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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

6,986,483Inertial reference system for an aircraft2006-01-17
7,463,957Method for operating an aircraft2008-12-09
7,703,716Hinged device for doors of an aircraft nacelle and nacelle equipped with said hinged device2010-04-27
7,789,347Device for articulating a door of a nacelle of an aircraft and nacelle provided with said articulation device2010-09-07
7,810,756Composite internal beam for reinforcing the structure of an aircraft2010-10-12
7,823,830Aircraft luggage compartment2010-11-02
7,891,606Aircraft comprising a landing gear compartment permitting better integration of the landing gear2011-02-22
7,946,385Process for the production of an acoustically resistive structure, the acoustically resistive structure thus obtained, and coating using such a structure2011-05-24
7,959,108Control device for locking and unlocking and aircraft door and aircraft door that integrates such a device2011-06-14
7,963,362Acoustic panel having a variable acoustic characteristic2011-06-21
7,963,477Aircraft that comprises a structure that ensures the structural and electrical functions2011-06-21
7,971,684Acoustic panel2011-07-05
7,971,825Aircraft jet engine pylon suspension attachment2011-07-05
7,971,826Engine assembly for an aircraft comprising an engine as well as an engine mounting structure for such an engine2011-07-05
7,975,671Engine speed control device, a method for controlling engine speed and an aircraft provided therewith2011-07-12
7,988,092Vortex generator at hot gas output2011-08-02
7,997,527Assembly for aircraft comprising a wing system element as well as an attachment mast2011-08-16
8,010,243Method and device for lightening loads on the wing system of an aircraft in roll motion2011-08-30
8,025,255Aircraft piloting method and device for picking up a vertical profile of a flight plan2011-09-27
8,028,960Flight deck layout for aircraft2011-10-04
8,037,967Acoustic treatment device for turbine and combustion noises2011-10-18
8,038,092Engine assembly for aircraft2011-10-18
8,040,257Apparatus for interconnecting a pilot station to at least one other aircraft zone, cockpit and aircraft equipped with such an apparatus2011-10-18
8,042,342Engine assembly for aircraft comprising an engine as well as a device for locking said engine2011-10-25
8,042,764Nut system and aircraft engine mounting structure comprising same2011-10-25
8,061,649Engine assembly for an aircraft comprising an engine as well as an engine mounting structure for such an engine2011-11-22
8,070,093Turbojet engine mounting structure for aircraft2011-12-06
8,070,098Aircraft tail cone2011-12-06
8,074,924Low-noise aircraft, particularly at take-off and landing2011-12-13
8,078,345Method and device for automatically controlling an emergency descent of an aircraft2011-12-13
8,083,176Method for mounting an aircraft engine on a rigid structure of a strut for locking the engine2011-12-27
8,083,178Method and device for piloting an aircraft optimizing the control of the ailerons in an enhanced-lift configuration2011-12-27
8,083,183Air discharge device for an aircraft2011-12-27
8,087,608System for connecting a crossbar to an aircraft engine pylon2012-01-03
8,095,252Piloting method and device avoiding the pilot induced oscillations2012-01-10
8,095,300Method and device for generating a speed profile for an aircraft during a taxiing2012-01-10
8,096,501Aircraft nacelle which includes thrust reverser system and aircraft incorporating at least one such nacelle2012-01-17
8,100,363Hatch equipped with at least one locking socket capable of being actuated on each side of the hatch2012-01-24
8,109,468Nacelle for aircraft comprising means of reversing thrust and aircraft comprising at least one such nacelle2012-02-07
8,112,224Guidance system for an aircraft2012-02-07
8,128,022Device to handle and lock a cover of an aircraft nacelle2012-03-06
8,128,023Aircraft with jet engines arranged at the rear2012-03-06
8,128,039Aerodynamic surface assembly for aircraft2012-03-06
8,132,760Parachuting aid method and device2012-03-13
8,136,754Compact steering device for the landing gear of an aircraft2012-03-20
8,136,756System for electrical generation, conversion, distribution, and starting on board an aircraft2012-03-20
8,141,824Method and device for piloting an aircraft about a piloting axis2012-03-27
8,146,856Device for attaching an aircraft engine and aircraft comprising at least one such device2012-04-03
