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6,981,672Fixed canard 2-D guidance of artillery projectiles2006-01-03
6,983,588Turbofan variable fan nozzle2006-01-10
6,985,801Cockpit instrument panel systems and methods with redundant flight data display2006-01-10
6,986,481Extendable joined wing system for a fluid-born body2006-01-17
6,986,695Method for attaching an empennage assembly to a model airplane2006-01-17
6,987,257Attitude determination system and method2006-01-17
6,988,694Push release loop2006-01-24
6,994,294Stabilization of a drogue body2006-02-07
6,997,013Cooling system for an on-board inert gas generating system2006-02-14
7,000,638Diverter valve with multiple valve seat rings2006-02-21
7,003,383Flight management system using holding pattern entry algorithms2006-02-21
7,004,423Projectile diverter2006-02-28
7,004,426Control system for rotorcraft for preventing the vortex ring state2006-02-28
7,006,903Method and system for routing mobile vehicles and scheduling maintenance for those vehicles related application2006-02-28
7,007,897Flight control actuation system2006-03-07
7,010,905Ventilated confluent exhaust nozzle2006-03-14
7,013,208Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control2006-03-14
7,014,141Unmanned airborne reconnaissance system2006-03-21
7,014,144Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2006-03-21
7,014,150Method and system for optimizing torque in a CMG array2006-03-21
7,017,857Active vibration control system2006-03-28
7,021,587Dual channel fail-safe system and method for adjusting aircraft trim2006-04-04
7,025,171Safety harness2006-04-11
7,028,947Self-powered tethered decoy for heat-seeking transport aircraft missile defense2006-04-18
7,035,725Sliding integral proportional (SIP) controller for aircraft skid control2006-04-25
7,040,247Stabilizing surface for flight deck or other uses2006-05-09
7,040,571Single pull control horn2006-05-09
7,043,355Multisource target correlation2006-05-09
7,048,227Parachute supported aircraft with controlled wing collapse and inflation2006-05-23
7,048,229Low sonic boom inlet for supersonic aircraft2006-05-23
7,048,231Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging2006-05-23
7,055,777Airship and method of operation2006-06-06
7,057,734Integrated reaction wheel assembly and fiber optic gyro2006-06-06
7,059,034One-piece closed-shape structure and method of forming same2006-06-13
7,059,564Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including a cleat for capturing aircraft on a line2006-06-13
7,063,898Surface modified metal parts2006-06-20
7,066,426Multimodal, deployable vehicle2006-06-27
7,066,427Active protection device and associated apparatus, system, and method2006-06-27
7,066,430Methods and apparatuses for capturing and recovering unmanned aircraft, including extendable capture devices2006-06-27
7,066,501Aircraft latch2006-06-27
7,066,551Curved beam aircraft passenger seat2006-06-27
7,066,808Aircraft cabin multi-differential pressure control system2006-06-27
7,066,997Coal tar and hydrocarbon mixture pitch and the preparation and use thereof2006-06-27
7,070,144Aircraft and missile afterbody flow control device and method of controlling flow2006-07-04
7,077,467Cable raceway2006-07-18
7,077,631Ram air turbine with speed increasing gearbox2006-07-18
7,078,880Energy storage flywheel voltage regulation and load sharing system and method2006-07-18
7,079,070Radar-filtered projectile2006-07-18
7,086,629Severance of polycarbonates and polycarbonate laminates with linear shaped charge2006-08-08
7,089,108Method and apparatus for entering a flight plan into an aircraft navigation system2006-08-08
7,090,166Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for transmitting forces to the aircraft during launch2006-08-15
7,090,170In-orbit satellite sensor alignment determination2006-08-15
7,090,171Momentum stabilized launch vehicle upper stage2006-08-15
7,090,314Load assist mechanism for an overhead bin2006-08-15
7,093,424Thrust reverser system electro-mechanical brake manual release mechanism2006-08-22
7,093,793Variable cam exhaust nozzle2006-08-22
7,093,806Method and system for decoupling structural modes to provide consistent control system performance2006-08-22
7,097,131Drain valve and method of mounting2006-08-29
7,097,137Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles2006-08-29
7,098,810Aircraft autorecovery systems and methods2006-08-29
7,098,811Method and apparatus for tactile cueing of aircraft controls2006-08-29
7,100,865Method and apparatus for stowing and deploying control surfaces of a guided air vehicle2006-09-05
7,100,873Hanger assembly for aircraft2006-09-05
7,101,297Compact actuator2006-09-05
7,104,495Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a container having a guide structure for aircraft components2006-09-12
7,104,496Active protection device and associated apparatus, system, and method2006-09-12
7,104,500Thrust reverser with sliding pivot joints2006-09-12
7,104,502Ice detector for improved ice detection at near freezing condition2006-09-12
7,107,131Cross-engine aircraft communication system2006-09-12
7,113,109Voice activated alerting system for aircraft crew2006-09-26
7,114,601Torque transfer limiting arrangement for a rotational drive shaft2006-10-03
7,114,680Methods and apparatuses for launching and capturing unmanned aircraft, including a combined launch and recovery system2006-10-03
7,114,785Aerodynamic surfaced bicycle wheel2006-10-03
7,115,010Floatation system including life raft2006-10-03
7,120,522Alignment of a flight vehicle based on recursive matrix inversion2006-10-10
7,121,507Methods and apparatuses for capturing and storing unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for securing the aircraft after capture2006-10-17
7,121,509Alerting system for aircraft crew2006-10-17
7,124,983Hybrid electrical ice protection system and method including an energy saving mode2006-10-24
7,128,294Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for launching aircraft with a wedge action2006-10-31
7,133,776Attitude alignment of a slave inertial measurement system2006-11-07
7,137,595Flight lock actuator with dual energy sources2006-11-21
7,140,575Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including methods and apparatuses for releasably gripping aircraft during launch2006-11-28
7,143,974Methods and apparatuses for launching airborne devices along flexible elongated members2006-12-05
7,143,978In-seat power supply floor module2006-12-05
7,143,980Aerial chemical application and control method2006-12-05
7,146,796Nested latch thrust reverser2006-12-12
7,150,433Aircraft bolster trays2006-12-19
7,152,495System and method for adaptive cancellation of disturbances2006-12-26
7,152,827Methods and apparatuses for launching, capturing, and storing unmanned aircraft, including a container having a guide structure for aircraft components2006-12-26
7,152,828Method and apparatus for the hookup of unmanned/manned ("hum") multi purpose vehicles with each other2006-12-26
7,156,033Inflating aircraft flotation device2007-01-02
7,159,818Multi-spectral air inlet shield and associated inlet structure2007-01-09
7,159,823Rapid deployment of troops and cargo2007-01-09
7,163,177Airship ballast system2007-01-16
7,165,745Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and braking subsequent grip motion2007-01-23
7,172,156Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging2007-02-06
7,172,157Increasing the performance of aircraft on-board inert gas generating systems by turbocharging2007-02-06
7,175,135Methods and apparatuses for capturing unmanned aircraft and constraining motion of the captured aircraft2007-02-13
7,178,762Reinforcing material for parachutes and methods for reinforcing parachutes2007-02-20
7,181,020Audio feedback regarding aircraft operation2007-02-20
7,182,290Methods and systems for starting propeller-driven devices2007-02-27
7,182,296Methods and apparatus for error-tolerant wrap-back ACE monitor2007-02-27
7,182,297Method and apparatus for supporting aircraft components, including actuators2007-02-27
7,185,855Method and system for steering a momentum control system2007-03-06
7,185,857Thrust vector actuation control system and method2007-03-06
7,187,498Surveillance window2007-03-06
7,188,558Pyromechanical separating element2007-03-13
7,188,806Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed2007-03-13
7,190,304System for interception and defeat of rocket propelled grenades and method of use2007-03-13
7,191,984Thermal design for spacecraft modules2007-03-20
7,192,462Engine air filter and sealing system2007-03-20
7,195,197Techniques for controlling a fin with unlimited adjustment and no backlash2007-03-27
7,195,204High altitude platform control system2007-03-27
7,198,225Aircraft control system2007-04-03
7,198,230Method and system for maximizing satellite constellation coverage2007-04-03
7,198,231Method of applying ablative insulation coatings and articles obtained therefrom2007-04-03
7,204,455Motion assisting apparatus2007-04-17
7,205,066Structural element with rib-receiving member2007-04-17
7,206,698Ground operations and imminent landing runway selection2007-04-17
7,207,522Safety device trigger for activating a safety device2007-04-24
7,207,742Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways2007-04-24
7,210,652Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2007-05-01
7,210,654Unmanned airborne reconnaissance system2007-05-01
7,216,036Integrated inertial stellar attitude sensor2007-05-08
7,216,642Pneumatically launched folding wing glider toy2007-05-15
7,216,832Method of assembling a single piece co-cured structure2007-05-15
7,219,854Cycloidal hybrid advanced surface effects vehicle2007-05-22
7,219,859Multipurpose modular spacecraft2007-05-22
7,219,861Guidance system for radio-controlled aircraft2007-05-22
7,221,436System and method for optimization-based sensor steering and tracking2007-05-22
7,222,823Payload adapter2007-05-29
