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Optical fiber assembly wrapped across gimbal axes

Invented by: James P. Mills
Tucson, AZ

David G. Garrett
Tucson, AZ

Wayne L. Sunne
Tucson, AZ

David J. Knapp
Tucson, AZ

Daniel W. Brunton
Tucson, AZ

David G. Anthony
Marana, AZ

Emmet R. Anderson
Tucson, AZ

Daniel C. Harrison
Tucson, AZ

Frank E. Smith, III
Tucson, AZ

Jim R. Hicks
Tucson, AZ

Originally Assigned to: Raytheon Company
Waltham, MA
[Now assigned to . . .]

Application No:11243562
Examined by:Luu; Thanh X.

A control mechanism pins an optical fiber assembly on and off gimbal and between gimbals to route the assembly from an off-gimbal optical source across the gimbal axis/axes to an on-gimbal optical element so that the fiber assembly moves with the rotation of the gimbals. To accommodate a relatively large range of motion, the control mechanism is suitably configured to route the fiber assembly in a "U-shaped" loop with one end pinned off-gimbal in a stationary guide track and the other end pinned on-gimbal point in a rotating guide track so that the loose fiber assembly is constrained in the concentric tracks on and off gimbal. As the gimbal rotates, the loop seats onto one guiding track and peels off of the other guiding track while always maintaining its U shape. To accommodate a relatively small range of motion in other gimbal configurations, the control mechanism is suitably configured to pin one end of the fiber assembly off-gimbal and pass the fiber assembly directly over the gimbal where it is pinned on the other side of the gimbal. In a multi-gimbal pointer, the fiber assembly preferably exhibits different mechanical stresses as it crosses the different gimbals.

[pdf] U.S. Pat. No. 7,304,296

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