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6,981,676Method and spoiler system for ensuring the aerodynamic continuity of the upper surface of an aircraft2006-01-03
6,982,655Method and indicator for displaying information showing the airspeed tolerance margins for an aircraft2006-01-03
6,986,483Inertial reference system for an aircraft2006-01-17
6,988,246Touch sensitive input and display arrangement for controlling and monitoring aircraft cabin systems2006-01-17
6,991,304Method and device for automatic control of an aircraft deceleration in running phase2006-01-31
6,993,420Method for monitoring a plurality of systems of an aircraft including displaying tasks already performed2006-01-31
7,004,432Aircraft flap extension mechanism2006-02-28
7,005,175Ventilated double-walled composite aircraft fuselage shell2006-02-28
7,014,146System for aiding control of the deceleration of an aircraft moving over the ground2006-03-21
7,021,856Splicing for interconnected thin-walled metal structures2006-04-04
7,025,306Individual module for aircraft passengers2006-04-11
7,031,810Control system and process for several actuators2006-04-18
7,048,234Adaptive flap and slat drive system for aircraft2006-05-23
7,051,975Aircraft flap or slat drive system with redundant drives and shaft drive lines2006-05-30
7,051,976Process for improving the maneuverability of an aircraft during a resource2006-05-30
7,063,290Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2006-06-20
7,066,431Turbulent flow drag reduction2006-06-27
7,070,148Aerodynamic component for controlling a landing guide path of an aircraft2006-07-04
7,073,751Aircraft structure fatigue alleviation2006-07-11
7,083,146Seating arrangement especially adjoining an emergency exit in an aircraft passenger cabin2006-08-01
7,089,090Flight control indicator determining the maximum slope for the flight control of an aircraft by terrain following2006-08-08
7,090,172Process for countering the vibrations induced in an aircraft by the windmilling of a fan and system of electric flight controls implementing this process2006-08-15
7,100,871Lightweight structural component made of metallic ply materials2006-09-05
7,100,885Seat mounting rail, particularly for a commercial aircraft2006-09-05
7,107,757Aircraft provided with thrust reversers2006-09-19
7,108,229Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft2006-09-19
7,111,808Arrangement of a safety and information device on at least one passenger seat in a passenger cabin of a commercial aircraft2006-09-26
7,121,504Hanging device to connect an engine to an aircraft wing2006-10-17
7,121,512Drain particularly for engine support strut2006-10-17
7,137,593Vertical conveyor arrangement for the transport of catering service goods in an aircraft with at least two decks arranged one above another2006-11-21
7,143,984Throttle lever for controlling the speed of at least one aircraft engine2006-12-05
7,147,185Device for assembly of a shroud placed between an aircraft engine air intake and a pylon2006-12-12
7,152,829Perforated skin structure for laminar-flow systems2006-12-26
7,156,343Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2007-01-02
7,156,344Long-haul airplane2007-01-02
7,159,819Mounting structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing2007-01-09
7,159,825Process and device for the optimization of the deflection of the spoiler flaps of an aircraft in flight2007-01-09
7,162,336Process and system for transmitting information on an aircraft2007-01-09
7,163,178Seat rail for aircraft cabin and method of manufacturing such a rail2007-01-16
7,165,747Method and device for guiding an aircraft for aiding parachute drops2007-01-23
7,175,132Mechanism for eliminating limit cycle oscillations on servocontrolled aerodynamic control surfaces2007-02-13
7,178,759Hinged door for aircraft landing gear2007-02-20
7,178,954System and method for guiding a passenger in an aircraft cabin2007-02-20
7,185,853Air discharge valve for an aircraft2007-03-06
7,191,982Floor for aircraft2007-03-20
7,195,202Method and device for improving the thermal comfort in passenger airplanes2007-03-27
7,195,203Wing skin and method of manufacture thereof2007-03-27
7,201,347Process for improving the landing of an aircraft2007-04-10
7,201,349Medical unit in an aircraft2007-04-10
7,204,458Closing system interposed between two elements2007-04-17
7,207,524Device for warning of differential pressure during the opening of a pressurized closing device pertaining to an opening in the fuselage of an aeroplane2007-04-24
7,222,819Aircraft ram air inlet with multi-member closure flap2007-05-29
7,225,061Method and device for detecting pilot induced oscillations in an aircraft2007-05-29
7,226,020Apparatus for driving and adjusting flaps hinged to an aircraft2007-06-05
7,232,091Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2007-06-19
7,234,668Friction welding metal components2007-06-26
7,240,877Multi-engined aircraft with lowering shaft2007-07-10
7,243,880Landing gear door assembly2007-07-17
7,246,771Lifting device for a luggage compartment in an aircraft, as well as aircraft with a lifting device for a luggage compartment2007-07-24
7,252,268Interior configuration for an aircraft cabin2007-08-07
7,255,916Metallic layer material, reinforced with basalt fibers, as well as products made thereof2007-08-14
7,258,303Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment2007-08-21
7,258,307Device and method for damping at least one of a rigid body mode and elastic mode of an aircraft2007-08-21
7,262,957Modular communication fixture for installation on board of a passenger conveyance2007-08-28
7,263,414Method and device for controlling the attitude of an aircraft2007-08-28
7,264,201Process for reducing the aerodynamic loads applied to the elevators of an aircraft during takeoff2007-09-04
7,269,486Method and device for automatically determining a capture trajectory of a flight trajectory for an aircraft, as well as a procedure and system for automatic guidance of an aircraft2007-09-11
7,271,741Method and device for detecting an overstepping of design loads of the fin of an aircraft2007-09-18
7,275,716Aircraft cabin module2007-10-02
7,275,722Wing tip device2007-10-02
7,280,896Process and device for constructing a synthetic image of the environment of an aircraft and presenting it on a screen of said aircraft2007-10-09
7,281,683Process for aiding the takeoff of an aircraft2007-10-16
7,281,685Flush-top seat mounting rail for passenger aircraft2007-10-16
7,285,326Lightweight structure particularly for an aircraft2007-10-23
7,285,753Heating system for use in on-board kitchens in means of transport and a method for heating food on board means of transport, in particular aircraft2007-10-23
7,287,726Landing gear door assembly2007-10-30
7,290,735Layout of the top part of an aircraft cabin2007-11-06
7,290,736Aircraft door2007-11-06
7,296,768Structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing2007-11-20
7,305,285Method and device for piloting an aircraft2007-12-04
7,309,044Device and method for improving security during the operation of air traffic2007-12-18
7,316,371Method and device for steepening a landing approach of an aircraft2008-01-08
7,316,372Fuselage spar for aircraft and central sparbox provided with such a spar2008-01-08
7,318,566Aircraft with a lift system2008-01-15
7,320,446 Interior layout of an aircraft cabin2008-01-22
7,328,870Aircraft propulsion system comprising four engines with pusher propellers2008-02-12
7,331,401Method and apparatus for fighting a fire in an enclosed space in an aircraft2008-02-19
7,331,547Device for facilitating the lowering of a landing gear by gravity2008-02-19
7,338,011Method making it possible to prevent vibration of a rudder of an aircraft and aircraft using this method2008-03-04
7,338,012Landing gear door with controlled kinematic control2008-03-04
7,338,013Floor for aircraft2008-03-04
7,342,765Current insulation device for fuel systems2008-03-11
7,344,013Loading support device for cargo spaces in a means of transport, in particular for cargo spaces in aircrafts2008-03-18
7,347,399Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment2008-03-25
7,350,747Engine mounting structure under an aircraft wing2008-04-01
7,350,750Control system for airbrakes of an aircraft2008-04-01
7,354,018Aircraft cabin module for passengers2008-04-08
7,354,022Device for monitoring tiltable flaps on aircraft wings2008-04-08
7,357,353Method of joining structural elements in an aircraft2008-04-15
7,357,357Aircraft mode suppression2008-04-15
7,364,119Multipurpose passenger compartment in a cabin of a commercial passenger transport aircraft2008-04-29
7,366,592System for automatically controlling lift-enhancing devices of an aircraft, in particular wing leading edge slats2008-04-29
7,374,131Support device for a galley2008-05-20
7,377,467Aircraft luggage locker2008-05-27
7,380,753Composite material structure2008-06-03
7,382,283Method and device for detecting an overstepping of design loads of the tailplane of an aircraft2008-06-03
7,383,679Air intake structure for aircraft engine2008-06-10
7,384,015Aircraft nose with shield2008-06-10
7,395,989Aircraft fuselage and corresponding aircraft2008-07-08
7,400,949Device for adjusting at least one parameter, in particular for an aircraft automatic pilot system2008-07-15
7,407,135Aircraft provided with a belly fairing, and corresponding belly fairing2008-08-05
7,415,330Aircraft standby display device and system2008-08-19
7,419,124Multi-purpose mount for securing insulation and holding cables2008-09-02
7,422,176Method for ensuring the safety of an aircraft flying horizontally at low speed2008-09-09
7,422,177Sealing device for a flap track in a belly fairing of an aircraft for a flap-actuating shaft2008-09-09
7,431,238Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft2008-10-07
7,437,955Device for determining the rotation angle of a shaft in an aircraft2008-10-21
7,448,573Engine suspension pylon for aircraft2008-11-11
7,451,947Engine mounting structure under an aircraft wing2008-11-18
7,451,950Joint for connecting a longitudinal side to an upper side of components and flexible strip for use in such a joint2008-11-18
7,458,542Landing gear door assembly2008-12-02
7,463,957Method for operating an aircraft2008-12-09
7,478,781Joint cover in aircraft2009-01-20
7,481,397Force supporting device with a load-dependent force support2009-01-27
7,481,398Intercostal for aircraft2009-01-27
7,484,688Landing gear noise reduction2009-02-03
7,485,800Electrical current return device for avionic equipment2009-02-03
7,502,684Method and system for the automatic piloting of an aircraft on the approach to an airdrop position2009-03-10
7,503,524Device for equipping a hole in a panel, and panel thus equipped2009-03-17
7,503,720Hinge bracket holder2009-03-17
7,506,478Method and apparatus for detecting smoke and smothering a fire2009-03-24
7,506,838Air intake structure for aircraft engine2009-03-24
7,506,840Device for connecting in flight an aircraft to a refuelling device of a tanker aeroplane2009-03-24
7,517,010Convertible aircraft seat comprising movable armrests2009-04-14
7,517,014Passenger seat with luggage compartment2009-04-14
7,520,471Aircraft wing, method for operating an aircraft wing, and use of a pivotable trailing edge on a main wing of an aircraft, for adjusting the shape and width of an air gap2009-04-21
7,527,221Mounting device for interior equipment in aircraft2009-05-05
7,530,529Separation wall in an aircraft cabin2009-05-12
7,530,533Wing, particularly airfoil of an aircraft, having changeable profile2009-05-12
7,537,361Aircraft window case that can be artificially illuminated in an indirect manner2009-05-26
7,543,777Air guiding flap of an aircraft comprising control of the pressure forces impinging thereon, process for adjusting the position of an air guiding flap and ram air system including such an air guiding flap2009-06-09
7,543,778Door for aircraft, and aircraft provided with such a door2009-06-09
7,546,981Drain system for an aircraft2009-06-16
7,546,984Flap interconnection system for aircraft2009-06-16
7,556,220Seal for sealing a component opening in a component2009-07-07
7,562,845Rudder unit connection to a fuselage without a bolt-fairing structure2009-07-21
7,566,030Rotation fitting for the empennage of an aircraft2009-07-28
7,567,186Information and notification system using passenger service units in an aircraft2009-07-28
7,568,659Door which is intended to be positioned between the cockpit and the cabin of an aircraft2009-08-04
7,571,877Operation mechanism for activating a deceleration device2009-08-11
7,578,473Rib for aircraft wing and methods for the manufacture thereof2009-08-25
7,578,477Internal security door for an aircraft2009-08-25
7,581,694Vertical tail unit for aircraft and aircraft equipped with same2009-09-01
7,581,698Method and apparatus for tempering gaseous and/or liquid media in transportation vehicles, particularly in aircraft2009-09-01
7,584,823Communicating ladder between an upper level and a lower level of an aircraft, and an aircraft provided with such a ladder2009-09-08
7,588,211Baggage compartment in passenger transport system2009-09-15
7,597,283Auxiliary power unit intake duct with aero-acoustic guide vanes2009-10-06
7,597,285Fluid dynamically effective surface for minimizing induced resistance2009-10-06
7,597,287Device for reinforcement of a hollow structure, especially a box structure for an aircraft and a hollow structure equipped with such a device2009-10-06
7,600,716Reinforced door2009-10-13
7,600,717Aircraft wings and fuel tanks2009-10-13
7,604,200Fitting with torsion box, of plastic material reinforced with carbon fibre, for coupling a drive motor / spindle unit for trimming of a horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft2009-10-20
7,604,204Loading device for the at least partially automated loading and unloading of a cargo hold on transport equipment as well as a conveying system2009-10-20
7,607,609Mounting device for an aircraft engine comprising two thrust recovery rods with a double rear mechanical connection2009-10-27
7,607,612Passenger seat unit, in particular for commercial aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,614Transition shim between structure for fastening a wing to a fuselage of an aircraft, and aircraft having such a shim2009-10-27
7,607,617Wing unit, in particular spar box, for forming aerodynamically active surfaces of an aircraft, in particular airfoils, horizontal tail units or rudder units of a plane2009-10-27
7,611,098Flight management process for an aircraft2009-11-03
7,614,587Procedure and device for improving the maneuverability of an aircraft during the approach to landing and flare-out phases2009-11-10
7,618,008Air supply for an aircraft2009-11-17