7,223,047Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways2007-05-29
7,226,015Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow2007-06-05
7,230,205Compressor airfoil surface wetting and icing detection system2007-06-12
7,237,751Helicopter rotor and method of repairing same2007-07-03
7,240,943Independent divan door and drawer assembly2007-07-10
7,243,878Regional aircraft boarding modules, and methods of using same2007-07-17
7,243,879Lattice fin for missiles or other fluid-born bodies and method for producing same2007-07-17
7,246,480System for heating an air intake of turbine engine2007-07-24
7,246,776Method and system for CMG array singularity avoidance2007-07-24
7,249,756Low-profile, multi-axis, highly passively damped, vibration isolation mount2007-07-31
7,251,914Frame mount latch assembly for subsurface aircraft servicing pit2007-08-07
7,255,208Aircraft brake wheel heat shield2007-08-14
7,255,304Tandem motor actuator2007-08-14
7,264,202Tri-cycloidal airship2007-09-04
7,264,203Spider actuated thrust reverser2007-09-04
7,270,296Small-size high-speed transmission system for use in microturbine-powered aircraft2007-09-18
7,271,796Reconfigurable control for a combat vehicle2007-09-18
7,273,196System for vehicle attitude and/or momentum control2007-09-25
7,275,496Balloonsonde launcher2007-10-02
7,275,714Airship docking mechanism2007-10-02
7,275,717Helicopter one-piece door2007-10-02
7,276,681On-board light source based gain correction for semi-active laser seekers2007-10-02
7,280,917Systems and methods for controlling a landing position of sensors deployed from an air vehicle2007-10-09
7,281,681Hydrogen powered aircraft2007-10-16
7,286,289Surveillance window2007-10-23
7,287,722Rocket-powered vehicle racing competition2007-10-30
7,287,724Tether system for balloon ride2007-10-30
7,300,019Multimodal, deployable vehicle2007-11-27
7,300,112Frame assembly for passenger seat2007-11-27
7,302,323Transportation data recording system2007-11-27
7,302,340High altitude parachute navigation flight computer2007-11-27
7,305,286System and method for gyro enhanced vertical flight information2007-12-04
7,306,644Gas generating system and method for inerting aircraft fuel tanks2007-12-11
7,314,398Floatation system including life raft2008-01-01
7,316,539Vane assembly with metal trailing edge segment2008-01-08
7,318,565Electric motor assisted takeoff device for an air vehicle2008-01-15
7,325,569Butterfly valve with integral split flapper relief valve2008-02-05
7,325,769Fast-pivot missile flight control surface2008-02-05
7,328,104Systems and methods for improved inertial navigation2008-02-05
7,331,546Bendable wing for micro air vehicle2008-02-19
7,334,758Attachment assembly for mounting a seat to the floor of a vehicle2008-02-26
7,334,760Flow control device and method of controlling flow2008-02-26
7,338,016Multi-grommet retained slider for parachutes2008-03-04
7,339,537Capacitive drive antenna and an air vehicle so equipped2008-03-04
7,339,659Method and system for identifying hostile missile launch locations2008-03-04
7,341,223Hybrid unmanned vehicle for high altitude operations2008-03-11
7,350,751Anti-flip landing gear for aircraft2008-04-01
7,350,753RF shielding for aircraft windows2008-04-01
7,360,741Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and breaking subsequent grip motion2008-04-22
7,360,742Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed2008-04-22
7,363,121System, method and apparatus for searching geographic area using prioritized spatial order2008-04-22
7,364,120Quantized control-moment gyroscope array2008-04-29
7,367,529Momentum tube for distributed actuation2008-05-06
7,370,833Method and system for determining a singularity free momentum path2008-05-13
7,374,129Device for launching a power kite2008-05-20
7,374,134Systems and methods for semi-permanent, non-precision inspace assembly of space structures, modules and spacecraft2008-05-20
7,382,287Avionics system, method and apparatus for selecting a runway2008-06-03
7,384,016Adaptive compliant wing and rotor system2008-06-10
7,387,279Method and apparatus for supplying orbital space platforms using payload canisters via intermediate orbital rendezvous and docking2008-06-17
7,395,987Apparatus and appertaining method for upfinding in spinning projectiles using a phase-lock-loop or correlator mechanism2008-07-08
7,400,287Smart chaff2008-07-15
7,406,370Electrical energy management system on a more electric vehicle2008-07-29
7,407,136Static port skin applique apparatus and method2008-08-05
7,407,137Dual voltage integrated power and attitude control system and method2008-08-05
7,409,292Method and system for degimbalization of vehicle navigation data2008-08-05
7,409,820Electrical thrust reverser tertiary lock system including a voltage limiting circuit2008-08-12
7,410,127Seat track anti-rattle locking device2008-08-12
7,412,930Frictional roll control apparatus for a spinning projectile2008-08-19
7,413,145Aerial delivery system2008-08-19
7,413,262Hub for wheel of human powered vehicle2008-08-19
7,416,156Dual brace-determinate landing gear2008-08-26
7,418,343Relative navigation for precision rendezvous and station keeping using datalink signals2008-08-26
7,419,120Triple-fuselage aircraft and families of aircraft of said type2008-09-02
7,419,121Integrated mount duct for use with airborne auxiliary power units and other turbomachines2008-09-02
7,419,214Lounge seating arrangement2008-09-02
7,421,319Systems and methods for preflight planning and inflight execution using portable electronic data storage and display devices2008-09-02
7,421,343Systems and methods for reducing vibration-induced errors in inertial sensors2008-09-02
7,427,049Aircraft seat floor track fitting2008-09-23
7,428,098Structureless space telescope2008-09-23
7,428,450Method and system for using a database and GPS position data to generate bearing data2008-09-23
7,429,016Method and apparatus for fast deploying and retrieving of towed bodies2008-09-30
7,431,125Composite muffler for use with airborne auxiliary power unit2008-10-07
7,431,126Support means for an acoustic liner used in an auxiliary power unit exhaust muffler2008-10-07
7,431,237Guided projectile with power and control mechanism2008-10-07
7,431,239One-piece closed-shape structure and method of forming same2008-10-07
7,431,240Hybrid deicing system and method of operation2008-10-07
7,441,511Watercraft arresting system2008-10-28
7,448,575Comfortable seating arrangements with easy access2008-11-11
7,448,656Dual action structural latch2008-11-11
7,458,181Waterfowl decoy kite2008-12-02
7,461,812Rotorcraft control system with stepped mixing linkage2008-12-09
7,461,814Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2008-12-09
7,462,098Cabin pressure control system and method that accommodates aircraft take-off with and without a cabin pressurization source2008-12-09
7,464,899Method and system for determining a singularity free momentum path2008-12-16
7,469,545Auxiliary power unit inlet door position control system and method2008-12-30
7,469,725Method and apparatus for accurately delivering a predetermined amount of fuel to a vehicle2008-12-30
7,471,216Handheld controller for vehicles2008-12-30
7,478,578Commercial airliner missile protection using formation drone aircraft2009-01-20
7,478,780Methods for manufacturing composite aircraft, parts and a family of composite aircraft2009-01-20
7,481,396Small-size high-speed transmission system for use in microturbine-powered aircraft2009-01-27
7,484,689Aviation ground power unit connection system and method incorporating same2009-02-03
7,484,692Integrated abort rocket and orbital propulsion system2009-02-03
7,487,937Airfoil for micro air vehicle2009-02-10
7,487,938System and method utilizing Internet Protocol (IP) sequencing to identify components of a passenger flight information system (PFIS)2009-02-10
7,487,969Kite system having a light transmitter and a light receiver2009-02-10
7,491,253Engine intake system with accessible, interchangeable air filters2009-02-17
7,498,969Proximity radar antenna co-located with GPS DRA fuze2009-03-03
7,503,277Aerostat inflator2009-03-17
7,503,425Integrated inlet attachment2009-03-17
7,503,521Radiation homing tag2009-03-17
7,506,904Door handle lock assembly with automatic lock and retract2009-03-24
7,512,466High-torque, low power reaction wheel array and method2009-03-31
7,515,400Circuit breaker box and monitoring system2009-04-07
7,523,692Aircraft defense system against manpads with IR/UV seekers2009-04-28
7,523,993Passenger dorsal support2009-04-28
7,526,921Auxiliary power unit with integral firebox2009-05-05
7,533,849Optically guided munition2009-05-19
7,540,142Multiple auxiliary power unit system inlet ducts controlled by a single actuator2009-06-02
7,549,605Electric flight control surface actuation system for aircraft flaps and slats2009-06-23
7,549,608Detachable line management device for traction kites2009-06-23
7,551,121Multi-target-tracking optical sensor-array technology2009-06-23
7,552,893Airship & method of operation2009-06-30
7,556,219Unmanned aerial vehicle and launch assembly2009-07-07
7,556,224Distributed flight control surface actuation system2009-07-07
7,559,510Elevator variable feel unit2009-07-14
7,561,947Dynamic CMG array and method2009-07-14
7,566,027Roll orientation using turns-counting fuze2009-07-28
7,568,662Emergency flight control system2009-08-04
7,571,879Automatic conversion system for tiltrotor aircraft2009-08-11
7,575,014Control of engine intake door2009-08-18
7,575,190Fiber optic laser detection and ranging system2009-08-18
7,575,192Transmission system for use in microturbine-powered applications2009-08-18
7,575,196Ice protection system and method including a plurality of segmented sub-areas and a cyclic diverter valve2009-08-18
7,578,467Methods and apparatuses for indicating and/or adjusting tension in pliant tension members, including aircraft recovery lines2009-08-25