8,146,868Pylon for suspending a turboengine2012-04-03
8,152,103Aircraft hold with deployable bench to accommodate baggage stowage2012-04-10
8,160,770Method and device for detecting oscillatory failures in a position servocontrol subsystem of an aircraft control surface2012-04-17
8,161,755Heat exchanger unit for an aircraft2012-04-24
8,162,254Aircraft engine assembly comprising a junction aerodynamic fairing mounted on two separate elements2012-04-24
8,162,257Nacelle for double flow engine2012-04-24
8,165,729Method and device for estimating the forces exerted on a control surface of an aircraft2012-04-24
8,165,735Method and device for determining an aircraft landing delay margin2012-04-24
8,167,239Turbojet for aircraft, aircraft equipped with such a turbojet, and method for mounting such a turbojet on an aircraft2012-05-01
8,167,241System for opening and closing the flap of a casing for the landing gear of an aircraft2012-05-01
8,167,248Aircraft comprising a device for reducing the induced drag2012-05-01
8,181,900Acoustic coating for an aircraft incorporating a frost treatment system by joule effect2012-05-22
8,186,618Device for attaching an aircraft engine2012-05-29
8,186,619Airplane engine pylon comprising at least one protruding element to generate a vortex of the airflow2012-05-29
8,190,306Method and device for reducing on an aircraft the effects of a vertical turbulence2012-05-29
8,190,308Method and device for detecting a risk of collision of an aircraft with the surrounding terrain2012-05-29
8,191,823Mast having modifiable geometry for securing an engine to an aircraft wing2012-06-05
8,191,827System for maneuvering an aircraft landing gear and aircraft comprising same2012-06-05
8,191,832Method and device for an aircraft buffet reduction2012-06-05
8,196,859System for attaching an engine to the structure of an aircraft, such as a sail wing aircraft2012-06-12
8,196,860Aircraft having reduced environmental impact2012-06-12
8,196,861Rear propulsion system with lateral air inlets for an aircraft with such system2012-06-12
8,196,863Aircraft horizontal stabilizer2012-06-12
8,200,421Method and device of terrain avoidance for an aircraft2012-06-12
8,205,826Device for attaching an aircraft engine and aircraft comprising at least one such device2012-06-26
8,210,472Method for improving the performance of an aircraft2012-07-03
8,210,475Aircraft with windshield glass plates interchangeable between different types2012-07-03
8,214,090Method and device for generating a yaw speed order for an aircraft during a taxiing2012-07-03
8,215,584Aircraft structure including stiffener edge junctions2012-07-10
8,219,266Method and device for reducing on an aircraft lateral effects of a turbulence2012-07-10
8,220,222Device for fixing a lightweight panel onto a support2012-07-17
8,220,739Beam mounted rear propulsion system for an aircraft and aircraft with such system2012-07-17
8,231,082Method and device for correcting the lateral dissymmetry of an aircraft2012-07-31
8,234,037Method and device for detecting oscillatory failures related to a servocontrol subsystem of an aircraft control surface2012-07-31
8,251,309Thrust force take-up device for an aircraft engine pylon engine mounting structure, comprising lateral link rods with integral spreader bar stops2012-08-28
8,251,310Sail wing aircraft which includes an engine mounted on a pylon2012-08-28
8,251,311Attachment pylon for aircraft having a rear engine attachment beam offset from the caisson2012-08-28
8,256,702Aircraft landing gear provided with at least one noise reducing means2012-09-04
8,256,708Device for attaching an aircraft engine comprising a thrust force take-up device with a compact design2012-09-04
8,256,713Aircraft fuselage section2012-09-04
8,262,020Casing and front landing gear assembly for an aircraft2012-09-11
8,276,845Advanced aircraft cockpit2012-10-02
8,286,915Aircraft comprising a window panel2012-10-16
8,286,916Retractable aerodynamic device permitting the control of the wake trajectory of an aircraft trap2012-10-16
8,292,225Airplane with flat rear fuselage said queue-de-morue empennage2012-10-23
8,292,230Device for detecting and eliminating the presence of a layer of ice or liquid2012-10-23
8,295,996Method and device for preventing useless alarms generated by an anti-collision system on board an airplane2012-10-23
8,302,905Aircraft landing gear comprising an operation strut device and aircraft provided therewith2012-11-06
