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Power generating and distribution system and method

Invented by: David R. Criswell
Houston, TX

Jori L. Petersen
Redondo Beach, CA Applicant: Name City State Country Type Criswell

Originally Assigned to: David R. Criswell
Houston, TX
[Now assigned to . . .]

Application No:13323585
Examined by:Bonzell; Philip J

A power distribution network is provided comprising ground-based microwave transmitters, receivers and microwave redirectors. The ground-based microwave transmitters have their own directional, focus and amplitude controllers for aiming a focused microwave beam at a microwave redirector. The microwave redirectors each have a receiving antenna and a plurality of transmitting antennae such that the redirectors transmit focused microwave beams to at least two different stations (for example, being either ground-based microwave receivers or other microwave redirectors).

[pdf] U.S. Pat. No. 8,596,581

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