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Airbus Operations Limited

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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

7,600,717Aircraft wings and fuel tanks2009-10-13
7,677,496Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of reinforcing thereof2010-03-16
7,731,124Landing gear2010-06-08
7,744,033Aircraft luggage handling system2010-06-29
7,828,248Aircraft walkway2010-11-09
7,883,054Jam-tolerant actuator2011-02-08
7,909,290Joint for use in aircraft construction2011-03-22
7,941,905Method of removing a component from an aircraft2011-05-17
7,942,368Composite aircraft component2011-05-17
7,984,876Aircraft walkway2011-07-26
7,988,100Wing tip device2011-08-02
8,006,940Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil2011-08-30
8,016,248Aircraft wing spoiler arrangement2011-09-13
8,038,096Aircraft landing gear assembly2011-10-18
8,042,693Water scavenging system2011-10-25
8,055,396Landing load monitor for aircraft landing gear2011-11-08
8,061,653Landing gear2011-11-22
8,070,100Aircraft structure2011-12-06
8,070,106Aircraft wing and flap deployment system2011-12-06
8,074,930Door for opening and closing a door aperture in an aircraft2011-12-13
8,087,614Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-01-03
8,091,828Structural element and method of manufacture2012-01-10
8,091,830Stringer for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-01-10
8,094,042Aircraft steering angle warning system2012-01-10
8,109,470Overpressure protector2012-02-07
8,113,467Overpressure protection for an aircraft fuel tank system2012-02-14
8,152,099Method of landing an aircraft and apparatus therefor2012-04-10
8,157,211Aircraft toilet facility2012-04-17
8,162,266Electrical power transfer assembly2012-04-24
8,181,908Control surface failsafe drop link2012-05-22
8,181,913Slat support funk plate2012-05-22
8,186,622Aircraft component2012-05-29
8,186,630Leading edge structure for an aerofoil2012-05-29
8,215,582Aircraft fuselage interior2012-07-10
8,215,590Aerofoil with leading edge projection2012-07-10
8,220,743Aircraft wing assembly2012-07-17
8,220,755Hinge rib2012-07-17
8,221,633Cyclonic separator2012-07-17
8,231,084Aircraft wing2012-07-31
8,262,025Aircraft structure2012-09-11
8,267,350Jam-tollerant actuator2012-09-18
8,267,353Cover panel for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2012-09-18
8,276,846Aircraft component2012-10-02
8,282,038Bi-directional flight control surface utilizing a split-track mechanism2012-10-09
8,283,018Composite structure2012-10-09
8,286,911Fitting for pivotally connecting aerodynamic control element to aircraft structure2012-10-16
8,292,235Slat assembly2012-10-23
8,292,236Flight surface seal2012-10-23
8,302,486Reinforced panel2012-11-06
8,302,902Method and apparatus for operating an aircraft landing system2012-11-06
8,302,906Aircraft noise reduction apparatus2012-11-06
8,302,912Shock bump2012-11-06
8,302,914Method and apparatus for deploying an auxiliary lift foil2012-11-06
8,308,105Aircraft engine pylon attachment2012-11-13
8,308,109Aircraft structure2012-11-13
8,313,131Fitting, crane hook, and crane hook assembly2012-11-20
8,322,657Panel with impact protection membrane2012-12-04
8,328,142Aileron actuator bracket2012-12-11
8,336,822Apparatus for providing variable thermal insulation for an aircraft2012-12-25
8,342,456Wing tip device2013-01-01
8,366,045Apparatus with damage indication feature2013-02-05
8,371,532Aircraft joint2013-02-12
8,371,533Aircraft auxiliary fuel tank system and method2013-02-12
8,371,536Aircraft electrical power transfer assembly2013-02-12
8,371,537Aircraft structure with hinge rib assembly2013-02-12
8,376,273Aircraft braking system2013-02-19
8,376,278Cover trailing edge profile2013-02-19
8,398,024Wing cover panel assembly and wing cover panel for an aircraft wing and a method of forming thereof2013-03-19
8,418,954Spoiler deployment mechanism2013-04-16
8,424,801Slat support assembly2013-04-23
8,424,807Track container2013-04-23
8,434,714Aircraft landing gear2013-05-07
