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6,981,409Control surface controller force measurement system2006-01-03
6,983,912Hybrid exhaust heat shield for pylon mounted gas turbine engines2006-01-10
6,983,914Deployable solar array assembly2006-01-10
6,986,485Overhead space access stowable staircase2006-01-17
6,986,929Composite preform structural panel having electrically conductive stitching2006-01-17
6,988,693Methods and apparatus for passive illumination of refueling hoses2006-01-24
6,990,396Method and apparatus for reaction wheel dynamic compensation in long-duration deployment of a large reflector2006-01-24
6,994,297Method and apparatus for controlling a vehicle2006-02-07
7,000,869Cross section for a supersonic airplane2006-02-21
7,007,888Inertial position target measuring systems and methods2006-03-07
7,007,892Insulating baffle for a floor shear truss2006-03-07
7,007,893Methods and systems for controlling flammability control systems in aircraft and other vehicles2006-03-07
7,007,894In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for preventing oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-03-07
7,007,895Variable flow restricting devices2006-03-07
7,007,896Shock and vibration isolation system2006-03-07
7,010,398Control system providing perspective flight guidance2006-03-07
7,014,142Low-drag rotor/wing flap2006-03-21
7,014,143Aircraft lightning strike protection and grounding technique2006-03-21
7,021,586Force feedback refueling system for unmanned aircraft2006-04-04
7,025,307Method and apparatus for solar tacking momentum maintenance in long-duration deployment of a large reflector2006-04-11
7,028,948Apparatus for increase of aircraft lift and maneuverability2006-04-18
7,028,949Landing assist probe mounting system2006-04-18
7,028,950Load bearing window2006-04-18
7,031,811Fuel efficient airspeed trim2006-04-18
7,032,863Increased security flight deck door strike apparatus and method2006-04-25
7,036,770Methods and apparatus for illumination of refueling hoses2006-05-02
7,040,575Foam composite insulation for aircraft2006-05-09
7,040,577Attachment apparatus for injection-molded frameless canopies2006-05-09
7,040,579Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2006-05-09
7,048,228Slotted aircraft wing2006-05-23
7,048,235Slotted aircraft wing2006-05-23
7,051,509Apparatus for reducing foreign object debris ingestion into aircraft engines2006-05-30
7,051,974Pivoting aircraft wing and associated method2006-05-30
7,051,978Adaptable payload processes2006-05-30
7,051,979Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2006-05-30
7,052,573Method to eliminate undulations in a composite panel2006-05-30
7,055,781Cooled insulation surface temperature control system2006-06-06
7,059,090Fairing access door with reinforcement and method of manufacture2006-06-13
7,059,563Systems, apparatuses, and methods for moving aircraft control surfaces2006-06-13
7,059,565Aircraft frame hole patterns and brackets, and associated methods2006-06-13
7,059,571Deployable spacecraft mount for electric propulsion2006-06-13
7,062,363Refinement of spacecraft angular velocity and attitude estimates using star data2006-06-13
7,065,957Segmented mixing device for jet engines and aircraft2006-06-27
7,066,429Apparatus and method for predictable movement of structural components during failure2006-06-27
7,070,150Method and system for presenting moving simulated images in a moving vehicle2006-07-04
7,080,805Stiffened structures and associated methods2006-07-25
7,080,806Overhead space access conversion monument and service area staircase and stowage system2006-07-25
7,081,729Variable-structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA motoring subsystem2006-07-25
7,083,143Apparatuses and methods for attaching engines and other structures to aircraft wings2006-08-01
7,083,144Apparatus and methods for support of propulsion systems interconnect members2006-08-01
7,083,145Crew rest module and method of forming same2006-08-01
7,083,147Modularized insulation, systems, apparatus, and methods2006-08-01
7,086,874Seat track cover and method with embedded conduits for seat-to-seat electrical connectivity2006-08-08
7,090,029Firefighting bomblets and a precision aerial firefighting method utilizing the same2006-08-15
7,090,167Method and apparatus for liquid containment, such as for aircraft fuel vessels2006-08-15
7,093,789Delta-winged hybrid airship2006-08-22
7,093,795Methods and systems for operating aircraft landing gears2006-08-22
7,093,797Adaptable payload apparatus and methods2006-08-22
7,093,798Transformable airplane2006-08-22
7,093,800Method of operating a satellite for end-of-life maneuvers2006-08-22
7,093,801Positioning system, device, and method for in-flight refueling2006-08-22
7,093,802Pressurized sonobuoy deployment system2006-08-22
7,093,805System and methods for integrating a payload with a launch vehicle2006-08-22
7,097,139In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-08-29
7,100,872Lavatory fast pack system and method2006-09-05
7,100,875Apparatus and method for the control of trailing wake flows2006-09-05
7,103,952Engine loader and transporter apparatus and methods2006-09-12
7,104,306Cast unitized primary truss structure and method2006-09-12
7,108,226Interior seating architecture for aircraft2006-09-19
7,114,681Landing assist apparatus with offset landing probe2006-10-03
7,114,684Method, apparatus, and computer program product for safe exit maneuver from dimensionally extended rotating space vehicle2006-10-03
7,115,323Titanium foil ply replacement in layup of composite skin2006-10-03
7,118,067Wheel mounted water spray deflector2006-10-10
7,118,069Integrated window belt system for aircraft cabins2006-10-10
7,118,071Methods and systems for controlling lower surface shocks2006-10-10
7,121,510Luggage bins and aircraft passenger cabin ceilings2006-10-17
7,122,733Multi-junction photovoltaic cell having buffer layers for the growth of single crystal boron compounds2006-10-17
7,124,001Relative attitude estimator for multi-payload attitude determination2006-10-17
7,124,981Thrust reverser utilizing integrated structural bypass duct2006-10-24
7,127,138Apparatus and method for directing a light beam to a target2006-10-24
7,128,295Pivot mechanism for quick installation of stowage bins or rotating items2006-10-31
7,134,629Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures2006-11-14
7,134,630Thermal deformation determination for payload pointing using space-based beacon2006-11-14
7,136,752Method and apparatus for on-board autonomous pair catalog generation2006-11-14
7,137,592High-aspect ratio hybrid airship2006-11-21
7,137,594Aircraft interior configuration detection system2006-11-21
7,137,596Aircraft surface ice inhibitor2006-11-21
7,137,597In-flight refueling system, bladder device and method for preventing oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-11-21
7,137,598In-flight refueling system, sensor system and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2006-11-21
7,138,028Vacuum assisted resin transfer method for co-bonding composite laminate structures2006-11-21
7,140,574Inertial position target measuring systems and methods2006-11-28
7,142,971System and method for automatically controlling a path of travel of a vehicle2006-11-28
7,142,981Laser range finder closed-loop pointing technology of relative navigation, attitude determination, pointing and tracking for spacecraft rendezvous2006-11-28
7,143,813Foam bumper and radiator for a lightweight heat rejection system2006-12-05
7,143,979Vehicle windshield2006-12-05
7,146,299Adjustable simulation vehicle capabilities2006-12-05
7,147,186Interoperable aerial refueling apparatus and methods2006-12-12
7,147,188Aircraft store ejector rack systems and methods2006-12-12
7,149,610Momentum estimator for on-station momentum control2006-12-12
7,150,432Horizontal augmented thrust system and method for creating augmented thrust2006-12-19
7,152,635Commercial aircraft on-board inerting system2006-12-26
7,156,345Modular overhead stowage bin systems and associated methods2007-01-02
7,156,347Pivotable pylon for external carriage of aircraft stores2007-01-02
7,157,663Conducting-fiber deicing systems and methods2007-01-02
7,159,821Integrated transport system for overhead stowage2007-01-09
7,159,822Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures2007-01-09
7,172,155Seat interface for powered seat track cover2007-02-06
7,175,136Method and apparatus for detecting conditions conducive to ice formation2007-02-13
7,182,291Integrated aircraft structural floor2007-02-27
7,182,292Wide spreader bar and lift-up seat spreader bar for seat legs2007-02-27
7,182,293Airfoil box and associated method2007-02-27
7,185,850Cut to fit powered seat track cover2007-03-06
7,185,854In-flight refueling system and method for extending and retracting an in-flight refueling device2007-03-06
7,185,858Spacecraft gyro calibration system2007-03-06
7,188,007Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information2007-03-06
7,188,805Continuous power bus for seat power2007-03-13
7,188,807Refueling booms with multiple couplings and associated methods and systems2007-03-13
7,191,981Telescoping powered seat track cover2007-03-20
7,191,983Methods and systems for controlling flammability control systems in aircraft and other vehicles2007-03-20
7,191,985Aircraft multi-axis modal suppression system2007-03-20
7,195,201Adaptable payload enabling architecture2007-03-27
7,195,210Fiber matrix for a geometric morphing wing2007-03-27
7,198,062Fluid control valve2007-04-03
7,198,226Landing assist apparatus retention strap spool2007-04-03
7,198,228Aircraft cabin crew complex2007-04-03
7,198,229In-flight refueling system, damping device and method for damping oscillations in in-flight refueling system components2007-04-03
7,198,691Fastenerless internal support for hollow structures2007-04-03
7,207,521Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft2007-04-24
7,207,523Seat power bus with discrete connection ports2007-04-24
7,210,611Formed structural assembly and associated preform and method2007-05-01
7,210,653Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft2007-05-01
7,210,655Reconfigurable interior sidewall2007-05-01
7,211,982Variable-structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA motoring subsystem2007-05-01
7,213,787Valves for annular conduits including aircraft fuel conduits and associated systems and methods2007-05-08
7,216,581Piston locking actuator2007-05-15
7,216,831Shape changing structure2007-05-15
7,216,922Fairing panel retainer apparatus2007-05-15