7,621,275Cover assembly for oxygen mask containers2009-11-24
7,621,371Method for attenuating the noise of a turbofan2009-11-24
7,621,483Aircraft and fuel venting system therefor2009-11-24
7,624,945Aircraft engine unit2009-12-01
7,624,946Reservoir for cryogenic fuels and vehicles2009-12-01
7,629,037Aircraft structural components2009-12-08
7,629,068Aircraft having integrated electrochemical supply system2009-12-08
7,631,836Jet engine nacelle for a supersonic aircraft2009-12-15
7,635,105Ejection device, ejectable hatch and aircraft having at least one ejectable hatch2009-12-22
7,636,635Device for determining a flight trajectory of a follower aircraft during a patrol flight, as well as a system for aiding a patrol flight comprising such a device2009-12-22
7,641,147Airplane wing, method for manufacturing an airplane wing and use of a welding process for welding a wing spar2010-01-05
7,647,140System for aiding the piloting of an aircraft during the approach to a runway with a view to a landing2010-01-12
7,651,052Device for supplying electricity and air to an airplane on the ground2010-01-26
7,651,053Aerodynamic airflow deflector for aircraft landing gear2010-01-26
7,654,363Turboshaft engine that reduces rear noise emissions2010-02-02
7,658,044Gap covering for cabin panels2010-02-09
7,665,692Baggage bin door and baggage bin2010-02-23
7,669,798Airplane protected against projections of tire debris2010-03-02
7,669,800Reinforced cover for gaps in an aerodynamic contour2010-03-02
7,673,832Aircraft component exposed to streaming surrounding air2010-03-09
7,677,493Engine assembly for aircraft comprising an engine and a mounting device for such an engine2010-03-16
7,677,495Baggage compartment, in particular an enclosed compartment for an aircraft cabin2010-03-16
7,677,496Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of reinforcing thereof2010-03-16
7,677,497Hatch-actuating mechanism, particularly for an aircraft landing gear2010-03-16
7,677,498Device and method for fastening an aircraft radome2010-03-16
7,677,500Aircraft structural element provided with a cavity and drainage element2010-03-16
7,678,437Metallic local reinforcement for heavy loaded joints of composite components2010-03-16
7,681,836Aircraft comprising a device for detection and/or measurement of atmospheric disturbances2010-03-23
7,681,951Arrangement for accommodating passengers; vehicle for transporting passengers2010-03-23
7,682,682Stiffener stop with staggered slopes and panel fitted with such a stop2010-03-23
7,690,603Method and device to assist in the piloting of an aircraft in a non-precision approach during a landing phase2010-04-06
7,694,915Covering device for a hinge of an aircraft2010-04-13
7,699,263Installable reclining device for emergency medical aid of patients2010-04-20
7,699,264Rest unit for an aircraft2010-04-20
7,699,266Sealing system for the gap existing between the fuselage and the elevator of an aircraft with orientable horizontal stabilizer2010-04-20
7,699,270Wing, especially a carrier wing of an airplane, having an adaptable profile2010-04-20
7,702,429Electric flight control system for aircraft elevators2010-04-20
7,703,716Hinged device for doors of an aircraft nacelle and nacelle equipped with said hinged device2010-04-27
7,703,718Aircraft cabin arrangement and storage unit2010-04-27
7,708,223Method and device for enhancing the braking efficiency of an aircraft during the ground run thereof2010-05-04
7,708,281Method of sealing a joint2010-05-04
7,712,704Arrangement of seats and baggage compartments in an aircraft cabin2010-05-11
7,712,705Deceleration device2010-05-11
7,715,955Aircraft piloting system, at least for piloting the aircraft during a non precision approach with a view to a landing2010-05-11
7,717,371Resting deck in an aircraft with resting cabins2010-05-18
7,721,990Passenger compartment2010-05-25
7,721,994Holder for interior installations in airplanes2010-05-25
7,726,602Arrangement for mounting an engine on the airframe of an aircraft2010-06-01
7,726,606Luggage compartment that can be lowered comprising a hydraulic cylinder locking mechanism2010-06-01
7,726,607Flight passenger seat with an integrated spring element2010-06-01
7,727,057Device and process for heating an aircraft cabin2010-06-01
7,730,728System and method for cooling a thermally loaded device on board an aircraft2010-06-08
7,731,124Landing gear2010-06-08
7,731,126Autonomous passenger seat2010-06-08
7,731,127Drain mast connector2010-06-08
7,739,043System for displaying on a first moving object a position indication dependent on a position of a second moving object2010-06-15
7,740,200Aircraft engine assembly2010-06-22
7,740,201Device and method for floor heating in an aircraft2010-06-22
7,743,884Sandwich panel for sound absorption2010-06-29
7,744,033Aircraft luggage handling system2010-06-29
7,744,035Door for compartment of the baggage-compartment type2010-06-29
7,746,037Power supply for an electric window dimming device2010-06-29
7,748,661Aircraft structure and a fastener for use therewith2010-07-06
7,753,312Lightweight structure especially for an aircraft and method for making such a structure2010-07-13
7,757,994Method and device for suctioning the boundary layer2010-07-20
7,758,290Device for locking objects into place2010-07-20
7,759,011Safety system for reducing the explosion risk of a fuel tank2010-07-20
7,761,194Method and device for assisting a pilot of a follower aircraft during a patrol flight2010-07-20
7,766,276Aircraft fuselage with upper and lower deck2010-08-03
7,766,281System for reducing aerodynamic noise at a supplementary wing of an aircraft2010-08-03
7,770,840Engine assembly for aircraft2010-08-10
7,770,845Double module for aircraft passenger(s)2010-08-10
7,770,846Fixing system for a leading edge to the structure of an aircraft lift plane2010-08-10
7,771,557Method for joining a stringer to a structural component of an aircraft or spacecraft2010-08-10
7,775,479Lining framework for an aircraft2010-08-17
7,780,113Assembly for an aircraft including a wing element and a suspension pylon2010-08-24
7,780,114Modular galley, in particular for an aircraft2010-08-24
7,783,394Method and device for constructing a low-altitude flight plan to be followed by an aircraft2010-08-24
7,784,733Turbojet pylon for aircraft2010-08-31
7,784,735Aircraft pod and aircraft equipped with at least one such pod2010-08-31
7,784,736Front aircraft part comprising a flat partition between a pressurised zone and a non-pressurised zone housing landing gear2010-08-31
7,785,694Panel arrangement for an interior lining of a passenger cabin in an aircraft2010-08-31
7,789,344Aircraft engine mounting device attachment arrangement2010-09-07
7,789,347Device for articulating a door of a nacelle of an aircraft and nacelle provided with said articulation device2010-09-07
7,792,614Apparatus and method suitable for measuring the global displacement or load on an aircraft component2010-09-07
7,797,947Mounting assembly for securing an engine to an aircraft wing2010-09-21
7,798,132Aircraft fuel tank assembly2010-09-21
7,802,753Fuel tank for an aircraft2010-09-28
7,806,367Integrated multispar torsion box of composite material2010-10-05
7,810,669Replaceable cartridge for liquid hydrogen2010-10-12
7,810,755Hydraulic distributor for airplane landing gear2010-10-12
7,810,756Composite internal beam for reinforcing the structure of an aircraft2010-10-12
7,810,758Arrangement for coupling a coupling pivot for a trimmable horizontal stabiliser to the tail fuselage of an aircraft2010-10-12
7,815,147Reinforced cover for cut-outs in an aerodynamic contour2010-10-19
7,819,358Aircraft with reduced environmental impact2010-10-26
7,819,360Window frame for aircraft2010-10-26
7,823,362Splice plate for stringers and orbital joining device2010-11-02
7,823,624Heat exchanger, propulsion unit, and aircraft comprising such a propulsion unit2010-11-02
7,823,830Aircraft luggage compartment2010-11-02
7,823,831Aircraft cabin layout having berths in the upper portion of the cabin2010-11-02
7,823,834Door configured to close an opening inside an aircraft2010-11-02
7,826,937Aircraft equipment control system2010-11-02
7,828,244Supply system for an aircraft2010-11-09
7,828,248Aircraft walkway2010-11-09
7,832,684Ram air channel for the supply of ambient air in an aircraft2010-11-16
7,832,686Combined displacement and swivel mechanism2010-11-16
7,835,829Automatic take-off method and device for an airplane2010-11-16
7,837,155Boundary layer suction arrangement2010-11-23
7,840,389Method of optimizing stiffened panels under stress2010-11-23
7,841,560Seat device for an aircraft2010-11-30
7,850,117Fuselage structure2010-12-14
7,850,118Structural element, method for manufacturing a structural element and use of a structural element for an aircraft hull2010-12-14
7,850,119Sealing system for the gap existing between the fuselage and the elevator of the orientable horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft, extended with an aerodynamic fairing for sealing of the opening existing between the fuselage and the orientable horizontal stabiliser2010-12-14
7,850,125Method and device for reducing the wake vortices of an aircraft in the approach/landing phase2010-12-14
7,853,369Active pitch control method and device for an aircraft2010-12-14
7,856,295Device for issuing authorization to act on the operating conditions of an aircraft engine and engine control system comprising same2010-12-21
7,857,258Assembly of panels of an airplane fuselage2010-12-28
7,857,259Modular seat system for a vehicle2010-12-28
7,857,263Landing flap guide for aircraft2010-12-28
7,861,971System for opening and closing a landing-gear compartment for an aircraft2011-01-04
7,861,978Drive and guide arrangement for a flap which is arranged on an aircraft mainplane2011-01-04
7,866,604Aircraft including an air conditioning system2011-01-11
7,866,608Device for controlling a vortex trail generated by the oblong element of an aircraft bearing surface2011-01-11
7,874,516Structural frame for an aircraft fuselage2011-01-25
7,874,517Process for making a composite material assembly and aircraft wing and stabilizing element obtained by this process2011-01-25
7,874,523Method of controlling an aircraft in flight, especially to reduce wake vortices2011-01-25
7,875,333Laminate sheet, in particular for fuselage skin sheets for aircrafts2011-01-25
7,883,054Jam-tolerant actuator2011-02-08
7,883,055Pivoting baggage rack intended for an aircraft cabin2011-02-08
7,883,056Insulation arrangement for the internal insulation of a vehicle2011-02-08
7,883,058Combined displacement and swivel mechanism2011-02-08
7,891,604Engine mounting structure for an aircraft2011-02-22
7,891,606Aircraft comprising a landing gear compartment permitting better integration of the landing gear2011-02-22
7,895,810Crash paddle for reinforcing a primary fuselage structure of an aircraft2011-03-01
7,896,288Method for improving roll steering of an aircraft and aircraft using same2011-03-01
7,896,289Aircraft tail assembly2011-03-01
7,896,291Aircraft door with oversizing2011-03-01
7,896,293Procedure and device for improving the maneuverability of an aircraft during the approach to landing and flare-out phases2011-03-01
7,896,294Cover skin for a variable-shape aerodynamic area2011-03-01
7,896,402Spacer for coaxially sheathed fuel pipes2011-03-01
7,897,095Method for manufacturing a reinforced shell for forming component parts for aircraft and shell for component parts for aircraft2011-03-01
7,899,585Device for monitoring aircraft control information2011-03-01
7,900,878Joint for connecting a longitudinal side to an upper side of components and flexible strip for use in such a joint2011-03-08
7,905,449Multi-engine aircraft2011-03-15
7,905,451Arrangement of a first and a second furnishing2011-03-15
7,905,452Window frame for aircraft2011-03-15
7,907,545Switching device adapted to switch an aircraft wireless network from a maintenance configuration to a commercial configuration and vice-versa2011-03-15
7,908,043Method and device for active control of the roll of an aircraft2011-03-15
7,909,286Support system for auxiliary power unit2011-03-22
7,909,287Super-transporter aircraft2011-03-22
7,909,290Joint for use in aircraft construction2011-03-22
7,909,292Wing unit, in particular spar box, for forming aerodynamically active surfaces of an aircraft, in particular airfoils, horizontal tail units or rudder units of a plane2011-03-22
7,909,302Two-shackle aircraft engine attachment2011-03-22
7,918,421Wing, in particular airfoil of an aircraft, with a variable profile shape2011-04-05
7,920,382Aircraft electronics cooling apparatus for an aircraft having a liquid cooling system2011-04-05
7,921,632Device for protection against icing for aircraft engines and related de-icing method2011-04-12
7,922,118System for producing process air2011-04-12
7,922,119Telescopic stowage bin2011-04-12
7,922,126Aircraft component exposed to streaming surrounding air2011-04-12
7,926,505Transfer unit2011-04-19
7,926,760Method for producing an aircraft with reduced environmental impact and the aircraft thus obtained2011-04-19
7,931,047Arrangement of line connections for installations in an aircraft passenger cabin2011-04-26
7,931,232Rigid framework for aircraft engine mounting structure and engine mounting structure comprising same2011-04-26
7,931,234Continuous fuselage connection2011-04-26
7,931,235System for deicing the leading edge of a nose inlet cowl turbine engine2011-04-26
7,931,236Deflection device for a stream body2011-04-26
7,932,837Conditional aircraft cabin warning and signalling system for determining the cabin status2011-04-26
7,934,678Luggage compartment actuation2011-05-03
7,934,753Aircraft with connection element for connecting a conduit system to cooling aggregates in aircraft cabins2011-05-03
7,938,363Emergency opening device for an overhead locker with a lowerable shell2011-05-10
7,938,365Line holder in an aircraft2011-05-10
7,938,366Opening and secure-closing system for doors2011-05-10
7,938,367Stringers assembled at a circumferential joint of an airplane fuselage2011-05-10
7,941,905Method of removing a component from an aircraft2011-05-17
7,942,367Rest compartment for an aircraft pilot2011-05-17
7,942,368Composite aircraft component2011-05-17
7,942,580Rear suspension for an aircraft engine with shackle in waiting and spring for such a hinge pin in waiting2011-05-17
7,946,385Process for the production of an acoustically resistive structure, the acoustically resistive structure thus obtained, and coating using such a structure2011-05-24
7,950,604Engine mounting structure for an aircraft2011-05-31
7,952,492Landing assistance device and method for aircraft2011-05-31
7,959,107Hinge device of a nacelle cowling of an aircraft engine on a supporting structure2011-06-14
