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6,981,671Airframe structure-integrated capacitor2006-01-03
6,981,673Wear resisting sleeve system for aircraft landing arresting cables2006-01-03
6,982,402Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles2006-01-03
6,983,700Variable drag projectile stabilizer for limiting the flight range of a training projectile2006-01-10
6,983,910Membrane structure2006-01-10
6,986,481Extendable joined wing system for a fluid-born body2006-01-17
6,990,798Hybrid inlet2006-01-31
6,993,898Microwave heat-exchange thruster and method of operating the same2006-02-07
6,994,294Stabilization of a drogue body2006-02-07
6,997,413Flying amphibious SUV2006-02-14
6,997,637Deceleration-limiting roadway barrier2006-02-14
7,000,871Ice detection assembly installed on an aircraft2006-02-21
7,002,126Projectile steering by plasma discharge2006-02-21
7,004,047Variable area nozzle for gas turbine engines driven by shape memory alloy actuators2006-02-28
7,004,424Projectile flight altering apparatus2006-02-28
7,004,425Flying body for firing from a tube with over-caliber stabilizers2006-02-28
7,004,432Aircraft flap extension mechanism2006-02-28
7,011,276Carrying or guiding device for aircraft components2006-03-14
7,014,149Traction kite design2006-03-21
7,025,304Helicopter messenger cable illumination2006-04-11
7,028,951Parachute reefing system2006-04-18
7,028,954Microfabricated translational stages for control of aerodynamic loading2006-04-18
7,030,576Multichannel hall effect thruster2006-04-18
7,032,859Counter rotating ducted fan having a permanent magnet drive2006-04-25
7,036,767Projectile seeker2006-05-02
7,036,769Microstructures using carbon fiber composite honeycomb beams2006-05-02
7,039,367Communications using unmanned surface vehicles and unmanned micro-aerial vehicles2006-05-02
7,040,570Weather-agile reconfigurable automatic target recognition system2006-05-09
7,040,572Lighter-than-air aircraft with air cushion landing gear means2006-05-09
7,040,576Fire shield apparatus and method2006-05-09
7,043,343Method for testing a missile time-space-position unit for missile2006-05-09
7,053,993Laser pointing sighting system with designator range finder2006-05-30
7,059,564Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including a cleat for capturing aircraft on a line2006-06-13
7,059,566Unmanned aerial vehicle for logistical delivery2006-06-13
7,059,569Method for aerial rearmament of aircraft2006-06-13
7,066,430Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including extendable capture devices2006-06-27
7,066,431Turbulent flow drag reduction2006-06-27
7,068,210Low-cost position-adaptive UAV radar design with state-of-the-art cots technology2006-06-27
7,070,144Aircraft and missile afterbody flow control device and method of controlling flow2006-07-04
7,073,749High altitude reconnaissance vehicle2006-07-11
7,073,750Propulsion system for model airplane2006-07-11
7,073,751Aircraft structure fatigue alleviation2006-07-11
7,076,341Autonomous manoeuvring for spinning spacecraft2006-07-11
7,077,358Helicopter with torque-correcting thruster device2006-07-18
7,077,361Micro-optics concentrator for solar power satellites2006-07-18
7,083,140Full-bore artillery projectile fin development device and method2006-08-01
7,083,141Self-propelled projectile2006-08-01
7,086,503Brake condition monitoring2006-08-08
7,090,163Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles2006-08-15
7,090,166Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for transmitting forces to the aircraft during launch2006-08-15
7,093,666Apparatus and method for providing fireproofing to an aircraft auxiliary power unit2006-08-22
7,093,787Lightning strike mitigation system2006-08-22
7,097,138Overhead luggage container, particularly for airplanes2006-08-29
7,097,140System and method for spacecraft attitude control2006-08-29
7,102,113Three-axis attitude control propulsion device and flying object comprising the same2006-09-05
7,104,495Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a container having a guide structure for aircraft components2006-09-12
7,107,842Angular rate sensor using micro electromechanical haltere2006-09-19
7,111,809Aircraft excessive fuel dumping ejection parallel to flight direction2006-09-26
7,114,680Methods and apparatuses for launching and capturing unmanned aircraft, including a combined launch and recovery system2006-10-03
7,114,682System and method for transportation and storage of cargo in space2006-10-03
7,114,785Aerodynamic surfaced bicycle wheel2006-10-03
7,118,065Lateral thrust control2006-10-10
7,118,074Electrodynamic tether2006-10-10
7,118,077Platform and system for mass storage and transfer in space2006-10-10
7,120,959Automated elevational adjustment of passenger loading bridge2006-10-17
7,121,507Methods and apparatuses for capturing and storing unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for securing the aircraft after capture2006-10-17
7,121,508Aircraft wheel immobilizer2006-10-17
7,121,509Alerting system for aircraft crew2006-10-17
7,128,294Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for launching aircraft with a wedge action2006-10-31
7,129,846De-icing information system2006-10-31
7,130,725Method for correcting control surface angle measurements in single viewpoint photogrammetry2006-10-31
7,130,744Method for determining and compensating the scale factor error caused by a wavelength change in a GPS-based inertial navigation system2006-10-31
7,131,611Device and method of control of fixed and variable geometry rhomboid wings2006-11-07
7,131,612Nacelle inlet lip anti-icing with engine oil2006-11-07
7,133,776Attitude alignment of a slave inertial measurement system2006-11-07
7,137,588Ballistic target defense system and methods2006-11-21
7,137,595Flight lock actuator with dual energy sources2006-11-21
7,139,567Tone based command system for reception of very weak signals2006-11-21
7,140,575Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for releasably gripping aircraft during launch2006-11-28
7,143,974Methods and apparatuses for launching airborne devices along flexible elongated members2006-12-05
7,150,232Methods and apparatus for increasing aerodynamic performance of projectiles2006-12-19
7,150,234Finless training projectile with improved flight stability over an extended range2006-12-19
7,150,427Boundary layer transition model2006-12-19
7,150,434Vehicle wake vortex modifier2006-12-19
7,152,827Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a container having a guide structure for aircraft components2006-12-26
7,156,348Platform and system for propellant tank storage and transfer in space2007-01-02
7,159,823Rapid deployment of troops and cargo2007-01-09
7,165,745Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and braking subsequent grip motion2007-01-23
7,168,660System for capturing and recovering free-flying objects in space2007-01-30
7,175,135Methods and apparatuses for capturing unmanned aircraft and constraining motion of the captured aircraft2007-02-13
7,178,442Detachable hanger2007-02-20
7,182,290Methods and systems for starting propeller-driven devices2007-02-27
7,182,297Method and apparatus for supporting aircraft components, including actuators2007-02-27
7,182,325Compliant spacer2007-02-27
7,185,846Asymmetrical control surface system for tube-launched air vehicles2007-03-06
7,185,849Passenger accommodation cabin for a vehicle2007-03-06
7,185,856Method for controlling the attitude of an satellites in elliptic orbits using solar radiation pressure2007-03-06
7,193,556System and method for the measurement of full relative position and orientation of objects2007-03-20
7,195,203Wing skin and method of manufacture thereof2007-03-27
7,195,205Parachute with skirt reefing system2007-03-27
7,201,348Cruise missile recovery system2007-04-10
7,204,049Emergency drop system for an aircraft advertising display2007-04-17
7,204,457Barrier net2007-04-17
7,206,674Information display system for atypical flight phase2007-04-17
7,207,518Cartridge with fin deployment mechanism2007-04-24
7,212,135Real time analysis and display of aircraft approach maneuvers2007-05-01
7,213,788Microjet-based control system for cavity flows2007-05-08
7,213,882Seating unit2007-05-08
7,216,832Method of assembling a single piece co-cured structure2007-05-15
7,219,858Method for deploying multiple spacecraft2007-05-22
7,219,861Guidance system for radio-controlled aircraft2007-05-22
7,221,436System and method for optimization-based sensor steering and tracking2007-05-22
7,225,999Spray array apparatus2007-06-05