8,302,909Splicing of omega-shaped stiffeners at a circumferential joint in an aircraft fuselage2012-11-06
8,308,108Fuselage arrangement for airplane2012-11-13
8,308,110System for defrosting the leading edge sheath of an air inlet hood for a turboengine2012-11-13
8,313,055Aircraft having a reduced environmental impact2012-11-20
8,317,131Braking-energy equalization system2012-11-27
8,317,133Aircraft floor and fuselage supplied with said floor2012-11-27
8,322,651Aircraft engine mount structure comprising two thrust links with transverse fitting2012-12-04
8,328,132Damage-tolerant attachment system for an aircraft engine2012-12-11
8,328,136Aircraft applying multisystem connection devices2012-12-11
8,336,811Aircraft with its fuselage suspended under the wing2012-12-25
8,336,812Engine attachment for an assembly system mounted between an attachment strut and an aircraft engine2012-12-25
8,336,813Engine pylon for the suspension of a turbo engine under an aircraft wing2012-12-25
8,336,819Landing gear casing provided with a dissociated structure2012-12-25
8,336,824Device for protecting and guiding a cable from a direct-vision window of an aircraft flight deck2012-12-25
8,336,827Method and device for reducing the induced speeds in vortices in the wake of an aircraft2012-12-25
8,340,838Differential braking system2012-12-25
8,342,446Airplane with a modifiable surface of vertical empannage2013-01-01
8,346,412Method and device for assisting an aircraft flight control during landing approach2013-01-01
8,348,194Conveyor device intended in particular for luggage in an aircraft hold2013-01-08
8,352,104Method and device for servocontrolling an aircraft speed-wise in an approach phase2013-01-08
8,356,769Aircraft engine assembly comprising a fan cowl-supporting cradle mounted on two separate elements2013-01-22
8,359,129Method and device for controlling the thrust of a multi-engine aircraft2013-01-22
8,359,130Method and device for attenuating on an aircraft the effects of a vertical turbulence2013-01-22
8,360,357Aircraft with a wing movable along the longitudinal axis of the fuselage2013-01-29
8,366,038Device for fastening a turbojet engine to an aircraft fixing strut2013-02-05
8,366,039Fairing for a pylon via which a turbine engine is suspended from a wing of an aircraft2013-02-05
8,366,040Rear part of an aircraft comprising a structure for supporting engines, extending through the fuselage and connected thereto by at least one connecting rod2013-02-05
8,366,041Aircraft floor, use of said floor and aircraft section fitted with said floor2013-02-05
8,371,531Aircraft cabin window assembly method2013-02-12
8,398,022Wide body aircraft architecture2013-03-19
8,413,925Aircraft engine attachment pylon having a rear engine attachment provided with a self-locking nut2013-04-09
8,423,324Process and device for passenger cabin layout2013-04-16
8,430,354Flight control system for an aircraft2013-04-30
8,434,717Aircraft front portion including a concave bulkhead separating a non-pressurized radome area and a pressurized area2013-05-07
8,434,720Pressurised aircraft door equipped with a vent flap2013-05-07
8,434,724Air outlet system for aircraft leading edge2013-05-07
8,439,298Device for shrouding an aircraft nacelle2013-05-14
8,439,300Rear part of an aircraft comprising a structure for supporting engines, extending through the fuselage and connected thereto by at least one connecting rod2013-05-14
8,448,897Rear part of an aircraft comprising a structure for supporting engines, connected to the fuselage by at least one blocking element under compression loading2013-05-28
8,448,901Aircraft nacelle including hot air discharge means2013-05-28
8,459,588Attachment pylon for an aircraft turbo-shaft engine with concentric hot air channels2013-06-11
8,464,541Closing system for an aircraft fan shroud2013-06-18
8,473,121Fly-by-wire control system for an aircraft comprising detection of pilot induced oscillations and a control for such a system2013-06-25
8,474,750Engine attachment pylon comprising means of fastening spars and panels located outside the inner space in the box2013-07-02
8,474,751Device for fastening a turboprop, preferably under an aircraft wing2013-07-02
8,474,756System for fixing2013-07-02
8,480,025Rear part of an aircraft including an engine support structure assembled so as to oscillate on the fuselage2013-07-09
8,480,031Aircraft including stiffener edge junctions and method for producing one such aircraft2013-07-09
8,484,848Method for the orbital assembly of aircraft sections made of composite material2013-07-16