7,219,014Method and apparatus for real-time star exclusion from a database2007-05-15
7,219,857Controllable refueling drogues and associated systems and methods2007-05-22
7,222,820Aircraft lavatory2007-05-29
7,226,019Efficient cargo liner installation2007-06-05
7,228,231Multiple stayout zones for ground-based bright object exclusion2007-06-05
7,228,611Method of transferring large uncured composite laminates2007-06-12
7,229,048Aerodynamic control of a hypersonic entry vehicle2007-06-12
7,232,093Cooled insulation surface temperature control system2007-06-19
7,232,095Overhead rest assembly2007-06-19
7,234,665Aircraft landing gear snow ski tow bar2007-06-26
7,234,666Pivoting storage bin and method of making2007-06-26
7,237,749Collapsible mobile platform interior structure2007-07-03
7,243,881Multi-function trailing edge devices and associated methods2007-07-17
7,246,774In-flight refueling system, boom, and method for extending range of motion of an in-flight refueling boom2007-07-24
7,246,777Method, apparatus, and computer program product for safe exit maneuver from dimensionally extended rotating space vehicle2007-07-24
7,246,987Solid motor transport trailer with rotatable chock supports2007-07-24
7,249,734Aerodynamic vehicle having a variable geometry, co-planar, joined wing2007-07-31
7,249,735Translating conduit apparatus for an airplane or equipment2007-07-31
7,252,266Landing assist apparatus eccentric bushing2007-08-07
7,252,267Aircraft archway architecture2007-08-07
7,255,306Method and computer program product for controlling the control effectors of an aerodynamic vehicle2007-08-14
7,255,309Vernier active flow control effector2007-08-14
7,258,304Cushioned grounding clamp2007-08-21
7,258,306Thermal deformation determination for payload pointing using space-based beacon2007-08-21
7,258,308Method and apparatus for controlling airflow with a gapped trailing edge device having a flexible flow surface2007-08-21
7,260,453Checklist error mitigation system2007-08-21
7,260,456Pixel-frequency slews and filters for star data measurements2007-08-21
7,261,256Variable-duct support assembly2007-08-28
7,262,394Mortar shell ring tail and associated method2007-08-28
7,264,199Unloaded lift offset rotor system for a helicopter2007-09-04
7,264,200System and method for improved rotor tip performance2007-09-04
7,264,206Leading edge flap apparatuses and associated methods2007-09-04
7,267,297Integrated axially varying engine muffler, and associated methods and systems2007-09-11
7,267,300Aircraft capable of vertical and short take-off and landing2007-09-11
7,267,302Window airflow damper2007-09-11
7,270,297Hoist for aircraft cabin construction2007-09-18
7,270,305Aircraft leading edge apparatuses and corresponding methods2007-09-18
7,275,362Thrust reversers including latching mechanisms and methods for manufacturing such thrust reversers2007-10-02
7,275,713Jack apparatus2007-10-02
7,275,715Operational ground support system2007-10-02
7,275,720Actively cooled ceramic thermal protection system2007-10-02
7,281,318Method of manufacturing a composite structural member having an integrated electrical circuit2007-10-16
7,281,684Systems and methods for braking aircraft, including braking intermediate main gears and differential braking2007-10-16
7,281,686Window assembly for aircraft fuselage2007-10-16
7,281,687In-flight refueling system and method for facilitating emergency separation of in-flight refueling system components2007-10-16
7,281,688Materials for self-transpiring hot skins for hypersonic vehicles or reusable space vehicles2007-10-16
7,293,739Aircraft archway2007-11-13
7,293,740Aircraft crewmember articulating berth system2007-11-13
7,293,741System and methods for distributing loads from fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits2007-11-13
7,296,395Engine inlet air particle separator with active flow control2007-11-20
7,296,769Cryogenic fuel tank insulation assembly2007-11-20
7,298,291Graphical symbology apparatus for use in an airborne refueling system2007-11-20
7,300,020Systems and methods for braking aircraft, including braking intermediate main gears and differential braking2007-11-27
7,300,021Aerospace vehicle fairing systems and associated methods2007-11-27
7,300,693Resin infused transparent skin panel and method of making same2007-11-27
7,302,317System and method to enhance attitude estimation for transfer orbit maneuver2007-11-27
7,303,700Methods of making optically clear structural laminates2007-12-04
7,308,762Method and apparatus for rotatably supporting movable components, including canards2007-12-18
7,309,043Actuation device positioning systems and associated methods, including aircraft spoiler droop systems2007-12-18
7,309,045Modular vehicle units, including aircraft interior storage units, and associated methods2007-12-18
7,309,047Systems and methods for controlling flexible communication links used for aircraft refueling2007-12-18
7,309,048Vision system and method incorporating graphics symbology for use in a tanker refueling system2007-12-18
7,310,578Fast access, low memory, pair catalog2007-12-18
7,322,545Structural mechanism for unlocking and engaging a controllable surface on a hinged platform (wing)2008-01-29
7,322,547Aerospace vehicle leading edge slat devices and corresponding methods2008-01-29
7,325,771Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures2008-02-05
7,331,421Flow restrictors for aircraft inlet acoustic treatments, and associated systems and methods2008-02-19
7,331,544Deployable receptacle2008-02-19
7,331,545Aircraft archway2008-02-19
7,334,755Tandem rotor wing and tandem fixed wing aircraft2008-02-26
7,337,097Dynamic modeling technique for the deployment of large satellite antennas2008-02-26
7,337,743High lift authority marine control system2008-03-04
7,337,795Fuel balancing system2008-03-04
7,338,017Methods and apparatus for vibration and buffet suppression2008-03-04
7,338,018Systems and methods for controlling aircraft flaps and spoilers2008-03-04
7,338,694Method for an integral composite forward flange in a composite2008-03-04
7,343,228Transient cancellation technique for spacecraft solar wing stepping2008-03-11
7,344,107Dual flow APU inlet and associated systems and methods2008-03-18
7,344,108Landing assist apparatus interface bulkhead and method of installation2008-03-18
7,350,752Fairing and installation methodology for sensor pressure belts2008-04-01
7,353,090System, bus monitor assembly and method of monitoring at least one data bus of an aircraft2008-04-01
7,357,149Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2008-04-15
7,357,352Air vehicle assembly and an associated control system and method2008-04-15
7,357,354Aircraft door hinge assembly2008-04-15
7,357,355Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2008-04-15
7,357,358Aircraft leading edge device systems and corresponding sizing methods2008-04-15
7,363,119Methods and systems for automatically displaying information, including air traffic control instructions2008-04-22
7,364,116Automatic control systems for aircraft auxiliary power units, and associated methods2008-04-29
7,364,121Methods and systems for automatically controlling aircraft takeoff rolls2008-04-29
7,367,530Aerospace vehicle yaw generating systems and associated methods2008-05-06
7,370,831Power strip for seats2008-05-13
7,370,832Payload to support track interface and fitting apparatus and methods2008-05-13
7,374,130Method and apparatus for vehicle control using variable blade pitch2008-05-20
7,380,749Combined fuel cell aircraft auxiliary power unit and environmental control system2008-06-03
7,380,752Aircraft interior architecture2008-06-03
7,380,754Clamp block assemblies and methods2008-06-03
7,387,277Aircraft wing composed of composite and metal panels2008-06-17
7,389,959Modular overhead privacy system and method2008-06-24
7,389,960Passenger cabin seat power bus2008-06-24
7,395,988Rotor wing aircraft having an adjustable tail nozzle2008-07-08
7,398,586Methods and systems for manufacturing a family of aircraft wings and other composite structures2008-07-15
7,398,945Cast unitized primary truss structure and method2008-07-15
7,401,752Protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods2008-07-22
7,410,120Control surface assemblies with torque tube base2008-08-12
7,410,122VTOL UAV with lift fans in joined wings2008-08-12
7,410,130Star-tracker-based attitude determination for spinning spacecraft2008-08-12
7,412,825Flow path splitter duct2008-08-19
7,413,143Payload to support track interface and fitting apparatus and methods2008-08-19
7,413,144Positioning system, device, and method for in-flight refueling2008-08-19
7,413,148Remotely located cryocooler2008-08-19
7,416,157Apparatus and methods of attaching panels to support structures2008-08-26
7,424,350Vehicle control systems and corresponding sizing methods2008-09-09
7,424,989Intelligent multifunctional actuation system for vibration and buffet suppression2008-09-16
7,427,048Linear acoustic pulsejet2008-09-23
7,431,241Interoperable aerial refueling apparatus and methods2008-10-07
7,434,763Rotor/wing dual mode hub fairing system2008-10-14
7,434,765Heat exchanger systems and associated systems and methods for cooling aircraft starter/generators2008-10-14
7,434,767Spacecraft adapter having embedded resources, and methods of forming same2008-10-14
7,437,224Target acquisition control for spacecraft gimballed payload2008-10-14
7,438,263Optimal aircraft window shape for noise control2008-10-21
7,440,825Constant vertical state maintaining cueing system2008-10-21
7,441,726Flight deck security pocket door system2008-10-28
7,448,574Aircraft archway architecture2008-11-11
7,448,576Filament wound crew rest enclosure structure2008-11-11
7,448,822Retaining member and method for use with a seat track2008-11-11
7,449,858Variable-Structure diagnostics approach achieving optimized low-frequency data sampling for EMA motoring subsystem2008-11-11
7,455,263Airplane interior systems2008-11-25
7,458,543Aerial refueling system2008-12-02
7,461,711Superconducting crawler system for a production line2008-12-09
7,463,956Constant vertical state maintaining cueing system2008-12-09
7,464,897Aircraft stowage bin2008-12-16
7,464,900Folding retractable protective dome for space vehicle equipment2008-12-16
7,464,901Method and device for magnetic space radiation shield2008-12-16
7,464,903Methods and apparatus for vibration and buffet suppression2008-12-16
7,469,860Aircraft archway architecture2008-12-30
7,469,863Systems and methods for automatically and semiautomatically controlling aircraft refueling2008-12-30