7,226,015Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow2007-06-05
7,232,097Fire shield method2007-06-19
7,234,663Bubble cloud acoustic damping for launch vehicle fairing2007-06-26
7,234,668Friction welding metal components2007-06-26
7,237,751Helicopter rotor and method of repairing same2007-07-03
7,240,879Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics2007-07-10
7,243,879Lattice fin for missiles or other fluid-born bodies and method for producing same2007-07-17
7,243,880Landing gear door assembly2007-07-17
7,248,948Apparatus and method for estimating attitude using inertial measurement equipment2007-07-24
7,249,730System and method for in-flight trajectory path synthesis using the time sampled output of onboard sensors2007-07-31
7,250,849Detection of undesired objects on surfaces2007-07-31
7,251,592Boundary layer transition model2007-07-31
7,252,265Microaircraft and cellular phone equipped with microaircraft2007-08-07
7,255,044Projectile having circumferential members for varying a base cone angle of the projectile as a function of speed2007-08-14
7,258,406Suspension device for lowerable luggage compartments2007-08-21
7,264,204Unmanned aerial vehicle catcher2007-09-04
7,267,298Method for correcting the flight path of ballistically fired spin-stabilised artillery ammunition2007-09-11
7,270,295Solar thermal aircraft2007-09-18
7,270,303Pincer apparatus for nanosat transport across a satellite2007-09-18
7,275,718Active control of a drogue body2007-10-02
7,275,722Wing tip device2007-10-02
7,285,932Method and apparatus for loss of control inhibitor systems2007-10-23
7,285,933Method and apparatus for loss of control inhibitor systems2007-10-23
7,287,726Landing gear door assembly2007-10-30
7,290,737Nonsurvivable momentum exchange system2007-11-06
7,290,738Dual jet emerging lift augmentation system for airfoils and hydrofoils2007-11-06
7,293,742Reefing assembly for a circular parachute2007-11-13
7,293,743Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing, and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics2007-11-13
7,295,884System and method of designing a load bearing layer of an inflatable vessel2007-11-13
7,296,520External telemetry unit2007-11-20
7,296,655Duct liner acoustic splice2007-11-20
7,296,656Acoustic mechanical retainer2007-11-20
7,302,316Programmable autopilot system for autonomous flight of unmanned aerial vehicles2007-11-27
7,303,167Flight lock actuator with dual energy sources2007-12-04
7,310,573Method and apparatus for isolating aircraft equipment2007-12-18
7,311,175Acoustic liner with bypass cooling2007-12-25
7,314,124Vibration damping apparatus2008-01-01
7,318,564Power line sentry charging2008-01-15
7,318,565Electric motor assisted takeoff device for an air vehicle2008-01-15
7,324,016Navigational indicating system for rotary wing aircraft2008-01-29
7,328,771Zero acoustic splice fan case liner2008-02-12
7,331,546Bendable wing for micro air vehicle2008-02-19
7,333,044Rocket-powered sensor target assembly2008-02-19
7,334,760Flow control device and method of controlling flow2008-02-26
7,338,009Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception2008-03-04
7,341,221Attitude determination with magnetometers for gun-launched munitions2008-03-11
7,341,222Micro-unmanned aerodynamic vehicle2008-03-11
7,343,861Device and method for producing an infrared emission at a given wavelength2008-03-18
7,350,746Dual hull airship controlled by thrust vectoring2008-04-01
7,354,017Projectile trajectory control system2008-04-08
7,354,021Magnet for an ionic drive for space vehicles2008-04-08
7,357,353Method of joining structural elements in an aircraft2008-04-15
7,357,357Aircraft mode suppression2008-04-15
7,360,741Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and breaking subsequent grip motion2008-04-22
7,364,117Passive cooling system for auxiliary power unit installation2008-04-29
7,369,053De-icing information system2008-05-06
7,370,835Platform and system for mass storage and transfer in space2008-05-13
7,374,129Device for launching a power kite2008-05-20
7,374,133Wing having a negative dihedron for towing a load2008-05-20
7,377,466Propulsion system for miniature vehicles2008-05-27
7,377,468Active stabilization of a refueling drogue2008-05-27
7,380,753Composite material structure2008-06-03
7,380,756Single dielectric barrier aerodynamic plasma actuation2008-06-03
7,381,459Toughened uni-piece, fibrous, reinforced, oxidization-resistant composite2008-06-03
7,387,276Aerial sensor pod deployment system2008-06-17
7,387,278Parachute ripcord pins2008-06-17
7,392,963Supersonic flight vehicle2008-07-01
7,395,761Variable-force payload ejecting system2008-07-08
7,398,946Power line sentry charging2008-07-15
7,401,682Architecture for an acoustic liner2008-07-22
7,404,530Control of a drogue body2008-07-29
7,407,131Method for creating an aeronautic sound shield having gas distributors arranged on the engines, wings, and nose of an aircraft2008-08-05
7,410,133Miniature trailing edge effector for aerodynamic control2008-08-12
7,413,141Gas turbine engine fuel control system and regulating valves therefor2008-08-19
7,413,149Wing enhancement through ion entrainment of media2008-08-19
7,413,262Hub for wheel of human powered vehicle2008-08-19
7,416,154Trajectory correction kit2008-08-26
7,416,158Continuous disreefing apparatus for parachute2008-08-26
7,419,122Combined skirt-reefing and slider method for controlled parachute opening2008-09-02
7,419,326Method for accelerating a passengered vehicle upon a roadway2008-09-02
7,422,175Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception2008-09-09
7,422,179Apparatus for aerial refuelling2008-09-09
7,422,505Toy helicopter2008-09-09
7,425,167Toy helicopter2008-09-16
7,425,168Toy helicopter2008-09-16
7,425,918System and method for the measurement of full relative position and orientation of objects2008-09-16
7,428,870Apparatus for changing the attack angle of a cavitator on a supercavatating underwater research model2008-09-30
7,431,242Re-entry vehicle shape for enhanced performance2008-10-07
7,431,243Guidance and control for an autonomous soaring UAV2008-10-07
7,437,237Positioning control apparatus and the method2008-10-14
7,438,264Method and associated apparatus for capturing, servicing and de-orbiting earth satellites using robotics2008-10-21
7,448,577Apparatus for providing velocity differential between parachute and payload to reduce shock load2008-11-11
7,458,542Landing gear door assembly2008-12-02
7,467,761Method and system for adjusting the flight path of an unguided projectile, with compensation for jittering deviation2008-12-23
7,469,857System and method for altitude control2008-12-30
7,469,858Geared wheel motor design2008-12-30
7,469,861Seating system and a passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2008-12-30
7,472,866Deployment system and method for subsurface launched unmanned aerial vehicle2009-01-06
7,472,957Seating system and a passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2009-01-06
7,478,780Methods for manufacturing composite aircraft, parts and a family of composite aircraft2009-01-20
7,484,687Propulsion device2009-02-03
7,484,688Landing gear noise reduction2009-02-03
7,487,015Emulator for an inertial navigation unit protocol converter2009-02-03
7,487,937Airfoil for micro air vehicle2009-02-10
7,494,093Wing having a negative dihedron for towing a load2009-02-24
7,497,305Brake condition monitoring2009-03-03
7,500,678Airplane ski lift2009-03-10
7,503,425Integrated inlet attachment2009-03-17
7,503,526Space transportation node including tether system2009-03-17
7,506,839Engine airframe J-seal damper2009-03-24
7,506,941Brake condition monitoring2009-03-24
7,509,774Apparatus for integrating a rigid structure into a flexible wall of an inflatable structure2009-03-31
7,520,470Aircraft configuration with improved aerodynamic performance2009-04-21
7,521,655Method and system of automatic control2009-04-21
7,523,888Seating system and a passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2009-04-28
7,523,890Non-pyrotechnic remote-controlled parachute jettison method2009-04-28
7,530,527Method and device for launching aerial vehicles2009-05-12
7,537,181Guidance system2009-05-26
7,537,182Simultaneous multiple-location separation control2009-05-26
7,540,450Aircraft propulsion system2009-06-02
7,542,829Low earth orbit satellite command planning device and method, and low earth orbit satellite control system including the same2009-06-02
7,543,779Low-impact mating system2009-06-09
