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7,699,266Sealing system for the gap existing between the fuselage and the elevator of an aircraft with orientable horizontal stabilizer2010-04-20
7,770,846Fixing system for a leading edge to the structure of an aircraft lift plane2010-08-10
7,810,758Arrangement for coupling a coupling pivot for a trimmable horizontal stabiliser to the tail fuselage of an aircraft2010-10-12
7,815,147Reinforced cover for cut-outs in an aerodynamic contour2010-10-19
7,850,119Sealing system for the gap existing between the fuselage and the elevator of the orientable horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft, extended with an aerodynamic fairing for sealing of the opening existing between the fuselage and the orientable horizontal stabiliser2010-12-14
7,909,286Support system for auxiliary power unit2011-03-22
7,938,366Opening and secure-closing system for doors2011-05-10
8,006,932Pivoting coupling system for a large dihedral empennage to the tail fuselage of an aircraft2011-08-30
8,091,829Lifting structure for aircraft2012-01-10
8,096,504Integrated aircraft structure in composite material2012-01-17
8,128,024Structure of a pneumatic installation in a tail zone of an aircraft2012-03-06
8,128,029Ventral fairing for an aircraft2012-03-06
8,152,097Stabilizing and directional-control surface of aircraft2012-04-10
8,186,614Protection against direct lightning strikes in riveted areas of CFRP panels2012-05-29
8,186,617Aircraft having a lambda-box wing configuration2012-05-29
8,186,621Assembly between a front fitting and the traction coupling of the two lateral boxes of the horizontal stabilizer of an aircraft2012-05-29
8,191,825Fairing system for a horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft and process for installing said system2012-06-05
8,263,864Device for electrical bonding of electrical cables shielding on composite structures2012-09-11
8,267,352Structure of the load introduction zone in the rear end of an aircraft2012-09-18
8,276,848Rib structure for torsion boxes of a wing or horizontal stabiliser of an aircraft2012-10-02
8,277,938Part of composite material having a wedge between two zones2012-10-02
8,291,671Joint arrangement for composite-material structural members2012-10-23
8,348,197Integration system for lifting surface lateral parts in an aircraft2013-01-08
8,360,359Aircraft horizontal stabilizer surface2013-01-29
8,371,530Aircraft with a rear fuselage protection shield2013-02-12
8,418,963Aircraft load frame made of a composite material2013-04-16
8,424,806Aircraft component with panels stiffened with stringers2013-04-23
8,444,091Aircraft stabilizer surface trailing edge2013-05-21
8,453,964Wind tunnel aircraft model with truncated wing2013-06-04
8,474,747Pivoting stabilising surface for aircraft2013-07-02
8,489,259Aircraft black box2013-07-16
8,500,068Arrangement of a circumferential joint of structural elements with a coupling element manufactured in composite material2013-08-06
8,528,864Protection device for sensitive areas against impact of foreign objects2013-09-10
8,550,397Acoustically attenuated fuselage for aircraft2013-10-08
8,550,398Optimization of structures subjected to hot gas streams2013-10-08
8,573,538Impact resistant aircraft fuselage2013-11-05
8,573,539Structure for joining torsion boxes in an aircraft using a triform fitting made from non-metallic composite materials2013-11-05
8,577,657Methods for estimating the effect of variations of design variables on the weight of an aircraft component2013-11-05
8,584,986Inner bent repairment2013-11-19
8,597,770Composite material part with stringer on ramp2013-12-03
8,632,035Adjustable iron fitting for the installation and fitting of aircraft fairing2014-01-21
8,657,233Tail-cone of an aircraft with movable fairing2014-02-25
8,662,451Manhole assembly in the lower skin of an aircraft wing made of a composite material2014-03-04
8,720,824Joining arrangement for the lateral boxes of a horizontal tail stabiliser with a tubular central box and manufacturing method for said box2014-05-13
8,740,138Aircraft engine supporting pylon2014-06-03
8,777,159Internal structure of aircraft made of composite material2014-07-15
8,783,618Weathertight fitting for aircraft tail vertical stabiliser mounting2014-07-22
8,789,793Aircraft tail surface with a leading edge section of undulated shape2014-07-29
8,844,874Interchangeable joint concept for an aircraft rear fuselage cone2014-09-30
8,870,117Composite aircraft frame2014-10-28
8,899,522Aircraft fuselage with high strength frames2014-12-02
8,943,666Method for assembling fuselage sections of an aircraft2015-02-03
8,991,759Rear fuselage of an aircraft2015-03-31
9,016,615Lightning and corrosion protection arrangement in an aircraft structural component2015-04-28

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