-08-19
7,413,262Hub for wheel of human powered vehicle2008-08-19
7,415,330Aircraft standby display device and system2008-08-19
7,415,917Fixed deployed net for hit-to-kill vehicle2008-08-26
7,415,930Seeking fused munition2008-08-26
7,416,154Trajectory correction kit2008-08-26
7,416,155Canard position and dihedral for boom reduction and pitch/directional control2008-08-26
7,416,156Dual brace-determinate landing gear2008-08-26
7,416,157Apparatus and methods of attaching panels to support structures2008-08-26
7,416,158Continuous disreefing apparatus for parachute2008-08-26
7,418,343Relative navigation for precision rendezvous and station keeping using datalink signals2008-08-26
7,418,888Transmission mechanism between accessories and engine members for driving the rotor of a rotorcraft2008-09-02
7,419,120Triple-fuselage aircraft and families of aircraft of said type2008-09-02
7,419,121Integrated mount duct for use with airborne auxiliary power units and other turbomachines2008-09-02
7,419,122Combined skirt-reefing and slider method for controlled parachute opening2008-09-02
7,419,124Multi-purpose mount for securing insulation and holding cables2008-09-02
7,419,214Lounge seating arrangement2008-09-02
7,419,326Method for accelerating a passengered vehicle upon a roadway2008-09-02
7,421,319Systems and methods for preflight planning and inflight execution using portable electronic data storage and display devices2008-09-02
7,421,343Systems and methods for reducing vibration-induced errors in inertial sensors2008-09-02
7,422,051System and method for using a flexible composite surface for pressure-drop free heat transfer enhancement and flow drag reduction2008-09-09
7,422,175Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception2008-09-09
7,422,176Method for ensuring the safety of an aircraft flying horizontally at low speed2008-09-09
7,422,177Sealing device for a flap track in a belly fairing of an aircraft for a flap-actuating shaft2008-09-09
7,422,178Non-threaded structural insert for component attachment2008-09-09
7,422,179Apparatus for aerial refuelling2008-09-09
7,422,505Toy helicopter2008-09-09
7,423,245Nose cover2008-09-09
7,424,350Vehicle control systems and corresponding sizing methods2008-09-09
7,424,988Use of aerodynamic forces to assist in the control and positioning of aircraft control surfaces and variable geometry systems2008-09-16
7,424,989Intelligent multifunctional actuation system for vibration and buffet suppression2008-09-16
7,425,167Toy helicopter2008-09-16
7,425,168Toy helicopter2008-09-16
7,425,693Spectral tracking2008-09-16
7,425,918System and method for the measurement of full relative position and orientation of objects2008-09-16
7,426,983Landing gear strut damper, and landing gear with independent struts comprising same2008-09-23
7,427,046Optimized method of controlling yaw for rotary-wing aircraft, and a system for implementing it2008-09-23
7,427,047Powered aircraft including inflatable and rotatable bodies exhibiting a circular cross-section perpendicular to its rotation axis and in order to generate a lift force2008-09-23
7,427,048Linear acoustic pulsejet2008-09-23
7,427,049Aircraft seat floor track fitting2008-09-23
7,428,098Structureless space telescope2008-09-23
7,428,450Method and system for using a database and GPS position data to generate bearing data2008-09-23
7,428,870Apparatus for changing the attack angle of a cavitator on a supercavatating underwater research model2008-09-30
7,429,015Acoustic absorption blanket mounting system for an aircraft cabin2008-09-30
7,429,016Method and apparatus for fast deploying and retrieving of towed bodies2008-09-30
7,429,017Ejectable aerodynamic stability and control2008-09-30
7,429,018Variable fluid intake with ramp and inflatable bag2008-09-30
7,429,019Auxiliary nose undercarriage, a force-transmission structure, and a rotary wing aircraft2008-09-30
7,430,460Method for determining roll rate gyro bias in an attitude heading reference system2008-09-30
7,431,034Oxygen emergency supply means2008-10-07
7,431,125Composite muffler for use with airborne auxiliary power unit2008-10-07
7,431,126Support means for an acoustic liner used in an auxiliary power unit exhaust muffler2008-10-07
7,431,237Guided projectile with power and control mechanism2008-10-07
7,431,238Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft2008-10-07
7,431,239One-piece closed-shape structure and method of forming same2008-10-07
7,431,240Hybrid deicing system and method of operation2008-10-07
7,431,241Interoperable aerial refueling apparatus and methods2008-10-07
7,431,242Re-entry vehicle shape for enhanced performance2008-10-07
7,431,243Guidance and control for an autonomous soaring UAV2008-10-07
7,431,244Device for the generation of eddies and method for operating of said device2008-10-07
7,433,765Fly by wire static longitudinal stability compensator system2008-10-07
7,434,762Retractable thrust vector control vane system and method2008-10-14
7,434,763Rotor/wing dual mode hub fairing system2008-10-14
7,434,764Variable speed gearbox with an independently variable speed tail rotor system for a rotary wing aircraft2008-10-14
7,434,765Heat exchanger systems and associated systems and methods for cooling aircraft starter/generators2008-10-14
7,434,766Emergency oxygen or other gas supply system2008-10-14
7,434,767Spacecraft adapter having embedded resources, and methods of forming same2008-10-14
7,437,224Target acquisition control for spacecraft gimballed payload2008-10-14
7,437,237Positioning control apparatus and the method2008-10-14
7,437,955Device for determining the rotation angle of a shaft in an aircraft2008-10-21
7,437,987Blast shielding2008-10-21
7,438,259Compound aircraft control system and method2008-10-21
7,438,260Vertical take-off aircraft--C2008-10-21
7,438,261Stratospheric balloon utilizing electrostatic inflation of walls2008-10-21
7,438,262Redundant gas turbine engine mounting arrangement2008-10-21
7,438,263Optimal aircraft window shape for noise control2008-10-21
7,438,264Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics2008-10-21
7,440,825Constant vertical state maintaining cueing system2008-10-21
7,440,826Steering aid system for altitude and horizontal speed, perpendicular to the vertical, of an aircraft and aircraft equipped therewith2008-10-21
7,441,511Watercraft arresting system2008-10-28
7,441,724System and method for controlling a roll rate of a torsionally-disconnected freewing aircraft2008-10-28
7,441,725Aircraft wet wing2008-10-28
7,441,726Flight deck security pocket door system2008-10-28
7,444,002Vehicular target acquisition and tracking using a generalized hough transform for missile guidance2008-10-28
7,448,199Self powdered missile turbojet2008-11-11
7,448,571Rotor collective pitch VS Mu to control flapping and mast/rotor tilt to control rotor RPM2008-11-11
7,448,572Direct mounted propulsion for non-rigid airships2008-11-11
7,448,573Engine suspension pylon for aircraft2008-11-11
7,448,574Aircraft archway architecture2008-11-11
7,448,575Comfortable seating arrangements with easy access2008-11-11
7,448,576Filament wound crew rest enclosure structure2008-11-11
7,448,577Apparatus for providing velocity differential between parachute and payload to reduce shock load2008-11-11
7,448,578Aircraft with forward opening inlay spoilers for yaw control2008-11-11
7,448,656Dual action structural latch2008-11-11
7,448,822Retaining member and method for use with a seat track2008-11-11
7,449,661In-pipe heat trace system2008-11-11
7,449,858Variable-Structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA motoring subsystem2008-11-11
7,451,022Calibration of ship attitude reference2008-11-11
7,451,947Engine mounting structure under an aircraft wing2008-11-18
7,451,948Apparatus for deicing a surface of an aircraft2008-11-18
7,451,949Method for using a tiltable stabilizer to reduce vibration generated on the fuselage of a helicopter2008-11-18
7,451,950Joint for connecting a longitudinal side to an upper side of components and flexible strip for use in such a joint2008-11-18
7,451,951Miniature airplane apparatus and method2008-11-18
7,454,272Geostationary stationkeeping method2008-11-18
7,455,263Airplane interior systems2008-11-25
7,455,264Reconfiguration control system for an aircraft wing2008-11-25
7,455,276Seat securing system2008-11-25
7,458,181Waterfowl decoy kite2008-12-02
7,458,542Landing gear door assembly2008-12-02
7,458,543Aerial refueling system2008-12-02
7,458,544Method and apparatus for dropping a launch vehicle from beneath an airplane2008-12-02
7,461,711Superconducting crawler system for a production line2008-12-09
7,461,729Device for supporting an aircraft battery2008-12-09
7,461,811VTOL personal aircraft2008-12-09
7,461,812Rotorcraft control system with stepped mixing linkage2008-12-09
7,461,813Air input device for a turboprop engine2008-12-09
7,461,814Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2008-12-09
7,461,815Suspension system for a rotary wing aircraft engine2008-12-09
7,461,816Internal arrangement of the walls of the fuselage of an aircraft2008-12-09
7,461,817Cargo parachute release apparatus, system and method2008-12-09
7,461,818In orbit space transportation and recovery system2008-12-09
7,461,819Method for using a steerable tall fin to reduce the vibration generated on the fuselage of a helicopter2008-12-09
7,461,820Aerofoil arrangement2008-12-09
7,462,098Cabin pressure control system and method that accommodates aircraft take-off with and without a cabin pressurization source2008-12-09
7,463,956Constant vertical state maintaining cueing system2008-12-09
7,463,957Method for operating an aircraft2008-12-09
7,464,895Lighter-than-air aircraft and related methods for powering the same2008-12-16
7,464,896Apparatus for the adjustment of horizontal stabilizers for aircraft2008-12-16
7,464,897Aircraft stowage bin2008-12-16
7,464,898Precision thrust/sun tracking attitude control system for gimbaled thruster2008-12-16