7,543,780Unmanned air vehicle transmission line docking surveillance2009-06-09
7,549,608Detachable line management device for traction kites2009-06-23
7,551,121Multi-target-tracking optical sensor-array technology2009-06-23
7,552,892Dual-sliding fin lock assembly2009-06-30
7,556,222Apparatus for deicing a surface of an aircraft2009-07-07
7,559,508Propellant depot in space2009-07-14
7,566,031Triggering system for the plastic collapse of a metal structural element2009-07-28
7,568,433Aerodynamically stable finless projectile2009-08-04
7,570,475Cowling assembly2009-08-04
7,578,467Methods and apparatuses for indicating and/or adjusting tension in pliant tension members, including aircraft recovery lines2009-08-25
7,578,473Rib for aircraft wing and methods for the manufacture thereof2009-08-25
7,578,483Conformable skin element system for active vortex control2009-08-25
7,580,777Modular aircraft control system and method2009-08-25
7,581,378Anti-icing apparatus and method for aero-engine nose cone2009-09-01
7,581,381Ducted air power plant2009-09-01
7,581,702Wirelessly controlling unmanned aircraft and accessing associated surveillance data2009-09-01
7,588,214Deployable support structure2009-09-15
7,589,663System and method for the measurement of the unambiguous roll angle of a projectile2009-09-15
7,600,717Aircraft wings and fuel tanks2009-10-13
7,604,197Tow cable termination2009-10-20
7,604,201Nacelle drag reduction device for a turbofan gas turbine engine2009-10-20
7,611,305Roadway for decelerating a vehicle including an aircraft2009-11-03
7,618,007Force balancing actuator2009-11-17
7,619,326Artificial satellite equipment panel2009-11-17
7,621,483Aircraft and fuel venting system therefor2009-11-24
7,624,941Method of controlling aircraft, missiles, munitions and ground vehicles with plasma actuators2009-12-01
7,624,942Decoupled ducting for twin-engine reaction rotor drive2009-12-01
7,625,415Strainer for a gas turbine engine2009-12-01
7,628,671Programmable flying object2009-12-08
7,629,037Aircraft structural components2009-12-08
7,631,833Smart counter asymmetric threat micromunition with autonomous target selection and homing2009-12-15
7,637,457Rankine-Brayton engine powered solar thermal aircraft2009-12-29
7,637,461Approaches to actively protect spacecraft from damage due to collisions with ions2009-12-29
7,641,144Cross-flow fan propulsion system2010-01-05
7,644,889Fluid sensing system and methods, including vehicle fuel sensors2010-01-12
7,644,890Low-energy locking hinge mechanism for deployable devices2010-01-12
7,645,969Low voltage device for the generation of plasma discharge to operate a supersonic or hypersonic apparatus2010-01-12
7,651,051Mechanism for biaxial rotation of a wing and vehicle containing such mechanism2010-01-26
7,654,368Hybrid fastener2010-02-02
7,662,013Helicopter with horizontal control2010-02-16
7,662,459Versatile honeycomb matrix heat shield2010-02-16
7,665,688Convertible aerial vehicle with contra-rotating wing/rotors and twin tilting wing and propeller units2010-02-23
7,669,799Reversible shape memory multifunctional structural designs and method of using and making the same2010-03-02
7,669,805Device for remotely controlling aircraft control surfaces2010-03-02
7,675,012Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception2010-03-09
7,677,496Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of reinforcing thereof2010-03-16
7,677,499Aircraft wing coupling arrangement2010-03-16
7,679,037Personal rifle-launched reconnaisance system2010-03-16
7,681,831Suspension net for airborne surveying2010-03-23
7,681,835Single piece co-cure composite wing2010-03-23
7,681,839Optical tracking system for refueling2010-03-23
7,681,840Space transportation node including tether system2010-03-23
7,681,842Device for artificially restoring an opposing force for a device for remotely controlling aircraft control surfaces2010-03-23
7,686,252Optical tracking system for airborne objects2010-03-30
7,689,327Microserver adapter for an avionics box2010-03-30
7,692,126Device for countering and tracking a threat with optical delay device2010-04-06
7,692,127MEMS type thermally actuated out-of-plane lever2010-04-06
7,694,914Propulsion system for model airplanes2010-04-13
7,703,479Plasma actuator2010-04-27
7,708,082Fire fighting bucket suspendable from aircraft2010-05-04
7,708,225Aircraft landing gear2010-05-04
7,708,229Circulation controlled airfoil2010-05-04
7,708,230Flow distribution system for inlet flow control2010-05-04
7,708,281Method of sealing a joint2010-05-04
7,709,772Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with improved control system2010-05-04
7,711,455Propulsion controlled aircraft computer2010-05-04
7,712,702Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and breaking subsequent grip motion2010-05-11
7,714,536Battery charging arrangement for unmanned aerial vehicle utilizing the electromagnetic field associated with utility power lines to generate power to inductively charge energy supplies2010-05-11
7,714,797Phased array antenna2010-05-11
7,721,549Fan variable area nozzle for a gas turbine engine fan nacelle with cam drive ring actuation system2010-05-25
7,721,648External telemetry method2010-05-25
7,721,993Wire-strike defence system2010-05-25
7,726,601Device and method for affecting local climatic parameters2010-06-01
7,726,604Aerial sensor pod deployment system2010-06-01
7,726,605Aerial sensor pod deployment system2010-06-01
7,728,265MEMS type flow actuated out-of-plane flap2010-06-01
7,731,124Landing gear2010-06-08
7,732,741Folding articulating wing mechanism2010-06-08
7,734,254Radio controller system and method for remote devices2010-06-08
7,735,778Pivoting fairings for a thrust reverser2010-06-15
7,735,781Method and system for deployment of ordnance from an aircraft in mid-flight2010-06-15
7,735,782Flow surface for a three-dimensional boundary-layer flow, especially on a swept wing, a swept tail plane or a rotor2010-06-15
7,736,719Protection panel for aircrafts2010-06-15
7,739,865Gas turbine engine inlet with noise reduction features2010-06-22
7,740,206Translating active Gurney flap to alleviate aircraft wake vortex hazard2010-06-22
7,743,837Roadway for decelerating a vehicle including an aircraft having a fire retardant material2010-06-29
7,744,033Aircraft luggage handling system2010-06-29
7,744,037Calculating method for deducing possibilities of all possible scenarios of satellite members in low earth satellite constellation2010-06-29
7,744,303Collapsible concrete systems for runways2010-06-29
7,744,827Catalytic treatment of fuel to impart coking resistance2010-06-29
7,745,767Method of control of an ammunition or submunition, attack system, ammunition and designator implementing such a method2010-06-29
7,748,661Aircraft structure and a fastener for use therewith2010-07-06
7,752,834Aircraft propulsion systems2010-07-13
7,766,280Integral suction device with acoustic panel2010-08-03
7,770,839Flight machinery2010-08-10
7,774,106Cruise control FADEC logic2010-08-10
7,780,115Aircraft, vehicle and method for arranging seats therein2010-08-24
7,784,732Boundary-layer-ingesting inlet flow control system2010-08-31
7,784,773Isolator useful for in-line mounting with a strut2010-08-31
7,788,988Drive assemblies2010-09-07
7,789,340Propulsion system for model airplane2010-09-07
7,792,614Apparatus and method suitable for measuring the global displacement or load on an aircraft component2010-09-07
7,798,132Aircraft fuel tank assembly2010-09-21
7,798,445Systems and methods for recovering and controlling post-recovery motion of unmanned aircraft2010-09-21
7,798,446Aircraft seating and seating arrangements2010-09-21
7,800,031Actuators for gun-fired projectiles and mortars2010-09-21
7,802,752Jet engine noise suppressor2010-09-28
7,802,753Fuel tank for an aircraft2010-09-28
7,802,757Method and system for taxiing an aircraft2010-09-28
7,805,244Attitude correction apparatus and method for inertial navigation system using camera-type solar sensor2010-09-28
7,806,366Systems and methods for capturing and controlling post-recovery motion of unmanned aircraft2010-10-05
7,806,368Aerial sensor pod deployment system2010-10-05
7,806,370Large-scale deployable solar array2010-10-05
7,815,149Magnetic capture docking mechanism2010-10-19
7,819,221Lightweight acoustic damping treatment2010-10-26
7,823,826VSTOL aircraft2010-11-02
7,823,838Aircraft with improved lift2010-11-02
7,828,248Aircraft walkway2010-11-09
7,829,829Grid fin control system for a fluid-borne object2010-11-09
7,837,008Passive acoustic barrier2010-11-23