7,472,868Systems and methods for controlling an aerial refueling device2009-01-06
7,474,944Control system and method with multiple linked inputs2009-01-06
7,475,854Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices with non-parallel motion paths, and associated methods2009-01-13
7,478,782System and method incorporating adaptive and reconfigurable cells2009-01-20
7,480,996Truck pivot joint bearing and method of lubricating2009-01-27
7,481,214System and method for enriching aircraft cabin air with oxygen from a nitrogen generation system2009-01-27
7,484,589Apparatus and method for reducing aircraft noise and acoustic fatigue2009-02-03
7,484,593Acoustic structure and method of manufacturing thereof2009-02-03
7,484,691Method and device for magnetic space radiation shield providing isotropic protection2009-02-03
7,484,693Centralized bus interface with single wire secondary distribution2009-02-03
7,487,016Method for compensating star motion induced error in a stellar inertial attitude determination system2009-02-03
7,490,793Wireless landing gear monitoring system2009-02-17
7,491,289Methods of forming metal foil ply replacement in composite structures2009-02-17
7,493,911Shrouded valve apparatus and related methods2009-02-24
7,494,091Aircraft cart transport and stowage system2009-02-24
7,494,094Aircraft wing systems for providing differential motion to deployable lift devices2009-02-24
7,497,638Socket joint for tie-rod attachment system and method2009-03-03
7,500,641Aerospace vehicle flow body systems and associated methods2009-03-10
7,503,522Continuous power bus for seat power2009-03-17
7,503,525Pivotable pylon for external carriage of aircraft stores2009-03-17
7,506,842Aircraft control surface drive system and associated methods2009-03-24
7,506,855Non-protruding seat track apparatus2009-03-24
7,510,022Fire-suppression system for an aircraft2009-03-31
7,510,140Method and apparatus for generating lift2009-03-31
7,510,150Energy recovery apparatus and method2009-03-31
7,510,757Cellular composite grid-stiffened structure2009-03-31
7,512,464System and method for controlling the speed of an aircraft2009-03-31
7,516,918Morphable ceramic composite skins and structures for hypersonic flight2009-04-14
7,516,919Aircraft archway architecture2009-04-14
7,516,920In-flight refueling system and method for facilitating emergency separation of in-flight refueling system components2009-04-14
7,526,988Electromagnetic railgun projectile2009-05-05
7,527,222Composite barrel sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures, and methods and systems for manufacturing such barrel sections2009-05-05
7,527,223Interior panel attachment system2009-05-05
7,530,530Assembly for securing a stringer to a substrate2009-05-12
7,530,531Apparatus and methods for installing an aircraft window panel2009-05-12
7,533,850Fittings with redundant seals for aircraft fuel lines, fuel tanks, and other systems2009-05-19
7,540,226Aircraft engine structure-mounted aim-point biasing infrared countermeasure apparatus and method2009-06-02
7,540,639Cross bin illumination system2009-06-02
7,541,083Joining structures2009-06-02
7,546,176Method and apparatus for determining a solution group of parts in an assembly2009-06-09
7,546,975Tandem rotor wing rotational position control system2009-06-16
7,546,978Isolated crew deck for an operational ground support system2009-06-16
7,546,979Trapezoidal panel pin joint allowing free deflection between fuselage and wing2009-06-16
7,546,983Spacecraft power acquisition method for wing-stowed configuration2009-06-16
7,547,870Precision spacecraft payload platforms2009-06-16
7,549,606Lavatory fast pack system and method2009-06-23
7,549,607Aircraft having a dual floor servicing system associated with an operational ground support system2009-06-23
7,550,697Systems and methods for boresight adapters2009-06-23
7,552,896Aircraft window assembly2009-06-30
7,552,897Method and system for rotary code-based control2009-06-30
7,555,873Self-locating feature for a pi-joint assembly2009-07-07
7,556,223Vent system for an aerospace vehicle2009-07-07
7,559,507Thrust reversers including locking assemblies for inhibiting deflection2009-07-14
7,562,844Multiple attendant galley2009-07-21
7,562,846Window retaining system2009-07-21
7,568,660Auxiliary fuel tank systems for aircraft and methods for their manufacture and use2009-08-04
7,571,527Mandrel for fabrication of a monolithic composite nacelle panel2009-08-11
7,575,194Apparatuses and methods for joining composite members and other structural members in aircraft wing boxes and other structures2009-08-18
7,575,195Hinge cover integration into door seal edges2009-08-18
7,575,197Mobile transporter servicing unit for an operational ground support system2009-08-18
7,575,200Space depot for spacecraft resupply2009-08-18
7,578,466Mechanism for reducing heat generation in a joint2009-08-25
7,578,469Terminal docking port for an operational ground support system2009-08-25
7,578,474Sealed structural passenger window assembly and method of forming same2009-08-25
7,578,478Attaching panels to support structures in an aircraft2009-08-25
7,578,479Rotating air cargo delivery system and method of construction2009-08-25
7,578,481Digital programmable driver for solenoid valves and associated method2009-08-25
7,578,484Link mechanisms for gapped rigid krueger flaps, and associated systems and methods2009-08-25
7,581,002Methods and systems for network failure reporting2009-08-25
7,581,383Acoustic pulsejet helmet2009-09-01
7,581,700Adjustable fittings for attaching support members to fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits, and associated systems and methods2009-09-01
7,584,028Methods and systems for implementing location based noise abatement procedures2009-09-01
7,584,926Aircraft cart transport and stowage system2009-09-08
7,591,277Fuel balancing system2009-09-22
7,597,286Simplified power system for a cabin services system for an aircraft2009-10-06
7,597,288In-flight refueling lightning protection system2009-10-06
7,597,289Apparatus and method for the control of trailing wake flows2009-10-06
7,600,371Thrust reversers including support members for inhibiting deflection2009-10-13
7,600,711Flexible ducting system including an articulable sealed joint2009-10-13
7,601,004System and method for pivot for stowage compartments or rotating items2009-10-13
7,603,207Surrogate air processor2009-10-13
7,607,608Ground handling cart for skid equipped aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,613Payload support track interface and fitting2009-10-27
7,607,616Docking device2009-10-27
7,611,090Reaction-drive rotorcraft having an adjustable blade jet2009-11-03
7,611,093Dual flow APU inlet and associated systems and methods2009-11-03
7,611,095Aerodynamic re-entry vehicle control with active and passive yaw flaps2009-11-03
7,611,099Seal assemblies for use with drooped spoilers and other control surfaces on aircraft2009-11-03
7,618,006Ram air inlets for use with aircraft environmental control systems and other aircraft and non-aircraft systems2009-11-17
7,621,482Weight optimized pressurizable aircraft fuselage structures having near elliptical cross sections2009-11-24
7,623,957System, method, and computer program product for optimizing cruise altitudes for groups of aircraft2009-11-24
7,624,943Multi-mode unmanned and manned vehicle systems and methods2009-12-01
7,624,944Tandem air inlet apparatus and method for an airborne mobile platform2009-12-01
7,625,623Joints formed by joining structures2009-12-01
7,627,404Singularity escape and avoidance using a virtual array rotation2009-12-01
7,628,358Wing panel structure2009-12-08
7,628,359Method and apparatus for detecting conditions conducive to ice formation2009-12-08
7,628,879Conductive scrim embedded structural adhesive films2009-12-08
7,631,837Electrical interlock and indication system for aircraft2009-12-15
7,635,106Composite shear tie2009-12-22
7,635,107System for aerodynamic flows and associated method2009-12-22
7,637,454Apparatus and method for controlling twist of a wing of an airborne mobile platform2009-12-29
7,637,455Inlet distortion and recovery control system2009-12-29
7,637,458Systems and methods for providing back-up hydraulic power for aircraft, including tanker aircraft2009-12-29
7,637,686Swivel fitting attachment apparatus2009-12-29
7,641,146Aircraft nose landing gear enclosure2010-01-05
7,641,149Multi-exit combined evacuation slide2010-01-05
7,641,152Dynamic adjustment of wing surfaces for variable camber2010-01-05
7,641,153Directed energy off-body heating for supersonic vehicle shockwave and sonic boom control2010-01-05
7,644,888High-speed aircraft and methods for their manufacture2010-01-12
7,644,891Spacecraft low tumble linear release system2010-01-12
7,648,104Store ejector rack2010-01-19
7,651,054Device, method, and aircraft for illuminating in-flight operations2010-01-26
7,651,756Resin infused transparent skin panel and method of making same2010-01-26
7,654,487Vent baffle2010-02-02
7,661,626Window assembly retaining system2010-02-16
7,661,629Systems and methods for destabilizing an airfoil vortex2010-02-16
7,665,479Aerial refueling system2010-02-23
7,665,689Unconventional integrated propulsion systems and methods for blended wing body aircraft2010-02-23
7,665,690Structural mechanism for unlocking and engaging a controllable surface on a hinged platform (Wing)2010-02-23
7,665,695Unified attitude control for spacecraft transfer orbit operations2010-02-23
7,669,785Integrated engine exhaust systems and methods for drag and thermal stress reduction2010-03-02
7,673,833Protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods2010-03-09
7,674,091Rotor blade pitch control2010-03-09
7,677,502Method and apparatus for generating lift2010-03-16
7,681,482Automatic connector system2010-03-23
7,681,837Method and apparatus for closing a swing tail on an aircraft2010-03-23
7,681,841Method and system for spacecraft power acquisition using single-axis slit sun sensor2010-03-23
7,686,245Rotary aircraft download alleviation apparatus and methods2010-03-30
7,686,251Rib support for wing panels2010-03-30
7,686,253Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices2010-03-30
7,686,905Copper grid repair technique for lightning strike protection2010-03-30
7,690,599Method of illumination for in-flight refueling2010-04-06
7,693,617Aircraft precision approach control2010-04-06
7,694,913Apparatus and method for reduced backlash steering tiller2010-04-13
7,698,025Integrating communication and surveillance2010-04-13