7,464,899Method and system for determining a singularity free momentum path2008-12-16
7,464,900Folding retractable protective dome for space vehicle equipment2008-12-16
7,464,901Method and device for magnetic space radiation shield2008-12-16
7,464,902Satellite with electromagnetic control of objects2008-12-16
7,464,903Methods and apparatus for vibration and buffet suppression2008-12-16
7,467,761Method and system for adjusting the flight path of an unguided projectile, with compensation for jittering deviation2008-12-23
7,467,762Advanced unmanned aerial vehicle system2008-12-23
7,467,763Composite landing gear apparatus and methods2008-12-23
7,467,764Fuselage mounted evacuation slide system2008-12-23
7,469,545Auxiliary power unit inlet door position control system and method2008-12-30
7,469,725Method and apparatus for accurately delivering a predetermined amount of fuel to a vehicle2008-12-30
7,469,857System and method for altitude control2008-12-30
7,469,858Geared wheel motor design2008-12-30
7,469,859Transportation apparatus and methods2008-12-30
7,469,860Aircraft archway architecture2008-12-30
7,469,861Seating system and a passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2008-12-30
7,469,862Aircraft engine nacelle inlet having access opening for electrical ice protection system2008-12-30
7,469,863Systems and methods for automatically and semiautomatically controlling aircraft refueling2008-12-30
7,469,864Method for assemblying and landing a habitable structure on an extraterrestrial body2008-12-30
7,469,964Seating system for passenger service vehicles, for aircraft in particular2008-12-30
7,471,216Handheld controller for vehicles2008-12-30
7,471,996Control system for an aircraft engine2008-12-30
7,472,862Rotating blade aircraft control system2009-01-06
7,472,863Sky hopper2009-01-06
7,472,864Device for filtering vibration between two parts, and applications thereof2009-01-06
7,472,865Dehumidification system for an airship2009-01-06
7,472,866Deployment system and method for subsurface launched unmanned aerial vehicle2009-01-06
7,472,867Support roller arrangement for use in an aircraft cargo hold2009-01-06
7,472,868Systems and methods for controlling an aerial refueling device2009-01-06
7,472,935Impact dispersal device2009-01-06
7,472,957Seating system and a passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2009-01-06
7,473,876Boost phase intercept missile fire control system architecture2009-01-06
7,474,856Method and device for producing an optical link with laser pulses2009-01-06
7,474,944Control system and method with multiple linked inputs2009-01-06
7,475,854Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices with non-parallel motion paths, and associated methods2009-01-13
7,478,578Commercial airliner missile protection using formation drone aircraft2009-01-20
7,478,778Rocket engine having guide vanes in the nozzle of the engine2009-01-20
7,478,779Device and method for sealing and lighting a balloon2009-01-20
7,478,780Methods for manufacturing composite aircraft, parts and a family of composite aircraft2009-01-20
7,478,781Joint cover in aircraft2009-01-20
7,478,782System and method incorporating adaptive and reconfigurable cells2009-01-20
7,480,996Truck pivot joint bearing and method of lubricating2009-01-27
7,481,147External, underside positioned aircraft object mounting system2009-01-27
7,481,214System and method for enriching aircraft cabin air with oxygen from a nitrogen generation system2009-01-27
7,481,290Vertical lift vehicle2009-01-27
7,481,396Small-size high-speed transmission system for use in microturbine-powered aircraft2009-01-27
7,481,397Force supporting device with a load-dependent force support2009-01-27
7,481,398Intercostal for aircraft2009-01-27
7,481,399Position securing system for restraining an occupant in land and aeronautical vehicles2009-01-27
7,484,589Apparatus and method for reducing aircraft noise and acoustic fatigue2009-02-03
7,484,593Acoustic structure and method of manufacturing thereof2009-02-03
7,484,687Propulsion device2009-02-03
7,484,688Landing gear noise reduction2009-02-03
7,484,689Aviation ground power unit connection system and method incorporating same2009-02-03
7,484,690In orbit space transportation and recovery system2009-02-03
7,484,691Method and device for magnetic space radiation shield providing isotropic protection2009-02-03
7,484,692Integrated abort rocket and orbital propulsion system2009-02-03
7,484,693Centralized bus interface with single wire secondary distribution2009-02-03
7,484,694Aircraft wing with extendible nose flap2009-02-03
7,485,354Thermal protection system for a vehicle2009-02-03
7,485,800Electrical current return device for avionic equipment2009-02-03
7,487,015Emulator for an inertial navigation unit protocol converter2009-02-03
7,487,016Method for compensating star motion induced error in a stellar inertial attitude determination system2009-02-03
7,487,933Homing missile guidance and estimation algorithms against advanced maneuvering targets2009-02-10
7,487,934Method of synchronizing fin fold-out on a fin-stabilized artillery shell, and an artillery shell designed in accordance therewith2009-02-10
7,487,935Aircraft having variable incidence wing and air cushion landing system2009-02-10
7,487,936Buoyancy control system for an airship2009-02-10
7,487,937Airfoil for micro air vehicle2009-02-10
7,487,938System and method utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) sequencing to identify components of a passenger flight information system (PFIS)2009-02-10
7,487,939Aircraft with emergency landing system2009-02-10
7,487,969Kite system having a light transmitter and a light receiver2009-02-10
7,490,792Aircraft with rotor vibration isolation2009-02-17
7,490,793Wireless landing gear monitoring system2009-02-17
7,490,794Airship having a central fairing to act as a stall strip and to reduce lift2009-02-17
7,490,795Aircraft evacuation slide with primary gas relief valve2009-02-17
7,491,253Engine intake system with accessible, interchangeable air filters2009-02-17
7,491,289Methods of forming metal foil ply replacement in composite structures2009-02-17
7,492,308Threat detection system2009-02-17
7,493,196On-board flight management system for aircraft2009-02-17
7,493,911Shrouded valve apparatus and related methods2009-02-24
7,494,089Multiple kill vehicle (MKV) interceptor and method for intercepting exo and endo-atmospheric targets2009-02-24
7,494,090Multiple kill vehicle (MKV) interceptor with autonomous kill vehicles2009-02-24
7,494,091Aircraft cart transport and stowage system2009-02-24
7,494,092Lightweight structural component in particular for aircraft and method for its production2009-02-24
7,494,093Wing having a negative dihedron for towing a load2009-02-24
7,494,094Aircraft wing systems for providing differential motion to deployable lift devices2009-02-24
7,495,198System and method for improving nighttime visual awareness of a pilot flying an aircraft carrying at least one air-to-air missile2009-02-24
7,496,433Method and apparatus for minimizing the noise emitted by a rotorcraft during take-off and landing2009-02-24
7,497,300Noise reduction tubes2009-03-03
7,497,305Brake condition monitoring2009-03-03
7,497,403High efficiency tip vortex reversal and induced drag reduction2009-03-03
7,497,638Socket joint for tie-rod attachment system and method2009-03-03
7,497,759Directionally controllable, self-stabilizing, rotating flying vehicle2009-03-03
7,498,969Proximity radar antenna co-located with GPS DRA fuze2009-03-03
7,500,351Gas turbine powerplant2009-03-10
7,500,477Method and apparatus for moving a mass2009-03-10
7,500,636Processes and devices to guide and/or steer a projectile2009-03-10
7,500,637Airship with lifting gas cell system2009-03-10
7,500,638Heavy lift airship2009-03-10
7,500,639Aircraft ejection seat with adjustable headrest2009-03-10
7,500,640Hollow assembly structure and fabrication method therefor2009-03-10
7,500,641Aerospace vehicle flow body systems and associated methods2009-03-10
7,500,678Airplane ski lift2009-03-10
7,502,684Method and system for the automatic piloting of an aircraft on the approach to an airdrop position2009-03-10
7,503,277Aerostat inflator2009-03-17
7,503,425Integrated inlet attachment2009-03-17
7,503,431Mechanical rotational drive2009-03-17
7,503,521Radiation homing tag2009-03-17
7,503,522Continuous power bus for seat power2009-03-17
7,503,523Closure system for a support structure2009-03-17
7,503,524Device for equipping a hole in a panel, and panel thus equipped2009-03-17
7,503,525Pivotable pylon for external carriage of aircraft stores2009-03-17
7,503,526Space transportation node including tether system2009-03-17
7,503,527Flight control method and apparatus to produce induced yaw2009-03-17
7,503,681Optical fiber combinations2009-03-17
7,503,720Hinge bracket holder2009-03-17
7,503,826Flying apparatus2009-03-17
7,505,267Cooling system for an electronic box2009-03-17
7,506,478Method and apparatus for detecting smoke and smothering a fire2009-03-24
7,506,498Pulsed detonation engines for reaction control systems2009-03-24
7,506,837Inbound transition control for a tail-sitting vertical take off and landing aircraft2009-03-24
7,506,838Air intake structure for aircraft engine2009-03-24
7,506,839Engine airframe J-seal damper2009-03-24
7,506,840Device for connecting in flight an aircraft to a refuelling device of a tanker aeroplane2009-03-24
7,506,841Catalyzed decomposing foam for encapsulating space-based kinetic objects2009-03-24
7,506,842Aircraft control surface drive system and associated methods2009-03-24
7,506,855Non-protruding seat track apparatus2009-03-24
7,506,904Door handle lock assembly with automatic lock and retract2009-03-24
7,506,941Brake condition monitoring2009-03-24
7,509,212Enabling services on a UAV2009-03-24
7,509,774Apparatus for integrating a rigid structure into a flexible wall of an inflatable structure2009-03-31
7,509,797Thrust vectoring missile turbojet2009-03-31