7,839,304Method and system for alerting aircrew to unsafe vibration levels2010-11-23
7,840,387System and method of designing a load bearing layer that interfaces to a structural pass-through of an inflatable vessel2010-11-23
7,850,388Compliant, low profile, independently releasing, non-protruding and genderless docking system for robotic modules2010-12-14
7,854,410Powered unmanned aerial vehicle2010-12-21
7,857,093Engine inlet deep acoustic liner section2010-12-28
7,857,257Aircraft thermal management system with reduced exhaust re-ingestion2010-12-28
7,861,977Adaptive material actuators for Coanda effect circulation control slots2011-01-04
7,871,455Jet engine protection system2011-01-18
7,874,513Apparatus and method for vertical take-off and landing aircraft2011-01-25
7,875,202Aircraft de-/anti-icer2011-01-25
7,875,838Post boost control power assembly2011-01-25
7,878,451Low-leakage seal system for pivot door type thrust reverser2011-02-01
7,878,460Aircraft wing slat2011-02-01
7,880,125Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with reconfigurable control surfaces2011-02-01
7,880,870Linear array sensors for target detection including hydrocarbon events such as gun, mortar, RPG missile and artillery firings2011-02-01
7,883,052Aircraft wing for over-the-wing mounting of engine nacelle2011-02-08
7,883,054Jam-tolerant actuator2011-02-08
7,883,059Actuator systems and associated methods for unmanned air vehicles and other applications2011-02-08
7,883,060Apparatus and method for twisting a wing to increase lift on aircraft and other vehicles2011-02-08
7,883,392Toy helicopter2011-02-08
7,886,682Multifunctional emergency kit and associated method2011-02-15
7,887,007High-altitude long-endurance airship2011-02-15
7,891,298Guided projectile2011-02-22
7,891,609Turnaround methods2011-02-22
7,900,872Nacelle inlet thermal anti-icing spray duct support system2011-03-08
7,901,014Brake condition monitoring2011-03-08
7,905,678Deployable collapsible engineered material systems for runway safety2011-03-15
7,909,288Crashworthiness structure and method2011-03-22
7,909,290Joint for use in aircraft construction2011-03-22
7,918,310Noise attenuation device for reducing jet engine noise during testing2011-04-05
7,919,739Anti-rebound locking device for the deployable fin of a projectile2011-04-05
7,920,943Precision approach guidance system and associated method2011-04-05
7,921,893Method and apparatus for welding of polymer composite components2011-04-12
7,923,671Drive device for projectile fins2011-04-12
7,930,808Flexible connection and release device and method2011-04-26
7,934,679Aircraft cabin2011-05-03
7,934,685Methods to actively protect spacecraft from damage due to collision with ions2011-05-03
7,934,686Reducing drag on a mobile body2011-05-03
7,938,368Nosecone ice protection system for a gas turbine engine2011-05-10
7,941,905Method of removing a component from an aircraft2011-05-17
7,942,368Composite aircraft component2011-05-17
7,947,936Apparatus and method for cooperative multi target tracking and interception2011-05-24
7,951,228Self-propelled vehicle comprising an onboard equipment supplied with filtered air2011-05-31
7,963,478Wing-flapping flying apparatus and method of using the same2011-06-21
7,964,831Remote control device for a target designator from an attack module, attack module and designator implementing such device2011-06-21
7,966,828Variable area nozzle with woven sleeve extension2011-06-28
7,966,921Aircraft wing-pylon interface mounting apparatus2011-06-28
7,971,824Flying object2011-07-05
7,971,828Aircraft fuel tank and inerting system therefor2011-07-05
7,971,832Wing tip devices2011-07-05
7,973,269Actuators for gun-fired projectiles and mortars2011-07-05
7,973,270Actuators for gun-fired projectiles and mortars2011-07-05
7,975,465Hybrid engine accessory power system2011-07-12
7,975,960Nosewheel control apparatus2011-07-12
7,977,613System and method for roll angle indication and measurement in flying objects2011-07-12
7,977,615Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow2011-07-12
7,982,655Aircraft decoy arrangement2011-07-19
7,983,804System for minimization of aircraft damage on collision2011-07-19
7,984,876Aircraft walkway2011-07-26
7,988,086Fuel tank system2011-08-02
7,988,100Wing tip device2011-08-02
7,988,103Solid state supersonic flow actuator and method of use2011-08-02
7,989,742Process to control the initiation of an attack module and initiation control device implementing said process2011-08-02
7,997,531Aircraft seat2011-08-16
8,001,690Rib for aircraft wing and methods for the manufacture thereof2011-08-23
8,001,901Signal transmission surveillance system2011-08-23
8,002,217System for adjustment of thrust reverser pivot door2011-08-23
8,002,219Multi-functional annular fairing for coupling launch abort motor to space vehicle2011-08-23
8,002,495Deployable collapsible engineered material systems for runway safety2011-08-23
8,002,604Remote controlled toy helicopter2011-08-23
8,006,934Heating architecture for a composite fairing2011-08-30
8,006,937Spacecraft docking interface mechanism2011-08-30
8,006,940Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil2011-08-30
8,011,723Aircraft seating and seating arrangements2011-09-06
8,015,789Anti-icing apparatus and method for aero-engine nose cone2011-09-13
8,015,920Solid fuel rocket thrust control2011-09-13
8,016,248Aircraft wing spoiler arrangement2011-09-13
8,020,379Double redundancy electro hydrostatic actuator system2011-09-20
8,020,805High altitude airship configuration and power technology and method for operation of same2011-09-20
8,020,809Direct torque actuator control for control moment gyroscope2011-09-20
8,025,254Apparatus for releasing a parachute from its payload2011-09-27
8,026,465Guided fuse with variable incidence panels2011-09-27
8,028,956Aircraft landing gear and door assembly2011-10-04
8,033,499Biomimetic micro-aerial-vehicle with figure-eight flapping trajectory2011-10-11
8,035,547System and method of assisted aerial navigation2011-10-11
8,038,096Aircraft landing gear assembly2011-10-18
8,042,693Water scavenging system2011-10-25
8,052,500Helicopter with main and auxiliary rotors2011-11-08
8,052,767Jet engine protection system2011-11-08
8,055,394Engine thrust values estimation2011-11-08
8,055,396Landing load monitor for aircraft landing gear2011-11-08
8,057,618Method and apparatus for making structures of composite material, in particular airplane fuselage sections2011-11-15
8,061,653Landing gear2011-11-22
8,061,656Hinge apparatus with an actuatable assembly2011-11-22
8,061,660Large-scale deployable solar array2011-11-22
8,064,154Device for protecting optical and/or electronic apparatuses, space telescope comprising said device, and device for removably occluding an aperture2011-11-22
8,065,044Vehicle guidance system2011-11-22
8,066,224Deceleration platform2011-11-29
8,066,227Deployable structures having collapsible structural members2011-11-29
8,070,090Stop-rotor rotary wing aircraft2011-12-06
8,070,100Aircraft structure2011-12-06
8,070,105Inflatable nested toroid structure2011-12-06
8,070,106Aircraft wing and flap deployment system2011-12-06
8,074,930Door for opening and closing a door aperture in an aircraft2011-12-13
8,076,621Integrated reference source and target designator system for high-precision guidance of guided munitions2011-12-13
8,082,726Tangential anti-swirl air supply2011-12-27
8,087,612Aircraft seat supporting structure2012-01-03
8,087,614Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-01-03
8,089,034Mechanism for folding, sweeping, and locking vehicle wings about a single pivot2012-01-03
8,090,484Orientation control method and system for object in motion2012-01-03
8,091,335Swept fan ramp for pivot door thrust reverser2012-01-10
8,091,461System for water-based launch of an unmanned aerial vehicle2012-01-10
8,091,823Flapping apparatus with large flapping angles2012-01-10
8,091,828Structural element and method of manufacture2012-01-10
8,091,830Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-01-10
8,091,833Vibration isolation devices and associated systems and methods2012-01-10
8,091,836Rotary wing system with ion field flow control2012-01-10
8,093,539Integrated reference source and target designator system for high-precision guidance of guided munitions2012-01-10
8,094,042Aircraft steering angle warning system2012-01-10
8,096,502Aircraft cabin2012-01-17
8,096,512Payload modules2012-01-17
8,100,366Automatic kite flight control system2012-01-24
8,100,367Variable geometry wing using a roll-up device2012-01-24
8,104,710Actuator arrangement2012-01-31