7,959,108Control device for locking and unlocking and aircraft door and aircraft door that integrates such a device2011-06-14
7,963,362Acoustic panel having a variable acoustic characteristic2011-06-21
7,963,477Aircraft that comprises a structure that ensures the structural and electrical functions2011-06-21
7,963,479Method for fixing an engine strut to an airplane wing2011-06-21
7,963,480Strut for locking the engine of an aircraft2011-06-21
7,963,481Method and device for supporting the take-off rotation of an aircraft2011-06-21
7,963,483Stiffening element carbon-glass layered foot section2011-06-21
7,963,484Lift-augmenting flap, in particular for a leading edge flap, for an aerodynamically effective wing2011-06-21
7,963,485Trimmable horizontal stabilizer2011-06-21
7,967,242Engine mounting structure interposed between an aircraft wing system and said engine2011-06-28
7,967,243Optimized configuration of engines for aircraft2011-06-28
7,967,247Method and device for driving an aircraft during the ground run thereof2011-06-28
7,967,249Cooling system and method for expelling heat from a heat source located in the interior of an aircraft2011-06-28
7,971,684Acoustic panel2011-07-05
7,971,825Aircraft jet engine pylon suspension attachment2011-07-05
7,971,826Engine assembly for an aircraft comprising an engine as well as an engine mounting structure for such an engine2011-07-05
7,975,671Engine speed control device, a method for controlling engine speed and an aircraft provided therewith2011-07-12
7,975,963Safety system for reducing the impact energy of a container2011-07-12
7,975,964Airplane wing, method for manufacturing an airplane wing and use of a welding process for welding a wing spar2011-07-12
7,980,511Device for the transport and medical care of patients as well as for the provision of emergency medical care in an aircraft2011-07-19
7,980,513Water-wastewater module for aircraft2011-07-19
7,980,928Arrangement and method for utilizing the heat of waste air for heating the bilge area of aircraft2011-07-19
7,984,874Flexible cable connection to monuments inside of an aircraft cabin2011-07-26
7,984,876Aircraft walkway2011-07-26
7,988,086Fuel tank system2011-08-02
7,988,091Luggage compartment actuation2011-08-02
7,988,092Vortex generator at hot gas output2011-08-02
7,988,093Window frame for aircraft2011-08-02
7,988,100Wing tip device2011-08-02
7,988,102Aircraft with a fluid-duct-system2011-08-02
7,992,821Arrangement and method for installing a component in an aircraft2011-08-09
7,992,825Control surface of aircraft2011-08-09
7,996,118Method and device for carrying out at least one flight testing on an aircraft and the use thereof2011-08-09
7,996,120Method and device for flying an aircraft according to at least one flying line2011-08-09
7,996,121Device and method for assisting in the management of an engine failure on an aircraft2011-08-09
7,997,028Internal swivel door for compartment of a vehicle2011-08-16
7,997,527Assembly for aircraft comprising a wing system element as well as an attachment mast2011-08-16
7,997,533Fire barrier for an aircraft fuselage2011-08-16
7,997,534Connecting structure for an aircraft or spacecraft and method for producing the same2011-08-16
8,000,845Method and device for dynamically alleviating loads generated on an airplane2011-08-16
8,001,690Rib for aircraft wing and methods for the manufacture thereof2011-08-23
8,005,614Method for monitoring the integrity of an aircraft position computed on board2011-08-23
8,006,931Aircraft wing arrangement comprising an engine attachment pylon defining, in the forward region, a lateral airflow channel2011-08-30
8,006,932Pivoting coupling system for a large dihedral empennage to the tail fuselage of an aircraft2011-08-30
8,006,940Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil2011-08-30
8,006,941System for reducing aerodynamic noise at a supplementary wing of an aircraft2011-08-30
8,010,243Method and device for lightening loads on the wing system of an aircraft in roll motion2011-08-30
8,011,613Aircraft with reduced environmental impact2011-09-06
8,011,618Storage device for baggage for an aircraft cabin2011-09-06
8,011,619Insulation package arrangement for insulating the interior of an aircraft fuselage2011-09-06
8,014,910Assisted take-off method for aircraft2011-09-06
8,014,912Method and device for aiding the piloting of an airplane during an approach phase2011-09-06
8,015,762Window element for inserting in a structural part and method of integration of a window element in a structural part2011-09-13
8,016,234Airframe structure of an aircraft or spacecraft2011-09-13
8,016,235Cover for an aircraft access opening2011-09-13
8,016,248Aircraft wing spoiler arrangement2011-09-13
8,020,808Aircraft subassembly and aircraft comprising such a subassembly2011-09-20
8,025,252Modular wall construction system for aircraft cabins2011-09-27
8,025,253Commercial aircraft with a main deck and a lower deck2011-09-27
8,025,255Aircraft piloting method and device for picking up a vertical profile of a flight plan2011-09-27
8,027,758Navigation system for an aircraft and associated command process2011-09-27
8,028,955Landing gear casing provided with a box structure2011-10-04
8,028,956Aircraft landing gear and door assembly2011-10-04
8,028,957Force assisting system for luggage system2011-10-04
8,028,960Flight deck layout for aircraft2011-10-04
8,033,503Pressure bulkhead for an aerospace fuselage2011-10-11
8,033,505Aircraft door window2011-10-11
8,037,967Acoustic treatment device for turbine and combustion noises2011-10-18
8,038,092Engine assembly for aircraft2011-10-18
8,038,093Aircraft control device2011-10-18
8,038,096Aircraft landing gear assembly2011-10-18
8,040,257Apparatus for interconnecting a pilot station to at least one other aircraft zone, cockpit and aircraft equipped with such an apparatus2011-10-18
8,042,342Engine assembly for aircraft comprising an engine as well as a device for locking said engine2011-10-25
8,042,693Water scavenging system2011-10-25
8,042,764Nut system and aircraft engine mounting structure comprising same2011-10-25
8,042,770Structural element, method for producing such a structural element, and aircraft having such a structural element2011-10-25
8,052,087Device for improving the breathing air quality in an aircraft cabin2011-11-08
8,055,396Landing load monitor for aircraft landing gear2011-11-08
8,061,649Engine assembly for an aircraft comprising an engine as well as an engine mounting structure for such an engine2011-11-22
8,061,652Rudder of a commercial aircraft2011-11-22
8,061,653Landing gear2011-11-22
8,061,658Latching device for an escape chute in an aircraft2011-11-22
8,061,661System and method for reducing airfoil vortices2011-11-22
8,066,221Aircraft ventral fairing partition wall and aircraft equipped with a ventral fairing2011-11-29
8,066,228Single slotted flap with sliding deflector flap and lowerable spoiler2011-11-29
8,070,093Turbojet engine mounting structure for aircraft2011-12-06
8,070,097Mobile divider for an aircraft2011-12-06
8,070,098Aircraft tail cone2011-12-06
8,070,100Aircraft structure2011-12-06
8,070,106Aircraft wing and flap deployment system2011-12-06
8,074,924Low-noise aircraft, particularly at take-off and landing2011-12-13
8,074,927System for improving air quality in an aircraft pressure cabin2011-12-13
8,074,928Floor system for a fuselage airframe of an aircraft2011-12-13
8,074,930Door for opening and closing a door aperture in an aircraft2011-12-13
8,074,937Method for load limiting in drive systems for aircraft high lift systems2011-12-13
8,074,954Rail for positioning and locking of elements, and a corresponding fitting2011-12-13
8,078,345Method and device for automatically controlling an emergency descent of an aircraft2011-12-13
8,079,185Window element for insertion in a window aperture in an outer skin of a transport2011-12-20
8,082,052Method and apparatus for ensuring the dimensional constancy of multisegment physical structures during assembly2011-12-20
8,083,176Method for mounting an aircraft engine on a rigid structure of a strut for locking the engine2011-12-27
8,083,178Method and device for piloting an aircraft optimizing the control of the ailerons in an enhanced-lift configuration2011-12-27
8,083,182Monolithic self-stiffened panels2011-12-27
8,083,183Air discharge device for an aircraft2011-12-27
8,087,608System for connecting a crossbar to an aircraft engine pylon2012-01-03
8,087,614Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-01-03
8,091,828Structural element and method of manufacture2012-01-10
8,091,829Lifting structure for aircraft2012-01-10
8,091,830Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-01-10
8,091,831Aircraft with door seal arrangement2012-01-10
8,091,832Nacelle cowling for turbojet and nacelle comprising at least one such cowling2012-01-10
8,091,837Reduction of frictional losses in the region of boundary layers on surfaces, around which a fluid flows2012-01-10
8,094,042Aircraft steering angle warning system2012-01-10
8,095,252Piloting method and device avoiding the pilot induced oscillations2012-01-10
8,095,300Method and device for generating a speed profile for an aircraft during a taxiing2012-01-10
8,096,092Lightweight structural panel2012-01-17
8,096,500Mobile surfaces for aircraft with sealed slots2012-01-17
8,096,501Aircraft nacelle which includes thrust reverser system and aircraft incorporating at least one such nacelle2012-01-17
8,096,503Structuring construction for an aircraft fuselage2012-01-17
8,096,504Integrated aircraft structure in composite material2012-01-17
8,096,505Deceleration device for a cockpit door for decelerating in case of decompression2012-01-17
8,096,506Method for making window frame2012-01-17
8,096,513Aerodynamic flap of an aircraft having a device which influences the flap vortex2012-01-17
8,100,358Method of reducing the compressibility drag of a wing, and container implementing the method2012-01-24
8,100,360Light rail system for powered introduction of large loads in a structure2012-01-24
8,100,361Hull structure2012-01-24
8,100,362Cockpit and aircraft including such cockpit2012-01-24
8,100,363Hatch equipped with at least one locking socket capable of being actuated on each side of the hatch2012-01-24
8,101,284Fibre metal laminate panel2012-01-24
8,104,709Lateral force joint2012-01-31
8,104,712Aircraft fuselage element2012-01-31
8,104,715Window arrangement for installing larger aircraft windows2012-01-31
8,104,721Airfoil for an aircraft and aircraft2012-01-31
8,109,468Nacelle for aircraft comprising means of reversing thrust and aircraft comprising at least one such nacelle2012-02-07
8,109,469Combined staircase and lavatory module for an aircraft2012-02-07
8,109,470Overpressure protector2012-02-07
8,112,224Guidance system for an aircraft2012-02-07
8,113,464Autonomous plane architecture for the transport and the replacement of propulsion engines2012-02-14
8,113,465Trailing edge aircraft structure with overhanging cover2012-02-14
8,113,467Overpressure protection for an aircraft fuel tank system2012-02-14
8,116,975Landmark information system for an aircraft2012-02-14
8,123,164Device for fixing a seat rail on a floor, and aircraft equipped with such a fixing device2012-02-28
8,123,165Partition wall with integrated curtain rail flap2012-02-28
8,123,166Primary structure for aircraft of composite material with improved crash resistance and associated energy-absorbing structural element2012-02-28
8,128,022Device to handle and lock a cover of an aircraft nacelle2012-03-06
8,128,023Aircraft with jet engines arranged at the rear2012-03-06
8,128,024Structure of a pneumatic installation in a tail zone of an aircraft2012-03-06
8,128,029Ventral fairing for an aircraft2012-03-06
8,128,030Line system for an aircraft2012-03-06
8,128,038High-lift device for an aircraft2012-03-06
8,128,039Aerodynamic surface assembly for aircraft2012-03-06
8,132,757Pitch-oscillation limitation system applied to an aircraft2012-03-13
8,132,760Parachuting aid method and device2012-03-13
8,136,754Compact steering device for the landing gear of an aircraft2012-03-20
8,136,756System for electrical generation, conversion, distribution, and starting on board an aircraft2012-03-20
8,136,757Wing and method for reducing effects of propeller airflow on lift distribution2012-03-20
8,136,762Integrated acoustic decoupling in a habitation module2012-03-20
8,136,763Front portion for an aircraft including a rest compartment for at least one pilot2012-03-20
8,136,768System and method for adjusting control surfaces for wind tunnel models2012-03-20
8,137,169Arrangement and method for utilizing the heat of waste air for heating the bilge area of aircraft2012-03-20
8,137,854Fuel cell system as a primary electrical energy supply for aircraft2012-03-20
8,141,820Optimized aircraft manhole2012-03-27
8,141,824Method and device for piloting an aircraft about a piloting axis2012-03-27
8,142,873Rod for supporting components in a fuselage cell structure of an aircraft2012-03-27
8,146,856Device for attaching an aircraft engine and aircraft comprising at least one such device2012-04-03
8,146,859Aircraft module and aircraft including such a module2012-04-03
8,146,860Aircraft fuselage with circular-arc-shaped exterior contour2012-04-03
8,146,861Component with carbon nanotubes2012-04-03
8,146,863Aircraft doorway2012-04-03
8,146,865Leading edge for aircraft made of reinforced composite material2012-04-03
8,146,868Pylon for suspending a turboengine2012-04-03
8,152,095Aircraft having a reduced acoustic signature2012-04-10
8,152,097Stabilizing and directional-control surface of aircraft2012-04-10
8,152,099Method of landing an aircraft and apparatus therefor2012-04-10
8,152,102Module for accommodation of crew members having a stowage bin usable from inside the module2012-04-10
8,152,103Aircraft hold with deployable bench to accommodate baggage stowage2012-04-10
8,152,206Securing device for a load system in a cargo compartment of an aircraft, comprising at least one securing catch2012-04-10
8,157,050Device for reducing noise generated by an aircraft jet engine with curve ducts2012-04-17
8,157,204Double fuselage aircraft2012-04-17
8,157,208Landing flap drive system2012-04-17
8,157,209Method for isolating a cabin wall of an aircraft or for cooling or heating of cabin air and a cabin wall suitable therefore2012-04-17
8,157,211Aircraft toilet facility2012-04-17
8,157,213Integrated composite skin for aircraft mid-box lifting surfaces2012-04-17
8,157,214Aircraft window darkening system2012-04-17
8,160,770Method and device for detecting oscillatory failures in a position servocontrol subsystem of an aircraft control surface2012-04-17
8,161,755Heat exchanger unit for an aircraft2012-04-24