7,699,269Intelligent multifunctional actuation system for vibration and buffet suppression2010-04-20
7,708,231Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices having forwardly positioned hinge lines, and associated methods2010-05-04
7,711,441Aiming feedback control for multiple energy beams2010-05-04
7,712,706Space tethers for limiting the dynamic response of structures2010-05-11
7,712,993Double shear joint for bonding in structural applications2010-05-11
7,715,838Aircraft based cellular system2010-05-11
7,716,797Composite seat pan structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly2010-05-18
7,716,835Methods of manufacturing structural panels2010-05-18
7,717,372Reduced-perimeter aircraft2010-05-18
7,721,812Fire suppression system and method for an interior area of an aircraft lavatory waste container fire protection2010-05-25
7,721,989Multi-path inlet for aircraft engine2010-05-25
7,721,992Aircraft floor to fuselage attachment2010-05-25
7,721,995Rib support for wing panels2010-05-25
7,721,996Fabrication and installation of preformed dielectric inserts for lightning strike protection2010-05-25
7,721,999Aerospace vehicle fairing systems and associated methods2010-05-25
7,726,609High-performance low-noise aircraft exhaust systems and methods2010-06-01
7,726,610Systems and methods for providing differential motion to wing high lift device2010-06-01
7,735,779Optimized fuselage structure2010-06-15
7,736,109Multi-position ball lock/quick release pin bushing/retainer2010-06-15
7,740,932Hybrid fiberglass composite structures and methods of forming the same2010-06-22
7,744,034Translating flap drive door2010-06-29
7,744,038Controllable winglets2010-06-29
7,744,039Systems and methods for controlling flows with electrical pulses2010-06-29
7,744,040Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices with non-parallel motion paths, and associated methods2010-06-29
7,748,119Method for manufacturing composite components2010-07-06
7,751,948Apparatuses and methods for displaying and receiving tactical and strategic flight guidance information2010-07-06
7,753,313Composite wing slat for aircraft2010-07-13
7,753,316Deployable flap edge fence2010-07-13
7,756,637Methods and systems for displaying electronic enroute maps2010-07-13
7,762,495Solar powered aerial vehicle2010-07-27
7,762,496Overhead flight crew rest2010-07-27
7,762,737System and method for stowage compartment pivot assembly2010-07-27
7,766,275Aircraft having a pivotable powerplant2010-08-03
7,766,277Deformable forward pressure bulkhead for an aircraft2010-08-03
7,766,282Trailing edge device catchers and associated systems and methods2010-08-03
7,766,521Aircraft interior sidewall paneling systems provide enhanced cabin lighting and ventilation2010-08-03
7,769,543Fault detection and reconfiguration of an automated refueling boom2010-08-03
7,770,844Cargo roller tray shear fitting2010-08-10
7,775,477Floor panel assembly, system, and associated method2010-08-17
7,775,478Floor beam assembly, system, and associated method2010-08-17
7,778,735Environmental control system, method, and computer program product for controlling the interior environment of a pressurized compartment2010-08-17
7,784,734Apparatus and method for rigging slaved and actuated panels with external access2010-08-31
7,784,737Drag reduction fairing2010-08-31
7,784,739Detection system and method for ice and other debris2010-08-31
7,784,741Multi-mode unmanned and manned vehicle systems and methods2010-08-31
7,789,343Morphing aircraft with telescopic lifting and control surfaces2010-09-07
7,789,346Cabin air supply apparatus with filtered air2010-09-07
7,798,423Integrated engine exhaust systems and methods for drag and thermal stress reduction2010-09-21
7,798,443Composite material for geometric morphing wing2010-09-21
7,798,444Landing gear system and load distribution2010-09-21
7,798,447Non-protruding seat track apparatus and methods2010-09-21
7,802,413Apparatus and methods for reinforcing a structural panel2010-09-28
7,806,365Long endurance hydrogen powered vehicle2010-10-05
7,810,757Mounting device for an aircraft2010-10-12
7,815,143Aircraft landing gear truck orientation for noise reduction2010-10-19
7,815,148Fuel system for an aircraft including a fuel tank inerting system2010-10-19
7,815,150Beam director flow control2010-10-19
7,816,635Air vehicle wing pivot2010-10-19
7,817,810Flat panel loudspeaker system2010-10-19
7,818,100System and method for optimized runway exiting2010-10-19
7,819,363Mobile cargo loader with a thermal curtain enclosure2010-10-26
7,823,832Injection-molded window panel and related methods2010-11-02
7,823,833Window installation method and apparatus2010-11-02
7,823,836Optimal sun safe attitude for satellite ground tracking2010-11-02
7,823,837Two part spacecraft servicing vehicle system with adaptors, tools, and attachment mechanisms2010-11-02
7,823,840Systems and methods for control of engine exhaust flow2010-11-02
7,824,783Coating for components requiring hydrogen peroxide compatibility2010-11-02
7,828,250Leading edge flap apparatuses and associated methods2010-11-09
7,832,685Stowage bin with shear fittings2010-11-16
7,834,301System and method for controlling high spin rate projectiles2010-11-16
7,837,141Reaction drive rotor/wing variable area nozzle2010-11-23
7,837,147Systems and methods for reducing noise in aircraft fuselages and other structures2010-11-23
7,837,148Composite wing-body joint2010-11-23
7,837,149Wing debris detector2010-11-23
7,837,153Local observable area and self inspection system2010-11-23
7,837,541Method for reducing outside air inflow required for aircraft cabin air quality2010-11-23
7,837,764Oxygen exchange manifold, systems and methods for inerting a volatile environment2010-11-23
7,845,898Cargo container handling system and associated method2010-12-07
7,849,702Combined cabin air and heat exchanger RAM air inlets for aircraft environmental control systems, and associated methods of use2010-12-14
7,850,116Ducted open rotor apparatus and method2010-12-14
7,850,121Enhanced ruddevator for improved air refueling boom flight control2010-12-14
7,850,122Compliance mechanism2010-12-14
7,850,126Laminar flow surfaces with selected roughness distributions, and associated methods2010-12-14
7,857,252Rotor/wing dual mode hub fairing system2010-12-28
7,861,884Fuel tank assembly2011-01-04
7,861,968Air inlet and method for a highspeed mobile platform2011-01-04
7,861,969Shaped composite stringers and methods of making2011-01-04
7,861,970Fuselage structure including an integrated fuselage stanchion2011-01-04
7,861,975Two part spacecraft servicing vehicle system with universal docking adaptor2011-01-04
7,866,603Methods and apparatus for an aircraft lavoratory2011-01-11
7,866,605Energy absorbing impact band and method2011-01-11
7,866,609Passive removal of suction air for laminar flow control, and associated systems and methods2011-01-11
7,869,766Wireless operational and testing communications network for diverse platform types2011-01-11
7,870,929Engine assembly, acoustical liner and associated method of fabrication2011-01-18
7,871,038Systems and methods for providing airflow in an aerospace vehicle2011-01-18
7,871,039Modular passenger seat for an aircraft2011-01-18
7,871,040Composite aircraft structures with hat stiffeners2011-01-18
7,871,042Hydrogen fueled blended wing body ring tank2011-01-18
7,874,518Aircraft structure including composite beam and composite panel with metal foil therebetween2011-01-25
7,874,522Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices2011-01-25
7,874,524Methods and apparatus for a multi-segment flap fence2011-01-25
7,878,456Protective shield assembly for space optics and associated methods2011-02-01
7,878,458Method and apparatus for enhancing engine-powered lift in an aircraft2011-02-01
7,878,459Aircraft systems with shape memory alloy (SMA) actuators, and associated methods2011-02-01
7,878,586System and method for an anticipatory passenger cabin2011-02-01
7,879,276Foam stiffened hollow composite stringer2011-02-01
7,883,049Jet nozzle having noise attenuating shield and method therefor2011-02-08
7,883,050Composites with integrated multi-functional circuits2011-02-08
7,883,053Heat exchanger systems and associated systems and methods for cooling aircraft starter/generators2011-02-08
7,883,057Pivoting device and method for ceiling panels2011-02-08
7,886,439Ground stud installation on composite structures for electrostatic charges2011-02-15
7,887,008System and method for a power-assisted compartment2011-02-15
7,887,009Methods and systems for attaching aircraft wings to fuselages2011-02-15
7,887,010Controllable refueling drogues and associated systems and methods2011-02-15
7,891,605Automatic control systems for aircraft auxiliary power units, and associated methods2011-02-22
7,891,607Pressure sensor device2011-02-22
7,891,608Space frame fuselage structure and related methods2011-02-22
7,891,611Systems and methods for controlling aircraft flaps and spoilers2011-02-22
7,896,287Split torque geared power transmissions with composite output shafts2011-03-01
7,900,333Sealing bladderless system and method2011-03-08
7,900,865Airplane configuration2011-03-08
7,900,866System and methods for airborne launch and recovery of aircraft2011-03-08
7,900,868Noise-shielding wing configuration2011-03-08
7,900,873Vibration isolation system2011-03-08
7,900,876Wingtip feathers, including forward swept feathers, and associated aircraft systems and methods2011-03-08
7,900,891Tooling for insulating aircraft stringers and method2011-03-08
7,904,214Singularity escape and avoidance using a virtual array rotation2011-03-08
7,909,291Detection system and method for ice and other debris2011-03-22
7,913,813Noise shield for a launch vehicle2011-03-29
7,913,949Symmetric leading edge device and method to delay flow separation2011-03-29
7,913,955Aircraft control surface drive system and associated methods2011-03-29
7,917,254Aircraft guidance using localizer capture criteria for rectilinear displacement data2011-03-29
7,918,420System and methods for simultaneous momentum dumping and orbit control2011-04-05
7,922,122Systems and methods for distributing loads from fluid conduits, including aircraft fuel conduits2011-04-12
7,922,124Power optimized system for electric propulsion stationkeeping geosynchronous spacecraft2011-04-12
7,926,759Tail rotor hub2011-04-19
7,927,686Composite heat shield2011-04-19
7,931,237Universal launch vehicle payload adapter2011-04-26
7,934,676Pre-fabricated article for EME protection of an aircraft2011-05-03