8,496,202Hydraulic system for transmission of forces between an aircraft turboprop and an attachment device2013-07-30
8,499,822System for cooling and adjusting the temperature of apparatuses in the propulsion assembly of an aircraft2013-08-06
8,500,069Device for moving objects, intended in particular for luggage in a hold of an aircraft2013-08-06
8,505,850Locking and unlocking system for the cockpit door of an aircraft and door with such a system2013-08-13
8,511,610Device for closing an aircraft door, aircraft comprising such a device2013-08-20
8,517,303Integrated multifunctional powered wheel system for aircraft2013-08-27
8,517,304Device for locking an engine on an aircraft pylon2013-08-27
8,517,305Aircraft engine attachment pylon comprising a box with a circular or elliptical shaped section2013-08-27
8,522,529Propulsion unit for aircraft with heat exchanger having front inlet faces for cooling air flow and hot air flow2013-09-03
8,523,101Short take-off aircraft2013-09-03
8,523,112Device for holding an insulating blanket and for fastening systems adapted to be mounted in an aircraft2013-09-03
8,540,186Rigid aircraft pylon structure in contact with a fuselage lateral extension for attachment2013-09-24
8,544,176Method of forming a panel assembly of a ventral fairing of an aircraft2013-10-01
8,544,789Device for attaching a lift member to the fuselage of an aircraft2013-10-01
8,544,794Floor panel and installation for fixing layout elements comprising such panels2013-10-01
8,544,795Item of aircraft galley furniture and aircraft comprising such an item of furniture2013-10-01
8,545,958Reinforced block made from composite material and method for reinforcing a composite block2013-10-01
8,548,721Method and system for maneuvering an aircraft by shifting its center of gravity2013-10-01
8,550,400Aircraft with retracted front landing gear2013-10-08
8,550,401Modular floor section for aircraft2013-10-08
8,556,213Structural frame made of a composite material and aircraft fuselage comprising such a frame2013-10-15
8,561,941Pin system for the connection assembly of an engine pylon underneath a wing of an aircraft2013-10-22
8,561,948Method for ensuring the safety of an aircraft flying horizontally at low speed2013-10-22
8,567,712Fuse link device between a mobile part and a fixed part of an aircraft nacelle2013-10-29
8,567,715Flight control system for an aircraft2013-10-29
8,573,530Aircraft with rear annular tail2013-11-05
8,573,531Airplane with rear engines2013-11-05
8,573,848Ball slide bearing and connecting device associated with a mast for hooking a gas turbine engine under an aircraft wing comprising such a bearing2013-11-05
8,579,230Attachment pylon for aircraft turboshaft engine, comprising rear flaps with mobile incidence2013-11-12
8,579,231Method of manufacture by superplastic forming and by fishplating of a rib for an aerodynamic fairing of an aircraft engine mounting pylon2013-11-12
8,579,232Aircraft nacelle incorporating a device for protecting an access flap for a locking system2013-11-12
8,596,574Streamlined profile reducing the speed deficit in its wake2013-12-03
8,596,579Procedure and device for optimizing the quantity of fuel transferred on an aircraft during at least one in-fligh fuel transfer2013-12-03
8,600,583Distributed flight control system2013-12-03
8,602,346Acoustic treatment panel with integral connecting reinforcement2013-12-10
8,602,360Aircraft nacelle including an optimised ice treatment system2013-12-10
8,607,453Method of manufacture by superplastic forming and by fishplating of a rib for an aerodynamic fairing of an aircraft engine mounting pylon2013-12-17
8,613,185Method and device for the detection of a thrust dissymmetry of an aircraft during a braking2013-12-24
8,613,404Take-up device for thrust forces with connecting rods for aircraft engine attachment pylon, integrating three aligned ball joints2013-12-24
8,613,405Assembly for an aircraft comprising a turbomachine attachment strut of which the means for attachment to the wing are arranged in a T shape2013-12-24
8,622,348Fixation mechanism for installing thermal insulation sheets in an aircraft body2014-01-07
8,628,041Method for realization of an aircraft structure and resulting structure2014-01-14
8,640,986Turbojet nacelle and method for controlling separation in a turbojet nacelle2014-02-04
8,640,987Aircraft engine mounting structure, assembly comprising this structure and associated aircraft2014-02-04