8,162,254Aircraft engine assembly comprising a junction aerodynamic fairing mounted on two separate elements2012-04-24
8,162,257Nacelle for double flow engine2012-04-24
8,162,258Rest module with a first partial module with direct access to a possible second partial module2012-04-24
8,162,266Electrical power transfer assembly2012-04-24
8,165,729Method and device for estimating the forces exerted on a control surface of an aircraft2012-04-24
8,165,735Method and device for determining an aircraft landing delay margin2012-04-24
8,167,238Pylon caisson attachment on a wing, gripping a lateral panel of the caisson2012-05-01
8,167,239Turbojet for aircraft, aircraft equipped with such a turbojet, and method for mounting such a turbojet on an aircraft2012-05-01
8,167,241System for opening and closing the flap of a casing for the landing gear of an aircraft2012-05-01
8,167,248Aircraft comprising a device for reducing the induced drag2012-05-01
8,181,900Acoustic coating for an aircraft incorporating a frost treatment system by joule effect2012-05-22
8,181,908Control surface failsafe drop link2012-05-22
8,181,912Engine pod for an aircraft with a vortex generator arrangement2012-05-22
8,181,913Slat support funk plate2012-05-22
8,186,614Protection against direct lightning strikes in riveted areas of CFRP panels2012-05-29
8,186,617Aircraft having a lambda-box wing configuration2012-05-29
8,186,618Device for attaching an aircraft engine2012-05-29
8,186,619Airplane engine pylon comprising at least one protruding element to generate a vortex of the airflow2012-05-29
8,186,621Assembly between a front fitting and the traction coupling of the two lateral boxes of the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft2012-05-29
8,186,622Aircraft component2012-05-29
8,186,630Leading edge structure for an aerofoil2012-05-29
8,190,306Method and device for reducing on an aircraft the effects of a vertical turbulence2012-05-29
8,190,308Method and device for detecting a risk of collision of an aircraft with the surrounding terrain2012-05-29
8,191,823Mast having modifiable geometry for securing an engine to an aircraft wing2012-06-05
8,191,825Fairing system for a horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft and process for installing said system2012-06-05
8,191,827System for maneuvering an aircraft landing gear and aircraft comprising same2012-06-05
8,191,832Method and device for an aircraft buffet reduction2012-06-05
8,191,834Cooling system on the basis of suction of a boundary layer2012-06-05
8,191,835Wing of an aircraft2012-06-05
8,196,859System for attaching an engine to the structure of an aircraft, such as a sail wing aircraft2012-06-12
8,196,860Aircraft having reduced environmental impact2012-06-12
8,196,861Rear propulsion system with lateral air inlets for an aircraft with such system2012-06-12
8,196,863Aircraft horizontal stabilizer2012-06-12
8,200,421Method and device of terrain avoidance for an aircraft2012-06-12
8,201,775Improved decompression device with adjustable release pressure2012-06-19
8,205,824Aircraft fuselage structure2012-06-26
8,205,826Device for attaching an aircraft engine and aircraft comprising at least one such device2012-06-26
8,205,832Floor structure for a fuselage2012-06-26
8,205,834Support structure for a wing2012-06-26
8,205,836Fire protection device for an aircraft or spacecraft2012-06-26
8,210,472Method for improving the performance of an aircraft2012-07-03
8,210,475Aircraft with windshield glass plates interchangeable between different types2012-07-03
8,210,478Aircraft with optimized usable volume and method to optimize the usable volume of an aircraft2012-07-03
8,214,090Method and device for generating a yaw speed order for an aircraft during a taxiing2012-07-03
8,215,582Aircraft fuselage interior2012-07-10
8,215,584Aircraft structure including stiffener edge junctions2012-07-10
8,215,590Aerofoil with leading edge projection2012-07-10
8,219,266Method and device for reducing on an aircraft lateral effects of a turbulence2012-07-10
8,220,222Device for fixing a lightweight panel onto a support2012-07-17
8,220,739Beam mounted rear propulsion system for an aircraft and aircraft with such system2012-07-17
8,220,742Assembly and method for stowing away and removing a survival kit in a passenger cabin of an aircraft2012-07-17
8,220,743Aircraft wing assembly2012-07-17
8,220,744Fitting for introducing high forces into a fuselage cell of an aircraft2012-07-17
8,220,745Connection arrangement for connecting a first and second reinforcing element for an aircraft or spacecraft, and a shell component2012-07-17
8,220,755Hinge rib2012-07-17
8,221,633Cyclonic separator2012-07-17
8,224,505Method and device for determining and updating a target altitude for an emergency descent of an aircraft2012-07-17
8,226,027Engine assembly for aircraft with sliding nacelle2012-07-24
8,226,028Device for mounting an aircraft turboprop engine comprising hydraulic attachments2012-07-24
8,226,029Engine mounting structure for aircraft with a rear engine attachment beam forming a spreader beam2012-07-24
8,226,031Luggage locker and associated door which are intended in particular for an aircraft2012-07-24
8,226,032Pivoting equipment carrier in combination with a modified luggage rack2012-07-24
8,226,033Frame element, storage bin and method for installing a storage bin in an aircraft2012-07-24
8,231,082Method and device for correcting the lateral dissymmetry of an aircraft2012-07-31
8,231,084Aircraft wing2012-07-31
8,234,019Device and method for automatically generating a control order for an aircraft control surface2012-07-31
8,234,037Method and device for detecting oscillatory failures related to a servocontrol subsystem of an aircraft control surface2012-07-31
8,245,974Drainage device, aircraft, and method for letting out a fluid that is present between the exterior skin and the interior lining of an aircraft2012-08-21
8,245,975Load-supporting and damage-tolerant laminated aircraft window2012-08-21
8,245,977Apparatus for the pivotal fastening of an active surface, in particular a spoiler on a wind tunnel model of an aircraft2012-08-21
8,251,309Thrust force take-up device for an aircraft engine pylon engine mounting structure, comprising lateral link rods with integral spreader bar stops2012-08-28
8,251,310Sail wing aircraft which includes an engine mounted on a pylon2012-08-28
8,251,311Attachment pylon for aircraft having a rear engine attachment beam offset from the caisson2012-08-28
8,251,314Cargo receiving arrangement for an aircraft hold2012-08-28
8,255,174Method and device for determining critical buffeting loads on a structure of an aircraft2012-08-28
8,256,702Aircraft landing gear provided with at least one noise reducing means2012-09-04
8,256,708Device for attaching an aircraft engine comprising a thrust force take-up device with a compact design2012-09-04
8,256,711Landing gear casing with reduced space requirement2012-09-04
8,256,713Aircraft fuselage section2012-09-04
8,256,718Method and device for providing automatic load alleviation to a high lift surface system, in particular to a landing flap system, of an aircraft2012-09-04
8,262,018Drag-optimised ram-air duct and process for controlling a mass flow of ambient air or cooling air through a ram-air duct2012-09-11
8,262,020Casing and front landing gear assembly for an aircraft2012-09-11
8,262,023Aircraft frame element connected to an air-conditioning system2012-09-11
8,262,025Aircraft structure2012-09-11
8,262,026Releasable fastening of a component in an aircraft2012-09-11
8,263,864Device for electrical bonding of electrical cables shielding on composite structures2012-09-11
8,267,350Jam-tollerant actuator2012-09-18
8,267,352Structure of the load introduction zone in the rear end of an aircraft2012-09-18
8,267,353Cover panel for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-09-18
8,276,841Hydraulic actuator with end position damping2012-10-02
8,276,843Variable stroke rear landing gear strut2012-10-02
8,276,845Advanced aircraft cockpit2012-10-02
8,276,846Aircraft component2012-10-02
8,276,847Cover for an aircraft structure2012-10-02
8,276,848Rib structure for torsion boxes of a wing or horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft2012-10-02
8,277,938Part of composite material having a wedge between two zones2012-10-02
8,282,038Bi-directional flight control surface utilizing a split-track mechanism2012-10-09
8,282,039Device for storing life vests in a vehicle cabin2012-10-09
8,282,041Fastening element for insulation packages2012-10-09
8,283,018Composite structure2012-10-09
8,286,911Fitting for pivotally connecting aerodynamic control element to aircraft structure2012-10-16
8,286,914Conveyor device for airplanes2012-10-16
8,286,915Aircraft comprising a window panel2012-10-16
8,286,916Retractable aerodynamic device permitting the control of the wake trajectory of an aircraft trap2012-10-16
8,286,921High lift system on the airfoil of an aircraft2012-10-16
8,291,671Joint arrangement for composite-material structural members2012-10-23
8,292,222Air-conditioning system with icing protection for an aircraft2012-10-23
8,292,225Airplane with flat rear fuselage said queue-de-morue empennage2012-10-23
8,292,230Device for detecting and eliminating the presence of a layer of ice or liquid2012-10-23
8,292,235Slat assembly2012-10-23
8,292,236Flight surface seal2012-10-23
8,295,996Method and device for preventing useless alarms generated by an anti-collision system on board an airplane2012-10-23
8,297,551Movable main undercarriage for an aircraft2012-10-30
8,297,553Equipment element with retractable line2012-10-30
8,297,554Arrangement of a first and a second furnishing2012-10-30
8,297,556Window element for insertion in a window cutout in an outer skin of an aircraft2012-10-30
8,298,055Process and system for controlling the pressure in an aircraft cabin2012-10-30
8,302,486Reinforced panel2012-11-06
8,302,902Method and apparatus for operating an aircraft landing system2012-11-06
8,302,905Aircraft landing gear comprising an operation strut device and aircraft provided therewith2012-11-06
8,302,906Aircraft noise reduction apparatus2012-11-06
8,302,909Splicing of omega-shaped stiffeners at a circumferential joint in an aircraft fuselage2012-11-06
8,302,912Shock bump2012-11-06
8,302,913High-lift system for an aircraft2012-11-06
8,302,914Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil2012-11-06
8,308,103Insulation of an aircraft fuselage structure2012-11-13
8,308,105Aircraft engine pylon attachment2012-11-13
8,308,108Fuselage arrangement for airplane2012-11-13
8,308,109Aircraft structure2012-11-13
8,308,110System for defrosting the leading edge sheath of an air inlet hood for a turboengine2012-11-13
8,313,055Aircraft having a reduced environmental impact2012-11-20
8,313,058Modular furniture for an aircraft2012-11-20
8,313,062Extendable deflector for discharging structure-damaging fluids2012-11-20
8,313,131Fitting, crane hook, and crane hook assembly2012-11-20
8,313,868Oxygen enrichment device comprising at least two molecular sieves for supplying a fuel cell system2012-11-20
8,317,131Braking-energy equalization system2012-11-27
8,317,132Quick-change fastening system for mounting an element to a fastening structure2012-11-27
8,317,133Aircraft floor and fuselage supplied with said floor2012-11-27
8,322,651Aircraft engine mount structure comprising two thrust links with transverse fitting2012-12-04
8,322,656Wing-fuselage section of an aircraft2012-12-04
8,322,657Panel with impact protection membrane2012-12-04
8,327,976Insulation design for thermal and acoustic insulation of an aircraft2012-12-11
8,328,132Damage-tolerant attachment system for an aircraft engine2012-12-11
8,328,136Aircraft applying multisystem connection devices2012-12-11
8,328,137Emergency exit hatch for exiting a cabin module in an emergency and entering the same2012-12-11
8,328,142Aileron actuator bracket2012-12-11
8,336,610Device and method for temperature control in an aircraft cabin2012-12-25
8,336,804Aircraft cabin panel with core recesses for acoustic absorption2012-12-25
8,336,811Aircraft with its fuselage suspended under the wing2012-12-25
8,336,812Engine attachment for an assembly system mounted between an attachment strut and an aircraft engine2012-12-25
8,336,813Engine pylon for the suspension of a turbo engine under an aircraft wing2012-12-25
8,336,819Landing gear casing provided with a dissociated structure2012-12-25
8,336,822Apparatus for providing variable thermal insulation for an aircraft2012-12-25
8,336,823Aircraft fuselage2012-12-25
8,336,824Device for protecting and guiding a cable from a direct-vision window of an aircraft flight deck2012-12-25
8,336,825Passenger stairway for an aircraft and method for pulling in and out the passenger stairway2012-12-25
8,336,827Method and device for reducing the induced speeds in vortices in the wake of an aircraft2012-12-25
8,336,829Advanced trailing edge control surface on the wing of an aircraft2012-12-25
8,340,838Differential braking system2012-12-25
8,340,840Method and device for reducing on an aircraft lateral effects of a turbulence2012-12-25
8,342,443Wing-engine combination, an aircraft, and a wing section of an aircraft comprising an engine bleed-air duct arrangement2013-01-01
8,342,446Airplane with a modifiable surface of vertical empannage2013-01-01
8,342,449Vertically movable passageway for rest rooms in ceiling region2013-01-01
8,342,450Seating arrangement of a vehicle compartment2013-01-01
8,342,456Wing tip device2013-01-01
8,346,412Method and device for assisting an aircraft flight control during landing approach2013-01-01
8,348,194Conveyor device intended in particular for luggage in an aircraft hold2013-01-08
8,348,197Integration system for lifting surface lateral parts in an aircraft2013-01-08
8,348,209Universal retaining device, particularly for fastening panel elements and/or accessory parts in aircraft2013-01-08
8,352,104Method and device for servocontrolling an aircraft speed-wise in an approach phase2013-01-08
8,356,769Aircraft engine assembly comprising a fan cowl-supporting cradle mounted on two separate elements2013-01-22
8,356,771Coupling for joining two frame segments2013-01-22
8,356,772Lightweight structure2013-01-22
8,356,773Structural wing-fuselage component for connecting two wings to a fuselage section of an aircraft2013-01-22
8,356,776Automatic control of a high lift system of an aircraft2013-01-22
8,359,129Method and device for controlling the thrust of a multi-engine aircraft2013-01-22
8,359,130Method and device for attenuating on an aircraft the effects of a vertical turbulence2013-01-22
8,360,357Aircraft with a wing movable along the longitudinal axis of the fuselage2013-01-29