7,937,169System and method for compartment control2011-05-03
7,937,190Apparatus for an automated aerial refueling boom using multiple types of sensors2011-05-03
7,938,052Aircraft engine structure-mounted aim-point biasing infrared countermeasure apparatus and method2011-05-10
7,938,362Airplane floor assembly2011-05-10
7,938,364Apparatus and method for making optimal use of a photovoltaic array on an airborne power system2011-05-10
7,938,369Method and apparatus for aerial fuel transfer2011-05-10
7,943,227Ceramic heat shield2011-05-17
7,945,353Adaptive control in the presence of input constraints2011-05-17
7,945,425In-flight detection of wing flap free wheeling skew2011-05-17
7,946,531Debris deflecting device, system, and method2011-05-24
7,946,534Pressure vessel having continuous sidewall2011-05-24
7,950,606Electric-based secondary power system architectures for aircraft2011-05-31
7,959,109Dual valve apparatus for aircraft engine ice protection and related methods2011-06-14
7,959,110Methods and apparatus for resisting torsional loads in aerial refueling booms2011-06-14
7,963,039Method of constructing a mandrel for fabrication of a monolithic nacelle composite panel2011-06-21
7,963,620Carbon brake wear for aircraft2011-06-21
7,965,201Method and apparatus for detecting conditions conducive to ice formation2011-06-21
7,967,238Composite air vehicle having a heavier-than-air vehicle tethered to a lighter-than-air vehicle2011-06-28
7,967,240Formed structural assembly and associated preform and method2011-06-28
7,967,244Onboard aircraft weight and balance system2011-06-28
7,967,251Truss network for aircraft floor attachment2011-06-28
7,967,252Fairing and airfoil apparatus and method2011-06-28
7,967,253Antenna fairing and method2011-06-28
7,968,170Composite single pane window for an aircraft and method of making same2011-06-28
7,968,831Systems and methods for optimizing the aimpoint for a missile2011-06-28
7,970,502Apparatuses and systems for controlling autoflight systems2011-06-28
7,971,221Overhead video system for an aircraft2011-06-28
7,974,746Singularity escape and avoidance using a virtual array rotation2011-07-05
7,975,961Air induction control2011-07-12
7,975,965Wing tip joint in airfoils2011-07-12
7,980,512System and method for displaying aerial refueling symbology2011-07-19
7,980,516Ultra-low friction air pump for creating oscillatory or pulsed jets2011-07-19
7,984,875Multi-position secure door system2011-07-26
7,987,596Method for installing a collapsible mobile platform interior structure2011-08-02
7,988,095Device, method, and aircraft for illuminating in-flight operations2011-08-02
7,988,101Airfoil trailing edge plasma flow control apparatus and method2011-08-02
7,992,278Method of operating a production line2011-08-09
7,992,826Leading edge flap method2011-08-09
7,997,529Compliant panel for aircraft2011-08-16
7,997,530Airplane fairing panel adjustable fitting assembly, kit and method2011-08-16
7,997,532Airborne power station2011-08-16
7,997,538Aerodynamic fan control effector2011-08-16
7,998,295Heatshield having strain compliant matrix and method of forming same2011-08-16
7,998,392Method for manufacturing and attachment of wing fairings2011-08-16
8,000,854System and method for transitioning maps on aeronautical display2011-08-16
8,005,580Aircraft galley systems and methods for managing electric power for aircraft galley systems2011-08-23
8,006,933Airborne power station2011-08-30
8,006,935Channel slide cargo handling system and method2011-08-30
8,006,938Spacecraft servicing vehicle with adaptors, tools and attachment mechanisms2011-08-30
8,014,906Multi-axis trim processing2011-09-06
8,016,228Combined fuel cell aircraft auxiliary power unit and environmental control system2011-09-13
8,016,230Fastner-free primary structural joint for sandwich panels2011-09-13
8,016,233Aircraft configuration2011-09-13
8,016,236Method and apparatus for attaching a wing to a body2011-09-13
8,016,237Methods and apparatus for an integrated aerodynamic panel2011-09-13
8,016,240Satellites and satellite fleet implementation methods and apparatus2011-09-13
8,016,241Self supporting cellular thermal acoustic insulation2011-09-13
8,016,243Aircraft backup control2011-09-13
8,016,244Active systems and methods for controlling an airfoil vortex2011-09-13
8,016,245Dynamic bumps for drag reduction at transonic-supersonic speeds2011-09-13
8,016,246Plasma actuator system and method for use with a weapons bay on a high speed mobile platform2011-09-13
8,016,247Plasma flow control actuator system and method2011-09-13
8,019,492Operator fine tracking assist using sensor derived inputs2011-09-13
8,021,740Radiation curable maskant and line sealer for protecting metal substrates2011-09-20
8,024,079Wing-body load alleviation for aircraft2011-09-20
8,025,256Precision adjust split detent for a vehicle2011-09-27
8,028,952System for shipboard launch and recovery of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) aircraft and method therefor2011-10-04
8,028,958Adjustable width seats2011-10-04
8,033,497Hybrid thermal airship2011-10-11
8,033,501Method and apparatus for attaching electrically powered seat track cover to through hole seat track design2011-10-11
8,033,510Lift augmentation system and associated method2011-10-11
8,038,099Bonded metal fuselage and method for making the same2011-10-18
8,038,103Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices having forwardly positioned hinge lines, and associated methods2011-10-18
8,038,910Low solar absorptance, high emissivity, inorganic electrostatic dissipative thermal control coating2011-10-18
8,041,118Pattern recognition filters for digital images2011-10-18
8,042,767Composite fabric with rigid member structure2011-10-25
8,042,768Systems and methods for reducing noise in aircraft fuselages and other structures2011-10-25
8,042,772System and method for pneumatically actuating a control surface of an airfoil2011-10-25
8,043,554Manufacturing process using bladderless mold line conformal hat stringer2011-10-25
8,043,704Layered, transparent thermoplastic for flammability resistance2011-10-25
8,052,088Injection-molded window panel and related methods2011-11-08
8,052,089Anti-icing apparatus for honeycomb structures2011-11-08
8,052,092Method and apparatus for satellite orbital change using space debris2011-11-08
8,052,095Autodrag function for glide slope control2011-11-08
8,052,096Multi-mode unmanned and manned vehicle systems and methods2011-11-08
8,056,850Particle-filled wing-to-body fairing and method for reducing fairing vibrations2011-11-15
8,056,856Support beam shear fitting2011-11-15
8,056,863Unified attitude control for spacecraft transfer orbit operations2011-11-15
8,056,865Mechanism for changing the shape of a control surface2011-11-15
8,060,345Transforming airplane configuration requirements into intelligent spatial geometry2011-11-15
8,061,035Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures2011-11-22
8,061,650Automatic control systems for aircraft auxiliary power units, and associated methods2011-11-22
8,061,655Aircraft configuration utilizing fuselage, wing, empennage, and exhaust flow control devices2011-11-22
8,066,222Energy absorbing impact band2011-11-29
8,074,694Stringer transition method2011-12-13
8,074,919Parachute support and stabilization for helicopter recovery systems2011-12-13
8,074,929Methods and systems for composite structural truss2011-12-13
8,074,931Drogue deploying/retrieval device, system, and method2011-12-13
8,082,047Adaptive control method that compensates for sign error in actuator response2011-12-20
8,082,667Apparatus and methods for securing a first structural member and a second structural member to one another2011-12-27
8,083,175Loading fitting having intersecting holes in the web side and end2011-12-27
8,083,179Composite material for geometric morphing wing2011-12-27
8,083,185Aircraft wing tip having a variable incidence angle2011-12-27
8,084,114Reinforced rampdown for composite structural member and method for same2011-12-27
8,087,607Airplane configuration2012-01-03
8,087,613Modular passenger seat for an aircraft2012-01-03
8,087,615Window installation method2012-01-03
8,087,617Retractable nacelle chine2012-01-03
8,087,618Propulsion system and method for efficient lift generation2012-01-03
8,091,835Exchangeable propellant cartridge system2012-01-10
8,094,041Seat cushion retention and monitoring in an aircraft2012-01-10
8,097,108Method and apparatus for forming a fireworthy laminate2012-01-17
8,099,186Satellite navigation using long-term navigation information and autonomous orbit control2012-01-17
8,104,714Apparatuses and methods for joining composite members and other structural members in aircraft wing boxes and other structures2012-01-31
8,104,717Air transport with scalloped underbody2012-01-31
8,115,649Slat skew detection system2012-02-14
8,123,163Aircraft kinetic landing energy conversion system2012-02-28
8,123,168Window assembly and method for a mobile platform2012-02-28
8,123,174Methods and apparatus for an integrated instrumentation module for a thermal protection system2012-02-28
8,124,182Application of insulating coating2012-02-28
8,127,889Noise reduction system for structures2012-03-06
8,128,020Active twisting of an aircraft lifting surface via modulated clamping of substructure2012-03-06
8,128,025Providing skins for aircraft fuselages2012-03-06
8,128,027Plug-n-play power system for an accessory in an aircraft2012-03-06
8,128,028Internally stiffened composite panels and methods for their manufacture2012-03-06
8,128,035Winglets with recessed surfaces, and associated systems and methods2012-03-06
8,128,036Vernier active flow control effector2012-03-06
8,128,037Apparatus and method for passive purging of micro-perforated aerodynamic surfaces2012-03-06
8,128,739System and method to make a fuel tank inert2012-03-06
8,131,409Gyroless transfer orbit sun acquisition using only wing current measurement feedback2012-03-06
8,131,410Quiet climb crew interface2012-03-06
8,132,759System and method for facilitating aerial refueling2012-03-13
8,141,814Lighter-than-air vertical load lifting system2012-03-27
8,141,815Wing strut trailing edge device2012-03-27
8,146,242Methods and systems for manufacturing a family of aircraft wings and other composite structures2012-04-03
8,147,592Using a metallocene to remove oxygen from a stream of gas2012-04-03
8,152,107Applying sealant to narrow deep gaps in an ablative heat shield surface2012-04-10
8,152,108Solar array peak power extraction2012-04-10
8,156,887Flap malfunction detection system2012-04-17