8,104,711Landing gear2012-01-31
8,109,463Self-propelled undercarriage wheel having a low profile tire2012-02-07
8,109,467Thrust reverser assembly with shaped drag links2012-02-07
8,109,470Overpressure protector2012-02-07
8,109,472Collapsible structures with adjustable forms2012-02-07
8,110,784Projectile having one or more windows for transmitting power and/or data into/from the projectile interior2012-02-07
8,110,785Mechanical stepper motors for gun-fired projectiles, mortars and missiles2012-02-07
8,113,465Trailing edge aircraft structure with overhanging cover2012-02-14
8,113,467Overpressure protection for an aircraft fuel tank system2012-02-14
8,113,469Passive micro-roughness array for drag modification2012-02-14
8,115,149Gun launched hybrid projectile2012-02-14
8,122,646Method and apparatus for an inflatable shell2012-02-28
8,123,162Unmanned air vehicles and method of landing same2012-02-28
8,128,021Engine mount system for a turbofan gas turbine engine2012-03-06
8,128,032Aircraft wing including a plurality of dismountable members2012-03-06
8,128,038High-lift device for an aircraft2012-03-06
8,132,492Dispensing device for infrared special material2012-03-13
8,134,249Wind system for converting energy through a vertical-axis turbine actuated by means of kites and process for producing electric energy through such system2012-03-13
8,136,755Landing gear assembly2012-03-20
8,136,766Frangible fasteners for aircraft components and associated systems and methods2012-03-20
8,141,301Externally braced inflatable structures2012-03-27
8,145,366Real-time, interactive sonic boom display2012-03-27
8,146,215Flexible connection and release device and method2012-04-03
8,147,943Replaceable impact resistant thermal protection system2012-04-03
8,152,096Apparatus and method for vertical take-off and landing aircraft2012-04-10
8,152,098Torque limiter with brake2012-04-10
8,152,099Method of landing an aircraft and apparatus therefor2012-04-10
8,152,104Drogue illumination2012-04-10
8,152,106System and process for automatically controlling the flight of power wing airfoils2012-04-10
8,152,246Brake condition monitoring2012-04-10
8,157,211Aircraft toilet facility2012-04-17
8,162,266Electrical power transfer assembly2012-04-24
8,165,795Hybrid inertial navigation system based on a kinematic model2012-04-24
8,167,237Mounting system for a gas turbine engine2012-05-01
8,181,292Seat cushion2012-05-22
8,181,422Energy-absorbing structural composite element2012-05-22
8,181,904Apparatus for facilitating tire valve stem access in self propelled aircraft undercarriage2012-05-22
8,181,907Wing-drive mechanism and vehicle employing same2012-05-22
8,181,908Control surface failsafe drop link2012-05-22
8,181,913Slat support funk plate2012-05-22
8,185,259Fuzzy logic-based control method for helicopters carrying suspended loads2012-05-22
8,186,622Aircraft component2012-05-29
8,186,630Leading edge structure for an aerofoil2012-05-29
8,186,631Aerofoil member2012-05-29
8,186,942Nacelle assembly with turbulators2012-05-29
8,190,305Hierarchical closed-loop control system for aircraft, missiles and munitions2012-05-29
8,190,307Control optimization method for helicopters carrying suspended loads2012-05-29
8,191,826Device which is subject to fluid flow2012-06-05
8,191,833Aircraft and missile afterbody flow control device and method of controlling flow2012-06-05
8,193,754Mechanical stepper motors2012-06-05
8,195,345Method of generating an integrated fuzzy-based guidance law for aerodynamic missiles2012-06-05
8,196,853Aerodynamically stabilized instrument platform2012-06-12
8,196,858Aircraft configured for flight in an atmosphere having low density2012-06-12
8,196,868Cryogenic propellant depot and integral sunshield2012-06-12
8,196,869Cryogenic propellant depot and deployable sunshield2012-06-12
8,201,390Partial cascade thrust reverser2012-06-19
8,201,773Flexible self-erecting substructures for sensor networks2012-06-19
8,201,885Seating for a passenger vehicle2012-06-19
8,205,430Variable geometry nacelle assembly for a gas turbine engine2012-06-26
8,205,825Engine pylon made from composite material2012-06-26
8,205,830Hydraulic fluid control apparatus2012-06-26
8,205,837Drogue assembly for in-flight refuelling2012-06-26
8,209,950Detecting ice buildup on an aircraft engine and actuating the turbofan exit nozzle to break the ice2012-07-03
8,210,469Hybrid device for vibration control2012-07-03
8,212,709Countermeasure method for a mobile tracking device2012-07-03
8,213,136Engine having power bus fault short circuit control with a disconnection switch2012-07-03
8,215,582Aircraft fuselage interior2012-07-10
8,215,590Aerofoil with leading edge projection2012-07-10
8,220,740Motor for driving aircraft, located adjacent to undercarriage wheel2012-07-17
8,220,743Aircraft wing assembly2012-07-17
8,220,755Hinge rib2012-07-17
8,221,633Cyclonic separator2012-07-17
8,225,592Microjet noise suppression system for jet engines2012-07-24
8,226,039Vibration isolation devices and associated systems and methods2012-07-24
8,226,041Steerable drogue2012-07-24
8,226,042Spin control system for a suspended object that is to be deployed in or recovered from water2012-07-24
8,230,770Apparatus to energetically remove a ballistic tolerant window2012-07-31
8,231,084Aircraft wing2012-07-31
8,245,978Multiple ASM OBIGGS with different permeability and selectivity membranes2012-08-21
8,251,306Turbofan engine for stol aircraft2012-08-28
8,251,312Method and system for control of upstream flowfields of vehicle in supersonic or hypersonic atmospheric flight2012-08-28
8,251,319Controlling the boundary layer of an airfoil2012-08-28
8,253,085Fin deployment apparatus for projectile2012-08-28
8,256,707Engine mounting configuration for a turbofan gas turbine engine2012-09-04
8,256,717Ground impact cargo parachute release mechanism2012-09-04
8,256,720Smart vortex generator, and aircraft, vessel, and rotary machine being equipped with the same2012-09-04
8,258,999System and method for roll angle indication and measurement in flying objects2012-09-04
8,261,530Cambered aero-engine inlet2012-09-11
8,262,015Launching system and launching apparatus2012-09-11
8,262,016Annular airborne vehicle2012-09-11
8,262,025Aircraft structure2012-09-11
8,262,028Spacecraft and method for operating the spacecraft2012-09-11
8,262,030Apparatus for twisting a wing to increase lift on aircraft and other vehicles2012-09-11
8,262,031Co-flow jet aircraft2012-09-11
8,263,200Composite structure and related method to obtain it2012-09-11
8,266,866Method and apparatus for an inflatable shell2012-09-18
8,266,999Mobile vertical missile launcher2012-09-18
8,267,349Engine mount system for a turbofan gas turbine engine2012-09-18
8,267,350Jam-tollerant actuator2012-09-18
8,267,353Cover panel for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-09-18
8,267,355Method of controlling aircraft, missiles, munitions and ground vehicles with plasma actuators2012-09-18
8,274,023Missile training system2012-09-25
8,276,842Dual actuator drive assembly with synchronization shaft2012-10-02
8,276,844Unmanned aerial vehicle launching and landing system2012-10-02
8,276,846Aircraft component2012-10-02
8,276,851Control of aerodynamic forces by variable wetted surface morphology2012-10-02
8,282,037Nacelle flow assembly2012-10-09
8,282,038Bi-directional flight control surface utilizing a split-track mechanism2012-10-09
8,283,018Composite structure2012-10-09
8,283,801Aircraft seat with shared control architecture2012-10-09
8,285,425System and method for controlling an unarmed air vehicle2012-10-09
8,285,659Aircraft system modeling error and control error2012-10-09
8,286,654Gas turbine engine inlet with noise reduction features2012-10-16
8,286,911Fitting for pivotally connecting aerodynamic control element to aircraft structure2012-10-16
8,292,231Apparatus for releasing a parachute from its payload2012-10-23
8,292,234Method and system for aviation navigation2012-10-23
8,292,235Slat assembly2012-10-23
8,292,236Flight surface seal2012-10-23
8,297,161Flare munition for battlefield illumination2012-10-30
8,302,486Reinforced panel2012-11-06
8,302,901Craft having a rotatable fluid propulsion device2012-11-06
8,302,902Method and apparatus for operating an aircraft landing system2012-11-06
8,302,904Dynamic roughness for aerodynamic applications2012-11-06
8,302,906Aircraft noise reduction apparatus2012-11-06
8,302,907Hybrid torque box for a thrust reverser2012-11-06
8,302,911Aircraft structure2012-11-06
8,302,912Shock bump2012-11-06