8,360,358Ram air duct flap arrangement and ram air duct2013-01-29
8,360,359Aircraft horizontal stabilizer surface2013-01-29
8,360,360Motorized undercarriage for aircraft2013-01-29
8,360,363Floor structure in an aircraft with continuous panels2013-01-29
8,360,364Aircraft comprising a platform that can be moved between two levels of the aircraft2013-01-29
8,360,365Modular hatrack for a passenger compartment of aircraft2013-01-29
8,366,038Device for fastening a turbojet engine to an aircraft fixing strut2013-02-05
8,366,039Fairing for a pylon via which a turbine engine is suspended from a wing of an aircraft2013-02-05
8,366,040Rear part of an aircraft comprising a structure for supporting engines, extending through the fuselage and connected thereto by at least one connecting rod2013-02-05
8,366,041Aircraft floor, use of said floor and aircraft section fitted with said floor2013-02-05
8,366,042Arrangement for installing electric cables in the floor region of an aircraft2013-02-05
8,366,043Structure, especially a fuselage structure of an aircraft or a spacecraft2013-02-05
8,366,045Apparatus with damage indication feature2013-02-05
8,369,069Avionics equipment carrier system with quick-mount housing and quick-mount modules2013-02-05
8,371,522Device for cooling hot gas to be discharged from an aircraft2013-02-12
8,371,524Torque link set2013-02-12
8,371,527Conveying device for a trolley in an aircraft cabin2013-02-12
8,371,528Intercostal for an aircraft or spacecraft2013-02-12
8,371,529Interconnection and aircraft or spacecraft having such an interconnection2013-02-12
8,371,530Aircraft with a rear fuselage protection shield2013-02-12
8,371,531Aircraft cabin window assembly method2013-02-12
8,371,532Aircraft joint2013-02-12
8,371,533Aircraft auxiliary fuel tank system and method2013-02-12
8,371,536Aircraft electrical power transfer assembly2013-02-12
8,371,537Aircraft structure with hinge rib assembly2013-02-12
8,371,550Equipment holder with optional grid function2013-02-12
8,376,261Landing gear2013-02-19
8,376,273Aircraft braking system2013-02-19
8,376,276Load introduction structure, in particular a lining frame, for an aircraft2013-02-19
8,376,278Cover trailing edge profile2013-02-19
8,382,031Fan cowl support cradle mounted on the attachment pylon and on the air inlet of the nacelle2013-02-26
8,382,034System box for accommodating aircraft systems2013-02-26
8,382,038Device, in particular connection rod, for bracing a fuselage structure of an aircraft and/or for fastening a component2013-02-26
8,382,044High-lift system on the wing of an aircraft, and method for its operation2013-02-26
8,387,916Galley and method of catering for passengers on an aircraft2013-03-05
8,387,922Aerodynamic element and wing with aerodynamic element, actuator-activation module, computer, computer program and method of influencing wake eddies2013-03-05
8,387,994Surface seal as well as method for producing sealed joints with this surface seal2013-03-05
8,390,479Device for locking a movable component of an aircraft2013-03-05
8,393,566Air inlet for a vehicle2013-03-12
8,393,570Landing flap kinematics driven by way of a pinion drive2013-03-12
8,393,572Floor element with illumination2013-03-12
8,398,016Air intake arrangement for an aircraft2013-03-19
8,398,019Adjusting device for adjusting a high-lift flap and airfoil wing comprising such an adjusting device2013-03-19
8,398,022Wide body aircraft architecture2013-03-19
8,398,024Wing cover panel assembly and wing cover panel for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2013-03-19
8,398,910Method for manufacturing a fibre-composite component, fibre-composite component and fibre-composite fuselage component of an aircraft2013-03-19
8,401,742Reconfiguration of cabin layouts2013-03-19
8,403,258Power regulating device for an aircraft2013-03-26
8,403,261Process for making an aircraft having a floor2013-03-26
8,403,262Overhead luggage compartment with a mounting for a control unit2013-03-26
8,403,263Composite and structure, particularly in the aerospace sector2013-03-26
8,403,264Air inlet valve for an airplane and manufacturing method for an air inlet valve2013-03-26
8,403,266Attachment structure for affixing interior equipment components of an aircraft passenger cabin2013-03-26
8,413,268Rest arrangement2013-04-09
8,413,925Aircraft engine attachment pylon having a rear engine attachment provided with a self-locking nut2013-04-09
8,418,954Spoiler deployment mechanism2013-04-16
8,418,955Control system for a hydraulically actuatable horizontal stabilizer and test method for testing the integrity of a control system2013-04-16
8,418,961Device for supporting a door which is pivotably received in a fuselage airframe of an aircraft2013-04-16
8,418,963Aircraft load frame made of a composite material2013-04-16
8,423,324Process and device for passenger cabin layout2013-04-16
8,424,801Slat support assembly2013-04-23
8,424,803Attachment arrangement for a cargo compartment floor of an aircraft and aircraft with an attachment arrangement of this type2013-04-23
8,424,804Attachment arrangement for attaching a component to the fuselage of an aircraft, aircraft and method for constructing an attachment arrangement2013-04-23
8,424,806Aircraft component with panels stiffened with stringers2013-04-23
8,424,807Track container2013-04-23
8,427,334Device for early registration of a closing state of a closure element for a compartment opening2013-04-23
8,430,354Flight control system for an aircraft2013-04-30
8,430,358Storage compartment module with an integrated supply channel for optimized installation2013-04-30
8,430,360Control unit and method for controlling the supply of a vehicle with multiple fuels2013-04-30
8,430,362Aircraft having a force transmission element between a cabin structural element and a primary structure2013-04-30
8,434,714Aircraft landing gear2013-05-07
8,434,717Aircraft front portion including a concave bulkhead separating a non-pressurized radome area and a pressurized area2013-05-07
8,434,720Pressurised aircraft door equipped with a vent flap2013-05-07
8,434,721Aircraft tank system and method for refueling an aircraft using an eration/deaeration device with a shut-off valve2013-05-07
8,434,724Air outlet system for aircraft leading edge2013-05-07
8,435,335Desiccant regeneration2013-05-07
8,439,061Emergency ram air inlet valve of an aircraft2013-05-14
8,439,298Device for shrouding an aircraft nacelle2013-05-14
8,439,300Rear part of an aircraft comprising a structure for supporting engines, extending through the fuselage and connected thereto by at least one connecting rod2013-05-14
8,439,302Aircraft with at least two rudder units in a non central arrangement2013-05-14
8,439,307Structural component with rib and cross member element2013-05-14
8,439,310Aircraft presenting two pairs of wings and fuel tanks in fluid communication2013-05-14
8,441,375Aircraft power failure simulation apparatus and method2013-05-14
8,444,088Fuselage structure and method for the production of a fuselage structure2013-05-21
8,444,089Pressure bulkhead and method for subdivision of an aircraft or spacecraft2013-05-21
8,444,090Transverse butt connection between two fuselage sections2013-05-21
8,444,091Aircraft stabilizer surface trailing edge2013-05-21
8,444,094High lift system for an aircraft2013-05-21
8,448,897Rear part of an aircraft comprising a structure for supporting engines, connected to the fuselage by at least one blocking element under compression loading2013-05-28
8,448,901Aircraft nacelle including hot air discharge means2013-05-28
8,453,964Wind tunnel aircraft model with truncated wing2013-06-04
8,453,970Under-floor system for an aircraft2013-06-04
8,453,975Coupling device for coupling fuselage sections; combination of a coupling device and at least one fuselage section; and method for producing the coupling device2013-06-04
8,454,261Snap-and-click hatrack fastener2013-06-04
8,459,588Attachment pylon for an aircraft turbo-shaft engine with concentric hot air channels2013-06-11
8,459,592Fuselage nose door2013-06-11
8,459,594Emergency evacuation system, in particular for a tailless aeroplane2013-06-11
8,459,701Differential pressure-controlled locking mechanism2013-06-11
8,459,742Seating unit for aircraft2013-06-11
8,463,466Method, apparatus or software for controlling the heading of an aircraft on the ground2013-06-11
8,463,468System and method for computing flight time from an equi-distance point to a reference point2013-06-11
8,463,538Assistance process and device for managing an in-flight refueling2013-06-11
8,464,541Closing system for an aircraft fan shroud2013-06-18
8,469,310Airfreight container and aircraft2013-06-25
8,469,311Aircraft fuselage comprising a space for work and storage at the rear thereof2013-06-25
8,473,121Fly-by-wire control system for an aircraft comprising detection of pilot induced oscillations and a control for such a system2013-06-25
8,474,747Pivoting stabilising surface for aircraft2013-07-02
8,474,748Aircraft undercarriage with motorization and transmission2013-07-02
8,474,749Aircraft including an undercarriage motor2013-07-02
8,474,750Engine attachment pylon comprising means of fastening spars and panels located outside the inner space in the box2013-07-02
8,474,751Device for fastening a turboprop, preferably under an aircraft wing2013-07-02
8,474,755Supply unit for flexible supply channels2013-07-02
8,474,756System for fixing2013-07-02
8,474,758Aircraft component assembly system2013-07-02
8,474,762Aircraft slat assembly2013-07-02
8,474,763Wing arrangement comprising an adjustable flap and fairing element for covering a flap adjustment mechanism of a wing2013-07-02
8,480,025Rear part of an aircraft including an engine support structure assembled so as to oscillate on the fuselage2013-07-09
8,480,027Movable storage unit for an accommodation module of an aircraft2013-07-09
8,480,028Optimized defrosting regulation of parallel arranged fresh air outlets of air conditioners2013-07-09
8,480,030Structural component and method for stiffening an external skin2013-07-09
8,480,031Aircraft including stiffener edge junctions and method for producing one such aircraft2013-07-09
8,480,037Device for determining the position of a throttle lever in an aircraft2013-07-09
8,484,848Method for the orbital assembly of aircraft sections made of composite material2013-07-16
8,484,962System and method for the temperature regulation of a hydraulic fluid2013-07-16
8,485,051Apparatus and method for testing an aircraft pedal system2013-07-16
8,485,210Water scavenging system2013-07-16
8,485,486Mounting device for a retractable display2013-07-16
8,489,257Method and device for moveable tail trimming in an aircraft2013-07-16
8,489,259Aircraft black box2013-07-16
8,489,261Method and device for aiding the piloting of an aircraft during a final approach phase2013-07-16
8,490,365Aircraft side fairing2013-07-23
8,490,914Landing gear with noise reduction fairing2013-07-23
8,490,921Line system arrangement in an aircraft or spacecraft having a fuselage2013-07-23
8,490,922Lining for an aircraft2013-07-23
8,490,925Non-planar wing tip device for wings of aircraft, and wing comprising such a wing tip device2013-07-23
8,490,927Support assembly2013-07-23
8,493,239Method and a device for detecting lack of reaction from the crew of an aircraft to an alarm related to a path2013-07-23
8,494,761Method and device for aiding the evaluation of a flight trajectory intended to be followed by an aircraft in a constrained environment2013-07-23
8,496,021Overpressure valve for an aircraft2013-07-30
8,496,202Hydraulic system for transmission of forces between an aircraft turboprop and an attachment device2013-07-30
8,496,203Aircraft with vertical stabilizers arranged on a central fuselage body and method, as well as control unit, for compensating a negative pitching moment2013-07-30
8,496,207Connection of cabin components, cabin component and method for connecting cabin components2013-07-30
8,499,822System for cooling and adjusting the temperature of apparatuses in the propulsion assembly of an aircraft2013-08-06
8,500,068Arrangement of a circumferential joint of structural elements with a coupling element manufactured in composite material2013-08-06
8,500,069Device for moving objects, intended in particular for luggage in a hold of an aircraft2013-08-06
8,500,878Inerting system for an aircraft2013-08-06
8,505,850Locking and unlocking system for the cockpit door of an aircraft and door with such a system2013-08-13
8,505,851Profile comprising at least one hollow profile section2013-08-13
8,511,610Device for closing an aircraft door, aircraft comprising such a device2013-08-20
8,511,611Slot seal2013-08-20
8,511,619Slat deployment mechanism2013-08-20
8,511,620Aircraft wing load alleviation system2013-08-20
8,517,303Integrated multifunctional powered wheel system for aircraft2013-08-27
8,517,304Device for locking an engine on an aircraft pylon2013-08-27
8,517,305Aircraft engine attachment pylon comprising a box with a circular or elliptical shaped section2013-08-27
8,517,307Adjustable partitioning device on an aircraft2013-08-27
8,517,308Storage compartment module with mobile storage compartment2013-08-27
8,517,315Lateral coupling device for holding and guiding at least one aerodynamic body relative to the main wing of an aircraft, airfoil and aircraft with such a lateral coupling device2013-08-27
8,522,529Propulsion unit for aircraft with heat exchanger having front inlet faces for cooling air flow and hot air flow2013-09-03
8,523,101Short take-off aircraft2013-09-03
8,523,105Aircraft provided with a fuel cell system2013-09-03
8,523,106Nose landing gear arrangement with a collapsible support structure designed to minimize the stowed volume of the landing gear2013-09-03
8,523,109Airframe including crossmembers for fixing seats2013-09-03
8,523,110Door frame component of cast titanium and structural fuselage part2013-09-03
8,523,111Method of stiffening a rib2013-09-03
8,523,112Device for holding an insulating blanket and for fastening systems adapted to be mounted in an aircraft2013-09-03
8,523,114Aircraft fuel tank system2013-09-03
8,523,585Line system2013-09-03
8,524,022Method of manufacturing a structure2013-09-03
8,524,352Self-stabilised stiffener enabling element recovery2013-09-03
8,527,116Process and device for optimising the performance of an aircraft in the presence of a lateral dissymmetry2013-09-03
8,528,859Installation system for an airplane2013-09-10
8,528,864Protection device for sensitive areas against impact of foreign objects2013-09-10
8,528,865Connecting arrangement for joining two stiffening elements having different cross-sectional profiles for an aircraft or spacecraft, and shell component2013-09-10