8,157,207Jet engine nozzle exit configurations, including projections oriented relative to pylons, and associated systems and methods2012-04-17
8,157,212Composite barrel sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures, and methods and systems for manufacturing such barrel sections2012-04-17
8,162,255Aerodynamically-assisted landing gear2012-04-24
8,162,261Self contained power system for controllable refueling drogues2012-04-24
8,162,262Reconfigurable aircraft and associated methods2012-04-24
8,164,283System and method for energy capture and distribution2012-04-24
8,167,245Fuel barrier2012-05-01
8,167,249Controllable upper surface blown nozzle2012-05-01
8,181,421Edge-wrapped panel and methods for edge-wrapping a panel2012-05-22
8,185,255Robust control effector allocation2012-05-22
8,186,626GPS based orbit determination of a spacecraft in the presence of thruster maneuvers2012-05-29
8,186,760Adjustable width seats2012-05-29
8,191,828Methods and apparatus for aerial recovery of flying apparatus2012-06-05
8,191,829Seat track adapter2012-06-05
8,192,532Systems and methods for making a fuel tank inert2012-06-05
8,205,833Composite leg structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly2012-06-26
8,205,839Methods and apparatus for node-synchronous eccentricity control2012-06-26
8,209,065Steering logic for spacecraft slew maneuvers2012-06-26
8,209,939System and method for supporting a load across a plurality of non-intersecting beams2012-07-03
8,210,474Multi-path inlet for aircraft engine2012-07-03
8,210,481Spacecraft having a magnetic space radiation shield2012-07-03
8,215,581Advanced cargo ramp2012-07-10
8,215,585Impact resistant core2012-07-10
8,220,588Unitized engine nacelle structure2012-07-17
8,220,741Synthetic aisle configuration for an aircraft2012-07-17
8,220,746Broad speed range inflatable drogue canopy2012-07-17
8,220,753Systems and methods for controlling flows with pulsed discharges2012-07-17
8,226,035Blended wing aircraft2012-07-24
8,226,048Link mechanisms, including Stephenson II link mechanisms for multi-position flaps and associated systems and methods2012-07-24
8,226,049Aircraft control surface methods2012-07-24
8,231,080Distributing power in systems having a composite structure2012-07-31
8,231,083System and methods for airborne launch and recovery of aircraft2012-07-31
8,231,751Repair technique for lightning strike protection2012-07-31
8,245,967Actuator force equalization controller2012-08-21
8,245,969Plug-n-play power system for an accessory in an aircraft2012-08-21
8,245,973Methods and systems for improving aircraft visibility2012-08-21
8,245,976Door assembly for laminar flow control system2012-08-21
8,245,979Centralized bus interface with single wire secondary distribution2012-08-21
8,246,770Copper grid repair technique for lightning strike protection2012-08-21
8,251,317System and method for varying the porosity of an aerodynamic surface2012-08-28
8,251,318Disbanded cascaded array for generating and moving plasma clusters for active airflow control2012-08-28
8,255,098Variably manned aircraft2012-08-28
8,256,706Integrated hypersonic inlet design2012-09-04
8,256,712Overhead rest module2012-09-04
8,256,719Shape changing airfoil system2012-09-04
8,262,021Aircraft moveable structure obstruction detection sensor panel2012-09-11
8,262,022Overhead stowage bin load transfer and balance system2012-09-11
8,262,823Window skin panel and method of making same2012-09-11
8,274,024Control surface assemblies with torque tube base2012-09-25
8,275,496Longitudinal and vertical gust feed forward compensation using lateral control surfaces2012-09-25
8,276,850Environmentally stable hybrid fabric system for exterior protection of an aircraft2012-10-02
8,276,852Low noise wing slat system with deployable wing leading edge elements2012-10-02
8,282,042Skin panel joint for improved airflow2012-10-09
8,282,043Simultaneous momentum dumping and orbit control2012-10-09
8,286,917Attachment assembly and method2012-10-16
8,286,919Impact resistant composite structures2012-10-16
8,290,639Managing control surfaces for an aircraft2012-10-16
8,291,594Attachment system and method for thermal protection system2012-10-23
8,292,214Vibration damping for wing-to-body aircraft fairing2012-10-23
8,292,216Wing lift system2012-10-23
8,292,217Hypersonic inlet systems and methods2012-10-23
8,292,223Securing emergency and safety equipment on aircraft2012-10-23
8,292,226Weight-optimizing internally pressurized composite-body aircraft fuselages having near-elliptical cross sections2012-10-23
8,292,227Aircraft wings having continuously tailored structural strength2012-10-23
8,292,228Control system for dimmable windows2012-10-23
8,294,020Energy harvesting devices2012-10-23
8,297,555Systems and methods for reducing noise in aircraft fuselages and other structures2012-10-30
8,302,908Blended wing aircraft2012-11-06
8,317,129Universal convergent nozzle and distinct nozzle aperture2012-11-27
8,318,299Fire resistance for optically transparent thermoplastics2012-11-27
8,321,073Aircraft galley systems and methods for managing electric power for aircraft galley systems2012-11-27
8,321,076On-line inertia estimation for use in controlling an aerospace vehicle2012-11-27
8,322,655Twin-boom empennage2012-12-04
8,322,658Automated fire and smoke detection, isolation, and recovery2012-12-04
8,333,345Composite aircraft joint2012-12-18
8,333,348Wing tip load alleviation device and method2012-12-18
8,335,600Regenerative integrated actuation system and associated method2012-12-18
8,336,821Systems and methods for cargo compartment air conditioning using recirculated air2012-12-25
8,336,828Traversing jet actuator2012-12-25
8,336,830Retractable aircraft wing tip2012-12-25
8,340,892Onboard aircraft weight and balance system2012-12-25
8,342,444Fail safe extended torque box strut-to-wing mount2013-01-01
8,342,445Horizontal tail load alleviation system2013-01-01
8,342,447Morphing control surface transition2013-01-01
8,342,451Variable pitch airfoils2013-01-01
8,346,408Fault tolerant flight control system2013-01-01
8,347,747Strain energy shuttle apparatus and method2013-01-08
8,348,196Multi-spar port box joint2013-01-08
8,350,199Apparatus to reduce thrust oscillations in a launch vehicle2013-01-08
8,352,099Varying engine thrust for directional control of an aircraft experiencing engine thrust asymmetry2013-01-08
8,352,101Algorithm for simultaneous attitude maneuver and momentum dumping2013-01-08
8,359,154Systems and method for determining propellant mass and center of gravity for a space-based asset2013-01-22
8,360,355Wing-to-body fairing with spray-on foam and noise reduction method2013-01-29
8,360,362Aircraft floor and method of assembly2013-01-29
8,366,050Blended wing body cargo airplane2013-02-05
8,366,052Detachable inflation system for air vehicles2013-02-05
8,366,053System and method for deploying payloads with a launch vehicle2013-02-05
8,370,002Multi-mission remote aerial refueling operator system2013-02-05
8,376,275Energy absorbing structure for aircraft2013-02-19
8,376,277Large aircraft self-defense system installation configuration2013-02-19
8,376,284Systems and methods for tracing aircraft vortices2013-02-19
8,376,285Active systems and methods for controlling an airfoil vortex2013-02-19
8,380,370Spacecraft acquisition maneuvers using position-based gyroless control2013-02-19
8,382,037Composite barrel sections for aircraft fuselages and other structures2013-02-26
8,382,045Shape-changing control surface2013-02-26
8,386,100Aircraft flight event data integration and visualization2013-02-26
8,387,917Support structure for a cargo aircraft2013-03-05
8,387,918Multi-directional support arm2013-03-05
8,392,045System and methods for aircraft preflight inspection2013-03-05
8,393,567Method and apparatus for reducing aircraft noise2013-03-12
8,393,573Cabin air supply apparatus with filtered air2013-03-12
8,393,574Composite leg structure for a lightweight aircraft seat assembly2013-03-12
8,393,576Variable pitch airfoils2013-03-12
8,393,578Skin panel joint for improved airflow2013-03-12
8,393,580Modular externally accessible batteries for an aircraft2013-03-12
8,393,583Aircraft backup control2013-03-12
8,393,598Method and apparatus for removing and replacing components of an airplane2013-03-12
8,398,021Compliant crown panel for an aircraft2013-03-19
8,398,025Avionic door lock system2013-03-19
8,398,026Multi-function rotary access door2013-03-19
8,398,027Method and apparatus for reinforcing composite structures2013-03-19
8,398,028Drogue with power generator2013-03-19
8,403,256Swept-wing powered-lift aircraft2013-03-26
8,403,270Canted solar array and method for using same2013-03-26
8,405,057Radiation shield device with embedded cryogen storage and associated method2013-03-26
8,413,928Structurally designed aerodynamic riblets2013-04-09
8,414,992Wrinkle control for composite tubes2013-04-09
8,418,962Distribution of point loads in honeycomb panels2013-04-16
8,418,968Mechanism for changing the shape of a control surface2013-04-16
8,424,810Low noise wing slat system with rigid cove-filled slat2013-04-23
8,428,794Method and apparatus for managing instrument missed approaches2013-04-23
8,434,716Compliant crown panel for an aircraft2013-05-07
8,436,284Cavity flow shock oscillation damping mechanism2013-05-07
8,437,904Systems and methods for health monitoring of complex systems2013-05-07
8,439,308Spring loaded pressure relief door2013-05-14
8,439,311Aerial refueling boom and boom pivot2013-05-14
8,439,312System and methods for simultaneous momentum dumping and orbit control2013-05-14
8,439,313Forward swept winglet2013-05-14
8,442,701Dynamic roll angle stall protection for an aircraft2013-05-14
8,443,575Composite access door2013-05-21
8,444,087Composite skin and stringer structure and method for forming the same2013-05-21
8,447,445Dynamic adjustment of wing surfaces for variable camber2013-05-21
8,448,900Semi-levered landing gear and associated method2013-05-28
8,449,709Method of fabricating fiber reinforced composite structure having stepped surface2013-05-28
8,453,971Composite structure power distribution2013-06-04
8,453,974Flow channels2013-06-04
8,457,810Compound steering law for efficient low thrust transfer orbit trajectory2013-06-04
8,458,976Thermal protection blanket assembly2013-06-11
8,459,591Methods and apparatus for aerial recovery of flying apparatus2013-06-11
8,459,593Aerial refueling drogue deployment system2013-06-11
8,463,461Trajectory prediction based on state transitions and lantencies2013-06-11
8,463,534Position/time synchronization of unmanned air vehicles for air refueling operations2013-06-11