7,510,022Fire-suppression system for an aircraft2009-03-31
7,510,139Rotor wing aircraft having a bypassable radial inflow turbine2009-03-31
7,510,140Method and apparatus for generating lift2009-03-31
7,510,141Autonomous control method for small unmanned helicopter2009-03-31
7,510,142Aerial robot2009-03-31
7,510,143Wing assembly and aircraft2009-03-31
7,510,144Elastic pre-deformed fairings for aircrafts2009-03-31
7,510,145UAV recovery system II2009-03-31
7,510,146Window shade system and method of use2009-03-31
7,510,147Vibration damping pylon2009-03-31
7,510,148Dynamic yaw steering method for spacecrafts2009-03-31
7,510,149System and method to control flowfield vortices with micro-jet arrays2009-03-31
7,510,150Energy recovery apparatus and method2009-03-31
7,510,151Wing with extendable aerodynamic pivoted flaps2009-03-31
7,510,754Flexible insulation blanket having a ceramic matrix composite outer layer2009-03-31
7,510,757Cellular composite grid-stiffened structure2009-03-31
7,511,252Multihypothesis threat missile propagator for boost-phase missile defense2009-03-31
7,511,253Apparatus for detecting radiation and munition incorporating same2009-03-31
7,512,464System and method for controlling the speed of an aircraft2009-03-31
7,512,466High-torque, low power reaction wheel array and method2009-03-31
7,515,400Circuit breaker box and monitoring system2009-04-07
7,515,998Information layer for a vehicular control network and method2009-04-07
7,515,999Method and means for piloting control of a forward-moving vehicle2009-04-07
7,516,815Arrangement for the generation of sonic fields of a specific modal composition2009-04-14
7,516,918Morphable ceramic composite skins and structures for hypersonic flight2009-04-14
7,516,919Aircraft archway architecture2009-04-14
7,516,920In-flight refueling system and method for facilitating emergency separation of in-flight refueling system components2009-04-14
7,516,921Forward pivoted full flying control tail boom2009-04-14
7,517,010Convertible aircraft seat comprising movable armrests2009-04-14
7,517,014Passenger seat with luggage compartment2009-04-14
7,520,469Passenger seat, an aircraft passenger seat in particular2009-04-21
7,520,470Aircraft configuration with improved aerodynamic performance2009-04-21
7,520,471Aircraft wing, method for operating an aircraft wing, and use of a pivotable trailing edge on a main wing of an aircraft, for adjusting the shape and width of an air gap2009-04-21
7,520,792Wheel assembly for a model airplane2009-04-21
7,521,108Embedded connector attached to a base panel2009-04-21
7,521,655Method and system of automatic control2009-04-21
7,523,692Aircraft defense system against manpads with IR/UV seekers2009-04-28
7,523,888Seating system and a passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2009-04-28
7,523,889Modular anti-icing/de-icing device for an aerodynamic surface2009-04-28
7,523,890Non-pyrotechnic remote-controlled parachute jettison method2009-04-28
7,523,891Safety pre-impact deceleration system for vehicles2009-04-28
7,523,892Centripetal reflex method of space launch2009-04-28
7,523,993Passenger dorsal support2009-04-28
7,526,921Auxiliary power unit with integral firebox2009-05-05
7,526,988Electromagnetic railgun projectile2009-05-05
7,527,220Aircraft engine mount2009-05-05
7,527,221Mounting device for interior equipment in aircraft2009-05-05
7,527,222Composite barrel sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures, and methods and systems for manufacturing such barrel sections2009-05-05
7,527,223Interior panel attachment system2009-05-05
7,530,527Method and device for launching aerial vehicles2009-05-12
7,530,528Methods and apparatus for guidance systems2009-05-12
7,530,529Separation wall in an aircraft cabin2009-05-12
7,530,530Assembly for securing a stringer to a substrate2009-05-12
7,530,531Apparatus and methods for installing an aircraft window panel2009-05-12
7,530,532Counterweight based rocket launch platform2009-05-12
7,530,533Wing, particularly airfoil of an aircraft, having changeable profile2009-05-12
7,533,760Noise reduction tubes2009-05-19
7,533,849Optically guided munition2009-05-19
7,533,850Fittings with redundant seals for aircraft fuel lines, fuel tanks, and other systems2009-05-19
7,533,851Flexible kite2009-05-19
7,533,911Decompression lock2009-05-19
7,533,930Convertible aircraft passenger seat and method2009-05-19
7,537,181Guidance system2009-05-26
7,537,182Simultaneous multiple-location separation control2009-05-26
7,537,361Aircraft window case that can be artificially illuminated in an indirect manner2009-05-26
7,539,561Autonomous control system apparatus and program for a small, unmanned helicopter2009-05-26
7,540,142Multiple auxiliary power unit system inlet ducts controlled by a single actuator2009-06-02
7,540,145Unitized hybrid rocket system2009-06-02
7,540,226Aircraft engine structure-mounted aim-point biasing infrared countermeasure apparatus and method2009-06-02
7,540,449Methods and apparatus for non-imaging guidance system2009-06-02
7,540,450Aircraft propulsion system2009-06-02
7,540,639Cross bin illumination system2009-06-02
7,541,083Joining structures2009-06-02
7,541,563Magnetic gyro-projectile device with electronic combustion, turbogeneration and gyro stabilization2009-06-02
7,542,828Unmanned air vehicle, integrated weapon platform, avionics system and control method2009-06-02
7,542,829Low earth orbit satellite command planning device and method, and low earth orbit satellite control system including the same2009-06-02
7,543,451Aircraft engine exhaust shroud2009-06-09
7,543,777Air guiding flap of an aircraft comprising control of the pressure forces impinging thereon, process for adjusting the position of an air guiding flap and ram air system including such an air guiding flap2009-06-09
7,543,778Door for aircraft, and aircraft provided with such a door2009-06-09
7,543,779Low-impact mating system2009-06-09
7,543,780Unmanned air vehicle transmission line docking surveillance2009-06-09
7,546,176Method and apparatus for determining a solution group of parts in an assembly2009-06-09
7,546,975Tandem rotor wing rotational position control system2009-06-16
7,546,976Dual power helicopter without a tail rotor2009-06-16
7,546,977Passive aerodynamic sonic boom suppression for supersonic aircraft2009-06-16
7,546,978Isolated crew deck for an operational ground support system2009-06-16
7,546,979Trapezoidal panel pin joint allowing free deflection between fuselage and wing2009-06-16
7,546,980Aircraft wing with electrothermal deicing and/or anti-icing device2009-06-16
7,546,981Drain system for an aircraft2009-06-16
7,546,982Shuttle thermal integrity detection system2009-06-16
7,546,983Spacecraft power acquisition method for wing-stowed configuration2009-06-16
7,546,984Flap interconnection system for aircraft2009-06-16
7,547,865Optical element mount and method thereof for a gun-launched projectile2009-06-16
7,547,870Precision spacecraft payload platforms2009-06-16
7,548,184Methods and apparatus for processing data from multiple sources2009-06-16
7,549,603Deflection system for a gas stream in a nozzle2009-06-23
7,549,604Fuel efficient fixed wing aircraft2009-06-23
7,549,605Electric flight control surface actuation system for aircraft flaps and slats2009-06-23
7,549,606Lavatory fast pack system and method2009-06-23
7,549,607Aircraft having a dual floor servicing system associated with an operational ground support system2009-06-23
7,549,608Detachable line management device for traction kites2009-06-23
7,550,189Variable stiffness structure2009-06-23
7,550,697Systems and methods for boresight adapters2009-06-23
7,551,121Multi-target-tracking optical sensor-array technology2009-06-23
7,551,989Autonomous outer loop control of man-rated fly-by-wire aircraft2009-06-23
7,552,669Coordinated ballistic missile defense planning using genetic algorithm2009-06-30
7,552,892Dual-sliding fin lock assembly2009-06-30
7,552,893Airship & method of operation2009-06-30
7,552,894Assembly method for tethered or free flight blimp with collapsible tail fins2009-06-30
7,552,895System, apparatus and method to improve the aerodynamics of a floatplane2009-06-30
7,552,896Aircraft window assembly2009-06-30
7,552,897Method and system for rotary code-based control2009-06-30
7,554,076Sensor system with modular optical transceivers2009-06-30
7,554,237Centrifugal-effect vibration generator having coaxial contrarotating rotors2009-06-30
7,555,873Self-locating feature for a pi-joint assembly2009-07-07
7,555,893Aircraft propulsion system2009-07-07
7,556,218Aerodynamic lifting device and airborne craft2009-07-07
7,556,219Unmanned aerial vehicle and launch assembly2009-07-07
7,556,220Seal for sealing a component opening in a component2009-07-07
7,556,221Aircraft ice protection method2009-07-07
7,556,222Apparatus for deicing a surface of an aircraft2009-07-07
7,556,223Vent system for an aerospace vehicle2009-07-07
7,556,224Distributed flight control surface actuation system2009-07-07
7,557,753Spacecraft hardware tracker2009-07-07
7,558,653Autopilot system for a helicopter2009-07-07
7,559,505Apparatus and method for restraining and deploying an airfoil2009-07-14
7,559,506Integral powered wing aircraft2009-07-14
7,559,507Thrust reversers including locking assemblies for inhibiting deflection2009-07-14
7,559,508Propellant depot in space2009-07-14
7,559,509Large cryogenic tank logistics for in-space vehicles2009-07-14
7,559,510Elevator variable feel unit2009-07-14
7,560,152Joining structure in a laminate comprising a local reinforcement2009-07-14
7,561,947Dynamic CMG array and method2009-07-14
7,562,843Method of launching a catapult, catapult, and locking device2009-07-21
7,562,844Multiple attendant galley2009-07-21
7,562,845Rudder unit connection to a fuselage without a bolt-fairing structure2009-07-21
7,562,846Window retaining system2009-07-21
7,562,847Autonomous in-flight refueling system2009-07-21