8,302,914Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil2012-11-06
8,303,243Turbine wash port for a gas turbine engine2012-11-06
8,305,252Countermeasure device for a mobile tracking device2012-11-06
8,308,105Aircraft engine pylon attachment2012-11-13
8,308,109Aircraft structure2012-11-13
8,308,522Flying toy2012-11-13
8,313,056Engine heat exchanger with thermoelectric generation2012-11-20
8,313,059Seating system and a passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2012-11-20
8,313,060Aircraft passenger seat2012-11-20
8,313,131Fitting, crane hook, and crane hook assembly2012-11-20
8,322,653Hybrid beam for a thrust reverser unit2012-12-04
8,322,657Panel with impact protection membrane2012-12-04
8,324,545Foldable and deployable panel2012-12-04
8,328,131Annular airborne vehicle2012-12-11
8,328,133Mounting system for a gas turbine engine2012-12-11
8,328,142Aileron actuator bracket2012-12-11
8,332,114Braking system for an aircraft and a method of monitoring braking for an aircraft2012-12-11
8,333,342Flapping-wing flying vehicle2012-12-18
8,334,486Engine inlet ice protection system having embedded variable watt density heaters2012-12-18
8,336,822Apparatus for providing variable thermal insulation for an aircraft2012-12-25
8,342,440Miniature robotic vehicle with ground and flight capability2013-01-01
8,342,456Wing tip device2013-01-01
8,346,410Method for improving maneuverability and controllability by simultaneously applying both reaction wheel-based attitude controller and thruster-based attitude controller2013-01-01
8,348,191Fail-safe aircraft engine mounting apparatus2013-01-08
8,356,774Structure for storing and unfurling a flexible material2013-01-22
8,359,825Microjet creation and control of shock waves2013-01-29
8,360,361Method and apparatus for jet blast deflection2013-01-29
8,366,045Apparatus with damage indication feature2013-02-05
8,366,047Electrothermal inlet ice protection system2013-02-05
8,366,048Aerial refuelling apparatus2013-02-05
8,366,054Hand launchable unmanned aerial vehicle2013-02-05
8,366,055Controllable miniature mono-wing aircraft2013-02-05
8,366,057Method and apparatus for pressure adaptive morphing structure2013-02-05
8,367,991Modulation device for a mobile tracking device2013-02-05
8,367,992Aircraft, missile, projectile, or underwater vehicle with reconfigurable control surfaces2013-02-05
8,371,521Low noise exhaust ducting system2013-02-12
8,371,532Aircraft joint2013-02-12
8,371,533Aircraft auxiliary fuel tank system and method2013-02-12
8,371,536Aircraft electrical power transfer assembly2013-02-12
8,371,537Aircraft structure with hinge rib assembly2013-02-12
8,375,860Stackable, easily packaged and aerodynamically stable flechette2013-02-19
8,376,261Landing gear2013-02-19
8,376,272Landing gear2013-02-19
8,376,273Aircraft braking system2013-02-19
8,376,278Cover trailing edge profile2013-02-19
8,376,282Collapsible structures2013-02-19
8,378,278Foldable and deployable panel2013-02-19
8,379,087Attitude estimation using ground imagery2013-02-19
8,382,027Adjustable servomechanism assemblies and associated systems and methods2013-02-26
8,382,029Wingless hovering of micro air vehicle2013-02-26
8,382,032Landing gear2013-02-26
8,387,921Self deploying solar array2013-03-05
8,393,571Hydraulic fluid control apparatus2013-03-12
8,393,575Rib post2013-03-12
8,393,581Collapsible structures2013-03-12
8,393,582Apparatus and method of transferring and utilizing residual fuel of a launch vehicle upper stage2013-03-12
8,393,648Composite flange, duct incorporating a flange and method of making a flange2013-03-12
8,398,017Continuous composite fan duct and thrust reverser2013-03-19
8,398,020Landing gear2013-03-19
8,398,024Wing cover panel assembly and wing cover panel for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2013-03-19
8,399,817Micro designator dart2013-03-19
8,402,739Variable shape inlet section for a nacelle assembly of a gas turbine engine2013-03-26
8,405,012Out-of-plane deflection MEMS actuator for projectile control surfaces2013-03-26
8,413,929Aircraft assembly2013-04-09
8,413,930Thermal anti-icing system2013-04-09
8,415,598Extendable fins for a tube-launched projectile2013-04-09
8,417,395Hierarchical closed-loop flow control system for aircraft, missiles and munitions2013-04-09
8,418,954Spoiler deployment mechanism2013-04-16
8,418,958Landing gear actuation control system2013-04-16
8,418,959Unmanned aerial vehicle having spherical loading portion and unmanned ground vehicle therefor2013-04-16
8,424,801Slat support assembly2013-04-23
8,424,805Airfoil structure2013-04-23
8,424,807Track container2013-04-23
8,424,809Control of aerodynamic forces by variable wetted surface morphology2013-04-23
8,434,714Aircraft landing gear2013-05-07
8,434,723Low drag asymmetric tetrahedral vortex generators2013-05-07
8,435,335Desiccant regeneration2013-05-07
8,437,892Method and system for establishment and maintenance of a global formation of directionally-fixed spacecraft without the use of expendable mass2013-05-07
8,438,930Mechanical signal processing accumulator attenuation device and method2013-05-14
8,443,586Variable area fan nozzle bearing track2013-05-21
8,444,082High performance `X`-configuration airplane for storage and launch from a tubular container2013-05-21
8,448,895Gas turbine engine compressor arrangement2013-05-28
8,450,669Projectile body equipped with deployable control surfaces2013-05-28
8,459,597Integral suction device with acoustic panel2013-06-11
8,463,466Method, apparatus or software for controlling the heading of an aircraft on the ground2013-06-11
8,464,978Counter-rotational inertial control of rotorcraft2013-06-18
8,464,981Unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) recovery system2013-06-18
8,469,314Technique for de-orbiting small debris from the near-earth space environment2013-06-25
8,469,316High-lift device, wing, and noise reduction structure for high-lift device2013-06-25
8,471,186Missile guidance system2013-06-25
8,473,123Programmable surface2013-06-25
8,474,762Aircraft slat assembly2013-07-02
8,484,944Aerodynamic device for thrust reverser cascades2013-07-16
8,485,210Water scavenging system2013-07-16
8,485,470Movable seat2013-07-16
8,485,476Discrete co-flow jet (DCFJ) airfoil2013-07-16
8,487,227Speed-adaptive deployable boat-tailing cone for munitions for range extension2013-07-16
8,490,744Combustor and gas turbine having the same2013-07-23
8,490,914Landing gear with noise reduction fairing2013-07-23
8,492,692Unmanned aerial vehicle based sonar buoy2013-07-23
8,493,261Countermeasure device for a mobile tracking device2013-07-23
8,496,021Overpressure valve for an aircraft2013-07-30
8,499,694Two-fin stackable flechette having two-piece construction2013-08-06
8,511,604Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine2013-08-20
8,511,605Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine2013-08-20
8,511,611Slot seal2013-08-20
8,511,619Slat deployment mechanism2013-08-20
8,511,620Aircraft wing load alleviation system2013-08-20
8,513,580Targeting augmentation for short-range munitions2013-08-20
8,513,582Method for stepping a first member relative to a second member associated with a projectile2013-08-20
8,516,828Bearing compartment pressurization and shaft ventilation system2013-08-27
8,517,300Composite materials2013-08-27
8,517,314Actuator arrangement2013-08-27
8,523,106Nose landing gear arrangement with a collapsible support structure designed to minimize the stowed volume of the landing gear2013-09-03
8,523,111Method of stiffening a rib2013-09-03
8,523,113Bonding of thermoplastics2013-09-03
8,523,114Aircraft fuel tank system2013-09-03
8,524,022Method of manufacturing a structure2013-09-03
8,525,090Pneumatically actuated control surface for airframe body2013-09-03
8,528,318Cambered aero-engine inlet2013-09-10
8,528,601Passive boundary layer control elements2013-09-10
8,529,188Fan nacelle flow control2013-09-10
8,532,846Helicopter sling-load stability control and release system2013-09-10
8,532,957Aircraft weight estimation method2013-09-10
8,544,212Externally braced inflatable structures2013-10-01
8,544,787High performance tilt rotor aircraft in which nacelle tilt angle and flaperon angle mechanically interwork with each other2013-10-01
8,548,650Hierarchical closed-loop control system for aircraft, missiles and munitions2013-10-01
8,549,834Gas turbine engine with variable area fan nozzle2013-10-08
8,550,403Aircraft fuel tank2013-10-08
8,556,214Cross-bleed dam2013-10-15
8,560,203Aircraft engine control during icing of temperature probe2013-10-15