8,469,313Aerodynamic structure having a ridged solar panel and an associated method2013-06-25
8,469,315Deployable flap edge fence2013-06-25
8,474,752Actuator force equalization controller2013-07-02
8,474,759Method and apparatus for fastening components using a composite two-piece fastening system2013-07-02
8,476,564Thermally activated variable stiffness composites for aircraft seals2013-07-02
8,479,880Multifunctional nano-skin articles and methods2013-07-09
8,480,029Overhead stowage bin load transfer and balance system2013-07-09
8,485,474Aerial refueling boom nozzle with integral pressure regulation2013-07-16
8,486,261Fuel scavenge water removal system2013-07-16
8,490,926Multi-stage flow control actuation2013-07-23
8,491,743Composite ply stabilizing method2013-07-23
8,494,663System and method for an electronic interactive switch2013-07-23
8,496,206Structural panels for use in aircraft fuselages and other structures2013-07-30
8,496,291Securing emergency and safety equipment on aircraft2013-07-30
8,499,653Fault tolerant electro-mechanical actuator2013-08-06
8,500,060Aircraft with a pressurized vessel2013-08-06
8,500,066Method and apparatus for wireless aircraft communications and power system using fuselage stringers2013-08-06
8,504,221Apparatus and method for controlling a control surface of a vehicle based on a load identified on the control surface2013-08-06
8,505,761Sealing bladderless system and method2013-08-13
8,507,042Application of insulating coating2013-08-13
8,509,968System and method for real-time aircraft efficiency analysis and compilation2013-08-13
8,511,606Unmanned aerial vehicle base station2013-08-20
8,511,608Trailing edge flap system2013-08-20
8,511,609Structural mode shape alignment2013-08-20
8,511,613Modular externally accessible batteries for an aircraft2013-08-20
8,511,617Satellites and satellite fleet implementation methods and apparatus2013-08-20
8,517,312Multi-spar port box joint2013-08-27
8,519,824Customizable service space2013-08-27
8,523,107Fuselage mounted landing gear2013-09-03
8,527,118Automated safe flight vehicle2013-09-03
8,528,861Adjustable width seats2013-09-10
8,528,862Systems and methods for reducing noise in aircraft fuselages and other structures2013-09-10
8,528,874Hybrid contoured load-spreading washer2013-09-10
8,532,328Methods and apparatus for planetary navigation2013-09-10
8,532,961Method and system to account for angle of attack effects in engine noise shielding tests2013-09-10
8,540,909Method of reworking an area of a composite structure containing an inconsistency2013-09-24
8,541,091Composite leg for landing gear assembly2013-09-24
8,544,800Integrated wingtip extensions for jet transport aircraft and other types of aircraft2013-10-01
8,545,211Method for manufacturing and attachment of wing fairings2013-10-01
8,550,408Dual evolved expendable launch vehicle (EELV) secondary payload adaptor (ESPA) port small satellite design2013-10-08
8,552,836System and method for coupling a component to a vehicle2013-10-08
8,554,422System and method for an anticipatory passenger cabin2013-10-08
8,561,946Low profile cargo handling system2013-10-22
8,567,711Swept-wing powered-lift aircraft2013-10-29
8,567,714Flight control using actuated variable moment arm2013-10-29
8,567,719One-piece basin for a compartment of a transportation device2013-10-29
8,567,722Splice and associated method for joining fuselage sections2013-10-29
8,567,723Automated receiver aircraft identification (ARAI) for in-flight refueling2013-10-29
8,567,726Aircraft trailing edge devices, including devices having forwardly positioned hinge lines, and associated methods2013-10-29
8,570,152Method and apparatus for wireless sensing with power harvesting of a wireless signal2013-10-29
8,572,923Removable mid-section production floorboard2013-11-05
8,573,354Noise suppression system for hollow vehicle fasteners2013-11-05
8,579,233Pivotable aerial refueling boom and method therefor2013-11-12
8,584,987Shape memory alloy fairings2013-11-19
8,584,988Mechanically fastened large pressurized spacecraft structure2013-11-19
8,596,289Pressure regulating float valve2013-12-03
8,596,572Solar powered radiometric lift device2013-12-03
8,596,580Advanced performance refueling boom2013-12-03
8,608,108Aircraft configuration with ramp access to multiple decks2013-12-17
8,608,109Payload use of wing to body volume in an elliptical fuselage2013-12-17
8,608,125Seat track assembly2013-12-17
8,615,335Progressive takeoff thrust ramp for an aircraft2013-12-24
8,616,498Aircraft insulation systems and methods2013-12-31
8,616,500Diamond shaped window for composite and/or metallic airframe2013-12-31
8,616,502Deployable solar panel assembly for spacecraft2013-12-31
8,617,687Multi-functional aircraft structures2013-12-31
8,620,496Systems and method of controlling a spacecraft using attitude sensors2013-12-31
8,622,347Clip attachment system connecting aircraft structures to each other2014-01-07
8,622,350Compound leading edge device for aircraft2014-01-07
8,628,040Aircraft configuration2014-01-14
8,632,031Systems and methods for attenuation of noise and wakes produced by aircraft2014-01-21
8,632,034Self-powered dimmable windows with integrated controls2014-01-21
8,632,036Integrated articulating thermal isolation system and method2014-01-21
8,636,252Composite structures having integrated stiffeners with smooth runouts and method of making the same2014-01-28
8,640,994Agile dedicated spacecraft for spinning microwave imagers and sounders2014-02-04
8,646,729Deployable aerodynamic devices with reduced actuator loads2014-02-11
8,651,415Engine cowl and inlet cover2014-02-18
8,651,419Flexible truss frame and method of making the same2014-02-18
8,651,427Wing tip device with recess in surface2014-02-18
8,651,431Aircraft with movable winglets and method of control2014-02-18
8,651,924Interlocking vent assembly for equalizing pressure in a compartment2014-02-18
8,653,990Stall management system2014-02-18
8,656,727Evaporative cooling for an aircraft subsystem2014-02-25
8,657,227Independent power generation in aircraft2014-02-25
8,657,238Retractable vortex generator for reducing stall speed2014-02-25
8,661,683Method and apparatus for preventing lightning strike damage to a structural component2014-03-04
8,661,781Counter rotating fan design and variable blade row spacing optimization for low environmental impact2014-03-04
8,662,443Shape memory alloy actuated torsion lock2014-03-04
8,662,448System and method for insulating frame member2014-03-04
8,667,774Coannular ducted fan2014-03-11
8,668,166Shape memory riblets2014-03-11
8,672,258Power transmission for aircraft flight testing2014-03-18
8,676,403Four-dimensional guidance of an aircraft2014-03-18
8,684,310Rigid tipped riblets2014-04-01
8,684,311Bonded splice joint2014-04-01
8,684,316Aircraft flap mechanism having compact large fowler motion providing multiple cruise positions2014-04-01
8,688,408Flight in factory2014-04-01
8,689,447Fire resistance for optically transparent thermoplastics2014-04-08
8,690,097Variable-geometry rotating spiral cone engine inlet compression system and method2014-04-08
8,690,106Ejector driven flow control for reducing velocity deficit profile downstream of an aerodynamic body2014-04-08
8,695,219Determinant wing assembly2014-04-15
8,701,260Removal of aircraft window reveal2014-04-22
8,702,037Translating stowage bin and method of assembly2014-04-22
8,703,268Morphing panel structure2014-04-22
8,706,321Longitudinal and vertical gust feed forward compensation using lateral control surfaces2014-04-22
8,708,286Swing tip assembly rotation joint2014-04-29
8,712,606System and method for configuring a direct lift control system of a vehicle2014-04-29
8,712,634System and method to assess and report the health of landing gear related components2014-04-29
8,714,485Method of fabricating a hat stringer2014-05-06
8,714,488Elastic aircraft joint fairing2014-05-06
8,714,491Thermal protection system with staggered joints2014-05-06
8,714,945Ultra-low friction air pump for creating oscillatory or pulsed jets2014-05-06
8,718,931Method and apparatus for cross checking required navigation performance procedures2014-05-06
8,720,181Rocket engine ignition flame reduction system2014-05-13
8,720,817Twin-boom empennage2014-05-13
8,720,820Aircraft having multiple seating configurations and associated systems and methods2014-05-13
8,720,825Composite stiffeners for aerospace vehicles2014-05-13
8,720,827Dual function lavatory door2014-05-13
8,720,828Extended plug cold plate2014-05-13
8,727,278Article retention device2014-05-20
8,727,280Inflatable airfoil system having reduced radar and infrared observability2014-05-20
8,727,286Systems and methods for controlling flows with pulsed discharges2014-05-20
8,728,263Composite fabric with rigid member structure2014-05-20
8,733,707Line transfer system for airplane2014-05-27
8,734,211Aircraft pressure management system2014-05-27
8,738,268Vehicle electrical power management and distribution2014-05-27
8,740,139Leading edge snag for exposed propeller engine installation2014-06-03
8,740,149Flow channels2014-06-03
8,740,151Adjustable splice fitting for shimless connection of structual members2014-06-03
8,746,616Mid-wing multi-deck airplane2014-06-10
8,746,618Composite stringer with web transition2014-06-10
8,746,626Adaptive structural core for morphing panel structures2014-06-10
8,752,293Method of fabricating structures using composite modules and structures made thereby2014-06-17
8,752,783Wing-to-body faring with spray-on foam and noise reduction method2014-06-17
8,752,789Horizontal tail load alleviation system2014-06-17
8,752,791Fuselage employing multifunctional crown and method of making the same2014-06-17
8,756,792Digitally designed shims for joining parts of an assembly2014-06-24
8,757,537Systems and methods for rotor/wing aircraft2014-06-24
8,757,548Apparatus for an automated aerial refueling boom using multiple types of sensors2014-06-24
8,758,879Composite hat stiffener, composite hat-stiffened pressure webs, and methods of making the same2014-06-24
8,763,953Aircraft flap actuator assembly2014-07-01
8,763,955Method and apparatus for controlling a refueling drogue2014-07-01
8,770,343Noise reduction system for composite structures2014-07-08
8,770,515Movement assistance system for a storage bin2014-07-08
8,770,517Aircraft lavatory and galley separated by an internal wall having an intermediate notch that improves the lavatory environment2014-07-08
8,774,985Systems and methods for generating a command trajectory2014-07-08