8,529,727Method and device for fitting a fuselage shell with a window frame2013-09-10
8,539,787Aircraft air-conditioning system for the individual air conditioning of regions of an aircraft cabin with a liquid coolant2013-09-24
8,540,186Rigid aircraft pylon structure in contact with a fuselage lateral extension for attachment2013-09-24
8,540,190Connecting arrangement comprising a coupling element and two curved ribs of an aircraft or spacecraft2013-09-24
8,540,191Device for holding an insulating blanket and for fastening two-parts systems2013-09-24
8,544,176Method of forming a panel assembly of a ventral fairing of an aircraft2013-10-01
8,544,789Device for attaching a lift member to the fuselage of an aircraft2013-10-01
8,544,794Floor panel and installation for fixing layout elements comprising such panels2013-10-01
8,544,795Item of aircraft galley furniture and aircraft comprising such an item of furniture2013-10-01
8,544,798Window replacement for filling a window frame2013-10-01
8,545,958Reinforced block made from composite material and method for reinforcing a composite block2013-10-01
8,548,714Method for making uniform the thrust command of the engines of an aircraft2013-10-01
8,548,721Method and system for maneuvering an aircraft by shifting its center of gravity2013-10-01
8,550,143Curtain support assembly with integrated storage facility in a cabin of a vehicle2013-10-08
8,550,397Acoustically attenuated fuselage for aircraft2013-10-08
8,550,398Optimization of structures subjected to hot gas streams2013-10-08
8,550,399Fuselage structure for an aircraft fuselage in composite material and aircraft equipped with such a fuselage structure2013-10-08
8,550,400Aircraft with retracted front landing gear2013-10-08
8,550,401Modular floor section for aircraft2013-10-08
8,556,211Double-walled floor segment for a means of locomotion for accommodating system components2013-10-15
8,556,212Device for delimiting a crew rest compartment and method for implementing such a device2013-10-15
8,556,213Structural frame made of a composite material and aircraft fuselage comprising such a frame2013-10-15
8,556,214Cross-bleed dam2013-10-15
8,561,266Holder arrangement for an aircraft or a spacecraft and an aircraft or a spacecraft2013-10-22
8,561,941Pin system for the connection assembly of an engine pylon underneath a wing of an aircraft2013-10-22
8,561,948Method for ensuring the safety of an aircraft flying horizontally at low speed2013-10-22
8,562,031Locking means for an aircraft door2013-10-22
8,567,712Fuse link device between a mobile part and a fixed part of an aircraft nacelle2013-10-29
8,567,715Flight control system for an aircraft2013-10-29
8,567,720Section of aircraft fuselage and aircraft including one such section2013-10-29
8,567,721Decompression device for an aircraft2013-10-29
8,567,727Trailing edge flap2013-10-29
8,567,741Hard coated seat rail2013-10-29
8,568,934Mixing system for inerting a gas volume2013-10-29
8,573,530Aircraft with rear annular tail2013-11-05
8,573,531Airplane with rear engines2013-11-05
8,573,533Method and apparatus for operating an aircraft landing system2013-11-05
8,573,537Aircraft sub-assembly and aircraft provided with such a sub-assembly2013-11-05
8,573,538Impact resistant aircraft fuselage2013-11-05
8,573,539Structure for joining torsion boxes in an aircraft using a triform fitting made from non-metallic composite materials2013-11-05
8,573,542Aerofoil slot blowing2013-11-05
8,573,848Ball slide bearing and connecting device associated with a mast for hooking a gas turbine engine under an aircraft wing comprising such a bearing2013-11-05
8,577,521On-board aeronautical system with dynamic reconfiguration, associated method and aircraft carrying such a system2013-11-05
8,577,657Methods for estimating the effect of variations of design variables on the weight of an aircraft component2013-11-05
8,579,230Attachment pylon for aircraft turboshaft engine, comprising rear flaps with mobile incidence2013-11-12
8,579,231Method of manufacture by superplastic forming and by fishplating of a rib for an aerodynamic fairing of an aircraft engine mounting pylon2013-11-12
8,579,232Aircraft nacelle incorporating a device for protecting an access flap for a locking system2013-11-12
8,579,236Aircraft slat assembly with anti-icing system2013-11-12
8,579,237System for setting the span load distribution of a wing2013-11-12
8,584,986Inner bent repairment2013-11-19
8,584,990Method and device for yaw controlling of an aircraft2013-11-19
8,584,991Vane having a regulating flap and a gap covering device and an adjusting mechanism for a gap covering device2013-11-19
8,584,992Adjustment mechanism of an adjustment device for coupling an adjustment flap to a main wing, and such an adjustment device2013-11-19
8,596,574Streamlined profile reducing the speed deficit in its wake2013-12-03
8,596,578Pressure bulkhead for purposes of arrangement in an aircraft fuselage2013-12-03
8,596,579Procedure and device for optimizing the quantity of fuel transferred on an aircraft during at least one in-fligh fuel transfer2013-12-03
8,596,583Adjusting mechanism for kinematic guidance of an adjustable body during its adjustment on a supporting structural component, adjusting mechanism for kinematic adjustment of a high lift body, and high lift system comprising a like adjusting mechanism2013-12-03
8,596,584High-lift system for an aircraft with a main wing and an adjustable slat2013-12-03
8,596,585Slats with a flexible trailing edge2013-12-03
8,596,586High-lift system for an aircraft, method for displacing a lift flap, and aircraft having a high-lift system2013-12-03
8,597,770Composite material part with stringer on ramp2013-12-03
8,600,583Distributed flight control system2013-12-03
8,602,088Cooling air supply for the cooling of different systems requiring cooling air in an aircraft2013-12-10
8,602,346Acoustic treatment panel with integral connecting reinforcement2013-12-10
8,602,353Monument with an autonomous water module2013-12-10
8,602,354Ergonomic and space-saving arrangement of monuments underneath a rest compartment in an aircraft2013-12-10
8,602,355Aircraft wing2013-12-10
8,602,356Framework wing box for a wing2013-12-10
8,602,357Installation system for the connection of systems to a structure of an aircraft, a measurement system and a method2013-12-10
8,602,358Interface element, aircraft interior equipment component and method for installing an aircraft interior equipment component2013-12-10
8,602,360Aircraft nacelle including an optimised ice treatment system2013-12-10
8,602,361Laminar flow monitor2013-12-10
8,602,364Trailing-edge flap system2013-12-10
8,607,453Method of manufacture by superplastic forming and by fishplating of a rib for an aerodynamic fairing of an aircraft engine mounting pylon2013-12-17
8,608,106Aircraft cooling system2013-12-17
8,613,185Method and device for the detection of a thrust dissymmetry of an aircraft during a braking2013-12-24
8,613,404Take-up device for thrust forces with connecting rods for aircraft engine attachment pylon, integrating three aligned ball joints2013-12-24
8,613,405Assembly for an aircraft comprising a turbomachine attachment strut of which the means for attachment to the wing are arranged in a T shape2013-12-24
8,613,407Assembly for separating a space into multiple areas2013-12-24
8,613,408Aircraft with a reinforced floor structure2013-12-24
8,613,409Aerodynamic flight control surface said of crocodile style for aircraft2013-12-24
8,616,494Switchable vortex generator and array formed therewith, and uses of the same2013-12-31
8,616,499Wing structure2013-12-31
8,616,501Pre-installed adaptable supply network for aeroplanes2013-12-31
8,621,677Odour seal for a vacuum toilet drain system2014-01-07
8,622,344Load path-optimized pivotable hatrack2014-01-07
8,622,345Passenger seat system incorporating a multi-functional furniture unit, and an aircraft comprising such a system2014-01-07
8,622,348Fixation mechanism for installing thermal insulation sheets in an aircraft body2014-01-07
8,623,566Aircraft fuel cell system2014-01-07
8,626,362Method and device for monitoring the speed of an aircraft2014-01-07
8,628,041Method for realization of an aircraft structure and resulting structure2014-01-14
8,632,035Adjustable iron fitting for the installation and fitting of aircraft fairing2014-01-21
8,636,003Oxygen supply system for generating oxygen from cabin air in an aircraft2014-01-28
8,636,249Storage system for emergency equipment2014-01-28
8,636,251Transformable luggage storage compartment for an aircraft cabin2014-01-28
8,636,256Curtain support assembly, in a framework design, in a cabin of a vehicle2014-01-28
8,640,986Turbojet nacelle and method for controlling separation in a turbojet nacelle2014-02-04
8,640,987Aircraft engine mounting structure, assembly comprising this structure and associated aircraft2014-02-04
8,640,988Landing gear with composite leaf spring2014-02-04
8,640,990Circumferential stiffener for an aircraft fuselage2014-02-04
8,640,991Window for aircraft with microstructure as a sunscreen2014-02-04
8,645,045Fuel transfer monitoring system and method2014-02-04
8,646,722Aircraft taxiing actuator2014-02-11
8,646,723Device for connecting an air inlet with an aircraft nacelle actuator assembly2014-02-11
8,646,724System for attaching two components together, such as an aircraft engine and the mounting pylon thereof2014-02-11
8,646,725Engine assembly for an aircraft the engine attachment strut of which includes a structural case forming an internal radial delimitation of the secondary flow2014-02-11
8,646,727Aircraft hold and aircraft equipped with such a hold2014-02-11
8,649,919Method and device for attenuating the effects of turbulence on an aircraft2014-02-11
8,651,414Airplane with a tailcoat tail assembly and rear engine2014-02-18
8,651,416Aircraft assembly including an element for mounting an engine and associated aircraft2014-02-18
8,651,420Stowage compartment with space-saving opening mechanism2014-02-18
8,651,421Aircraft fuselage structure and method for its production2014-02-18
8,651,422Fuselage section having an integral pressure bulkhead, as well as a fuselage shell having such a fuselage section2014-02-18
8,651,423Fireproof bulkhead of a highly porous structure with intumescent coating and method for its production2014-02-18
8,651,428Aircraft wing assembly2014-02-18
8,651,430Spoiler for an aerodynamic body of an aircraft2014-02-18
8,651,925Ventilating air intake arrangement with mobile closing device2014-02-18
8,657,232Fuselage structure for combined fixing of insulation blankets and items of equipment, aircraft incorporating such a structure2014-02-25
8,657,233Tail-cone of an aircraft with movable fairing2014-02-25
8,657,234Dual function door for an aircraft engine nacelle2014-02-25
8,660,720Method and device for determining a takeoff trajectory allowing to maximize the takeoff weight of an aircraft2014-02-25
8,660,770System for controlling at least one aircraft engine and an aircraft comprising such a control system2014-02-25
8,660,771Method for detecting the opening of a thrust reverser for a jet engine of an aircraft2014-02-25
8,661,685Preassembly and integration of aircraft cabins2014-03-04
8,662,440AFT pylon fairing for an aircraft engine suspension system2014-03-04
8,662,444Monument for a cabin of a vehicle2014-03-04
8,662,450Aircraft opening window and aircraft equipped with at least one such window2014-03-04
8,662,451Manhole assembly in the lower skin of an aircraft wing made of a composite material2014-03-04
8,662,549Fitting, crane hook, and crane hook assembly2014-03-04
8,666,566Aircraft control system containing an aeronautical data base2014-03-04
8,668,164Aero-acoustic optimisation method for complex-section mechanical parts and corresponding mechanical part and landing gear2014-03-11
8,668,165Wheel drive system for aircraft with a fuel cell as energy source2014-03-11
8,668,181Device for attaching a piece of furniture to the floor of an aircraft2014-03-11
8,672,263Power distribution system2014-03-18
8,672,265Container for air freight transport and fuselage of an aircraft for freight transport2014-03-18
8,672,266Overhead bin for use on both sides in an aircraft2014-03-18
8,672,267Toilet arrangement for a vehicle2014-03-18
8,672,268Oblique panel at the rear of a central box of an aircraft fuselage2014-03-18
8,684,299Ancillary device with an air turbine for taxiing an aircraft on the ground2014-04-01
8,684,300Aircraft landing gear2014-04-01
8,684,301Wave attenuation panel inserted between the motor and air inlet of an aircraft nacelle2014-04-01
8,684,308Universal arrangement for receiving a curtain rail for a partitioning curtain2014-04-01
8,684,312Method and system for checking the formation of ice on an aircraft in flight2014-04-01
8,684,314Emergency piloting by means of a series actuator for a manual flight control system in an aircraft2014-04-01
8,690,102Fastening arrangement for fastening a component on a fuselage2014-04-08
8,690,107High-lift system for an aircraft2014-04-08
8,695,917Vibration damper mechanism, and a flying machine including a carrier structure and a rotor provided with such a mechanism2014-04-15
8,695,921Automatic method and device for aiding the piloting of an airplane2014-04-15
8,695,922Aircraft fuselage structure and method for its production2014-04-15
8,695,923Window replacement for filling a window frame2014-04-15
8,701,386Aircraft nacelle that incorporates a thrust reversal device2014-04-22
8,701,708Redundant oxygen supply for an aircraft2014-04-22
8,702,035Actuation apparatus for use on an aircraft2014-04-22
8,702,038Pressure fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft with pressure calotte2014-04-22
8,702,042Flow body, in particular for aircraft2014-04-22
8,708,275Energy storage aerodynamic braking device and method2014-04-29
8,708,279Composite structural member with progressive rigidity2014-04-29
8,708,280Telescopic strut2014-04-29
8,708,281Method of slowing the propagation of cracks in a fail safe structure and fail safe frame, especially for fuselage2014-04-29
8,709,576Curved structural part made of composite material and a process for manufacturing such a part2014-04-29
8,714,473Landing gear2014-05-06
8,714,474Aircraft with at least one net for reducing aerodynamic noise from a structural element of the aircraft2014-05-06
8,714,475Aircraft with reduced environmental impact2014-05-06
8,714,477Turbomachine support pylon for aircraft2014-05-06
8,714,480Rotary wing aircraft provided with an emergency undercarriage2014-05-06
8,714,483Decompression device and decompression system2014-05-06
8,714,484Aircraft seat assembly structure, and fitted fuselage2014-05-06
8,714,493Trailing edge flap2014-05-06
8,715,808Method for coupling stiffening profile elements and structural component2014-05-06