7,578,470Passenger seating arrangement2009-08-25
7,578,471Aircraft passenger accommodation unit with deployable bed2009-08-25
7,578,472Aircraft ejection seat system2009-08-25
7,578,483Conformable skin element system for active vortex control2009-08-25
7,580,778Methods and systems for controlling multi-body vehicles with fuel slosh2009-08-25
7,581,702Wirelessly controlling unmanned aircraft and accessing associated surveillance data2009-09-01
7,584,928Drogue parachute drag force actuated programmable controller to generate an event trigger signal2009-09-08
7,588,032Oxygen conservation system for commercial aircraft2009-09-15
7,588,212Method and apparatus for noise abatement and ice protection of an aircraft engine nacelle inlet lip2009-09-15
7,588,846Energy storage system2009-09-15
7,594,623Torsionally de-coupled engine mount system2009-09-29
7,594,625Proprotor blade with leading edge slot2009-09-29
7,600,605Aircraft ground run-up enclosure2009-10-13
7,600,713Pre-hung inlet door system2009-10-13
7,600,714Diffusing air inlet door assembly2009-10-13
7,604,202Ice management system for tiltrotor aircraft2009-10-20
7,607,318Integrated environmental control and auxiliary power system for an aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,611Flight control surface actuation system with redundantly configured and lockable actuator assemblies2009-10-27
7,607,615Brake for a kite2009-10-27
7,610,828Flight control surface actuator assembly including a free trial mechanism2009-11-03
7,611,092Internet linked environmental data collection system and method2009-11-03
7,617,024Automatic heading control system for tiltrotor aircraft and helicopters2009-11-10
7,624,941Method of controlling aircraft, missiles, munitions and ground vehicles with plasma actuators2009-12-01
7,625,434Enhanced OBIGGS2009-12-01
7,626,514Systems and methods for reducing nuisance alerts for helicopter enhanced ground proximity warning systems2009-12-01
7,630,829Ground incursion avoidance system and display2009-12-08
7,631,838Aircraft engine nacelle inlet having access opening for electrical ice protection system2009-12-15
7,633,410Wireless assisted recovery systems and methods2009-12-15
7,637,456Power starter for micro air vehicles2009-12-29
7,637,459Weight-on-gear sensor2009-12-29
7,640,743Aircraft flight control user interface linkage system2010-01-05
7,641,148Sonobuoy loading method2010-01-05
7,644,889Fluid sensing system and methods, including vehicle fuel sensors2010-01-12
7,648,105Deployment brake release for a parachute2010-01-19
7,651,055Non-streaking drainmast2010-01-26
7,656,053Controlling power extraction for wind power generation2010-02-02
7,657,988Method and apparatus for manufacturing interchangeable and replaceable parts2010-02-09
7,658,346Double ducted hovering air-vehicle2010-02-09
7,658,347Micro air-vehicle transport container and launch system2010-02-09
7,658,349Pilot flight control stick haptic feedback system and method2010-02-09
7,658,417Hose hinge assembly2010-02-09
7,665,694Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2010-02-23
7,668,627Mechanical flight control auxiliary power assist system2010-02-23
7,671,311Gimbal system with airflow2010-03-02
7,673,834Vortex ring generator2010-03-09
7,674,036Thermal icing conditions detector2010-03-09
7,677,501Store and munitions release system having deployable swaybrace claw2010-03-16
7,677,833Safety improvements for airport runways and taxiways2010-03-16
7,681,832Ducted fan air vehicle with deployable wings2010-03-23
7,681,835Single piece co-cure composite wing2010-03-23
7,681,838Aircraft engine nacelle inlet having access opening for electrical ice protection system2010-03-23
7,686,680Closed-loop cabin pressure control system test method with actual pressure feedback2010-03-30
7,689,324Aircraft capability and hazard zone interface and method2010-03-30
7,690,602Satellite active motion damping2010-04-06
7,690,604Rudder pedal assembly including non-parallel slide rails2010-04-06
7,693,619Method and system for controlling sets of collinear control moment gyroscopes with offset determination without attitude trajectory of spacecraft2010-04-06
7,693,624Vehicle control system including related methods and components2010-04-06
7,694,916Catalytic reactive component reduction system and methods for the use thereof2010-04-13
7,696,459Techniques for articulating a nose member of a guidable projectile2010-04-13
7,698,064Gas supported inertial sensor system and method2010-04-13
7,699,265Aircraft ejection seat with movable headrest2010-04-20
7,700,902Locking assembly for rotary shafts2010-04-20
7,701,082Aerospace electrical power DC subsystem configuration using multi-functional DC/DC converter2010-04-20
7,708,227Energy-efficient electro-thermal ice-protection system2010-05-04
7,709,772Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with improved control system2010-05-04
7,712,702Methods and apparatuses for launching unmanned aircraft, including releasably gripping aircraft during launch and breaking subsequent grip motion2010-05-11
7,712,703Flap simulators2010-05-11
7,721,525Aircraft engine inlet having zone of deformation2010-05-25
7,721,991Translatable and rotatable passenger seat2010-05-25
7,721,998Self-powered spacecraft attitude control system and method2010-05-25
7,725,215Distributed and recoverable digital control system2010-05-25
7,726,409Fire suppression systems2010-06-01
7,726,611Active rudder pedal mechanism with foreign object strike tolerance and articulating brake2010-06-01
7,731,121Propulsive anti-torque system for rotorcraft2010-06-08
7,731,472Method and apparatus for transporting a motorized vehicle2010-06-08
7,735,199Aircraft door hinge assembly2010-06-15
7,735,670Oxygen removal system2010-06-15
7,735,774VTOL aircraft with forward-swept fixed wing2010-06-15
7,747,364Methods, apparatus and systems for enhanced synthetic vision and multi-sensor data fusion to improve operational capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles2010-06-29
7,748,486Landing gear for a hovercraft2010-07-06
7,748,662Aerial delivery system2010-07-06
7,753,315Payload delivery vehicle and method2010-07-13
7,755,012Eccentric drive control actuation system2010-07-13
7,757,991Helicopter blade vortex interaction noise reducing method and device2010-07-20
7,762,374Turbine engine diffusing exhaust muffler2010-07-27
7,762,501Method and apparatus for improving main rotor yoke fatigue life2010-07-27
7,762,776Vortex shedding cyclical propeller2010-07-27
7,765,037Runway incursion detection system and method for displaying a runway incursion2010-07-27
7,766,279Vortex ring generator2010-08-03
7,769,474Method for soft-computing supervision of dynamical processes with multiple control objectives2010-08-03
7,770,842Aircraft flight control surface actuation system communication architecture2010-08-10
7,775,482Aircraft icing sensor2010-08-17
7,778,744Avionics framework2010-08-17
7,784,463Oxygen conservation system for commercial aircraft2010-08-31
7,784,731Transmission device for a twin-rotor helicopter2010-08-31
7,784,773Isolator useful for in-line mounting with a strut2010-08-31
7,786,417RAM neutralization system and method2010-08-31
7,789,469Method and system to increase electric brake clamping force accuracy2010-09-07
7,791,007Techniques for providing surface control to a guidable projectile2010-09-07
7,798,285Acoustic barrel for aircraft engine nacelle including crack and delamination stoppers2010-09-21
7,798,445Systems and methods for recovering and controlling post-recovery motion of unmanned aircraft2010-09-21
7,798,448Flow-driven oscillating acoustic attenuator2010-09-21
7,802,756Aircraft control system2010-09-28
7,802,758Load-distributing rotor insert for aircraft brakes2010-09-28
7,805,226Hierarchical strategy for singularity avoidance in arrays of control moment gyroscopes2010-09-28
7,806,366Systems and methods for capturing and controlling post-recovery motion of unmanned aircraft2010-10-05
7,806,370Large-scale deployable solar array2010-10-05
7,818,127Collision avoidance for vehicle control systems2010-10-19
7,819,362Enhanced aerial delivery system2010-10-26
7,823,835Door pod assembly2010-11-02
7,825,554Stabilizing power source for a vehicle2010-11-02
7,828,245Dual motor dual concentric valve2010-11-09
7,829,829Grid fin control system for a fluid-borne object2010-11-09
7,829,830Techniques for controlling access through a slot on a projectile2010-11-09
7,832,689Element for generating a fluid dynamic force2010-11-16
7,832,690Telescoping wing locking system2010-11-16
7,834,300Ballistic guidance control for munitions2010-11-16
7,837,144Fluid-driven artificial muscles as mechanisms for controlled actuation2010-11-23
7,837,150Ice protection system for a multi-segment aircraft component2010-11-23
7,837,151Method and apparatus for the hookup of unmanned/manned ("HUM") multi purpose air vehicles with each other2010-11-23
7,840,316Limited authority and full authority mode fly-by-wire flight control surface actuation control system2010-11-23
7,841,559Aerial vehicle with variable aspect ratio deployable wings2010-11-30
7,841,563Ducted fan air data system2010-11-30
7,845,220Hydraulic/pneumatic charging valve with integrated pressure transducer2010-12-07
7,845,221Detecting ice particles2010-12-07
7,854,410Powered unmanned aerial vehicle2010-12-21
7,854,412Energy-efficient electro-thermal and electro-mechanical ice-protection method2010-12-21
7,854,590Rotor blade visual lights2010-12-21
7,857,093Engine inlet deep acoustic liner section2010-12-28
7,866,598Rotorcraft engine and rotor speed synchronization2011-01-11
7,866,606Aircraft crashworthy energy absorber system2011-01-11
7,869,943Flight management systems and methods for use with an aerial vehicle2011-01-11
7,871,033Tilt actuation for a rotorcraft2011-01-18
7,871,044Method for vertical takeoff from and landing on inclined surfaces2011-01-18
7,873,445Governor for a rotor with a variable maximum collective pitch2011-01-18