8,774,987Vertical gust suppression system for transport aircraft2014-07-08
8,775,013System and method for acoustic signature health monitoring of unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVS)2014-07-08
8,777,151Method for connecting a tension-torsion strap2014-07-15
8,777,158Joint sealing system2014-07-15
8,777,163Ice protection system and method2014-07-15
8,781,653Quiet landing attitude modifier for airplane2014-07-15
8,781,719High-low airdrop wind management2014-07-15
8,783,612Sliding puck for seating assembly2014-07-22
8,783,624Laminar flow panel2014-07-22
8,783,625Pneumatic control system for aerodynamic surfaces2014-07-22
8,784,589Copper grid repair technique for lightning strike protection2014-07-22
8,788,122Wing load alleviation methods and apparatus2014-07-22
8,788,127Precision airdrop terminal seeker2014-07-22
8,789,794Inert gas distribution system for a fuel tank2014-07-29
8,793,026Electrical load management system2014-07-29
8,794,569Overhead accommodations for aircraft2014-08-05
8,798,814Vertical situation awareness for rotorcraft2014-08-05
8,800,641Methods and apparatus for a micro-truss based structural insulation layer2014-08-12
8,800,926Radio frequency shielding apparatus system and method2014-08-12
8,800,933Space debris removal2014-08-12
8,800,934Space access system with reusable booster2014-08-12
8,801,831Fuel saving inert gas generation system2014-08-12
8,802,213Tapered patch for predictable bonded rework of composite structures2014-08-12
8,806,543In-flight passenger information system2014-08-12
8,807,485Systems for interconnecting dual manifested spacecraft2014-08-19
8,808,428Fuel vapor removal methods and systems for flammability reduction2014-08-19
8,809,824Cryogenically cooled radiation shield device and associated method2014-08-19
8,814,100Continuous moldline technology (CMT) elastomeric control surface2014-08-26
8,816,187Stowing or deploying a solar array2014-08-26
8,827,209Methods and systems for propelling an externally powered vehicle2014-09-09
8,827,212Method and apparatus for supplying a gas jet over an aerodynamic structure2014-09-09
8,827,586Damping mechanical linkage2014-09-09
8,829,401Projectile and associated method for seeking a target identified by laser designation2014-09-09
8,831,799Flight director flare guidance2014-09-09
8,834,667Method for joining sandwich truss core panels and composite structures produced therefrom2014-09-16
8,839,675System and method for ground vibration testing and weight and balance measurement2014-09-23
8,843,301Position/time synchronization of unmanned air vehicles for air refueling operations2014-09-23
8,844,873Stabilizer torque box assembly and method2014-09-30
8,844,877Stay sharp, fail safe leading edge configuration for hypersonic and space access vehicles2014-09-30
8,844,879Wing variable camber trailing edge tip2014-09-30
8,851,419Method and apparatus for changing a deployed position for a tail skid assembly2014-10-07
8,851,422Bonded composite aircraft wing2014-10-07
8,855,943Fatigue monitoring system and methods2014-10-07
8,857,762Method and apparatus for establishing an environmentally isolated volume2014-10-14
8,857,764Fly away caul plate2014-10-14
8,857,765Method and apparatus for attaching an aircraft fuselage frame to a wing box2014-10-14
8,864,073Aeroshell thermal protection system and method2014-10-21
8,864,079Aircraft cargo compartment container crane system2014-10-21
8,864,083Low noise wing slat system with a fixed wing leading edge and deployable bridging panels2014-10-21
8,869,403Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures2014-10-28
8,869,865Hanging partition and method2014-10-28
8,869,933Acoustic barrier support structure2014-10-28
8,870,116Aircraft seating systems2014-10-28
8,870,118Method and systems for use in assembling a fuselage2014-10-28
8,870,121Actuating device2014-10-28
8,870,122Method and apparatus for controlling flow about a turret2014-10-28
8,870,125Trailing edge split flap with pneumatic actuation2014-10-28
8,875,400Method for installing a collapsible mobile platform interior structure2014-11-04
8,876,037Rotorcraft counter-torque control assembly and method2014-11-04
8,876,046Remotely actuated wind tunnel model rudder using shape memory alloy2014-11-04
8,876,050Knowledge based access and access hierarchy in an aircraft2014-11-04
8,876,052Structurally designed aerodynamic riblets2014-11-04
8,876,061Methods and systems for beam powered propulsion2014-11-04
8,876,063Flight control using multiple actuators on primary control surfaces with tabs2014-11-04
8,876,202Berth sleeper system2014-11-04
8,882,023Aircraft structural assembly with electromagnetic protection2014-11-11
8,882,039Structural mode shape alignment2014-11-11
8,882,040Splice joints for composite aircraft fuselages and other structures2014-11-11
8,888,043Crew bunk system and method2014-11-18
8,888,045Apparatus for a no touch lavatory door2014-11-18
8,893,605Attachable/detachable segmented ordnance dispenser2014-11-25
8,894,011Aircraft fuselage constructed of aircraft fuselage sections screwed together2014-11-25
8,899,519Method and system for insulating frame member2014-12-02
8,899,520Mid-wing airplane2014-12-02
8,903,572Aircraft landing evaluation system2014-12-02
8,905,353Bi-convex airship2014-12-09
8,905,355Wireless refueling boom2014-12-09
8,910,482Aircraft engine nozzle2014-12-16
8,910,902Towed sensor array maneuvering system and methods2014-12-16
8,915,471Bonded splice joint2014-12-23
8,915,472Multiple space vehicle launch system2014-12-23
8,918,235Varying engine thrust for directional control of an aircraft experiencing engine thrust asymmetry2014-12-23
8,919,698Translating door centering system2014-12-30
8,925,642Scalable cargo fire-suppression agent distribution system2015-01-06
8,925,870Morphing wing leading edge2015-01-06
8,930,048Enhanced compound steering law for general low thrust mission2015-01-06
8,931,518Shaping a fluid cavity of a flow control actuator for creation of desired waveform characteristics2015-01-13
8,931,735Temporary clamp-on landing gear wheel safety zone fence2015-01-13
8,931,739Aircraft having inflatable fuselage2015-01-13
8,936,217Methods and systems for incorporating translating backplanes to facilitate wire separation2015-01-20
8,936,219Performance-enhancing winglet system and method2015-01-20
8,936,671Aircraft cabin air entrainment filtration with condensation drain2015-01-20
8,939,400Air-ground detection system for semi-levered landing gear2015-01-27
8,939,402Low profile cargo handling system2015-01-27
8,939,406Joining composite fuselage sections along window belts2015-01-27
8,939,407Common bulkhead for composite propellant tanks2015-01-27
8,942,882Vehicle health management systems and methods2015-01-27
8,944,364Quiet landing gear door2015-02-03
8,944,370Plasma actuating propulsion system for aerial vehicles2015-02-03
8,944,377Lavatory reconfiguration system2015-02-03
8,944,381Aircraft window and installation method2015-02-03
8,946,607Mechanisms for deploying and actuating airfoil-shaped bodies on unmanned aerial vehicles2015-02-03
8,949,090Formation flight control2015-02-03
8,954,298Methods and systems for helicopter rotor blade balancing2015-02-10
8,955,791First and second stage aircraft coupled in tandem2015-02-17
8,955,794Bleed air systems for use with aircrafts and related methods2015-02-17
8,957,355Inertial measurement unit apparatus for use with guidance systems2015-02-17
8,960,606Circumference splice for joining shell structures2015-02-24
8,960,607Container delivery system rapid deployment device2015-02-24
8,973,871Box structures for carrying loads and methods of making the same2015-03-10
8,973,873Spacecraft propellant tank mount2015-03-10
8,974,135Fabric preform insert for a composite tank Y-joint2015-03-10
8,977,391Spacecraft development testbed system2015-03-10
8,979,018System and method for minimizing wave drag through bilaterally asymmetric design2015-03-17
8,979,027Wall installation system and method2015-03-17
8,979,032Methods and systems for retrieving personnel2015-03-17
8,984,938Methods and systems for wind detection2015-03-24
8,985,511Method of positioning landing gear2015-03-24
8,985,512Aircraft, fuselages, and associated methods2015-03-24
8,985,513Honeycomb cores with splice joints and methods of assembling honeycomb cores2015-03-24
8,985,514Composite structural panels and aircraft fuselages2015-03-24
8,985,516Reducing risk of disbonding in areas of differing strain2015-03-24
8,986,816Decorative decal system for an aircraft2015-03-24
8,989,923Navigation performance specification2015-03-24
8,991,753Method of positioning landing gear2015-03-31
8,991,765Satellite predictive avoidance system2015-03-31
8,998,131Differential throttling control enhancement2015-04-07
8,998,133Landing gear system2015-04-07
8,998,135Translating equipment rack system2015-04-07
8,999,097Fabrication and installation of preformed dielectric inserts for lightning strike protection2015-04-07
9,010,678Rapid deployment air and water vehicle2015-04-21
9,010,684Automated inspection of soft-tooled hollow structure2015-04-21
9,010,688Structural joint having continuous skin with inside and outside stringers2015-04-21
9,010,689Fluid dynamic vent dam2015-04-21
9,011,616Optimizing the shape of a composite structure2015-04-21
9,013,332Laser-based supercooled large drop icing condition detection system2015-04-21
9,014,967Airdrop controller system2015-04-21
9,016,551Method and apparatus to construct metal securement member for an aircraft2015-04-28
9,016,623Jam protection and alleviation for control surface linkage mechanisms2015-04-28
9,016,625Reconfigurable floorboard system2015-04-28
9,016,628Methods and apparatus for reducing noise in reinforced skin structures2015-04-28
9,016,629Combined pressure and thermal window system for space vehicles2015-04-28
9,016,630Control system for dimmable windows2015-04-28
9,016,633Electromechanical actuator (EMA) heat sink integrated de-icing system2015-04-28
9,016,637High-positioned 3-position variable camber krueger2015-04-28
9,016,638Aircraft flap system and associated method2015-04-28
9,017,510Method and apparatus for fabricating large scale integrated airfoils2015-04-28
9,027,702Synthetic jet muffler2015-05-12
9,035,801Flight deck lighting for information display2015-05-19
9,038,949Radio frequency shielding system2015-05-26
9,038,954Refueling boom disconnection system2015-05-26
9,040,886Adaptive aerodynamic control system for projectile maneuvering2015-05-26
9,043,050Programmable reverse thrust detent system and method2015-05-26

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