8,720,818Thrust reverser and nacelle for aircraft equipped with at least one such reverser2014-05-13
8,720,823Aircraft structural element located at the interface between a wing and the fuselage2014-05-13
8,720,824Joining arrangement for the lateral boxes of a horizontal tail stabiliser with a tubular central box and manufacturing method for said box2014-05-13
8,720,826Window element for a double-shell skin field of an aircraft fuselage cell2014-05-13
8,721,406Air duct for supplying ambient air in an aircraft2014-05-13
8,722,272Modular fuel cell system module for connection to an aircraft fuselage2014-05-13
8,725,319Monitoring device for an actuation system of an aircraft, actuation system and method for reconfiguring the actuation system2014-05-13
8,727,263Method and device for aiding the localization of an aircraft wreck submerged in a sea2014-05-20
8,727,265Helicopter with cycloidal rotor system2014-05-20
8,727,268Attachment device for aircraft engine and aircraft comprising at least one such device2014-05-20
8,727,272Apparatus for adjusting a surface of an aircraft model, surface unit, aircraft model, and use of an aircraft model2014-05-20
8,727,277Hold layout device for an aircraft for crew-member rest and aircraft comprising same2014-05-20
8,727,281Condensed water decreasing insulation package for thermal and acoustic insulation of a vehicle cabin2014-05-20
8,727,282Safety system for reducing the explosion risk of a fuel tank2014-05-20
8,727,285Wing tip shape for a wing, in particular of aircraft2014-05-20
8,727,299Assembly for an aircraft, the assembly including at least one vibration damper2014-05-20
8,731,870Method of designing a composite panel2014-05-20
8,740,133Aircraft including an engine controlled by synchrophasing2014-06-03
8,740,136Engine mount for an aircraft, to be placed between an engine and an engine mounting structure2014-06-03
8,740,138Aircraft engine supporting pylon2014-06-03
8,740,143Compartment for accommodating at least one flight crewmember2014-06-03
8,740,144Passenger supply arrangement for an aeroplane2014-06-03
8,740,145Door for an accommodation module, accommodation module and aircraft2014-06-03
8,740,146Cover panel for an aircraft, more particularly a landing gear cover panel for a cargo plane2014-06-03
8,740,148Device for limiting the deflection of a door arranged in a fuselage cell of an aircraft2014-06-03
8,740,150Connection of a wing to a fuselage of an airplane2014-06-03
8,740,155More electric flight control system onboard an aircraft2014-06-03
8,741,416Sandwich panel with integrated reinforcing structure and method for the production thereof2014-06-03
8,742,927Method for monitoring authorized and unauthorized persons within a security perimeter around an apparatus2014-06-03
8,746,611Lightning protection arrangement for an electronic unit2014-06-10
8,746,614System for actuating at least one positioning flap of an aircraft and a method for monitoring the system2014-06-10
8,746,615Landing gear2014-06-10
8,746,621Connector for stiffening frames between an aircraft fuselage and a wing box2014-06-10
8,746,623Method and device for generating an optimum aerodynamic configuration of an aircraft during a flight2014-06-10
8,746,625Flap adjusting system of an aircraft with a regulating flap2014-06-10
8,753,429Aircraft fuel tank ventilation2014-06-17
8,755,956Method and device for detecting the jamming of an aircraft control surface2014-06-17
8,757,541Measurement instrument support interposed between a drive unit and an air intake of an aircraft nacelle2014-06-24
8,757,542Electrical architecture for a rotary wing aircraft with a hybrid power plant2014-06-24
8,757,543Support assembly2014-06-24
8,757,545Segment of a fuselage of an aircraft2014-06-24
8,757,546Device for shrouding an aircraft nacelle2014-06-24
8,757,547Aircraft nacelle air intake incorporating optimized ice-treatment hot air injection means2014-06-24
8,757,550Method and apparatus for cooling fuel in an aircraft fuel tank2014-06-24
8,757,555Concept of a variable winglet for lateral load reduction for combined lateral and vertical load reduction, and for improving the performance of means of locomotion2014-06-24
8,757,556Aerodynamic body, regulating flap or main wing or fin of an aircraft as well as a structural component with such an aerodynamic body2014-06-24
8,757,579Linking device for linking a first body to a second body, in particular for an aircraft engine assembly2014-06-24
8,762,024Automatic managing system of engine control modes of a multi-engine aircraft2014-06-24
8,763,450Locking fastening device, adjustable fastening device, component system, main wing of a wind tunnel model aircraft, and wind tunnel model aircraft having such a main wing2014-07-01
8,763,751Silencer for an auxiliary power unit of an aircraft2014-07-01
8,763,949Aircraft provided with a swiveling tail rotor, and an associated method2014-07-01
8,763,952Engine mounting structure for aircraft having a beam spreader connected at four points2014-07-01
8,765,042Fuselage section of an aircraft and method for the production of the fuselage section2014-07-01
8,768,608Method, device and computer program product for monitoring loading and unloading procedures in the cargo holds of an aircraft2014-07-01
8,770,339Silencer for an auxiliary power unit of an aircraft2014-07-08
8,770,514Landing gear2014-07-08
8,770,518Connection of a fuselage to an aircraft wing2014-07-08
8,770,519Structural component of an aircraft or spacecraft and a fuselage component arrangement of an aircraft or spacecraft2014-07-08
8,770,520Device for the mounting of connectors2014-07-08
8,776,353Fastening system for an element in an aircraft interior2014-07-15
8,777,152Method and an aircraft provided with a swiveling tail rotor2014-07-15
8,777,159Internal structure of aircraft made of composite material2014-07-15
8,777,160Aircraft including an internal partition2014-07-15
8,777,162Connecting rod for the structural reinforcement of a fuselage structure of an aircraft2014-07-15
8,777,165Aircraft fuel system2014-07-15
8,783,606Method for improving the aerodynamic efficiency of the vertical tail of an aircraft2014-07-22
8,783,609Movable bin2014-07-22
8,783,610Transverse splicing plate for creating a fuselage, and a method for connecting two, in particular wound, CFP fuselage sections2014-07-22
8,783,615Loads interface, particularly loads interface of an aircraft structure and application of said loads interface2014-07-22
8,783,616Loads interface, particularly a loads interface for a plug type aircraft door2014-07-22
8,783,618Weathertight fitting for aircraft tail vertical stabiliser mounting2014-07-22
8,783,619Air inlet of an aircraft nacelle including optimized frost treatment2014-07-22
8,783,623Device for the generation of aerodynamic vortices and also a regulating flap and wing with a device for the generation of aerodynamic vortices2014-07-22
8,788,117Method for moving an aircraft along the ground2014-07-22
8,788,123Method of assisted piloting of a rotary wing aircraft having at least one propulsion propeller, an assisted piloting device, and an aircraft2014-07-22
8,789,790Aircraft engine attachment pylon2014-07-29
8,789,792Aircraft undercarriage having a rocker lever with a swivel and hinged twin wheels2014-07-29
8,789,793Aircraft tail surface with a leading edge section of undulated shape2014-07-29
8,793,963Method for laying a floor covering in a cabin of a vehicle2014-08-05
8,794,092Disengageable interface mechanism between a motorization system of an aircraft landing gear assembly and a wheel2014-08-05
8,794,568Aircraft engine attachment pylon comprising two front wing system attachments with orthogonal shearing pins2014-08-05
8,794,570Protecting device for an aircraft exterior probe2014-08-05
8,794,571Cooler for an aircraft cooling system, aircraft cooling system and method for operating an aircraft cooling system2014-08-05
8,794,572Air intake of an aircraft nacelle that incorporates a reinforced lip with a defrost system by joule-effect2014-08-05
8,800,277Hydraulic system for aircraft2014-08-12
8,800,915Device for boundary layer suction and composite component therefor2014-08-12
8,800,916Device for attaching an aircraft engine, comprising blocks for clamping an engine attachment with a wedge effect2014-08-12
8,800,917Aircraft engine pylon AFT aerodynamic fairing2014-08-12
8,800,919Landing gear provided with energy absorber means, an aircraft provided with said landing gear, and a method of landing2014-08-12
8,800,921Structural component and fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft2014-08-12
8,800,923Method of activating protection means for protecting an occupant of an aircraft, and an aircraft implementing said method2014-08-12
8,800,924Aerofoil structure2014-08-12
8,800,925Holder assembly for a secure line installation in structure openings of aircraft2014-08-12
8,800,927Aircraft door and a method for the manufacture of an aircraft door of this type2014-08-12
8,800,928Shell segment for producing a fuselage cell section for a fuselage cell of an airplane2014-08-12
8,807,484Gas exhaust diverter2014-08-19
8,807,894Surface-area safety means and a vehicle2014-08-19
8,810,999Method of equipments integration for a complex electrical centre and module of implementation2014-08-19
8,812,180Method and device for automatically managing the vertical profile of the flight plan of an aircraft2014-08-19
8,813,860Fuel cell system for extinguishing fires2014-08-26
8,814,079Pylon for attaching an aircraft turbine engine comprising aligned front wing ties2014-08-26
8,814,080Aerodynamic aft fairing of an aircraft engine suspension pylon2014-08-26
8,814,083Aircraft provided with a tail plane including means for combating flutter2014-08-26
8,814,085Fault-tolerant actuating system for adjusting flaps of an aircraft, comprising adjustment kinematics with a fixed pivot, and a method for monitoring an actuating system2014-08-26
8,814,087Interface system for use in an aircraft galley2014-08-26
8,814,090Cabin equipment component connection system and method for modifying passenger cabin configuration2014-08-26
8,814,091Floor made out of composite material and process for manufacturing such a floor2014-08-26
8,814,092Energy-absorbing structural element made of a composite material and aircraft fuselage having said absorber2014-08-26
8,814,093Covering device for an interior of an aircraft and a method for covering an interior of an aircraft2014-08-26
8,814,095Ceiling panel having curtain rail in a transport cabin2014-08-26
8,814,096Method of controlling the centre of gravity of an aircraft2014-08-26
8,814,102Method for reducing the takeoff run of an aircraft2014-08-26
8,814,461Locking apparatus for an object being lockable on a rail2014-08-26
8,816,916Radome and device for attaching said radome to an aircraft2014-08-26
8,818,577Method and device for automatically protecting an aircraft against an excessive descent rate2014-08-26
8,818,580Interactive dialog device between an operator of an aircraft and a guidance system of said aircraft2014-08-26
8,820,673Rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft2014-09-02
8,820,674Rotor carrier structure with a damper device for avoiding unstable coupling between resonant vibration modes2014-09-02
8,820,676Airplane with pitch and yaw command by propulsion system2014-09-02
8,825,228Method and a device for assisting the piloting of an aircraft, and an aircraft2014-09-02
8,826,597Weatherproof surround for safely jettisoning a removable panel2014-09-09
8,827,201Rotorcraft structural element for reducing aerodynamic drag2014-09-09
8,827,208Smoke generation device for aircraft and aircraft fitted with such a device2014-09-09
8,827,210Engine nacelle of an aircraft comprising a vortex generator arrangement2014-09-09
8,827,213Aircraft slat assembly comprising a plurality of slats2014-09-09
8,827,228Fastener device, a seat provided with said device, and a vehicle2014-09-09
8,833,697Component, reinforcement member, structural arrangement, aircraft or spacecraft and method2014-09-16
8,833,700Cover plate, door covering and aircraft or spacecraft2014-09-16
8,840,057Hybrid aircraft having a rotary wing2014-09-23
8,840,063Front structure of an aircraft fuselage comprising landing gear2014-09-23
8,840,065Multifunctional cargo hold system2014-09-23
8,840,066Front part of an aircraft fuselage incorporating a bay for stowing landing gear2014-09-23
8,840,069Water scavenging system2014-09-23
8,840,980Stiffened structure integrating an opening2014-09-23
8,843,252Piloting assistance method, a piloting assistance device, and an aircraft2014-09-23
8,844,263Aircraft turbine engine and use of such a turbine engine2014-09-30
8,844,583Refuel valve assembly and method for refuelling an aircraft2014-09-30
8,844,862Aft pylon fairing for aircraft engine suspension system, comprising a heat shield capable of expanding freely2014-09-30
8,844,863Device for mechanically decoupled fastening of an aircraft component perfused by hot gas2014-09-30
8,844,865Passenger services conduit2014-09-30
8,844,868System and a method for fastening aircraft components in the case of a CFK-metal hybrid construction2014-09-30
8,844,870Fuselage segment, and method for the production of a fuselage segment2014-09-30
8,844,872Composite structure2014-09-30
8,844,874Interchangeable joint concept for an aircraft rear fuselage cone2014-09-30
8,844,878High lift system for an aircraft2014-09-30
8,845,489Powerplant and a method of driving a mechanical system via said powerplant2014-09-30
8,851,122Aircraft including a fuel pump fastened to a tank panel2014-10-07
8,851,416Aircraft nacelle including at least one radial partition between two conducts2014-10-07
8,851,418Landing gear attachment2014-10-07
8,851,420Integration of supply functions in a storage compartment2014-10-07
8,851,425Removable support for optional external equipment on an aircraft, and an aircraft provided with such a support2014-10-07
8,857,562Standardised insulation device for an aircraft and processes of making and using thereof2014-10-14
8,857,754Device for launching and recovering a drone, and an associated aircraft2014-10-14
8,857,766Aircraft comprising a fuselage with a floor extending in the longitudinal plane of the fuselage2014-10-14
8,857,767De-icing system for an aircraft2014-10-14
8,858,171Bearing assembly2014-10-14
8,864,066Rigid aircraft pylon fitted with a rib extension for taking up the moment in the lengthways direction2014-10-21
8,864,072Structural component with improved conductivity and mechanical strength, and a method for its manufacture2014-10-21
8,864,074Composite panel stiffener2014-10-21
8,864,075Elongate composite structural members and improvements therein2014-10-21
8,864,076Elongate composite structural member2014-10-21
