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Combined cycle integrated combustor and nozzle system

Invented by: Melvin J. Bulman
Fair Oaks, CA Applicant: Name City State Country Type Bulman

Originally Assigned to: Aerojet-General Corporation
Rancho Cordova, CA
[Now assigned to . . .]

Application No:13008939
Examined by:Swiatek; Rob

An engine that operates and produces the entire required vehicle thrust below Mach 4 is useful for a Hypersonic combined cycle vehicle by saving vehicle and engine development costs. One such engine is a combined cycle engine having both a booster and a dual mode ramjet (DMRJ). The booster and the DMRJ are integrated to provide effective thrust from Mach 0 to in excess of Mach 4. As the booster accelerates the vehicle from Mach 0 to in excess of Mach 4, from Mach 0 to about Mach 2 incoming air delivered to the DMRJ is accelerated by primary ejector thrusters that may receive oxidizer from either on-board oxidizer tanks or from turbine compressor discharge air. As the TBCC further accelerates the vehicle from about Mach 0 to in excess of Mach 4 exhaust from the turbine and exhaust from the DMRJ are combined in a common nozzle disposed downstream of a combustor portion of said DMRJ functioning as an aerodynamic choke.

[pdf] U.S. Pat. No. 8,701,379

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