7,564,373System and method for detecting ice formation on an aircraft2009-07-21
7,564,478Apparatus for capturing on object scene2009-07-21
7,566,026Onboard guidance method for ballistic missiles2009-07-28
7,566,027Roll orientation using turns-counting fuze2009-07-28
7,566,028Integral locking mechanism for deployable device2009-07-28
7,566,029Suspension for suspending a jet engine on an aircraft strut2009-07-28
7,566,030Rotation fitting for the empennage of an aircraft2009-07-28
7,566,031Triggering system for the plastic collapse of a metal structural element2009-07-28
7,566,489Impact-absorbing structural component2009-07-28
7,567,186Information and notification system using passenger service units in an aircraft2009-07-28
7,568,347Method for designing flowfield molded hypersonic inlet for integrated turbojet and ram-scramjet applications2009-08-04
7,568,433Aerodynamically stable finless projectile2009-08-04
7,568,655Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft2009-08-04
7,568,656System for controlling the lift of aircraft2009-08-04
7,568,657VTOL personal aircraft2009-08-04
7,568,658Aircraft emergency landing assist vehicle2009-08-04
7,568,659Door which is intended to be positioned between the cockpit and the cabin of an aircraft2009-08-04
7,568,660Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2009-08-04
7,568,661Canopy quick release device for parachutes2009-08-04
7,568,662Emergency flight control system2009-08-04
7,570,475Cowling assembly2009-08-04
7,571,045Control system for gas-turbine engine2009-08-04
7,571,527Mandrel for fabrication of a monolithic composite nacelle panel2009-08-11
7,571,875Device and method for sealing and lighting a balloon2009-08-11
7,571,876Aircraft landing gear assembly shimmy damper2009-08-11
7,571,877Operation mechanism for activating a deceleration device2009-08-11
7,571,878Method and a calculating unit for calculation of a recovery flight path2009-08-11
7,571,879Automatic conversion system for tiltrotor aircraft2009-08-11
7,575,014Control of engine intake door2009-08-18
7,575,190Fiber optic laser detection and ranging system2009-08-18
7,575,191Binary optics SAL seeker (BOSS)2009-08-18
7,575,192Transmission system for use in microturbine-powered applications2009-08-18
7,575,193Anti-crash method and system, an undercarriage, and an aircraft2009-08-18
7,575,194Apparatuses and methods for joining composite members and other structural members in aircraft wing boxes and other structures2009-08-18
7,575,195Hinge cover integration into door seal edges2009-08-18
7,575,196Ice protection system and method including a plurality of segmented sub-areas and a cyclic diverter valve2009-08-18
7,575,197Mobile transporter servicing unit for an operational ground support system2009-08-18
7,575,198Control handle for use with a towable airfoil2009-08-18
7,575,199Orbit space transportation and recovery system2009-08-18
7,575,200Space depot for spacecraft resupply2009-08-18
7,578,369Mixed-flow exhaust silencer assembly2009-08-25
7,578,465Aircraft front nose landing gear and method of making an aircraft landing gear2009-08-25
7,578,466Mechanism for reducing heat generation in a joint2009-08-25
7,578,467Methods and apparatuses for indicating and/or adjusting tension in pliant tension members, including aircraft recovery lines2009-08-25
7,578,468Acoustic absorption system for an aircraft airframe2009-08-25
7,578,469Terminal docking port for an operational ground support system2009-08-25
7,578,470Passenger seating arrangement2009-08-25
7,578,471Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed2009-08-25
7,578,472Aircraft ejection seat system2009-08-25
7,578,473Rib for aircraft wing and methods for the manufacture thereof2009-08-25
7,578,474Sealed structural passenger window assembly and method of forming same2009-08-25
7,578,475Pressure responsive blowout latch2009-08-25
7,578,476Aircraft door arrangement2009-08-25
7,578,477Internal security door for an aircraft2009-08-25
7,578,478Attaching panels to support structures in an aircraft2009-08-25
7,578,479Rotating air cargo delivery system and method of construction2009-08-25
7,578,480Reefing apparatus for controlling the inflation of a gliding wing parachute2009-08-25
7,578,481Digital programmable driver for solenoid valves and associated method2009-08-25
7,578,482Catalyzed decomposing structural payload foam2009-08-25
7,578,483Conformable skin element system for active vortex control2009-08-25
7,578,484Link mechanisms for gapped rigid krueger flaps, and associated systems and methods2009-08-25
7,579,715Device and method for transmitting and providing the power of capacitive actuators2009-08-25
7,580,777Modular aircraft control system and method2009-08-25
7,580,778Methods and systems for controlling multi-body vehicles with fuel slosh2009-08-25
7,581,002Methods and systems for network failure reporting2009-08-25
7,581,378Anti-icing apparatus and method for aero-engine nose cone2009-09-01
7,581,381Ducted air power plant2009-09-01
7,581,383Acoustic pulsejet helmet2009-09-01
7,581,692Fluidic chevrons and configurable thermal shield for jet noise reduction2009-09-01
7,581,693Shrouded nozzle arrangement2009-09-01
7,581,694Vertical tail unit for aircraft and aircraft equipped with same2009-09-01
7,581,695Aircraft with a modified gear, and method of producing the gear2009-09-01
7,581,696Aircraft attitude control configuration2009-09-01
7,581,697Design methods and configurations for supersonic aircraft2009-09-01
7,581,698Method and apparatus for tempering gaseous and/or liquid media in transportation vehicles, particularly in aircraft2009-09-01
7,581,699Stealth attack fighter bomber2009-09-01
7,581,700Adjustable fittings for attaching support members to fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits, and associated systems and methods2009-09-01
7,581,701Kite control device2009-09-01
7,581,702Wirelessly controlling unmanned aircraft and accessing associated surveillance data2009-09-01
7,582,032Anti-vibratory device with rotary compensation weights2009-09-01
7,582,853Method and device for producing an optical link using light flashes2009-09-01
7,583,455Gas activated emergency vision device2009-09-01
7,584,027Aircraft navigation aid method and corresponding device2009-09-01
7,584,028Methods and systems for implementing location based noise abatement procedures2009-09-01
7,584,084Method of manufacturing fluttering robot using a fluid-structure interactive numerical model for developing controls for wing driving apparatus2009-09-01
7,584,782Valve defining modulated and unmodulated flow paths2009-09-08
7,584,823Communicating ladder between an upper level and a lower level of an aircraft, and an aircraft provided with such a ladder2009-09-08
7,584,922Spin-stabilized correctible-trajectory artillery shell2009-09-08
7,584,923Tilt-rotor aircraft2009-09-08
7,584,924High speed vertical take-off and land aircraft with active fan balancing system2009-09-08
7,584,925Lightweight air vehicle and pneumatic launcher2009-09-08
7,584,926Aircraft cart transport and stowage system2009-09-08
7,584,927Pre-chute deployment skydiver deceleration device2009-09-08
7,584,928Drogue parachute drag force actuated programmable controller to generate an event trigger signal2009-09-08
7,587,325Method of insuring against satellite launch failure2009-09-08
7,588,032Oxygen conservation system for commercial aircraft2009-09-15
7,588,211Baggage compartment in passenger transport system2009-09-15
7,588,212Method and apparatus for noise abatement and ice protection of an aircraft engine nacelle inlet lip2009-09-15
7,588,213In orbit space transportation and recovery system2009-09-15
7,588,214Deployable support structure2009-09-15
7,588,846Energy storage system2009-09-15
7,589,663System and method for the measurement of the unambiguous roll angle of a projectile2009-09-15
7,590,484Safe runway aircraft arrival and departure system using split runway design2009-09-15
7,591,277Fuel balancing system2009-09-22
7,593,794Optical stabilization system2009-09-22
7,594,623Torsionally de-coupled engine mount system2009-09-29
7,594,624Flying vehicle-launching apparatus and method2009-09-29
7,594,625Proprotor blade with leading edge slot2009-09-29
7,594,626Magnetically induced aircraft landing wheel rotation2009-09-29
7,594,627Method and apparatus for de-icing aircraft and other snow or ice covered surfaces2009-09-29
7,594,701Troop seat2009-09-29
7,596,434Aircraft brake temperature monitoring system and method2009-09-29
7,596,438Beacon-based traffic control system2009-09-29
7,597,060Apparatus and method for reducing fluid drag on a submerged surface2009-10-06
7,597,283Auxiliary power unit intake duct with aero-acoustic guide vanes2009-10-06
7,597,285Fluid dynamically effective surface for minimizing induced resistance2009-10-06
7,597,286Simplified power system for a cabin services system for an aircraft2009-10-06
7,597,287Device for reinforcement of a hollow structure, especially a box structure for an aircraft and a hollow structure equipped with such a device2009-10-06
7,597,288In-flight refueling lightning protection system2009-10-06
7,597,289Apparatus and method for the control of trailing wake flows2009-10-06
7,597,953Composite fiber component produced by braiding2009-10-06
7,599,768Method for computer-assisted determination of an optimum-fuel control of nozzles2009-10-06
7,599,805Systems and methods for predicting supersonic acoustic signatures2009-10-06
7,600,371Thrust reversers including support members for inhibiting deflection2009-10-13
7,600,605Aircraft ground run-up enclosure2009-10-13
7,600,711Flexible ducting system including an articulable sealed joint2009-10-13
7,600,713Pre-hung inlet door system2009-10-13
7,600,714Diffusing air inlet door assembly2009-10-13
7,600,715Local backup hydraulic actuator for aircraft control systems2009-10-13
7,600,716Reinforced door2009-10-13
7,600,717Aircraft wings and fuel tanks2009-10-13
7,600,718Pivoted flap mechanism for adjusting an aerodynamic pivoted flap associated with a wing2009-10-13