8,646,723Device for connecting an air inlet with an aircraft nacelle actuator assembly2014-02-11
8,646,725Engine assembly for an aircraft the engine attachment strut of which includes a structural case forming an internal radial delimitation of the secondary flow2014-02-11
8,646,727Aircraft hold and aircraft equipped with such a hold2014-02-11
8,649,919Method and device for attenuating the effects of turbulence on an aircraft2014-02-11
8,651,414Airplane with a tailcoat tail assembly and rear engine2014-02-18
8,651,416Aircraft assembly including an element for mounting an engine and associated aircraft2014-02-18
8,651,925Ventilating air intake arrangement with mobile closing device2014-02-18
8,657,232Fuselage structure for combined fixing of insulation blankets and items of equipment, aircraft incorporating such a structure2014-02-25
8,657,234Dual function door for an aircraft engine nacelle2014-02-25
8,660,771Method for detecting the opening of a thrust reverser for a jet engine of an aircraft2014-02-25
8,662,440AFT pylon fairing for an aircraft engine suspension system2014-03-04
8,662,450Aircraft opening window and aircraft equipped with at least one such window2014-03-04
8,666,566Aircraft control system containing an aeronautical data base2014-03-04
8,668,181Device for attaching a piece of furniture to the floor of an aircraft2014-03-11
8,672,265Container for air freight transport and fuselage of an aircraft for freight transport2014-03-18
8,672,268Oblique panel at the rear of a central box of an aircraft fuselage2014-03-18
8,684,301Wave attenuation panel inserted between the motor and air inlet of an aircraft nacelle2014-04-01
8,684,312Method and system for checking the formation of ice on an aircraft in flight2014-04-01
8,701,386Aircraft nacelle that incorporates a thrust reversal device2014-04-22
8,708,275Energy storage aerodynamic braking device and method2014-04-29
8,708,279Composite structural member with progressive rigidity2014-04-29
8,714,475Aircraft with reduced environmental impact2014-05-06
8,714,477Turbomachine support pylon for aircraft2014-05-06
8,714,484Aircraft seat assembly structure, and fitted fuselage2014-05-06
8,720,818Thrust reverser and nacelle for aircraft equipped with at least one such reverser2014-05-13
8,720,823Aircraft structural element located at the interface between a wing and the fuselage2014-05-13
8,727,268Attachment device for aircraft engine and aircraft comprising at least one such device2014-05-20
8,727,277Hold layout device for an aircraft for crew-member rest and aircraft comprising same2014-05-20
8,740,136Engine mount for an aircraft, to be placed between an engine and an engine mounting structure2014-06-03
8,740,155More electric flight control system onboard an aircraft2014-06-03
8,742,927Method for monitoring authorized and unauthorized persons within a security perimeter around an apparatus2014-06-03
8,746,621Connector for stiffening frames between an aircraft fuselage and a wing box2014-06-10
8,746,623Method and device for generating an optimum aerodynamic configuration of an aircraft during a flight2014-06-10
8,755,956Method and device for detecting the jamming of an aircraft control surface2014-06-17
8,757,541Measurement instrument support interposed between a drive unit and an air intake of an aircraft nacelle2014-06-24
8,757,546Device for shrouding an aircraft nacelle2014-06-24
8,757,547Aircraft nacelle air intake incorporating optimized ice-treatment hot air injection means2014-06-24
8,757,579Linking device for linking a first body to a second body, in particular for an aircraft engine assembly2014-06-24
8,763,952Engine mounting structure for aircraft having a beam spreader connected at four points2014-07-01
8,770,518Connection of a fuselage to an aircraft wing2014-07-08
8,783,619Air inlet of an aircraft nacelle including optimized frost treatment2014-07-22
8,789,790Aircraft engine attachment pylon2014-07-29
8,794,092Disengageable interface mechanism between a motorization system of an aircraft landing gear assembly and a wheel2014-08-05
8,794,568Aircraft engine attachment pylon comprising two front wing system attachments with orthogonal shearing pins2014-08-05
8,794,570Protecting device for an aircraft exterior probe2014-08-05
8,794,572Air intake of an aircraft nacelle that incorporates a reinforced lip with a defrost system by joule-effect2014-08-05
8,800,277Hydraulic system for aircraft2014-08-12
8,800,916Device for attaching an aircraft engine, comprising blocks for clamping an engine attachment with a wedge effect2014-08-12
