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Active cancellation and vibration isolation with feedback and feedforward control for an aircraft engine mount

Invented by: Huageng Luo
Clifton Park, NY

Craig Douglas Young
Clifton Park, NY Applicant: Name City State Country Type Luo

Originally Assigned to: General Electric Company
Niskayuna, NY
[Now assigned to . . .]

Application No:11312410
Examined by:Bonzell; Philip John

An engine mount structure is provided with active vibration mechanisms which are attached in the vicinity of the engine mount to prevent engine vibrations from propagating into the engine mounting structure, for example, the wing or fuselage structure of an aircraft. Additionally, sensors are provided on the engine and/or wing/fuselage structure to provide control signals to the active vibration mechanisms so that the active vibration mechanism react to the sensed data to minimize the vibration transmissibility from the engine into the wing/fuselage.

[pdf] U.S. Pat. No. 8,439,299

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