8,561,942Gas turbine engine mounting structure with secondary load paths2013-10-22
8,561,943Truss-shaped engine pylon and method of making same2013-10-22
8,567,727Trailing edge flap2013-10-29
8,567,745Apparatuses and systems with vertically and longitudinally offset mounting flanges2013-10-29
8,569,670Pressure activated inertially locking base for projectiles2013-10-29
8,573,533Method and apparatus for operating an aircraft landing system2013-11-05
8,573,542Aerofoil slot blowing2013-11-05
8,577,520Altitude control of an indoor flying toy2013-11-05
8,579,226Power assisted toy flying device2013-11-12
8,579,235Technique for de-orbiting small debris from the near-earth space environment2013-11-12
8,579,236Aircraft slat assembly with anti-icing system2013-11-12
8,581,160Gyroscopic stabilizer2013-11-12
8,581,771Scene illuminator2013-11-12
8,586,176Shape memory alloy fibers and shape memory polymer fibers and films and their composites for reversible shape changes2013-11-19
8,587,473System and method for roll angle indication and measurement in flying objects2013-11-19
8,596,573Nacelle flow assembly2013-12-03
8,602,156Multi-splice acoustic liner2013-12-10
8,602,355Aircraft wing2013-12-10
8,602,359Ice protection system2013-12-10
8,602,361Laminar flow monitor2013-12-10
8,608,103Personal flight device incorporating radiator cooling passage2013-12-17
8,615,980Gas turbine engine with noise attenuating variable area fan nozzle2013-12-31
8,616,499Wing structure2013-12-31
8,622,337Airship for transportation2014-01-07
8,627,727Sensor for measuring large mechanical strains with fine adjustment device2014-01-14
8,630,750Method of controlling steering control equipment for aircraft, and steering control equipment for aircraft and aircraft provided therewith2014-01-14
8,630,751Tracking system device and method2014-01-14
8,632,033Thrust reverser actuation2014-01-21
8,637,798Integrated reference source and target designator system for high-precision guidance of guided munitions2014-01-28
8,639,400Altitude control of an indoor flying toy2014-01-28
8,640,988Landing gear with composite leaf spring2014-02-04
8,645,045Fuel transfer monitoring system and method2014-02-04
8,646,346Skew detection2014-02-11
8,646,722Aircraft taxiing actuator2014-02-11
8,648,285Remotely guided gun-fired and mortar rounds2014-02-11
8,651,413Lightning-protection fastener2014-02-18
8,651,417Bogie stop block2014-02-18
8,651,428Aircraft wing assembly2014-02-18
8,651,429Blended cutout flap for reduction of jet-flap interaction noise2014-02-18
8,655,509Flight control system of aircraft2014-02-18
8,656,957Vortex generators to control boundary layer interactions2014-02-25
8,662,453Relating to air-breathing flight vehicles2014-03-04
8,662,549Fitting, crane hook, and crane hook assembly2014-03-04
8,668,168Space vehicle valve system2014-03-11
8,669,504Hand launchable unmanned aerial vehicle2014-03-11
8,672,260Single plane mount system for gas turbine engine2014-03-18
8,672,261Engine mount of aircraft and aircraft2014-03-18
8,672,269Vent stringer and aircraft main wing2014-03-18
8,672,270Tie down and jack fitting assembly for helicopter2014-03-18
8,674,278Control of projectiles or the like2014-03-18
8,684,216Closing member for opening2014-04-01
8,684,300Aircraft landing gear2014-04-01
8,684,303Gas turbine engine compressor arrangement2014-04-01
8,686,325Remotely guided gun-fired and mortar rounds2014-04-01
8,692,171Hand launchable unmanned aerial vehicle2014-04-08
8,692,691Infrared laser landing marker2014-04-08
8,694,183Partial automated alignment and integration system2014-04-08
8,695,915Flap side edge liners for airframe noise reduction2014-04-15
8,695,916Personal flight vehicle including control system2014-04-15
8,695,920Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine2014-04-15
8,695,925Elastically deformable side-edge link for trailing-edge flap aeroacoustic noise reduction2014-04-15
8,698,667Device for countering and tracking a threat in the form of a homing-head missile2014-04-15
8,700,233Method for shaping wing velocity profiles for control of flapping wing micro air vehicles2014-04-15
8,702,035Actuation apparatus for use on an aircraft2014-04-22
8,702,466Model helicopter2014-04-22
8,708,272Landing gear door liners for airframe noise reduction2014-04-29
8,708,274Transverse mounted gas turbine engine2014-04-29
8,708,276Lighter than air emergency beacon platform2014-04-29
8,708,280Telescopic strut2014-04-29
8,708,285Micro-unmanned aerial vehicle deployment system2014-04-29
8,714,473Landing gear2014-05-06
8,714,481Integrated electric motor and gear in an aircraft wheel2014-05-06
8,714,487Cockpit window of aircraft having electromagnetic shield, and aircraft2014-05-06
8,714,489Structural bonding arrangement2014-05-06
8,714,493Trailing edge flap2014-05-06
8,716,640Piloting device of a missile or of a projectile2014-05-06
8,720,182Integrated variable area nozzle and thrust reversing mechanism2014-05-13
8,720,183Thrust reverser translating sleeve assembly2014-05-13
8,720,814Aircraft with freewheeling engine2014-05-13
8,720,821Seating system and passenger accommodation unit for a vehicle2014-05-13
8,720,830Efficient solar panel wing-stowage on a space launch vehicle2014-05-13
8,727,266Flying machine comprising twin contra-rotating vertical axis propellers2014-05-20
8,727,267Variable contraction ratio nacelle assembly for a gas turbine engine2014-05-20
8,731,870Method of designing a composite panel2014-05-20
8,735,789Extendable stabilizer for projectile2014-05-27
8,738,330Scalable, inert munition data recorder and method to characterize performance of a weapon system2014-05-27
8,739,515Variable area fan nozzle cowl airfoil2014-06-03
8,740,134Unmanned aircraft system and operation method thereof2014-06-03
8,740,154Spacecraft shield2014-06-03
8,746,615Landing gear2014-06-10
8,746,619Tail capable of improving anti-bird strike performance of aircraft2014-06-10
8,752,787Electrical driven flying saucer based on magnetic suspension2014-06-17
8,752,790Aircraft landing gear steering system2014-06-17
8,752,792Closing member for opening2014-06-17
8,753,429Aircraft fuel tank ventilation2014-06-17
8,757,540Nacelle inlet lip2014-06-24
8,757,543Support assembly2014-06-24
8,757,550Method and apparatus for cooling fuel in an aircraft fuel tank2014-06-24
8,757,551Foreign object damage protection device and system for aircraft2014-06-24
8,761,966Trajectory tracking flight controller2014-06-24
8,763,951Cargo oriented personal aircraft2014-07-01
8,763,958Multi-element airfoil system2014-07-01
8,768,622System and method for maneuver plan for satellites flying in proximity using apocentral coordinate system2014-07-01
8,769,924Gas turbine engine assembly including accessory components within the nacelle2014-07-08
8,770,514Landing gear2014-07-08
8,770,522Deployable space boom using bi-stable tape spring mechanism2014-07-08
8,777,154Apparatus and method for preventing gas turbine engine freezing2014-07-15
8,777,157Tethered hovering platform2014-07-15
8,777,161Lightweight blast mitigating composite panel2014-07-15
8,777,165Aircraft fuel system2014-07-15
8,789,453Dispenser pod2014-07-29
8,794,574Micro-array surface for passive drag modification2014-08-05
8,800,914Gas turbine engine with low stage count low pressure turbine2014-08-12
8,800,918Hybrid engine accessory power system2014-08-12
8,800,924Aerofoil structure2014-08-12
8,800,929Under-wing pylon made of composite material2014-08-12
8,800,930Aerial delivery system with high accuracy touchdown2014-08-12
8,807,477Gas turbine engine compressor arrangement2014-08-19
8,807,483Electrothermal heater mat2014-08-19
8,807,484Gas exhaust diverter2014-08-19
8,809,755Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with improved control system and method of using2014-08-19
8,813,926Impact-absorbing structure and method for producing the same2014-08-26
8,814,096Method of controlling the centre of gravity of an aircraft2014-08-26
8,814,098Control system for a traction wing2014-08-26
8,818,581Parafoil electronic control unit having wireless connectivity2014-08-26
8,820,675Motor for driving aircraft, located adjacent to undercarriage wheel2014-09-02
8,827,057Shock absorbing structure2014-09-09
8,827,213Aircraft slat assembly comprising a plurality of slats2014-09-09
8,840,068Closing member for opening2014-09-23
8,840,069Water scavenging system2014-09-23
8,840,070Power supply and control device for actuators, corresponding acutation assembly, and aircraft comprising such a device2014-09-23
8,844,293Fuel system for gas turbine engine2014-09-30
8,844,583Refuel valve assembly and method for refuelling an aircraft2014-09-30