7,874,137Gas turbine engine anti-ice formation device and system2011-01-25
7,874,519Spacecraft three-axis attitude acquisition from sun direction measurement2011-01-25
7,878,214Ullage pressure regulator2011-02-01
7,878,450Float pack assembly and method of use2011-02-01
7,878,451Low-leakage seal system for pivot door type thrust reverser2011-02-01
7,878,452Aircraft ejection seat with moveable headrest2011-02-01
7,878,457Retractable vortex generator2011-02-01
7,880,125Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with reconfigurable control surfaces2011-02-01
7,880,870Linear array sensors for target detection including hydrocarbon events such as gun, mortar, RPG missile and artillery firings2011-02-01
7,881,832Automatic speech recognition system and method for aircraft2011-02-01
7,883,059Actuator systems and associated methods for unmanned air vehicles and other applications2011-02-08
7,883,133Apparatus and methods for litter support system for vehicles2011-02-08
7,890,222Mechanical flight control auxiliary power assist system2011-02-15
7,891,298Guided projectile2011-02-22
7,891,948Lightweight composite truss wind turbine blade2011-02-22
7,891,949Lightweight composite truss wind turbine blade2011-02-22
7,891,950Lightweight composite truss wind turbine blade2011-02-22
7,894,950Methodology for autonomous navigation and control of a tethered drogue2011-02-22
7,896,292Reactive component reduction system and methods for the use thereof2011-03-01
7,900,870Vent door system with lever mechanism2011-03-08
7,900,871Wing leading edge having vortex generators2011-03-08
7,900,872Nacelle inlet thermal anti-icing spray duct support system2011-03-08
7,900,877Active winglet2011-03-08
7,901,155Vehicle barrier2011-03-08
7,901,174Tiltable loading system and extendable platform for transferring cargo2011-03-08
7,905,450Aircraft equipment support2011-03-15
7,908,041Self-leveling laser horizon for navigation guidance2011-03-15
7,908,045System and method for presenting an image of terrain on an aircraft display unit2011-03-15
7,913,947Compact tiltrotor pylon-conversion actuation system2011-03-29
7,913,954Electrodynamic structure2011-03-29
7,918,419Rocket ejection delay apparatus and/or method2011-04-05
7,921,966Linear acoustic liner2011-04-12
7,922,120Wing ice protection heater element network2011-04-12
7,922,121Power distribution architecture for an ice protection system2011-04-12
7,923,668Acoustic nacelle inlet lip having composite construction and an integral electric ice protection heater disposed therein2011-04-12
7,926,763Ice management system for rotary-wing aircraft2011-04-19
7,927,402Passive desiccant system2011-04-19
7,928,345Aircraft windshield defogging/deicing system and method of use thereof2011-04-19
7,928,862Display of hover and touchdown symbology on head-up display2011-04-19
7,931,233Protective skin for aircraft2011-04-26
7,931,238Automatic velocity control system for aircraft2011-04-26
7,931,240Cellular support structures used for controlled actuation of fluid contact surfaces2011-04-26
7,934,684Rocket-powered vehicle racing competition2011-05-03
7,934,686Reducing drag on a mobile body2011-05-03
7,938,358Roadable aircraft with folding wings and integrated bumpers and lighting2011-05-10
7,942,366Aircraft landing gear with integrated extension, retraction, and leveling feature2011-05-17
7,946,105Bi-directional locking ring assembly for aircraft thrust reverser manual drive unit2011-05-24
7,950,605Torsionally de-coupled engine mount system2011-05-31
7,950,607Small munitions adaptor rack for releasing small munitions from an aircraft2011-05-31
7,953,524Navigation through reception of a remote position fix via data link2011-05-31
7,958,718Precision controlled variable thrust solid propellant rocket motor2011-06-14
7,959,111Angle of attack automated flight control system vertical control function2011-06-14
7,962,265Vehicular linear sensor system2011-06-14
7,963,442Spin stabilized projectile trajectory control2011-06-21
7,967,237Method and apparatus for fast deploying and retrieving of towed bodies2011-06-28
7,977,615Aircraft and missile forebody flow control device and method of controlling flow2011-07-12
7,979,199Method and system to automatically generate a clearance request to deviate from a flight plan2011-07-12
7,980,510Small unmanned aircraft2011-07-19
7,999,212Precision guided munitions2011-08-16
7,999,698Anti-collision lighting systems and methods for a micro aerial vehicle2011-08-16
8,000,847Control system for automatic flight in windshear conditions2011-08-16
8,002,217System for adjustment of thrust reverser pivot door2011-08-23
8,002,218Combination ventilation and overhead stowage bin system2011-08-23
8,002,220Rate limited active pilot inceptor system and method2011-08-23
8,010,287Frequency hopping data link approach to autonomous GPS denied relative navigation determination2011-08-30
8,011,615Internet linked environmental data collection system and method2011-09-06
8,011,616Hydrogen powered aircraft2011-09-06
8,014,911Methods and systems for imposing a momentum boundary while reorienting an agile vehicle with control moment gyroscopes2011-09-06
8,016,227Non-handed engine cowl doors for fuselage mounted turbine engines2011-09-13
8,016,232Aircraft cabin pressure descent detection and control system and method2011-09-13
8,020,803Rotorcraft engine and rotor speed synchronization2011-09-20
8,020,809Direct torque actuator control for control moment gyroscope2011-09-20
8,021,116Multi-bladed rotor system for rotorcraft2011-09-20
8,025,257Actuation system for a lift assisting device and roller bearings used therein2011-09-27
8,028,951Hydrogen powered aircraft2011-10-04
8,030,603Systems and methods for a selectively engageable shaft lock and drive device priority2011-10-04
8,033,500Actuator load path monitoring system2011-10-11
8,033,509Load optimized redundant flight control surface actuation system and method2011-10-11
8,038,098Overhead luggage bin for aircraft interior2011-10-18
8,042,305Deployable structural assemblies, systems for deploying such structural assemblies2011-10-25
8,042,766Hybrid aircraft wheel comprising metal and composite portions2011-10-25
8,052,081Dual rotor helicopter with tilted rotational axes2011-11-08
8,052,085Thrust reverser for a turbofan gas turbine engine2011-11-08
8,052,086Thrust reverser door2011-11-08
8,055,395Methods and devices of an aircraft crosswind component indicating system2011-11-08
8,056,857Aircraft seat with upright seat back position indicator2011-11-15
8,056,866Air-vehicle augmented kinesthetic control system2011-11-15
8,061,660Large-scale deployable solar array2011-11-22
8,066,218Anti-missile defense suite2011-11-29
8,066,219Anhedral tip blades for tiltrotor aircraft2011-11-29
8,066,223Enhanced aerial delivery system2011-11-29
8,066,227Deployable structures having collapsible structural members2011-11-29
8,066,467Omni-directional towbarless aircraft transporter for moving aircraft2011-11-29
8,068,943Inertial signals for flight control backup mode2011-11-29
8,068,949Vehicle control system including related methods and components2011-11-29
8,068,950Unmanned aerial vehicle take-off and landing systems2011-11-29
8,070,091Electromechanical actuation system and method2011-12-06
8,070,092Noise-suppressing strut support system for an unmanned aerial vehicle2011-12-06
8,070,103Fuel line air trap for an unmanned aerial vehicle2011-12-06
8,070,854Passive desiccant system2011-12-06
8,071,926Stability multiplexed autopilot2011-12-06
8,072,172Redundant electromechanical actuator for control surfaces2011-12-06
8,074,935Satellite refuelling system and method2011-12-13
8,074,940Control stick adapted for use in a fly-by-wire flight control system, and linkage for use therein2011-12-13
8,076,622Low profile, conformal global positioning system array for artillery2011-12-13
8,077,099Multi-band symmetric phase center folded monopole antenna for GPS/proximity munitions fuse applications2011-12-13
8,078,340Active user interface haptic feedback and linking control system using either force or position data2011-12-13
8,078,395Control system for automatic circle flight2011-12-13
8,079,546Samara wing2011-12-20
8,079,551Enhanced aerial delivery system2011-12-20
8,080,772Modular, harnessless electromechanical actuation system assembly2011-12-20
8,082,074Vehicle control system including related methods and components2011-12-20
8,082,707Air-film vibration damping apparatus for windows2011-12-27
8,083,186Input/steering mechanisms and aircraft control systems for use on aircraft2011-12-27
8,084,726Control system for an exoatmospheric kill vehicle2011-12-27
8,087,611Galley unit with cart lift for elevated cart storage2012-01-03
8,087,619Active control stick assembly including traction drive2012-01-03
8,089,033POD launched unmanned air vehicle2012-01-03
8,089,034Mechanism for folding, sweeping, and locking vehicle wings about a single pivot2012-01-03
8,090,483System and method for displaying control related information to an aircraft operator2012-01-03
8,091,335Swept fan ramp for pivot door thrust reverser2012-01-10
8,091,827Thrust reverser door2012-01-10
8,091,833Vibration isolation devices and associated systems and methods2012-01-10
8,091,834Multi-grommet retained slider for parachutes2012-01-10
8,091,836Rotary wing system with ion field flow control2012-01-10
8,096,496Helicopter drip pan2012-01-17
8,100,364Anti-icing piccolo tube standoff2012-01-24
8,103,393Aircraft exhaust gas temperature monitor2012-01-24
8,103,398Unmanned aerial vehicle control systems2012-01-24
8,104,707X-vane configuration in a ducted-fan aerial vehicle2012-01-31
8,105,645Method of applying an electric conductive layer to selected portions of a mounting frame2012-01-31
8,109,465Electro-magnetic up-lock for retractable landing gear2012-02-07
8,109,466Thrust reverser cascade assembly and AFT cascade ring with flow deflector portion2012-02-07
8,109,472Collapsible structures with adjustable forms2012-02-07