7,601,004System and method for pivot for stowage compartments or rotating items2009-10-13
7,602,349System of stowing and deploying multiple phased arrays or combinations of arrays and reflectors2009-10-13
7,603,207Surrogate air processor2009-10-13
7,604,197Tow cable termination2009-10-20
7,604,198Rotorcraft having coaxial counter-rotating rotors which produce both vertical and horizontal thrust and method of controlled flight in all six degrees of freedom2009-10-20
7,604,199Aerofoil containment structure2009-10-20
7,604,200Fitting with torsion box, of plastic material reinforced with carbon fibre, for coupling a drive motor / spindle unit for trimming of a horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft2009-10-20
7,604,201Nacelle drag reduction device for a turbofan gas turbine engine2009-10-20
7,604,202Ice management system for tiltrotor aircraft2009-10-20
7,604,204Loading device for the at least partially automated loading and unloading of a cargo hold on transport equipment as well as a conveying system2009-10-20
7,607,318Integrated environmental control and auxiliary power system for an aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,606VTOL personal aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,607De-rotation system suitable for use with a shaft fairing system2009-10-27
7,607,608Ground handling cart for skid equipped aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,609Mounting device for an aircraft engine comprising two thrust recovery rods with a double rear mechanical connection2009-10-27
7,607,610Ornithopter having a wing structure and a mechanism for imparting realistic, bird-like motion thereto2009-10-27
7,607,611Flight control surface actuation system with redundantly configured and lockable actuator assemblies2009-10-27
7,607,612Passenger seat unit, in particular for commercial aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,613Payload support track interface and fitting2009-10-27
7,607,614Transition shim between structure for fastening a wing to a fuselage of an aircraft, and aircraft having such a shim2009-10-27
7,607,615Brake for a kite2009-10-27
7,607,616Docking device2009-10-27
7,607,617Wing unit, in particular spar box, for forming aerodynamically active surfaces of an aircraft, in particular airfoils, horizontal tail units or rudder units of a plane2009-10-27
7,607,736Assemblies and methods for securing an element to an aircraft seat track break2009-10-27
7,610,747Side thruster module2009-11-03
7,610,828Flight control surface actuator assembly including a free trial mechanism2009-11-03
7,610,841System and method for enhancing the payload capacity, carriage efficiency, and adaptive flexibility of external stores mounted on an aerial vehicle2009-11-03
7,611,090Reaction-drive rotorcraft having an adjustable blade jet2009-11-03
7,611,091High speed vertical take-off and land aircraft with active fan balancing system2009-11-03
7,611,092Internet linked environmental data collection system and method2009-11-03
7,611,093Dual flow APU inlet and associated systems and methods2009-11-03
7,611,094Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) deceleration system2009-11-03
7,611,095Aerodynamic re-entry vehicle control with active and passive yaw flaps2009-11-03
7,611,096In orbit space transportation and recovery system2009-11-03
7,611,097In orbit space transportation and recovery system2009-11-03
7,611,098Flight management process for an aircraft2009-11-03
7,611,099Seal assemblies for use with drooped spoilers and other control surfaces on aircraft2009-11-03
7,611,305Roadway for decelerating a vehicle including an aircraft2009-11-03
7,611,595System, method, and apparatus for metallic-composite joint with compliant, non-corrosive interface2009-11-03
7,614,587Procedure and device for improving the maneuverability of an aircraft during the approach to landing and flare-out phases2009-11-10
7,614,588Apparatus system and method for drag reduction2009-11-10
7,616,130Method and a device for processing and displaying aircraft piloting information2009-11-10
7,617,024Automatic heading control system for tiltrotor aircraft and helicopters2009-11-10
7,617,670Flow control redistribution to mitigate high cycle fatigue2009-11-17
7,618,005Stealth bomber, transporter, air-to-air fueling tanker, and space plane2009-11-17
7,618,006Ram air inlets for use with aircraft environmental control systems and other aircraft and non-aircraft systems2009-11-17
7,618,007Force balancing actuator2009-11-17
7,618,008Air supply for an aircraft2009-11-17
7,618,009Apparatus for attachment of a unit to attachment devices in a vehicle2009-11-17
7,619,326Artificial satellite equipment panel2009-11-17
7,621,275Cover assembly for oxygen mask containers2009-11-24
7,621,291Fuel tank with specialized tank outlet for spacecraft2009-11-24
7,621,371Method for attenuating the noise of a turbofan2009-11-24
7,621,480De-rotation system for a counter-rotating, coaxial rotor hub shaft fairing2009-11-24
7,621,481Decoupled steering/planing air vehicle nose landing gear2009-11-24
7,621,482Weight optimized pressurizable aircraft fuselage structures having near elliptical cross sections2009-11-24
7,621,483Aircraft and fuel venting system therefor2009-11-24
7,621,484Rotor kite2009-11-24
7,621,485Trim line kite control system2009-11-24
7,622,821Power distribution system and load management protocol therefor2009-11-24
7,623,957System, method, and computer program product for optimizing cruise altitudes for groups of aircraft2009-11-24
7,624,941Method of controlling aircraft, missiles, munitions and ground vehicles with plasma actuators2009-12-01
7,624,942Decoupled ducting for twin-engine reaction rotor drive2009-12-01
7,624,943Multi-mode unmanned and manned vehicle systems and methods2009-12-01
7,624,944Tandem air inlet apparatus and method for an airborne mobile platform2009-12-01
7,624,945Aircraft engine unit2009-12-01
7,624,946Reservoir for cryogenic fuels and vehicles2009-12-01
7,624,947Armament carriage system2009-12-01
7,624,948Optimized land mobile satellite configuration and steering method2009-12-01
7,624,949Satellite provided with means for countering solar pressure2009-12-01
7,624,950In orbit space transportation and recovery system2009-12-01
7,624,951Aircraft with antennas mounted on the tops and bottoms of aerodynamic-surface extensions2009-12-01
7,625,415Strainer for a gas turbine engine2009-12-01
7,625,434Enhanced OBIGGS2009-12-01
7,625,623Joints formed by joining structures2009-12-01
7,626,514Systems and methods for reducing nuisance alerts for helicopter enhanced ground proximity warning systems2009-12-01
7,627,404Singularity escape and avoidance using a virtual array rotation2009-12-01
7,628,352MEMS control surface for projectile steering2009-12-08
7,628,353Delayed tail fin deployment mechanism and method2009-12-08
7,628,354Apparatus for deploying wing of guided missile2009-12-08
7,628,355Variable speed transmission for a rotary wing aircraft2009-12-08
7,628,356Yaw control device for a nozzle having a rectangular outlet section2009-12-08
7,628,357Aircraft safety seat2009-12-08
7,628,358Wing panel structure2009-12-08
7,628,359Method and apparatus for detecting conditions conducive to ice formation2009-12-08
7,628,671Programmable flying object2009-12-08
7,628,879Conductive scrim embedded structural adhesive films2009-12-08
7,629,037Aircraft structural components2009-12-08
7,629,068Aircraft having integrated electrochemical supply system2009-12-08
7,629,558Systems and methods for modifying an ice-to-object interface2009-12-08
7,630,829Ground incursion avoidance system and display2009-12-08
7,631,833Smart counter asymmetric threat micromunition with autonomous target selection and homing2009-12-15
7,631,834Aerial robot with dispensable conductive filament2009-12-15
7,631,835Method of selectively decoupling solidborne noise, a laminated ball joint, a mechanical connection, and an aircraft2009-12-15
7,631,836Jet engine nacelle for a supersonic aircraft2009-12-15
7,631,837Electrical interlock and indication system for aircraft2009-12-15
7,631,838Aircraft engine nacelle inlet having access opening for electrical ice protection system2009-12-15
7,631,839Enhanced multiple instrument distributed aperture sensor2009-12-15
7,631,840Pivoting panel for aircraft, and composite support piece2009-12-15
7,633,410Wireless assisted recovery systems and methods2009-12-15
7,633,450Radar altering structure using specular patterns of conductive material2009-12-15
7,635,104Aircraft spiraling mechanism with jet assistance--B2009-12-22
7,635,105Ejection device, ejectable hatch and aircraft having at least one ejectable hatch2009-12-22
7,635,106Composite shear tie2009-12-22
7,635,107System for aerodynamic flows and associated method2009-12-22
7,636,635Device for determining a flight trajectory of a follower aircraft during a patrol flight, as well as a system for aiding a patrol flight comprising such a device2009-12-22
7,637,453Aircraft spiraling mechanism with jet assistance - A2009-12-29
7,637,454Apparatus and method for controlling twist of a wing of an airborne mobile platform2009-12-29
7,637,455Inlet distortion and recovery control system2009-12-29
7,637,456Power starter for micro air vehicles2009-12-29
7,637,457Rankine-Brayton engine powered solar thermal aircraft2009-12-29
7,637,458Systems and methods for providing back-up hydraulic power for aircraft, including tanker aircraft2009-12-29
7,637,459Weight-on-gear sensor2009-12-29
7,637,460Methods and apparatus for a cable retractor to prevent cable damage after connector release2009-12-29
7,637,461Approaches to actively protect spacecraft from damage due to collisions with ions2009-12-29
7,637,462Surface flow diverting and static charging ducted pores on wing or blade tip to reduce wake and BVI noise2009-12-29
7,637,686Swivel fitting attachment apparatus2009-12-29
7,640,083Record and playback system for aircraft2009-12-29