8,800,917Aircraft engine pylon AFT aerodynamic fairing2014-08-12
8,814,079Pylon for attaching an aircraft turbine engine comprising aligned front wing ties2014-08-26
8,814,092Energy-absorbing structural element made of a composite material and aircraft fuselage having said absorber2014-08-26
8,816,916Radome and device for attaching said radome to an aircraft2014-08-26
8,818,580Interactive dialog device between an operator of an aircraft and a guidance system of said aircraft2014-08-26
8,820,676Airplane with pitch and yaw command by propulsion system2014-09-02
8,840,063Front structure of an aircraft fuselage comprising landing gear2014-09-23
8,840,066Front part of an aircraft fuselage incorporating a bay for stowing landing gear2014-09-23
8,840,980Stiffened structure integrating an opening2014-09-23
8,864,066Rigid aircraft pylon fitted with a rib extension for taking up the moment in the lengthways direction2014-10-21
8,864,078Method of de-icing the leading edge of an aerodynamic surface and aircraft implementing such a method2014-10-21
8,876,044Aircraft with yaw control by differential drag2014-11-04
8,876,049Section of aircraft fuselage in composite material with a constant internal profile2014-11-04
8,876,053Fuselage element comprising a fuselage segment and junction means, fuselage portion, fuselage and aircraft2014-11-04
8,876,054De-icing device comprising means for detection of a leakage in a hot air supply system2014-11-04
8,881,536Aircraft engine assembly comprising a turbojet engine with reinforcing structures connecting the fan casing to the central casing2014-11-11
8,882,038Sealing device between a cross member and insulation blanket provided at an aircraft fuselage2014-11-11
8,888,039Method and device for the lateral stabilization of an aircraft2014-11-18
8,888,040System for opening and closing the door of an aircraft landing gear compartment2014-11-18
8,893,742Double-skin nozzle system, junction system between two tube portions, and aircraft provided with such a system2014-11-25
8,894,010Aircraft fuselage frame element2014-11-25
8,894,012Aircraft nacelle incorporating a hood closure device that is independent of the locking mechanism2014-11-25
8,905,350Structural panel with integrated stiffening2014-12-09
8,905,352Aircraft nose structure with landing gear compartment2014-12-09
8,915,468Interior covering device for an aircraft cabin incorporating at least one system2014-12-23
8,915,469System for draining water condensation in an aircraft2014-12-23
8,915,470Aircraft nose and nose landing gear bay structure2014-12-23
8,925,866Device for fastening systems for an aircraft, adapted in particular to be used in relation to a window2015-01-06
8,936,213Engine pylon comprising a vortex generator, and method for the production thereof2015-01-20
8,939,405Aircraft fuselage element2015-01-27
8,940,215Method for assembling window coaming on a fuselage, coaming to be used, and aircraft fuselage provided with such coaming2015-01-27
8,944,369Engine assembly for aircraft including a modular rigid structure for mounting pylons2015-02-03
8,967,539Method for assembling a floor in a cockpit structure previously constructed from a section of aircraft fuselage2015-03-03
8,967,540Anti lateral-torsional buckling structural member of an aircraft fuselage2015-03-03
8,973,885Structural rod incorporating a vibration filtration mode2015-03-10
8,979,036Electrical rudder control system for an aircraft2015-03-17
8,983,686System aboard an aircraft2015-03-17
8,985,521Device for generating resistive torque2015-03-24
9,003,760Acoustic processing panel, more particularly adapted for an air intake in an aircraft nacelle2015-04-14
9,010,084Aircraft nacelle including an optimised acoustic processing system2015-04-21
9,010,686Module for an aircraft2015-04-21
9,010,687Insulating blanket for an aircraft and assembly integrating such a blanket2015-04-21
9,016,279Oxygen supply system intended in particular for the flight crew of an aircraft2015-04-28
9,019,719Electrical devices module for an avionics bay2015-04-28
9,027,887Method of controlling the attitude of a satellite and an attitude-controlled satellite2015-05-12
9,034,453Reinforced aircraft fuselage panel and method of manufacture2015-05-19
9,037,410Method and device for creating an aircraft flight plan2015-05-19
9,038,960Absorbent dome for a radiating collector tube2015-05-26

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