8,435,335Desiccant regeneration2013-05-07
8,463,466Method, apparatus or software for controlling the heading of an aircraft on the ground2013-06-11
8,474,762Aircraft slat assembly2013-07-02
8,485,210Water scavenging system2013-07-16
8,490,914Landing gear with noise reduction fairing2013-07-23
8,496,021Overpressure valve for an aircraft2013-07-30
8,511,611Slot seal2013-08-20
8,511,619Slat deployment mechanism2013-08-20
8,511,620Aircraft wing load alleviation system2013-08-20
8,523,106Nose landing gear arrangement with a collapsible support structure designed to minimize the stowed volume of the landing gear2013-09-03
8,523,111Method of stiffening a rib2013-09-03
8,523,114Aircraft fuel tank system2013-09-03
8,524,022Method of manufacturing a structure2013-09-03
8,556,214Cross-bleed dam2013-10-15
8,567,727Trailing edge flap2013-10-29
8,573,533Method and apparatus for operating an aircraft landing system2013-11-05
8,573,542Aerofoil slot blowing2013-11-05
8,579,236Aircraft slat assembly with anti-icing system2013-11-12
8,602,355Aircraft wing2013-12-10
8,602,361Laminar flow monitor2013-12-10
8,616,499Wing structure2013-12-31
8,645,045Fuel transfer monitoring system and method2014-02-04
8,646,722Aircraft taxiing actuator2014-02-11
8,651,428Aircraft wing assembly2014-02-18
8,662,549Fitting, crane hook, and crane hook assembly2014-03-04
8,684,300Aircraft landing gear2014-04-01
8,702,035Actuation apparatus for use on an aircraft2014-04-22
8,708,280Telescopic strut2014-04-29
8,714,493Trailing edge flap2014-05-06
8,731,870Method of designing a composite panel2014-05-20
8,746,615Landing gear2014-06-10
8,753,429Aircraft fuel tank ventilation2014-06-17
8,757,543Support assembly2014-06-24
8,757,550Method and apparatus for cooling fuel in an aircraft fuel tank2014-06-24
8,770,514Landing gear2014-07-08
8,777,165Aircraft fuel system2014-07-15
8,800,924Aerofoil structure2014-08-12
8,807,484Gas exhaust diverter2014-08-19
8,814,096Method of controlling the centre of gravity of an aircraft2014-08-26
8,827,213Aircraft slat assembly comprising a plurality of slats2014-09-09
8,840,069Water scavenging system2014-09-23
8,844,583Refuel valve assembly and method for refuelling an aircraft2014-09-30
8,844,872Composite structure2014-09-30
8,851,418Landing gear attachment2014-10-07
8,858,171Bearing assembly2014-10-14
8,864,074Composite panel stiffener2014-10-21
8,864,075Elongate composite structural members and improvements therein2014-10-21
8,864,076Elongate composite structural member2014-10-21
8,870,120Composite structure2014-10-28
8,876,051Bridging seal2014-11-04
8,876,055Aircraft refuelling system2014-11-04
8,876,056Aircraft fuel system2014-11-04
8,881,924Tanks for containing a fluid within a chamber2014-11-11
8,893,368Pivot joint assembly2014-11-25
8,899,518Engine debris guard2014-12-02
8,899,528Blade seal2014-12-02
8,899,529Electrical power transmitting telescopic strut2014-12-02
8,919,697Structural assembly for an aircraft2014-12-30
8,919,703Hinge sealing element and an assembly including said element2014-12-30
8,936,218Aircraft fuel tank vent2015-01-20
8,944,368Aircraft steering actuator2015-02-03
8,967,549Actuation system for leading edge high-lift device2015-03-03
8,967,551Slat monitoring system2015-03-03
8,985,505Aircraft landing gear2015-03-24
9,004,404Aerodynamic sealing member for aircraft2015-04-14
9,004,406Aircraft wing box joint2015-04-14
9,008,871Aircraft landing gear monitoring apparatus2015-04-14
9,016,301Conduit protection system and method2015-04-28
9,016,620Aircraft landing gear arrangement and a nose landing gear assembly2015-04-28
9,016,636Slat support assembly2015-04-28
9,017,511Aircraft protection device2015-04-28
9,021,903Linear actuator2015-05-05
9,027,883Aircraft fairing2015-05-12
9,027,890Translating cable device sealing2015-05-12
9,033,282Wing tip device2015-05-19
9,038,951Coupling assembly2015-05-26
9,038,964Control surface assembly2015-05-26
9,040,821Aircraft cable routing harness2015-05-26

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