8,114,198Cross ship architecture for dispatch critical fuel tank inerting system2012-02-14
8,123,159Engine exhaust system2012-02-28
8,123,169Vertical non-bladdered fuel tank for a ducted fan vehicle2012-02-28
8,123,171Load assisted release system2012-02-28
8,125,398Circularly-polarized edge slot antenna2012-02-28
8,127,530Thrust reverser for a turbofan gas turbine engine2012-03-06
8,127,656General purpose pneumatic power module2012-03-06
8,128,019Hybrid power for ducted fan unmanned aerial systems2012-03-06
8,132,755Engine exhaust system with directional nozzle2012-03-13
8,135,503Ground proximity sensor2012-03-13
8,136,758Hybrid strut comprising metal and composite portions2012-03-20
8,136,761Self-propelled wheel apparatus of aircraft2012-03-20
8,136,766Frangible fasteners for aircraft components and associated systems and methods2012-03-20
8,138,982Munitions/artillery shell GPS multi-edge slot anti-jamming array2012-03-20
8,140,198Slew guidance method for spacecraft2012-03-20
8,141,812Multiple drive-path transmission with torque-splitting differential mechanism2012-03-27
8,141,816AFT inlet duct mounted door actuator2012-03-27
8,141,818Ram door assemblies2012-03-27
8,141,823Method for vertical takeoff from and landing on inclined surfaces2012-03-27
8,146,867Modular spacecraft design architecture2012-04-03
8,148,670Rotary actuator ball-detent locking mechanism2012-04-03
8,152,100Amphibious sport aircraft trailer2012-04-10
8,152,201Ground support system2012-04-10
8,156,711Contact stiffeners for structural skins2012-04-17
8,157,206Two-motion wing-fold mechanism with independent load path2012-04-17
8,157,216Methods and apparatus for an asymmetrical fairing2012-04-17
8,162,256Launch and capture systems for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles2012-04-24
8,162,259Aircraft ejection seat with passive limb retention2012-04-24
8,162,263Payload quick release for an aerial system2012-04-24
8,163,050Comb for inlet barrier filter system2012-04-24
8,167,242Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles2012-05-01
8,167,244Class divider for aircraft cabin2012-05-01
8,170,730Control system for automatic flight in windshear conditions2012-05-01
8,181,422Energy-absorbing structural composite element2012-05-22
8,181,905Aircraft engine nacelle with translating inlet cowl2012-05-22
8,181,911Satellite refuelling system and method2012-05-22
8,181,914Control stick adapted for use in a fly-by-wire flight control system, and linkage for use therein2012-05-22
8,181,915Control stick adapted for use in a fly-by-wire flight control system, and linkage for use therein2012-05-22
8,182,140Thermal icing conditions detector2012-05-22
8,183,508Pyrotechnic fin deployment and retention mechanism2012-05-22
8,185,350Systems and methods for operational verification of a missile approach warning system2012-05-22
8,186,632Panel-mounted aircraft control stick2012-05-29
8,190,305Hierarchical closed-loop control system for aircraft, missiles and munitions2012-05-29
8,191,824Integrated load sensing system2012-06-05
8,191,830Aircraft ejection seat with moveable headrest2012-06-05
8,191,833Aircraft and missile afterbody flow control device and method of controlling flow2012-06-05
8,196,704Linear acoustic liner2012-06-12
8,196,856Method for suppressing vibration in a tiltrotor aircraft2012-06-12
8,196,862Cold fuel cooling of intercooler and aftercooler2012-06-12
8,196,870Robotic satellite refueling tool2012-06-12
8,200,376Vehicle performance monitoring system with multi-level caching2012-06-12
8,201,390Partial cascade thrust reverser2012-06-19
8,201,772Method for suppressing vibration and acoustic signature in a tiltrotor aircraft2012-06-19
8,201,776Airfoils and method for constructing airfoils2012-06-19
8,201,777Aircraft door and method for using the same2012-06-19
8,205,820Transforming unmanned aerial-to-ground vehicle2012-06-26
8,205,823Air vehicle flight mechanism and control method2012-06-26
8,205,825Engine pylon made from composite material2012-06-26
8,209,068Systems and methods for controlling dynamic systems2012-06-26
8,209,069Aircraft sensor anticipator system2012-06-26
8,209,070Methods and systems for efficiently orienting an agile vehicle using a gyroscope array2012-06-26
8,210,471Air vehicle flight mechanism and control method2012-07-03
8,210,473Folding wing root mechanism2012-07-03
8,215,583Articulating yoke mount2012-07-10
8,217,554Ultrasonic vibration system and method for removing/avoiding unwanted build-up on structures2012-07-10
8,220,737VTOL aerial vehicle2012-07-17
8,220,738Nacelle and method of assembling the same2012-07-17
8,220,751Multi-grommet retained slider for parachutes2012-07-17
8,224,574System for multiple navigation components2012-07-17
8,225,822Electric fueling system for a vehicle that requires a metered amount of fuel2012-07-24
8,226,030Weight-on-gear sensor2012-07-24
8,226,039Vibration isolation devices and associated systems and methods2012-07-24
8,229,606Systems and methods for estimating position, attitude, and/or heading of a vehicle2012-07-24
8,231,078Double hook door mechanism2012-07-31
8,231,081Electronic display mount2012-07-31
8,231,097Aircraft equipment support2012-07-31
8,234,068System, module, and method of constructing a flight path used by an avionics system2012-07-31
8,244,461Navigational display for parachutists2012-08-14
8,245,966Airship and vectored propeller drive therefor2012-08-21
8,245,970Array of aircraft seats2012-08-21
8,249,843Predicting aerodynamic impacts for small appendages (IRCM installation) on large fixed wing aircraft using computational fluid dynamics2012-08-21
8,251,305Rotorcraft with variable incident wing2012-08-28
8,251,307Airborne manipulator system2012-08-28
8,253,644Control of passive intermodulation on aircrafts2012-08-28
8,256,704Vertical/short take-off and landing aircraft2012-09-04
8,260,478Rotation rate tracking system using GPS harmonic signals2012-09-04
8,262,024Aircraft frames2012-09-11
8,262,029Electrodynamic method2012-09-11
8,265,818Open architecture command system2012-09-11
8,267,351Roller slot door mechanism2012-09-18
8,267,355Method of controlling aircraft, missiles, munitions and ground vehicles with plasma actuators2012-09-18
8,269,156Guidance control system for projectiles2012-09-18
8,271,149Conversion system fault management system for tiltrotor aircraft2012-09-18
8,272,595Fan cowl support for a turbofan engine2012-09-25
8,272,596Amphibious aircraft2012-09-25
8,275,498System and method for assessing the risk of conjunction of a rocket body with orbiting and non-orbiting platforms2012-09-25
8,275,500Gas turbine engine fixed collective takeoff compensation control system and method2012-09-25
8,276,962Apparatus and methods for litter support system for vehicles2012-10-02
8,286,907Flying entertainment vehicle2012-10-16
8,286,908Counter-torque device for a helicopter2012-10-16
8,286,912Wingtip and sponson interaction on an amphibious aircraft2012-10-16
8,292,215Helicopter with folding rotor arms2012-10-23
8,292,221Aircraft equipment support2012-10-23
8,292,224Quick install aircraft track fitting device2012-10-23
8,292,232Deployable decelerator based microsatellite recovery2012-10-23
8,296,036Aircraft power management2012-10-23
8,302,907Hybrid torque box for a thrust reverser2012-11-06
8,306,676Systems and methods for differential altitude estimation utilizing spatial interpolation of pressure sensor data2012-11-06
8,308,106Hydrogen powered aircraft2012-11-13
8,308,111Panel assembly for a space-based power generation system2012-11-13
8,308,112Plasma actuators for drag reduction on wings, nacelles and/or fuselage of vertical take-off and landing aircraft2012-11-13
8,313,817Method of applying an electric conductive layer to selected portions of a mounting frame2012-11-20
8,317,127Helicopter drip pan2012-11-27
8,317,136Stabilized controllable drogue for aerial flight refueling2012-11-27
8,321,077Attitude determination with three-axis accelerometer for emergency atmospheric entry2012-11-27
8,322,647High torque aerial lift (HTAL)2012-12-04
8,322,648Hovering aerial vehicle with removable rotor arm assemblies2012-12-04
8,322,653Hybrid beam for a thrust reverser unit2012-12-04
8,324,542Command method for spinning projectiles2012-12-04
8,324,544Multi-stage fin deployment assembly2012-12-04
8,328,129Vibration-attenuating hard-mounted pylon2012-12-11
8,328,130Vertical take off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle airframe structure2012-12-11
8,332,082Flight control laws for constant vector flat turns2012-12-11
8,336,806Lift fan flow path device2012-12-25
8,336,815Constant-velocity drive system for gimbaled rotor hubs2012-12-25
8,338,768Actuation assembly2012-12-25
8,338,769Pyrotechnic fin deployment and retention mechanism2012-12-25
8,340,842Aircraft emergency handling2012-12-25
8,342,453System for airborne transport of flammable liquids2013-01-01
8,342,920Outflow valve having J-shaped bellmouth and cabin pressure control system employing the same2013-01-01
8,344,303Projectile 3D attitude from 3-axis magnetometer and single-axis accelerometer2013-01-01
8,346,409Variable speed flap retraction and notification2013-01-01
8,348,190Ducted fan UAV control alternatives2013-01-08
8,348,191Fail-safe aircraft engine mounting apparatus2013-01-08
8,348,192Crash attenuation system for aircraft2013-01-08
8,348,195Array of aircraft seats2013-01-08
8,348,501Thermal icing conditions detector2013-01-08
8,349,986Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same2013-01-08
8,356,768Multiple drive-path transmission with torque-splitting differential mechanism2013-01-22
8,358,027Integrally ribbed Rogallo wing array2013-01-22
8,360,369Emergency collective actuator and method for a helicopter2013-01-29
8,362,408Steerable projectile charging system2013-01-29
8,365,762Hydraulic control system2013-02-05
8,366,044Removable back shell for an aircraft seat2013-02-05
8,367,992Aircraft, missile, projectile, or underwater vehicle with reconfigurable control surfaces2013-02-05