7,640,743Aircraft flight control user interface linkage system2010-01-05
7,641,144Cross-flow fan propulsion system2010-01-05
7,641,145Apparatus for moving a control surface2010-01-05
7,641,146Aircraft nose landing gear enclosure2010-01-05
7,641,147Airplane wing, method for manufacturing an airplane wing and use of a welding process for welding a wing spar2010-01-05
7,641,148Sonobuoy loading method2010-01-05
7,641,149Multi-exit combined evacuation slide2010-01-05
7,641,150Solid propellant-based space propulsion device2010-01-05
7,641,151Electric sail for producing spacecraft propulsion2010-01-05
7,641,152Dynamic adjustment of wing surfaces for variable camber2010-01-05
7,641,153Directed energy off-body heating for supersonic vehicle shockwave and sonic boom control2010-01-05
7,641,278Passenger seat, especially airline passenger seat2010-01-05
7,642,491Aircraft spiraling mechanism with jet assistance--D2010-01-05
7,642,492Single-axis fin deployment system2010-01-05
7,643,133Air cargo power drive unit for detecting motion of an overlying cargo container2010-01-05
7,644,887Yaw control system and method2010-01-12
7,644,888High-speed aircraft and methods for their manufacture2010-01-12
7,644,889Fluid sensing system and methods, including vehicle fuel sensors2010-01-12
7,644,890Low-energy locking hinge mechanism for deployable devices2010-01-12
7,644,891Spacecraft low tumble linear release system2010-01-12
7,644,892Blended winglet2010-01-12
7,644,893Full authority fly-by-wire pedal system2010-01-12
7,645,969Low voltage device for the generation of plasma discharge to operate a supersonic or hypersonic apparatus2010-01-12
7,645,970Flight control system and method of using piezoelectric modal sensors to mitigate flexible body dynamics2010-01-12
7,647,140System for aiding the piloting of an aircraft during the approach to a runway with a view to a landing2010-01-12
7,648,104Store ejector rack2010-01-19
7,648,105Deployment brake release for a parachute2010-01-19
7,648,106Control system including two control columns that are coupled to enable controlled members to be placed in required positions2010-01-19
7,648,115Seat slide locator2010-01-19
7,649,476System and method for identifying an aircraft during approach to a stopping position2010-01-19
7,651,049Helicopter with an auxiliary lubricating circuit2010-01-26
7,651,050Variable speed gearbox with an independently variable speed tail rotor system for a rotary wing aircraft2010-01-26
7,651,051Mechanism for biaxial rotation of a wing and vehicle containing such mechanism2010-01-26
7,651,052Device for supplying electricity and air to an airplane on the ground2010-01-26
7,651,053Aerodynamic airflow deflector for aircraft landing gear2010-01-26
7,651,054Device, method, and aircraft for illuminating in-flight operations2010-01-26
7,651,055Non-streaking drainmast2010-01-26
7,651,142Automatic release attachment for kites and the like, and method of use2010-01-26
7,651,756Resin infused transparent skin panel and method of making same2010-01-26
7,652,234System and method for destroying flying objects2010-01-26
7,654,073Power generating systems and methods2010-02-02
7,654,363Turboshaft engine that reduces rear noise emissions2010-02-02
7,654,368Hybrid fastener2010-02-02
7,654,486VTOL personal aircraft2010-02-02
7,654,487Vent baffle2010-02-02
7,654,488Aircraft door arrangement with an aircraft door that swings by 180 degrees2010-02-02
7,654,489Lifting body aircraft and reentry vehicle with chines2010-02-02
7,654,490Precision attitude control system for gimbaled thruster2010-02-02
7,656,053Controlling power extraction for wind power generation2010-02-02
7,657,988Method and apparatus for manufacturing interchangeable and replaceable parts2010-02-09
7,658,044Gap covering for cabin panels2010-02-09
7,658,346Double ducted hovering air-vehicle2010-02-09
7,658,347Micro air-vehicle transport container and launch system2010-02-09
7,658,348Enhancement and extension of structural integrity of aircraft structure2010-02-09
7,658,349Pilot flight control stick haptic feedback system and method2010-02-09
7,658,417Hose hinge assembly2010-02-09
7,659,494Laser target seeker device2010-02-09
7,661,624Aerodynamic lifting-thrusting propulsion device2010-02-16
7,661,625Jettisonable nosecone and missile with a jettisonable nosecone2010-02-16
7,661,626Window assembly retaining system2010-02-16
7,661,627Method of controlling the attitude of satellites, particularly agile satellites with a reduced number of gyrodynes2010-02-16
7,661,628Catalyzed decomposing structural payload foam and method of using same2010-02-16
7,661,629Systems and methods for destabilizing an airfoil vortex2010-02-16
7,661,630High lift longitudinal axis control system2010-02-16
7,662,013Helicopter with horizontal control2010-02-16
7,662,459Versatile honeycomb matrix heat shield2010-02-16
7,665,479Aerial refueling system2010-02-23
7,665,688Convertible aerial vehicle with contra-rotating wing/rotors and twin tilting wing and propeller units2010-02-23
7,665,689Unconventional integrated propulsion systems and methods for blended wing body aircraft2010-02-23
7,665,690Structural mechanism for unlocking and engaging a controllable surface on a hinged platform (Wing)2010-02-23
7,665,691Aerial vehicle launching system and method2010-02-23
7,665,692Baggage bin door and baggage bin2010-02-23
7,665,693Aircraft seat2010-02-23
7,665,694Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2010-02-23
7,665,695Unified attitude control for spacecraft transfer orbit operations2010-02-23
7,667,190Optical fiber assembly wrapped across roll-nod gimbal axes in a DIRCM system2010-02-23
7,668,627Mechanical flight control auxiliary power assist system2010-02-23
7,669,785Integrated engine exhaust systems and methods for drag and thermal stress reduction2010-03-02
7,669,796Hoop stress reduction in a buoyant airship2010-03-02
7,669,797Boarding ramp device for aircraft2010-03-02
7,669,798Airplane protected against projections of tire debris2010-03-02
7,669,799Reversible shape memory multifunctional structural designs and method of using and making the same2010-03-02
7,669,800Reinforced cover for gaps in an aerodynamic contour2010-03-02
7,669,801Animal-scaring device2010-03-02
7,669,802Space based orbital kinetic energy weapon system2010-03-02
7,669,803Optimized land mobile satellite system for north american coverage2010-03-02
7,669,804Spacecraft interface module for enabling versatile space platform logistics support2010-03-02
7,669,805Device for remotely controlling aircraft control surfaces2010-03-02
7,671,311Gimbal system with airflow2010-03-02
7,671,787Target tracking apparatus and method2010-03-02
7,672,480Method for photographing on board of a flying rotating body and system for carrying out said method2010-03-02
7,672,758Method and a device for assisting the piloting of a rotary wing aircraft in the vicinity of a landing or takeoff point2010-03-02
7,672,761Watercraft comprising a free-flying kite-type wind-attacked element as a wind-powered drive unit2010-03-02
7,673,565Infra red proximity fuzes2010-03-09
7,673,831Small unmanned air vehicle system for deploying and towing a sensor in a tow medium and methods related thereto2010-03-09
7,673,832Aircraft component exposed to streaming surrounding air2010-03-09
7,673,833Protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods2010-03-09
7,673,834Vortex ring generator2010-03-09
7,674,036Thermal icing conditions detector2010-03-09
7,674,091Rotor blade pitch control2010-03-09
7,675,011Missile guidance system2010-03-09
7,675,012Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception2010-03-09
7,676,305Method and apparatus for assigning weighting coefficients for performing attitude calculations with a star sensor2010-03-09
7,677,491Methods and apparatus for airborne systems2010-03-16
7,677,492Automatic mechanical control of rotor blade collective pitch2010-03-16
7,677,493Engine assembly for aircraft comprising an engine and a mounting device for such an engine2010-03-16
7,677,494Boarding ramp device for aircraft2010-03-16
7,677,495Baggage compartment, in particular an enclosed compartment for an aircraft cabin2010-03-16
7,677,496Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of reinforcing thereof2010-03-16
7,677,497Hatch-actuating mechanism, particularly for an aircraft landing gear2010-03-16
7,677,498Device and method for fastening an aircraft radome2010-03-16
7,677,499Aircraft wing coupling arrangement2010-03-16
7,677,500Aircraft structural element provided with a cavity and drainage element2010-03-16
7,677,501Store and munitions release system having deployable swaybrace claw2010-03-16
7,677,502Method and apparatus for generating lift2010-03-16
7,677,833Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways2010-03-16
7,678,437Metallic local reinforcement for heavy loaded joints of composite components2010-03-16
7,679,037Personal rifle-launched reconnaisance system2010-03-16
7,680,565Systems for announcing the health of ball screw actuators and ball recirculation2010-03-16
7,681,482Automatic connector system2010-03-23
7,681,831Suspension net for airborne surveying2010-03-23
7,681,832Ducted fan air vehicle with deployable wings2010-03-23
7,681,833Turboprop unit for aircraft with improved aerodynamic installation2010-03-23
7,681,834Composite missile nose cone2010-03-23
7,681,835Single piece co-cure composite wing2010-03-23
7,681,836Aircraft comprising a device for detection and/or measurement of atmospheric disturbances2010-03-23
7,681,837Method and apparatus for closing a swing tail on an aircraft2010-03-23
7,681,838Aircraft engine nacelle inlet having access opening for electrical ice protection system2010-03-23
7,681,839Optical tracking system for refueling2010-03-23
7,681,840Space transportation node including tether system2010-03-23
7,681,841Method and system for spacecraft power acquisition using single-axis slit sun sensor2010-03-23