8,864,077Method for connecting a first material to a second material in aircraft construction2014-10-21
8,864,078Method of de-icing the leading edge of an aerodynamic surface and aircraft implementing such a method2014-10-21
8,864,081Method and device for an optimal management of the slats, the flaps and the landing gear of an aircraft2014-10-21
8,864,082Device for reducing the aerodynamic drag of a leading surface of an aircraft2014-10-21
8,868,261Monitoring device for an actuation system of an aircraft, actuation system and method for reconfiguring the actuation system2014-10-21
8,869,402Methods for manufacturing a tool equipment including a plurality of removable modules and for molding a fuselage panel2014-10-28
8,870,117Composite aircraft frame2014-10-28
8,870,119Modular seat system for a vehicle2014-10-28
8,870,120Composite structure2014-10-28
8,876,040Method for controlling the internal pressure in an aircraft2014-11-04
8,876,044Aircraft with yaw control by differential drag2014-11-04
8,876,048Fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft and corresponding aircraft or spacecraft2014-11-04
8,876,049Section of aircraft fuselage in composite material with a constant internal profile2014-11-04
8,876,051Bridging seal2014-11-04
8,876,053Fuselage element comprising a fuselage segment and junction means, fuselage portion, fuselage and aircraft2014-11-04
8,876,054De-icing device comprising means for detection of a leakage in a hot air supply system2014-11-04
8,876,055Aircraft refuelling system2014-11-04
8,876,056Aircraft fuel system2014-11-04
8,878,699Method for providing a pilot warning signal for a pilot of an aircraft, computer program product and warning device2014-11-04
8,880,247Method for planning a landing approach of an aircraft, computer program product with a landing approach plan stored thereon, as well as device for planning a landing approach2014-11-04
8,881,536Aircraft engine assembly comprising a turbojet engine with reinforcing structures connecting the fan casing to the central casing2014-11-11
8,881,924Tanks for containing a fluid within a chamber2014-11-11
8,882,027Aircraft power plant, an aircraft, and a method of using a piston engine in a power plant having a conventional gearbox2014-11-11
8,882,032Mounting system for attaching a structural monument in a desired position in an aircraft cabin2014-11-11
8,882,038Sealing device between a cross member and insulation blanket provided at an aircraft fuselage2014-11-11
8,882,041Insulation package for insulating a cabin of a vehicle2014-11-11
8,882,043Landing gear assembly2014-11-11
8,882,044Gap covering device2014-11-11
8,882,045Covering device and aircraft area comprising a covering device2014-11-11
8,882,383Fastening device for an aircraft interior equipment component2014-11-11
8,886,370Simplified flight control system including a declutchable friction device2014-11-11
8,888,036Primary flight controls2014-11-18
8,888,037Antivibration suspension means for a tie bar of an aircraft power transmission gearbox, an antivibration suspension device, and an aircraft2014-11-18
8,888,039Method and device for the lateral stabilization of an aircraft2014-11-18
8,888,040System for opening and closing the door of an aircraft landing gear compartment2014-11-18
8,888,041Tank module for a structurally integrated vacuum sewage system for aircraft2014-11-18
8,888,044Aircraft provided with a buoyancy system for a rotary element2014-11-18
8,888,046Fuel management system2014-11-18
8,888,047De-icing system for a fixed or rotary aircraft wing2014-11-18
8,888,048Removable fastener device equipped with attachment means for attaching an external load and with fastener means for fastening said attachment means to an aircraft, an associated aircraft, and an associated method2014-11-18
8,890,378Electrical power supply device for electrically powering at least one item of equipment on a rotary rotor of an aircraft, and an aircraft2014-11-18
8,893,368Pivot joint assembly2014-11-25
8,893,742Double-skin nozzle system, junction system between two tube portions, and aircraft provided with such a system2014-11-25
8,894,008Landing gear, an aircraft, and a method2014-11-25
8,894,009Separation device for vacuum toilet systems2014-11-25
8,894,010Aircraft fuselage frame element2014-11-25
8,894,012Aircraft nacelle incorporating a hood closure device that is independent of the locking mechanism2014-11-25
8,894,013Aircraft assembly and method for producing an aircraft assembly2014-11-25
8,899,518Engine debris guard2014-12-02
8,899,521Aircraft floor of optimized compactness and housing utility members2014-12-02
8,899,522Aircraft fuselage with high strength frames2014-12-02
8,899,523Fire protection space for aircraft passengers provided with the aid of fuselage skin of fibre-metal laminates2014-12-02
8,899,528Blade seal2014-12-02
8,899,529Electrical power transmitting telescopic strut2014-12-02
8,899,545Apparatus for affixing an object to a rail2014-12-02
8,903,569Method for controlling a high-lift device or a flight control surface, system and aircraft or spacecraft2014-12-02
8,905,349Structural element of an aircraft fuselage2014-12-09
8,905,350Structural panel with integrated stiffening2014-12-09
8,905,352Aircraft nose structure with landing gear compartment2014-12-09
8,910,904Engine attachment pylon2014-12-16
8,910,907Variable seat separation adjustment in an airplane2014-12-16
8,910,908Two-piece stiffening element2014-12-16
8,910,910Wing comprising a flow fence, and aircraft having such wings2014-12-16
8,915,464Fast, long-range aircraft2014-12-23
8,915,466Aircraft provided with hoist means, and an associated method2014-12-23
8,915,468Interior covering device for an aircraft cabin incorporating at least one system2014-12-23
8,915,469System for draining water condensation in an aircraft2014-12-23
8,915,470Aircraft nose and nose landing gear bay structure2014-12-23
8,915,776Air outlet valve as well as a system and method for emergency ventilation of an aircraft cabin2014-12-23
8,919,695Storage compartment configuration2014-12-30
8,919,696Method and a device for the manufacture of a stiffening structure for an aircraft fuselage segment, and also a stiffening structure2014-12-30
8,919,697Structural assembly for an aircraft2014-12-30
8,919,699Emergency opening system of an aircraft cabin door2014-12-30
8,919,703Hinge sealing element and an assembly including said element2014-12-30
8,925,686Collapsible staircase, notably for a vehicle such as an aircraft2015-01-06
8,925,858Anchoring element and mooring device for an aircraft2015-01-06
8,925,862Monument complex for an aircraft rear area2015-01-06
8,925,863Aircraft nose section including a lock for accessing the cockpit2015-01-06
8,925,864Component, in particular a shell component, which can be joined thermally and/or mechanically, for building a fuselage section of an aircraft2015-01-06
8,925,865Emergency supply system for a transportation means, method for supplying electrical power and for inhibiting fire and aircraft with an emergency supply system2015-01-06
8,925,866Device for fastening systems for an aircraft, adapted in particular to be used in relation to a window2015-01-06
8,925,867Modular adaptive electrical freight loading system2015-01-06
8,925,869Aerodynamic body with an ancillary flap2015-01-06
8,925,871Wing of an aircraft2015-01-06
8,931,733Wing for an aircraft2015-01-13
8,936,213Engine pylon comprising a vortex generator, and method for the production thereof2015-01-20
8,936,215Aircraft including floor support cross-members with bearings including a flexible material connecting the cross-member to the support2015-01-20
8,936,218Aircraft fuel tank vent2015-01-20
8,939,398Hinging cradle for fan cowls supported by said cowls in closed position2015-01-27
8,939,404Pressure fuselage of an aircraft with dome-shaped pressure bulkhead2015-01-27
8,939,405Aircraft fuselage element2015-01-27
8,939,411Aerofoil comprising a high lift flap2015-01-27
8,940,215Method for assembling window coaming on a fuselage, coaming to be used, and aircraft fuselage provided with such coaming2015-01-27
8,942,867Procedure and device for the determination of airspeeds of a rotorcraft in stationary flight and/or at low speeds2015-01-27
8,943,666Method for assembling fuselage sections of an aircraft2015-02-03
8,944,368Aircraft steering actuator2015-02-03
8,944,369Engine assembly for aircraft including a modular rigid structure for mounting pylons2015-02-03
8,944,374Safety cabin2015-02-03
8,944,380Movable fastening unit for a seat frame in an aircraft2015-02-03
8,944,382Method for mounting an aircraft component and aircraft assembly2015-02-03
8,947,267Method and device for displaying information by means of a dual-view display in a passenger cabin of an aircraft or spacecraft2015-02-03
8,954,301System and method for configuring an aircraft passenger cabin2015-02-10
8,955,796Aft aerodynamic fairing with improved thermal resistance for a pylon for attaching an aircraft propelling assembly2015-02-17
8,955,803Decompression assembly for an aircraft2015-02-17
8,955,804Aircraft structure with air ducts integrated in structural elements2015-02-17
8,961,726Method for infiltrating silicone into a fiber composite structure and device for executing a method for producing a fiber composite workpiece2015-02-24
8,967,539Method for assembling a floor in a cockpit structure previously constructed from a section of aircraft fuselage2015-03-03
8,967,540Anti lateral-torsional buckling structural member of an aircraft fuselage2015-03-03
8,967,541Structural arrangement, aircraft or spacecraft and method2015-03-03
8,967,549Actuation system for leading edge high-lift device2015-03-03
8,967,550Aerofoil comprising a high lift flap2015-03-03
8,967,551Slat monitoring system2015-03-03
8,968,500Method and device for adhesively joining large-surface components in vehicle construction2015-03-03
8,973,867Fresh air inlet for an aircraft2015-03-10
8,973,870Wall component for an aircraft2015-03-10
8,973,885Structural rod incorporating a vibration filtration mode2015-03-10
8,974,189Blade for a helicopter anti-torque device2015-03-10
8,974,885Structural element for reinforcing a fuselage of an aircraft2015-03-10
8,978,264Fuel cell system and method for drying of exhaust gas of a fuel cell system2015-03-17
8,979,014Multilayer board for acoustic insulation2015-03-17
8,979,015Anti-torque device with longitudinal thrust for a rotorcraft2015-03-17
8,979,024Skid landing gear and an aircraft provided with such landing gear2015-03-17
8,979,036Electrical rudder control system for an aircraft2015-03-17
8,983,686System aboard an aircraft2015-03-17
8,985,500Method of minimizing the attitude hump phenomenon and a rotary wing aircraft provided with stabilizer means therefor2015-03-24
8,985,502Aircraft provided with a device for reducing vibration, and a method therefor2015-03-24
8,985,505Aircraft landing gear2015-03-24
8,985,521Device for generating resistive torque2015-03-24
8,985,953Rotor provided with a device for protecting it against lightning, and an aircraft provided with such a rotor2015-03-24
8,991,757Self-supporting cabin structural segment2015-03-31
8,991,759Rear fuselage of an aircraft2015-03-31
8,991,762Wing/fuselage connection of an aircraft2015-03-31
8,998,142Device for linking a stringer and a frame of an aircraft structure2015-04-07
8,998,143Aerodynamic fairing device, aircraft component arrangement with an aerodynamic fairing device and method for installing such a fairing part2015-04-07
8,998,687Multi functional supply profile2015-04-07
9,002,542Method and device for detecting piloting conflicts between the crew and the autopilot of an aircraft2015-04-07
9,003,760Acoustic processing panel, more particularly adapted for an air intake in an aircraft nacelle2015-04-14
9,003,810Aircraft cover including means for limiting the scoop phenomena of pneumatic type2015-04-14
9,004,400Method of controlling a buoyancy system for an aircraft, a buoyancy system implementing said method, and an aircraft2015-04-14
9,004,404Aerodynamic sealing member for aircraft2015-04-14
9,004,406Aircraft wing box joint2015-04-14
9,004,599Seat module for an aircraft passenger2015-04-14
9,008,871Aircraft landing gear monitoring apparatus2015-04-14
9,010,084Aircraft nacelle including an optimised acoustic processing system2015-04-21
9,010,685Guiding mechanism for opening and closing a cargo door of an aircraft, aircraft with such a guiding mechanism and method for opening and closing a cargo door of an aircraft2015-04-21
9,010,686Module for an aircraft2015-04-21
9,010,687Insulating blanket for an aircraft and assembly integrating such a blanket2015-04-21
9,014,840Integrated cargo loading system architecture2015-04-21
9,014,877Aircraft with a control device2015-04-21
9,016,279Oxygen supply system intended in particular for the flight crew of an aircraft2015-04-28
9,016,301Conduit protection system and method2015-04-28
9,016,615Lightning and corrosion protection arrangement in an aircraft structural component2015-04-28
9,016,620Aircraft landing gear arrangement and a nose landing gear assembly2015-04-28
9,016,626Convertible monuments2015-04-28
9,016,636Slat support assembly2015-04-28
9,017,511Aircraft protection device2015-04-28
9,019,719Electrical devices module for an avionics bay2015-04-28
9,021,903Linear actuator2015-05-05
9,022,033Adaptable oxygen regulator system and method with an electronic control device2015-05-05
9,022,318Hydraulic drive, hydraulic supply device, airplane with a hydraulic supply device and method for configuring a hydraulic supply device2015-05-05
9,022,321Decompression arrangement for an aircraft including a bi-directional flap2015-05-05
9,027,880Screen for a passenger cabin2015-05-12
9,027,883Aircraft fairing2015-05-12
9,027,887Method of controlling the attitude of a satellite and an attitude-controlled satellite2015-05-12
9,027,890Translating cable device sealing2015-05-12
9,031,717Management system for aircraft2015-05-12
9,033,272Arrangement and aircraft or spacecraft2015-05-19
9,033,275Aircraft undercarriage2015-05-19
9,033,282Wing tip device2015-05-19
9,034,453Reinforced aircraft fuselage panel and method of manufacture2015-05-19
9,037,410Method and device for creating an aircraft flight plan2015-05-19
9,038,939Method of controlling a group of engines, and an aircraft2015-05-26
9,038,950Arrangement of aerodynamic auxiliary surfaces for an aircraft2015-05-26
9,038,951Coupling assembly2015-05-26
9,038,960Absorbent dome for a radiating collector tube2015-05-26
9,038,964Control surface assembly2015-05-26
9,040,821Aircraft cable routing harness2015-05-26
9,102,402 Landing gear, an aircraft, and a method2015-08-11

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