8,370,005Methods for displaying aircraft procedure information2013-02-05
8,371,525Aerodynamically controlled grapple assembly2013-02-12
8,371,993Quick deploy drag chute2013-02-12
8,373,105Baffles and methods for distributed-aperture sensors2013-02-12
8,374,804Aircraft dynamic pressure estimation system and method2013-02-12
8,375,837Catch and snare system for an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-02-19
8,376,280Aerodynamic deflector shield for protection of optical devices mounted on fixed-wing aircraft2013-02-19
8,376,282Collapsible structures2013-02-19
8,376,818Thrust recovery, or other valve, containing two independently actuated doors and control system2013-02-19
8,378,233Aircraft interior bushing2013-02-19
8,380,364Manual and computerized flight control system with natural feedback2013-02-19
8,380,425Autonomous collision avoidance system for unmanned aerial vehicles2013-02-19
8,382,027Adjustable servomechanism assemblies and associated systems and methods2013-02-26
8,382,029Wingless hovering of micro air vehicle2013-02-26
8,382,035Poppet valve for cabin pressure control systems2013-02-26
8,382,039Turbomachine nacelle and anti-icing system and method therefor2013-02-26
8,386,094Taxi brake inhibit system2013-02-26
8,386,095Performing corrective action on unmanned aerial vehicle using one axis of three-axis magnetometer2013-02-26
8,387,501Method and apparatus for rapid severance of a decoy towline2013-03-05
8,387,911Ducted fan core for use with an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-03-05
8,387,921Self deploying solar array2013-03-05
8,387,924Actuation system for a lift assisting device and roller bearings used therein2013-03-05
8,393,564Personal aircraft2013-03-12
8,393,581Collapsible structures2013-03-12
8,398,017Continuous composite fan duct and thrust reverser2013-03-19
8,398,018Fan cowl support for a turbo fan engine2013-03-19
8,399,559Polyurethanes, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same2013-03-19
8,401,716Flight control systems2013-03-19
8,403,257Hydraulic ground propulsion system2013-03-26
8,403,265Aircraft cabin door pressure vent system2013-03-26
8,403,269Orbit debris removal and asset protection assembly2013-03-26
8,413,931System and method for reducing attitude errors for exoatmospheric devices2013-04-09
8,413,932Peripheral control ejector2013-04-09
8,414,076Passenger seating arrangement2013-04-09
8,417,395Hierarchical closed-loop flow control system for aircraft, missiles and munitions2013-04-09
8,418,957Crash attenuation system for aircraft2013-04-16
8,418,966Compliant structure design of varying surface contours2013-04-16
8,418,967Passive adaptive structures2013-04-16
8,424,799Rotor hub vibration attenuator2013-04-23
8,428,781Systems and methods of coordination control for robot manipulation2013-04-23
8,428,793Automatic downlink messaging during emergency flight situations2013-04-23
8,430,353Helicopter torque counteraction device2013-04-30
8,430,355Amphibious aircraft2013-04-30
8,430,356Amphibious aircraft2013-04-30
8,430,359Energy-efficient electro-thermal and electro-mechanical ice-protection method2013-04-30
8,434,723Low drag asymmetric tetrahedral vortex generators2013-05-07
8,436,283System and method for guiding and controlling a missile using high order sliding mode control2013-05-07
8,437,956Unmanned aerial system position reporting system and related methods2013-05-07
8,438,857Aircraft engine inlet having zone of deformation2013-05-14
8,439,154Air-film vibration damping apparatus for windows2013-05-14
8,439,295Aircraft engine inlet pivotable barrier filter2013-05-14
8,439,305Non-handed thrust reverser for installation on handed aircraft gas turbine propulsion engines2013-05-14
8,443,802Apparatus for deploying oxygen masks2013-05-21
8,444,092Metal sheets and plates having friction-reducing textured surfaces and methods of manufacturing same2013-05-21
8,446,294System and method for determining aircraft hard landing events from inertial and aircraft reference frame data2013-05-21
8,448,898Autonomous solar aircraft2013-05-28
8,448,904Robotic satellite refuelling tool2013-05-28
8,450,668Optically guided munition control system and method2013-05-28
8,453,753Fire fighting bucket suspendable from aircraft2013-06-04
8,453,965Double hook door mechanism2013-06-04
8,459,590Landing gear strut extender2013-06-11
8,464,982Systems and methods for securing and protecting aircraft line replaceable units with status indicator under a passenger seat2013-06-18
8,469,308Aircraft wing extension and nozzle system2013-06-25
8,469,317Line replaceable, fly-by-wire control columns with push-pull interconnect rods2013-06-25
8,473,117Flight control system for a model aircraft2013-06-25
8,474,745Rotor hub vibration attenuator2013-07-02
8,474,753Aircraft occupant protection system2013-07-02
8,474,757Array of aircraft seats2013-07-02
8,484,944Aerodynamic device for thrust reverser cascades2013-07-16
8,485,464Personal aircraft2013-07-16
8,485,466Compact electric taxi assembly for installation on an aircraft2013-07-16
8,485,469Aerodynamically controlled grapple assembly2013-07-16
8,485,471Passive ejection seat arm flail restraint apparatus and method2013-07-16
8,489,258Propulsive guidance for atmospheric skip entry trajectories2013-07-16
8,490,917Cold fuel cooling of intercooler and aftercooler2013-07-23
8,494,688System and method for detection of anti-satellite vulnerability of an orbiting platform2013-07-23
8,496,199System and method for limiting cyclic control inputs2013-07-30
8,496,204Method and system for minimizing axial backlash in a dual load path fail-safe aircraft actuator system2013-07-30
8,496,208Orbit debris removal and asset protection assembly2013-07-30
8,498,758ILS-based altitude data generation system, device, and method2013-07-30
8,499,567Hybrid fuel tank inerting system2013-08-06
8,500,062Rotor blade spacing for vibration attenuation2013-08-06
8,502,127Apparatus for guiding a rifle-launched projectile2013-08-06
8,505,307Translating variable area fan nozzle with split beavertail fairings2013-08-13
8,511,602Differential vane vehicle control2013-08-20
8,515,596Incremental position-based guidance for a UAV2013-08-20
8,515,609Flight technical control management for an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-08-20
8,516,785Jet engine intake guard2013-08-27
8,517,306Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles2013-08-27
8,517,309Integrally stiffened panel2013-08-27
8,517,311Removable back shell for an aircraft seat2013-08-27
8,521,339Method and system for directing unmanned vehicles2013-08-27
8,522,496Compression mounted window assembly2013-09-03
8,523,102Method and apparatus for aircraft sensor and actuator failure protection using reconfigurable flight control laws2013-09-03
8,523,116Panel-mounted aircraft control stick2013-09-03
8,523,220Structure mounted airbag assemblies and associated systems and methods2013-09-03
8,525,088View-point guided weapon system and target designation method2013-09-03
8,528,316Solid propellant gas control system and method2013-09-10
8,528,856Compact electric taxi assembly for installation on an aircraft2013-09-10
8,528,860Tool-less track fastener2013-09-10
8,532,848Systems and methods for alerting potential tailstrike during landing2013-09-10
8,538,669Ground based system and methods for identifying incursions along the flight path of an in-flight aircraft2013-09-17
8,543,262Electric boost of turbine engine output power and power control system2013-09-24
8,543,264Aircraft system and method for selecting aircraft gliding airspeed during loss of engine power2013-09-24
8,544,796Passenger seat assembly with associated floor panel and aircraft sidewall attachment, and method2013-10-01
8,548,650Hierarchical closed-loop control system for aircraft, missiles and munitions2013-10-01
8,548,668Control system having tool tracking2013-10-01
8,549,832Turbomachine nacelle and anti-icing system and method therefor2013-10-08
8,550,405Solar powered spacecraft power system for a hall effect thruster2013-10-08
8,558,150Inertial measurement unit (IMU) multi-point thermal control2013-10-15
8,561,938Directional control for a helicopter2013-10-22
8,561,943Truss-shaped engine pylon and method of making same2013-10-22
8,563,909Automatic re-initialization of resonant sensors in rocket and missile guidance systems2013-10-22
8,563,910Systems and methods for targeting a projectile payload2013-10-22
8,567,709Rotorcraft with variable incident wing2013-10-29
8,567,716Landing gear uplock mechanism employing thermal phase-change actuation2013-10-29
8,567,718Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles2013-10-29
8,567,874Method to reduce carbon brake wear through residual brake force2013-10-29
8,571,728Systems and methods for embedding aircraft attitude data and detecting inconsistent aircraft attitude information2013-10-29
8,573,216Vertical drop out box method and apparatus2013-11-05
8,573,534Fluidic artificial muscle actuation system for trailing-edge flap2013-11-05
8,578,747Metal sheets and plates having friction-reducing textured surfaces and methods of manufacturing same2013-11-12
8,579,226Power assisted toy flying device2013-11-12
8,583,293Flight control surface actuation force fight mitigation system and method2013-11-12
8,588,996Aircraft occupant protection system2013-11-19
8,596,182Spall liner2013-12-03
8,596,199Projectile bearing system2013-12-03
8,598,501GPS independent guidance sensor system for gun-launched projectiles2013-12-03
8,600,586Stable approach monitor (SAM) system2013-12-03
8,600,602Flight technical control management for an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-12-03
8,602,169Aircraft elevator system and method2013-12-10
8,602,347Tilt rotor aircraft with fixed engine arrangement2013-12-10
8,602,351Removable horizontal stabilizer for helicopter2013-12-10
8,602,362System and method for scavenging ullage from center wing tanks in an airplane2013-12-10