8,844,864Main landing gear with rigid rear stay2014-09-30
8,844,872Composite structure2014-09-30
8,851,417Self-retaining shear pin for blind mount location2014-10-07
8,851,418Landing gear attachment2014-10-07
8,857,758Lighter-than-air vehicle for shading2014-10-14
8,858,171Bearing assembly2014-10-14
8,863,893Engine inlet varying impedance acoustic liner section2014-10-21
8,864,074Composite panel stiffener2014-10-21
8,864,075Elongate composite structural members and improvements therein2014-10-21
8,864,076Elongate composite structural member2014-10-21
8,864,370Ice breaking probe for measuring global air temperature2014-10-21
8,869,507Translatable cascade thrust reverser2014-10-28
8,870,120Composite structure2014-10-28
8,873,168System and method of solar flux concentration for orbital debris remediation2014-10-28
8,874,285Steering angle control system for aircraft2014-10-28
8,876,043Aircraft engine exhaust nozzle system for jet noise reduction2014-11-04
8,876,051Bridging seal2014-11-04
8,876,055Aircraft refuelling system2014-11-04
8,876,056Aircraft fuel system2014-11-04
8,876,060Split flywheel assembly with attitude jitter minimization2014-11-04
8,876,064Oscillatory vorticity generator and applications thereof2014-11-04
8,876,482Electrical grounding for blade sheath2014-11-04
8,877,353Platinum (II) tetradentate ONCN complexes for organic light-emitting diode applications2014-11-04
8,880,246Method and apparatus for determining spacecraft maneuvers2014-11-04
8,881,924Tanks for containing a fluid within a chamber2014-11-11
8,882,029Fire resistant structural mount yoke and system2014-11-11
8,882,034Aircraft seat2014-11-11
8,882,035Class divider2014-11-11
8,882,043Landing gear assembly2014-11-11
8,882,046Sensor pod mount for an aircraft2014-11-11
8,882,049Airfoil system for cruising flight2014-11-11
8,882,089Dual radius isolator2014-11-11
8,884,202Integrated vehicle fluids2014-11-11
8,888,035Morphing aircraft2014-11-18
8,893,368Pivot joint assembly2014-11-25
8,893,865Impact absorbing structure, method for producing impact absorbing structure, and movable body2014-11-25
8,894,004Folding articulating wing mechanism2014-11-25
8,894,005Landing gear assembly of aircraft2014-11-25
8,894,014Firing prevention structure of fuel tank2014-11-25
8,894,015Apparatus and method for paragliders2014-11-25
8,894,018Method for reducing in flight wake vortices and an aircraft wingtip arrangement used in such method2014-11-25
8,894,019Method of using microjet actuators for the control of flow separation and distortion2014-11-25
8,899,517Landing gear2014-12-02
8,899,518Engine debris guard2014-12-02
8,899,528Blade seal2014-12-02
8,899,529Electrical power transmitting telescopic strut2014-12-02
8,904,805Environmental control system for aircraft utilizing turbo-compressor2014-12-09
8,905,348Fan case drainage system2014-12-09
8,907,536Device for actuating an item of equipment that can be controlled automatically or manually, with detection of take-up of manual control2014-12-09
8,909,393Methods for predicting a speed brake system fault2014-12-09
8,911,209Helicopter, rotor thereof, and control method thereof2014-12-16
8,916,809Projectile having a window for transmitting power and/or data into the projectile interior2014-12-23
8,919,697Structural assembly for an aircraft2014-12-30
8,919,703Hinge sealing element and an assembly including said element2014-12-30
8,921,749Perpendicular drive mechanism for a missile control actuation system2014-12-30
8,922,041Tethered vehicle control and tracking system2014-12-30
8,927,868Routing of cables2015-01-06
8,927,915Detection of rocket body through an active firing plume2015-01-06
8,933,383Method and apparatus for correcting the trajectory of a fin-stabilized, ballistic projectile using canards2015-01-13
8,935,073Reduced take-off field length using variable nozzle2015-01-13
8,936,218Aircraft fuel tank vent2015-01-20
8,938,324Method and device for measuring the angular velocity of a luminance transition zone and steering aid system for fixation and tracking a target comprising at least one such luminance transition zone2015-01-20
8,939,409Adaptor system for deploying small satellites2015-01-27
8,944,368Aircraft steering actuator2015-02-03
8,944,373Line capture devices for unmanned aircraft, and associated systems and methods2015-02-03
8,945,325Methods and systems for forming integral composite parts with a SMP apparatus2015-02-03
8,955,798Aircraft landing gear2015-02-17
8,955,799Aircraft landing gear stop pad2015-02-17
8,958,930Dynamic limitation of monoblock flight control surfaces inclinations during stall susceptibility conditions2015-02-17
8,967,543Aircraft ice protection system and aircraft provided with the same2015-03-03
8,967,549Actuation system for leading edge high-lift device2015-03-03
8,967,551Slat monitoring system2015-03-03
8,969,223Woven preform, composite, and method of making thereof2015-03-03
8,973,860Aerial recovery of small and micro air vehicles2015-03-10
8,973,869Landing gear retraction/extension device of aircraft2015-03-10
8,974,177Nacelle with porous surfaces2015-03-10
8,976,440Autonomous electrochromic assembly2015-03-10
8,978,351Integrated thermal management system and environmental control system for a gas turbine engine2015-03-17
8,978,352Apparatus and method for operating a gas turbine engine during windmilling2015-03-17
8,979,020Mounting system for mounting engine nacelle components and associated method2015-03-17
8,985,505Aircraft landing gear2015-03-24
8,985,509Assembly for mounting a turbine engine to a pylon2015-03-24
8,985,520Method of improved distribution over the surface of a parachute canopy2015-03-24
8,997,451Engine and pod assembly for an aircraft, equipped with an anti-icing device including a source of radiation and pulse control unit connected to the source of radiation2015-04-07
8,997,494Gas turbine engine fan blade airfoil profile2015-04-07
8,997,654Guided munition2015-04-07
8,998,126Lift generating device2015-04-07
8,998,129Landing gear2015-04-07
8,998,138Seating installation for a passenger vehicle2015-04-07
8,998,139Aircraft passenger seating arrangement2015-04-07
8,998,140Window of aircraft, closing member for opening and gasket seal2015-04-07
9,003,914Device for generating return forces for sticks such as aircraft control sticks2015-04-14
9,004,393Supersonic hovering air vehicle2015-04-14
9,004,399Nacelle flow assembly2015-04-14
9,004,404Aerodynamic sealing member for aircraft2015-04-14
9,004,406Aircraft wing box joint2015-04-14
9,008,871Aircraft landing gear monitoring apparatus2015-04-14
9,010,682Method and system for emergency landing of a vehicle2015-04-21
9,010,692High-lift device, wing, and noise reduction structure for high-lift device2015-04-21
9,016,068Mid-turbine frame with oil system mounts2015-04-28
9,016,301Conduit protection system and method2015-04-28
9,016,619Flapping flying robot2015-04-28
9,016,620Aircraft landing gear arrangement and a nose landing gear assembly2015-04-28
9,016,632Method and system for weakening shock wave strength at leading edge surfaces of vehicle in supersonic atmospheric flight2015-04-28
9,016,635Terminator tape satellite deorbit module2015-04-28
9,016,636Slat support assembly2015-04-28
9,017,511Aircraft protection device2015-04-28
9,021,903Linear actuator2015-05-05
9,022,311Active aircraft pylon noise control system2015-05-05
9,022,316System and method for failsafe operation of aircraft ground movement system2015-05-05
9,024,238Ground surface reconnaissance projectile2015-05-05
9,027,875Pylon arrangement for open structure2015-05-12
9,027,878Aircraft landing gear including a fairing2015-05-12
9,027,881Composite material structure and aircraft wing provided therewith2015-05-12
9,027,882Airframe of aircraft, panel assembly for aircraft2015-05-12
9,027,883Aircraft fairing2015-05-12
9,027,890Translating cable device sealing2015-05-12
9,031,718Aircraft and control method therefor2015-05-12
9,032,706Composite fan case with integral containment zone2015-05-19
9,033,282Wing tip device2015-05-19
9,038,944Electromechanical actuator for an aircraft control surface, and an aircraft provided with such an actuator2015-05-26
9,038,951Coupling assembly2015-05-26
9,038,957Systems and methods for providing energy to support missions in near earth space2015-05-26
9,038,958Method and apparatus for contingency guidance of a CMG-actuated spacecraft2015-05-26
9,038,964Control surface assembly2015-05-26
9,040,821Aircraft cable routing harness2015-05-26

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