7,681,842Device for artificially restoring an opposing force for a device for remotely controlling aircraft control surfaces2010-03-23
7,681,942Accessory for a motorcycle2010-03-23
7,681,951Arrangement for accommodating passengers; vehicle for transporting passengers2010-03-23
7,682,682Stiffener stop with staggered slopes and panel fitted with such a stop2010-03-23
7,685,711Microwave fabrication of airfoil tips2010-03-30
7,686,245Rotary aircraft download alleviation apparatus and methods2010-03-30
7,686,246Method and system for controlling helicopter vibrations2010-03-30
7,686,247Vehicle recovery2010-03-30
7,686,248System and method for internal passive cooling of composite structures2010-03-30
7,686,250Electronic display mount2010-03-30
7,686,251Rib support for wing panels2010-03-30
7,686,252Optical tracking system for airborne objects2010-03-30
7,686,253Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices2010-03-30
7,686,254Force balancing kite control system2010-03-30
7,686,255Space vehicle having a payload-centric configuration2010-03-30
7,686,256Conformal aero-adaptive nozzle/aftbody2010-03-30
7,686,257Dual bimorph synthetic pulsator2010-03-30
7,686,579Ducted fan2010-03-30
7,686,680Closed-loop cabin pressure control system test method with actual pressure feedback2010-03-30
7,686,905Copper grid repair technique for lightning strike protection2010-03-30
7,687,129Splice seam2010-03-30
7,687,750Multi-party missile firing control system2010-03-30
7,687,751Enhancement of aimpoint in simulated training systems2010-03-30
7,688,247Fiber laser based directional infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) system2010-03-30
7,689,324Aircraft capability and hazard zone interface and method2010-03-30
7,689,327Microserver adapter for an avionics box2010-03-30
7,690,438Method for acting on forest fires, pests or atmospheric phenomena from the air2010-04-06
7,690,595System, method, and apparatus for throat corner scoop offtake for mixed compression inlets on aircraft engines2010-04-06
7,690,596Apparatus for lighter-than-air aircraft2010-04-06
7,690,597Flap actuator2010-04-06
7,690,598Aircraft exhaust vent assembly2010-04-06
7,690,599Method of illumination for in-flight refueling2010-04-06
7,690,600Aerially transportable tank for storing a composition for discharging in flight2010-04-06
7,690,601Reversible space plane2010-04-06
7,690,602Satellite active motion damping2010-04-06
7,690,603Method and device to assist in the piloting of an aircraft in a non-precision approach during a landing phase2010-04-06
7,690,604Rudder pedal assembly including non-parallel slide rails2010-04-06
7,691,300Composite fiber component produced by braiding2010-04-06
7,692,125Evanescent wave coupling for Fresnel direction finding2010-04-06
7,692,126Device for countering and tracking a threat with optical delay device2010-04-06
7,692,127MEMS type thermally actuated out-of-plane lever2010-04-06
7,693,614Airplane emergency navigational system2010-04-06
7,693,617Aircraft precision approach control2010-04-06
7,693,619Method and system for controlling sets of collinear control moment gyroscopes with offset determination without attitude trajectory of spacecraft2010-04-06
7,693,624Vehicle control system including related methods and components2010-04-06
7,694,913Apparatus and method for reduced backlash steering tiller2010-04-13
7,694,914Propulsion system for model airplanes2010-04-13
7,694,915Covering device for a hinge of an aircraft2010-04-13
7,694,916Catalytic reactive component reduction system and methods for the use thereof2010-04-13
7,695,046Visor assembly for a vehicle2010-04-13
7,695,355Integrated housing for fan and alternate flow check valve2010-04-13
7,696,459Techniques for articulating a nose member of a guidable projectile2010-04-13
7,696,460Frequency adjusting arrangement2010-04-13
7,698,025Integrating communication and surveillance2010-04-13
7,698,064Gas supported inertial sensor system and method2010-04-13
7,699,260Vertical takeoff and landing aircraft using a redundant array of independent rotors2010-04-20
7,699,261Small unmanned airborne vehicle airframe2010-04-20
7,699,262Detachable hydrofoil trim tabs for use with seaplane floats for assisting with lower speed on-plane condition and stability during step turning/chine walk manuevers2010-04-20
7,699,263Installable reclining device for emergency medical aid of patients2010-04-20
7,699,264Rest unit for an aircraft2010-04-20
7,699,265Aircraft ejection seat with movable headrest2010-04-20
7,699,266Sealing system for the gap existing between the fuselage and the elevator of an aircraft with orientable horizontal stabilizer2010-04-20
7,699,267Cargo aircraft2010-04-20
7,699,268Sling release mechanism2010-04-20
7,699,269Intelligent multifunctional actuation system for vibration and buffet suppression2010-04-20
7,699,270Wing, especially a carrier wing of an airplane, having an adaptable profile2010-04-20
7,700,902Locking assembly for rotary shafts2010-04-20
7,701,082Aerospace electrical power DC subsystem configuration using multi-functional DC/DC converter2010-04-20
7,702,429Electric flight control system for aircraft elevators2010-04-20
7,703,479Plasma actuator2010-04-27
7,703,716Hinged device for doors of an aircraft nacelle and nacelle equipped with said hinged device2010-04-27
7,703,717Transport vehicle magnetically induced wheel rotation2010-04-27
7,703,718Aircraft cabin arrangement and storage unit2010-04-27
7,703,719Scope adjustment method and apparatus2010-04-27
7,703,720Method and apparatus for parachute reefing control2010-04-27
7,703,721Regolith container for use with a structure on an extraterrestrial mass2010-04-27
7,708,082Fire fighting bucket suspendable from aircraft2010-05-04
7,708,222Long mission tethered aerostat and method of accomplishing2010-05-04
7,708,223Method and device for enhancing the braking efficiency of an aircraft during the ground run thereof2010-05-04
7,708,224Aircraft wing, fastening arrangement, and intermediate support2010-05-04
7,708,225Aircraft landing gear2010-05-04
7,708,226Device for detecting synchronous errors of high-lift surfaces on aircraft2010-05-04
7,708,227Energy-efficient electro-thermal ice-protection system2010-05-04
7,708,228Sequencing device for deploying a structure as a function of the kinematics of one mobile body thereof2010-05-04
7,708,229Circulation controlled airfoil2010-05-04
7,708,230Flow distribution system for inlet flow control2010-05-04
7,708,231Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices having forwardly positioned hinge lines, and associated methods2010-05-04
7,708,281Method of sealing a joint2010-05-04
7,709,729Thin film solar cell inflatable ultraviolet rigidizable deployment hinge2010-05-04
7,709,772Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with improved control system2010-05-04
7,710,058Motor drive architecture for high frequency AC bus2010-05-04
7,711,441Aiming feedback control for multiple energy beams2010-05-04
7,711,455Propulsion controlled aircraft computer2010-05-04
7,712,701Unmanned aerial vehicle with electrically powered, counterrotating ducted rotors2010-05-11
7,712,702Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and breaking subsequent grip motion2010-05-11
7,712,703Flap simulators2010-05-11
7,712,704Arrangement of seats and baggage compartments in an aircraft cabin2010-05-11
7,712,705Deceleration device2010-05-11
7,712,706Space tethers for limiting the dynamic response of structures2010-05-11
7,712,993Double shear joint for bonding in structural applications2010-05-11
7,714,536Battery charging arrangement for unmanned aerial vehicle utilizing the electromagnetic field associated with utility power lines to generate power to inductively charge energy supplies2010-05-11
7,714,797Phased array antenna2010-05-11
7,715,838Aircraft based cellular system2010-05-11
7,715,955Aircraft piloting system, at least for piloting the aircraft during a non precision approach with a view to a landing2010-05-11
7,716,797Composite seat pan structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly2010-05-18
7,716,835Methods of manufacturing structural panels2010-05-18
7,717,209Vehicle with vertical lift2010-05-18
7,717,356Aerial application dispersal system2010-05-18
7,717,368Apparatus for generating horizontal forces in aerial vehicles and related method2010-05-18
7,717,369Power plant for a rotary wing aircraft2010-05-18
7,717,370L-tail (featuring parabrakes)2010-05-18
7,717,371Resting deck in an aircraft with resting cabins2010-05-18
7,717,372Reduced-perimeter aircraft2010-05-18
7,717,373Deformable aerodynamic profile2010-05-18
7,718,936Bulk material windows for distributed aperture sensors2010-05-18
7,718,937Steering of missiles2010-05-18
7,720,582Active suspension method and apparatus for a rotary wing aircraft2010-05-18
7,720,604Stationkeeping optimization for inclined elliptical satellite orbit constellations2010-05-18
7,721,525Aircraft engine inlet having zone of deformation2010-05-25
7,721,549Fan variable area nozzle for a gas turbine engine fan nacelle with cam drive ring actuation system2010-05-25
7,721,554Aircraft auxiliary gas turbine engine and method for operating2010-05-25
7,721,648External telemetry method2010-05-25
7,721,772Protective devices for aircraft fuel filler ports2010-05-25
7,721,812Fire suppression system and method for an interior area of an aircraft lavatory waste container fire protection2010-05-25
7,721,988Unmanned helicopter2010-05-25
7,721,989Multi-path inlet for aircraft engine2010-05-25
7,721,990Passenger compartment2010-05-25
7,721,991Translatable and rotatable passenger seat2010-05-25
7,721,992Aircraft floor to fuselage attachment2010-05-25
7,721,993Wire-strike defence system2010-05-25
7,721,994Holder for interior installations in airplanes2010-05-25
7,721,995Rib support for wing panels2010-05-25
7,721,996Fabrication and installation of preformed dielectric inserts for lightning strike protection2010-05-25