8,608,112Modular programmable electronic initiation device for parachute disreefing or disconnect2013-12-17
8,608,114Platform and launch initiation system for secondary spacecraft for launch vehicle2013-12-17
8,610,042Pyrotechnic fin deployment and retention mechanism2013-12-17
8,612,179Systems and methods for operational verification of a missile approach warning system2013-12-17
8,613,406Methods for installing carpet tiles on the floor of a vehicle2013-12-24
8,620,492Yaw damping system and method for aircraft2013-12-31
8,620,493Electric taxi auto-guidance and control system2013-12-31
8,620,495Air data stall protection system2013-12-31
8,621,874Turbomachine core coupling assembly2014-01-07
8,624,171Tail thruster control for projectiles2014-01-07
8,624,172Shift lock assembly2014-01-07
8,629,788Sensing, display, and dissemination of detected turbulence2014-01-14
8,632,381Lightweight cabin pressure thrust recovery outflow valve2014-01-21
8,634,974Using predicted movement to maintain optical-communication lock with nearby balloon2014-01-21
8,636,242Propulsive anti-torque nozzle system with external rotating sleeve for a rotorcraft2014-01-28
8,636,243Anti-torque nozzle system with internal sleeve valve for a rotorcraft2014-01-28
8,636,244Propulsive anti-torque nozzle system with rotating thrust director for a rotorcraft2014-01-28
8,636,246Aircraft wing extension and nozzle system2014-01-28
8,636,473Differential pitch control to optimize co-rotating stacked rotor performance2014-01-28
8,639,458Techniques for use with rotor track and balance to reduce vibration2014-01-28
8,640,983Rotor hub and controls for multi-bladed rotor system2014-02-04
8,640,984Counter-torque device for a helicopter2014-02-04
8,640,985Co-rotating stacked rotor disks for improved hover performance2014-02-04
8,640,995System and method for aerodynamic flow control2014-02-04
8,646,726Method and apparatus for determining the apparent operational integrity of a no-back device2014-02-11
8,651,425Emergency collective actuator and method for a helicopter2014-02-18
8,651,432Air-vehicle integrated kinesthetic control system2014-02-18
8,657,228Method and apparatus for actively manipulating aerodynamic surfaces2014-02-25
8,657,229Method and apparatus for actively manipulating aerodynamic surfaces2014-02-25
8,657,231Aircraft cabin bin retrofit2014-02-25
8,660,712Reconfigurable aircraft2014-02-25
8,662,439System and method for limiting cyclic control inputs2014-03-04
8,662,442Active prop rotor stability system2014-03-04
8,662,447Flexible-usage travel suite2014-03-04
8,664,576Vehicle for launching from a gas gun2014-03-04
8,665,119Electrically activated latch for aircraft stowage bins2014-03-04
8,667,977Oxygen sensor for tank safety2014-03-11
8,668,162Apparatus and method for roll moment equalization at high advance ratios for rotary wing aircraft2014-03-11
8,668,167System for airborne transport of flammable liquids2014-03-11
8,672,262Mechanically optimized liquid inertia vibration eliminator and aircraft pylon system2014-03-18
8,674,279Independently powered solar tracker controlling device with program to select alternative source of power supply to assure functionality2014-03-18
8,683,755Directionally controlled elastically deployable roll-out solar array2014-04-01
8,684,313Inflatable kite with leading edge swept forwards at wingtip2014-04-01
8,684,315Active winglet2014-04-01
8,686,329Torsion spring wing deployment initiator2014-04-01
8,689,790Oxygen conservation system for commercial aircraft2014-04-08
8,690,101Triplex cockpit control data acquisition electronics2014-04-08
8,690,104Capsule spacecraft emergency landing system2014-04-08
8,695,720Fireproof systems in aircraft engines2014-04-15
8,695,918Bearing restraint for rotor systems2014-04-15
8,696,065Adjustable headrest for an aircraft seat2014-04-15
8,696,236Paving machine having automatically adjustable operator station controls2014-04-15
8,700,306Autonomous collision avoidance system for unmanned aerial vehicles2014-04-15
8,702,032Compact electric taxi assembly for installation on an aircraft2014-04-22
8,708,283Pitch control valve in an aircraft store ejector system2014-04-29
8,711,223Vehicle-mounted camera stabilized passively by vibration isolators2014-04-29
8,713,911System and method for operating a thrust reverser for a turbofan propulsion system2014-05-06
8,713,987On-board water spray system for aircraft2014-05-06
8,714,479Centering, release and reset mechanism2014-05-06
8,714,486Hybrid frame co-mold manufacture2014-05-06
8,718,911Systems and methods for presenting taxi instructions and reducing runway incursions2014-05-06
8,718,920System and method for determining earth-fixed trajectory launching from within a specified area2014-05-06
8,720,183Thrust reverser translating sleeve assembly2014-05-13
8,727,283Launch abort and orbital maneuver system2014-05-20
8,729,848Fail-passive variable gradient control stick drive system2014-05-20
8,731,743Self tuning vibration isolation system2014-05-20
8,736,633Traffic symbology on airport moving map2014-05-27
8,739,381Methods of cutting and installing carpet tiles2014-06-03
8,740,141Aircraft arrestor system and method of decelerating an aircraft2014-06-03
8,740,152Rivetless nutplates for aircraft2014-06-03
8,742,300Inverter system2014-06-03
8,744,630System and method for measuring atmospheric parameters in enclosed spaces2014-06-03
8,746,620Adaptive solar airframe2014-06-10
8,746,622Aircraft de-icing system and method2014-06-10
8,746,739Aircrew restraint system with integrated communications and controls2014-06-10
8,747,013Fastening devices2014-06-10
8,752,785Semi-levered articulated landing gear system2014-06-17
8,752,786Low speed autogyro yaw control apparatus and method2014-06-17
8,754,352Compression spring wing deployment initiator2014-06-17
8,757,549Fuel gauge for an unmanned aerial vehicle2014-06-24
8,761,967Automatic configuration control of a device2014-06-24
8,763,950Method and apparatus for aircraft sensor and actuator failure protection using reconfigurable flight control laws2014-07-01
8,768,555Autonomous control of unmanned aerial vehicles2014-07-01
8,768,598Dual gain digital engine control2014-07-01
8,770,513Resilient aircraft engine mounts and aircraft engine mounting systems including the same2014-07-08
8,774,982Helicopter with multi-rotors and wireless capability2014-07-08
8,782,835Seat cushion with integrated seat frame attachment structure2014-07-22
8,783,605Flight vehicle, propulsion system and thrust vectoring system2014-07-22
8,783,611Jettisonable armor2014-07-22
8,789,797Payload adapters including antenna assemblies, satellite assemblies and related systems and methods2014-07-29
8,789,798Slat configuration for fixed-wing aircraft2014-07-29
8,794,380Helicopter emplaceable cart for travel along electrical power lines2014-08-05
8,794,564Vehicle capable of in-air and on-ground mobility2014-08-05
8,794,565Helicopter torque counteraction device2014-08-05
8,794,566Vehicle capable of stabilizing a payload when in motion2014-08-05
8,797,191Systems and methods for displaying runway information2014-08-05
8,797,512Automatic range corrected flash ladar camera2014-08-05
8,800,911Lightning strike protection2014-08-12
8,800,931Planform configuration for stability of a powered kite and a system and method for use of same2014-08-12
8,800,936Unmanned aerial vehicle drag augmentation by reverse propeller rotation2014-08-12
8,803,052Predictive roll capture2014-08-12
8,807,478Amphibious aircraft2014-08-19
8,807,479Movable bushing interface and taxi drive system2014-08-19
8,807,481Aircraft seating arrangement and seat2014-08-19
8,809,755Aircraft, missile, projectile or underwater vehicle with improved control system and method of using2014-08-19
8,812,176Collapsible envelope for descent of balloon with envelope still attached2014-08-19
8,813,438System for denying soaring and migratory birds access to critical areas of airports and aircrafts2014-08-26
8,814,078Airfoil shaped tail boom2014-08-26
8,814,081Aircraft and external pod for aircraft2014-08-26
8,814,088Aircraft class divider2014-08-26
8,814,089Aircraft class divider2014-08-26
8,814,094Locking mechanism with bi-modal actuator2014-08-26
8,814,101Compliant structure design for varying surface contours2014-08-26
8,814,103Position control system for cross coupled operation of fly-by-wire control columns2014-08-26
8,818,575Multi-axis, multi-path fly-by-wire flight control system2014-08-26
8,818,579Systems and methods for graphically indicating aircraft ascent and descent capabilities2014-08-26
8,820,353Interface assembly for space vehicles2014-09-02
8,820,672Environmental sampling with an unmanned aerial vehicle2014-09-02
8,820,678Relative positioning of balloons with altitude control and wind data2014-09-02
8,820,683Electrothermal wing ice protection system2014-09-02
8,832,893Operable ramp2014-09-16
8,833,696Balloon envelope adapted to direct sunlight towards payload2014-09-16
8,833,699Vehicle door lock2014-09-16
8,835,592Polyurethanes, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same2014-09-16
8,840,058Airfoil shaped tail boom2014-09-23
8,840,062Pylon mounting system with vibration isolation2014-09-23
8,840,451Cabin pressure outflow valve with simplified whistle eliminator2014-09-23
8,843,253Aircraft ice protection control system and method for mitigating engine over-bleed2014-09-23
8,843,255Methods for displaying aircraft procedure information2014-09-23
8,844,389Automatically locking linear actuator2014-09-30
8,844,643Fireproof systems with local heat shields for aircraft engines2014-09-30
8,844,860Foldable rise and stare vehicle2014-09-30
8,844,880Two-place, collective pitch and throttle control2014-09-30
8,844,896Gimbal system with linear mount2014-09-30
8,851,423Air-film vibration damping apparatus for windows2014-10-07
8,857,756Elastomeric bearing housing and mating grip for helicopter rotor system2014-10-14