7,721,997Method and system for providing cruciform steered, bent biconic and plasma suppression for maximum accuracy2010-05-25
7,721,998Self-powered spacecraft attitude control system and method2010-05-25
7,721,999Aerospace vehicle fairing systems and associated methods2010-05-25
7,722,701Method and system for handling gas diffusion through the envelopes of airships and balloons2010-05-25
7,724,179Miniaturized microwave-photonic receiver2010-05-25
7,725,215Distributed and recoverable digital control system2010-05-25
7,725,221Dynamic non-linear display2010-05-25
7,726,409Fire suppression systems2010-06-01
7,726,601Device and method for affecting local climatic parameters2010-06-01
7,726,602Arrangement for mounting an engine on the airframe of an aircraft2010-06-01
7,726,603Sandwich-structure flat actuator and application to structural torsion2010-06-01
7,726,604Aerial sensor pod deployment system2010-06-01
7,726,605Aerial sensor pod deployment system2010-06-01
7,726,606Luggage compartment that can be lowered comprising a hydraulic cylinder locking mechanism2010-06-01
7,726,607Flight passenger seat with an integrated spring element2010-06-01
7,726,608Device to reduce the lateral force generated by aerial refueling boom cross-section2010-06-01
7,726,609High-performance low-noise aircraft exhaust systems and methods2010-06-01
7,726,610Systems and methods for providing differential motion to wing high lift device2010-06-01
7,726,611Active rudder pedal mechanism with foreign object strike tolerance and articulating brake2010-06-01
7,727,057Device and process for heating an aircraft cabin2010-06-01
7,728,264Precision targeting2010-06-01
7,728,265MEMS type flow actuated out-of-plane flap2010-06-01
7,728,266Exhaust assembly for missile system, and method2010-06-01
7,728,267Methods and apparatus for adjustable surfaces2010-06-01
7,729,100Lightning conductor system for wind generator blades comprising carbon fibre laminates2010-06-01
7,730,728System and method for cooling a thermally loaded device on board an aircraft2010-06-08
7,730,995Acoustic apparatus2010-06-08
7,731,121Propulsive anti-torque system for rotorcraft2010-06-08
7,731,122Method for managing the wheel steering control of an aircraft2010-06-08
7,731,123Contra-bevel driven control surface2010-06-08
7,731,124Landing gear2010-06-08
7,731,125Compact stowage of transport aircraft2010-06-08
7,731,126Autonomous passenger seat2010-06-08
7,731,127Drain mast connector2010-06-08
7,731,128Mobile leading edge flap for a main wing of the aerofoils of an aircraft and main wing provided with such a flap2010-06-08
7,731,287Vibration absorber device for a seat in a vehicle, in particular an aircraft or the like2010-06-08
7,731,460Self-adjusting ULD loading guide and restraint2010-06-08
7,731,472Method and apparatus for transporting a motorized vehicle2010-06-08
7,732,741Folding articulating wing mechanism2010-06-08
7,734,254Radio controller system and method for remote devices2010-06-08
7,734,386System for intelligently controlling a team of vehicles2010-06-08
7,735,199Aircraft door hinge assembly2010-06-15
7,735,600Monolithic acoustically-treated engine nacelle inlet panels2010-06-15
7,735,601Engine noise2010-06-15
7,735,670Oxygen removal system2010-06-15
7,735,752System for controlled aerial distribution of substances2010-06-15
7,735,772Personal propulsion device2010-06-15
7,735,774VTOL aircraft with forward-swept fixed wing2010-06-15
7,735,775Wing-in-ground-effect craft2010-06-15
7,735,776Air inlet for a turbofan engine2010-06-15
7,735,777Apparatus for generation and use of lift gas2010-06-15
7,735,778Pivoting fairings for a thrust reverser2010-06-15
7,735,779Optimized fuselage structure2010-06-15
7,735,780Aircraft stringer clip and related methods2010-06-15
7,735,781Method and system for deployment of ordnance from an aircraft in mid-flight2010-06-15
7,735,782Flow surface for a three-dimensional boundary-layer flow, especially on a swept wing, a swept tail plane or a rotor2010-06-15
7,735,910Plasma wind deflector for a sunroof2010-06-15
7,736,109Multi-position ball lock/quick release pin bushing/retainer2010-06-15
7,736,719Protection panel for aircrafts2010-06-15
7,737,878Collision and conflict avoidance system for autonomous unmanned air vehicles (UAVs)2010-06-15
7,739,003Method of determining and controlling the inertial attitude of a spinning, artificial satellite and systems therefor2010-06-15
7,739,043System for displaying on a first moving object a position indication dependent on a position of a second moving object2010-06-15
7,739,865Gas turbine engine inlet with noise reduction features2010-06-22
7,740,200Aircraft engine assembly2010-06-22
7,740,201Device and method for floor heating in an aircraft2010-06-22
7,740,202Wing structure for aircraft2010-06-22
7,740,203Control device for deployment of inflatable structures2010-06-22
7,740,204Propulsion system2010-06-22
7,740,205Auxiliary wing and flap assembly for an aircraft2010-06-22
7,740,206Translating active Gurney flap to alleviate aircraft wake vortex hazard2010-06-22
7,740,207Aircraft flight control systems and methods2010-06-22
7,740,932Hybrid fiberglass composite structures and methods of forming the same2010-06-22
7,741,588Method and device for varying a flight path of a projectile by intentional tumbling of the projectile2010-06-22
7,742,846Surface contact override landing scheme for a FBW rotary-wing aircraft2010-06-22
7,743,837Roadway for decelerating a vehicle including an aircraft having a fire retardant material2010-06-29
7,743,884Sandwich panel for sound absorption2010-06-29
7,744,032Power and imaging system for an airship2010-06-29
7,744,033Aircraft luggage handling system2010-06-29
7,744,034Translating flap drive door2010-06-29
7,744,035Door for compartment of the baggage-compartment type2010-06-29
7,744,036Method for designing an orbit of a spacecraft2010-06-29
7,744,037Calculating method for deducing possibilities of all possible scenarios of satellite members in low earth satellite constellation2010-06-29
7,744,038Controllable winglets2010-06-29
7,744,039Systems and methods for controlling flows with electrical pulses2010-06-29
7,744,040Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices with non-parallel motion paths, and associated methods2010-06-29
7,744,155Protection system2010-06-29
7,744,303Collapsible concrete systems for runways2010-06-29
7,744,827Catalytic treatment of fuel to impart coking resistance2010-06-29
7,745,767Method of control of an ammunition or submunition, attack system, ammunition and designator implementing such a method2010-06-29
7,745,768Absolute target system enhanced by combining a star sensor and a formation flight optical metrological sensor2010-06-29
7,746,037Power supply for an electric window dimming device2010-06-29
7,747,361Method of injecting plurality of spacecraft into different orbits individually2010-06-29
7,747,364Methods, apparatus and systems for enhanced synthetic vision and multi-sensor data fusion to improve operational capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles2010-06-29
7,748,119Method for manufacturing composite components2010-07-06
7,748,486Landing gear for a hovercraft2010-07-06
7,748,661Aircraft structure and a fastener for use therewith2010-07-06
7,748,662Aerial delivery system2010-07-06
7,748,663Launch vehicle stage integration device2010-07-06
7,748,664High performance synthetic valve/pulsator2010-07-06
7,750,275Folding control surface assembly and vehicle incorporating same2010-07-06
7,751,948Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information2010-07-06
7,752,834Aircraft propulsion systems2010-07-13
7,753,309VTOL/STOL tilt-prop flying wing2010-07-13
7,753,310Tandem powered power tilting aircraft2010-07-13
7,753,311Propulsion system, aircraft comprising the propulsion system and an outlet device for a jet engine2010-07-13
7,753,312Lightweight structure especially for an aircraft and method for making such a structure2010-07-13
7,753,313Composite wing slat for aircraft2010-07-13
7,753,314Systems and methods for aerial dispersion of materials2010-07-13
7,753,315Payload delivery vehicle and method2010-07-13
7,753,316Deployable flap edge fence2010-07-13
7,755,011Target maneuver detection2010-07-13
7,755,012Eccentric drive control actuation system2010-07-13
7,755,519Ultrasonic communication and drag modification2010-07-13
7,756,612Method and a device for providing assistance in piloting a rotorcraft at takeoff2010-07-13
7,756,637Methods and systems for displaying electronic enroute maps2010-07-13
7,757,991Helicopter blade vortex interaction noise reducing method and device2010-07-20
7,757,993Method for reducing the turbulence and gust influences on the flying characteristics of aircraft, and a control device for this purpose2010-07-20
7,757,994Method and device for suctioning the boundary layer2010-07-20
7,758,290Device for locking objects into place2010-07-20
7,759,011Safety system for reducing the explosion risk of a fuel tank2010-07-20
7,759,664Solar heat powered deployable structure2010-07-20
7,760,087Fluidized bed technology for security enhancement2010-07-20
7,761,194Method and device for assisting a pilot of a follower aircraft during a patrol flight2010-07-20
7,762,189Networked pyrotechnic actuator incorporating high-pressure bellows2010-07-27
7,762,194Apparatus comprising a payload ejection mechanism2010-07-27
7,762,374Turbine engine diffusing exhaust muffler2010-07-27
7,762,495Solar powered aerial vehicle2010-07-27
7,762,496Overhead flight crew rest2010-07-27
7,762,497Automatic kitesurf release system2010-07-27
7,762,498Enhanced high-efficiency spacecraft propulsion system2010-07-27
7,762,499Independent East/West thermal management system2010-07-27
7,762,500Telescopic wing with articulated structural spar2010-07-27
7,762,501Method and apparatus for improving main rotor yoke fatigue life2010-07-27
7,762,737System and method for stowage compartment pivot assembly2010-07-27
7,762,776Vortex shedding cyclical propeller2010-07-27