8,857,757Independent blade control system with hydraulic pitch link2014-10-14
8,857,761Variable geometry aircraft pylon structure and related operation techniques2014-10-14
8,857,763Vehicle crewstation seat assembly2014-10-14
8,863,893Engine inlet varying impedance acoustic liner section2014-10-21
8,864,069Launch and recovery system for unmanned aerial vehicles2014-10-21
8,865,853Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same2014-10-21
8,868,256Relative navigation for aerial refueling of an unmanned aerial vehicle2014-10-21
8,870,115Active vent and re-inflation system for a crash attenuation airbag2014-10-28
8,874,286Yaw damping system and method for aircraft2014-10-28
8,875,486Guide system for nacelle assembly2014-11-04
8,876,036Reconfigurable rotor blade2014-11-04
8,876,039Folding wing for aircraft2014-11-04
8,876,058Hoisting systems and methods2014-11-04
8,876,060Split flywheel assembly with attitude jitter minimization2014-11-04
8,882,024Rotorcraft anti-torque rotor and rudder system2014-11-11
8,882,031Removable horizontal stabilizer for helicopter2014-11-11
8,882,046Sensor pod mount for an aircraft2014-11-11
8,888,035Morphing aircraft2014-11-18
8,888,049Kite ground station and system using same2014-11-18
8,894,006Man-portable, multi-mode unmanned aerial system launcher2014-11-25
8,894,007Systems and methods for launching a folding aircraft2014-11-25
8,895,908Wing slot seal2014-11-25
8,897,770Apparatus for distributed airborne wireless communications2014-11-25
8,899,524Aircraft cabin door pressure vent system2014-12-02
8,899,525Aircraft store ejector system2014-12-02
8,899,526Parachute harness container with bio-contoured load distributing vest2014-12-02
8,899,527Propellant transfer system and method for resupply of propellant to on-orbit spacecraft2014-12-02
8,902,074Harness for fall protection2014-12-02
8,905,354External maintenance step and hand hold2014-12-09
8,910,905Combined balloon shipping container and deployment system2014-12-16
8,910,909Emergency collective actuator and method for a helicopter2014-12-16
8,915,465Mast main bearing lubrication and thermal management2014-12-23
8,918,280Constraint processing as an alternative to flight management systems2014-12-23
8,918,967Releasable pack for parachuting when carrying equipment2014-12-30
8,919,376Hydrodynamic ram mitigating fuel cell structure2014-12-30
8,919,504Brake actuator assembly with line replaceable motor features2014-12-30
8,919,694Skid landing gear system2014-12-30
8,926,272System for heat dissipation from an internal actuator in a rotor blade2015-01-06
8,931,592Aircraft interior panel with acoustic materials2015-01-13
8,931,728Fail safe, multiple source, tip-jet supply apparatus and method2015-01-13
8,931,731Tail jet apparatus and method for low speed yaw control of a rotorcraft2015-01-13
8,931,737Shower system for aircraft2015-01-13
8,931,834Armrest assembly with deployable bed extension2015-01-13
8,931,857Multiple access aircraft galley chiller2015-01-13
8,933,166Poly(ureaurethane)s, articles and coatings prepared therefrom and methods of making the same2015-01-13
8,933,860Active cooling of high speed seeker missile domes and radomes2015-01-13
8,935,018Electric taxi auto-guidance and control system2015-01-13
8,939,394Anemometer drive apparatus and method2015-01-27
8,939,395Tail fan apparatus and method for low speed yaw control of a rotorcraft2015-01-27
8,939,399System and method of augmenting power in a rotorcraft2015-01-27
8,939,403Vehicle galley2015-01-27
8,942,866Extension of three loop control laws for system uncertainties, calculation time delay and command quickness2015-01-27
8,943,751Lift assist mechanism2015-02-03
8,944,365Mission-adaptive rotor blade2015-02-03
8,944,366Rotorcraft empennage mounting system2015-02-03
8,944,373Line capture devices for unmanned aircraft, and associated systems and methods2015-02-03
8,944,376Aircraft galley2015-02-03
8,944,386Split blended winglet2015-02-03
8,945,325Methods and systems for forming integral composite parts with a SMP apparatus2015-02-03
8,948,927Methods and systems for determining a distribution of balloons based on population densities2015-02-03
8,948,960Systems and methods for arbitrating sensor and actuator signals in a multi-channel control system2015-02-03
8,955,792Rotor position determination system with hall-effect sensors2015-02-17
8,955,795Motor pylons for a kite and airborne power generation system using same2015-02-17
8,955,805Pivot bin assembly2015-02-17
8,955,914Leg restraint device for side-seated vehicle occupants2015-02-17
8,967,552Direct-drive control of aircraft stability augmentation2015-03-03
8,967,939Aircraft transporter dolly with hinged gate for moving aircraft2015-03-03
8,969,223Woven preform, composite, and method of making thereof2015-03-03
8,969,765Anti-icing system for radomes2015-03-03
8,973,504Bullet including an air-guiding recess2015-03-10
8,973,863Blade root attachment apparatus and method2015-03-10
8,973,864Independent blade control system with hydraulic cyclic control2015-03-10
8,973,868Airborne cooling system2015-03-10
8,974,891Thermal protection systems comprising flexible regions of inter-bonded lamina of ceramic matrix composite material and methods of forming the same2015-03-10
8,976,043Illuminated sidestick controller, such as an illuminated sidestick controller for use in aircraft2015-03-10
8,976,440Autonomous electrochromic assembly2015-03-10
8,979,016Methods and apparatus for vertical short takeoff and landing2015-03-17
8,979,019Aircraft taxi system including drive chain2015-03-17
8,979,030Supply packs and methods and systems for manufacturing supply packs2015-03-17
8,979,033Gas gun launcher2015-03-17
8,981,265Electric circuit and sensor for detecting arcing and a transparency having the circuit and sensor2015-03-17
8,983,455Apparatus for distributed airborne wireless communications2015-03-17
8,983,682Unlocking mobile-device and/or unmanned aerial vehicle capability in an emergency situation2015-03-17
8,985,515Multi-directional load joint system2015-03-24
8,985,517Passive cooling of transmission using mast mounted heat pipes2015-03-24
8,991,740Vehicle with aerial and ground mobility2015-03-31
8,991,744Rotor-mast-tilting apparatus and method for optimized crossing of natural frequencies2015-03-31
8,991,745Rotor-mast-tilting apparatus and method for lower flapping loads2015-03-31
8,991,748Solid lubricated blade pitch control system for use within a compressed airstream of a reaction driven rotorcraft2015-03-31
8,991,751Long endurance vertical takeoff and landing aircraft2015-03-31
8,991,755Swing down mount for helicopter and method for operating same2015-03-31
8,991,756Small diameter pressure structure commercial aircraft crew rest2015-03-31
8,991,758Unmanned aerial vehicle2015-03-31
8,991,760Mobile energy attenuating seat and safety harness for aircraft2015-03-31
8,991,769Two-dimensional morphing structure for wing2015-03-31
8,995,131Heat transfer system for aircraft structures2015-03-31
8,998,124Aircraft with electrically conductive nanocoating2015-04-07
8,998,125Method and apparatus for in-flight blade folding2015-04-07
8,998,126Lift generating device2015-04-07
8,998,127Pre-landing, rotor-spin-up apparatus and method2015-04-07
8,998,128Umbrella valves to inflate bladder in balloon envelope2015-04-07
8,998,130Self-aligning inlet plenum system for rotorcraft2015-04-07
8,998,134Fiber-reinforced, composite, structural member exhibiting non-linear strain-to-failure and method of making same2015-04-07
8,998,136Aircraft waste bin extractor2015-04-07
8,998,144Thermal insulation barrier for an aircraft de-icing heater2015-04-07
9,000,605Lighter-than-air craft for energy-producing turbines2015-04-07
9,002,543Situation aftermath management system and method2015-04-07
9,004,394Mission-adaptive rotor blade with circulation control2015-04-14
9,004,396Skyteboard quadcopter and method2015-04-14
9,010,679Hybrid spherical and thrust bearing2015-04-21
9,010,691Parachute deployment system2015-04-21
9,012,825Systems and methods for retaining and deploying canards2015-04-21
9,013,328Electrically activated latch for aircraft stowage bins2015-04-21
9,014,983Platform, systems, and methods for obtaining shore and near shore environmental data via crowdsourced sensor network2015-04-21
9,016,042Reinforcement members for aircraft propulsion system components configured to address delamination of the inner fixed structure2015-04-28
9,016,624Aircraft cabin bin retrofit2015-04-28
9,016,631Multi-purpose hatch system2015-04-28
9,016,634Payload cut-down mechanism2015-04-28
9,016,635Terminator tape satellite deorbit module2015-04-28
9,021,932Aircraft store ejector system2015-05-05
9,022,313Rotor unloading apparatus and method2015-05-05
9,022,314Torsionally stiff rotorcraft control apparatus and method2015-05-05
9,022,320Aircraft passenger suite with combination bed2015-05-05
9,022,324Coordination of aerial vehicles through a central server2015-05-05
9,022,462Stowable aircraft cabin attendant seat2015-05-05
9,027,873System and method for vibration control in a rotorcraft using an adaptive reference model algorithm2015-05-12
9,027,874Tendon routing at envelope apex2015-05-12
9,027,875Pylon arrangement for open structure2015-05-12
9,027,877Filling apparatus for high-altitude balloons2015-05-12
9,033,274Balloon altitude control using density adjustment and/or volume adjustment2015-05-19
9,033,283Passive adaptive structures2015-05-19
9,037,392Airport surface collision-avoidance system (ASCAS)2015-05-19
9,038,940Rotor configuration for reaction drive rotor system2015-05-26
9,038,945Integrated aircraft galley system2015-05-26
9,038,946Space efficient lavatory module for commercial aircraft2015-05-26
9,038,952Attachment devices for rotorcraft front windshield2015-05-26
9,038,963Split spiroid2015-05-26
9,040,885Trajectory modification of a spinning projectile2015-05-26
9,199,733 Invertible aircraft2015-12-01

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