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7,897,095Method for manufacturing a reinforced shell for forming component parts for aircraft and shell for component parts for aircraft2011-03-01
7,920,382Aircraft electronics cooling apparatus for an aircraft having a liquid cooling system2011-04-05
7,963,483Stiffening element carbon-glass layered foot section2011-06-21
7,963,485Trimmable horizontal stabilizer2011-06-21
7,975,964Airplane wing, method for manufacturing an airplane wing and use of a welding process for welding a wing spar2011-07-12
7,997,534Connecting structure for an aircraft or spacecraft and method for producing the same2011-08-16
8,015,762Window element for inserting in a structural part and method of integration of a window element in a structural part2011-09-13
8,042,770Structural element, method for producing such a structural element, and aircraft having such a structural element2011-10-25
8,061,658Latching device for an escape chute in an aircraft2011-11-22
8,074,928Floor system for a fuselage airframe of an aircraft2011-12-13
8,096,092Lightweight structural panel2012-01-17
8,096,513Aerodynamic flap of an aircraft having a device which influences the flap vortex2012-01-17
8,101,284Fibre metal laminate panel2012-01-24
8,104,715Window arrangement for installing larger aircraft windows2012-01-31
8,104,721Airfoil for an aircraft and aircraft2012-01-31
8,116,975Landmark information system for an aircraft2012-02-14
8,123,165Partition wall with integrated curtain rail flap2012-02-28
8,128,030Line system for an aircraft2012-03-06
8,136,757Wing and method for reducing effects of propeller airflow on lift distribution2012-03-20
8,136,762Integrated acoustic decoupling in a habitation module2012-03-20
8,136,768System and method for adjusting control surfaces for wind tunnel models2012-03-20
8,137,169Arrangement and method for utilizing the heat of waste air for heating the bilge area of aircraft2012-03-20
8,137,854Fuel cell system as a primary electrical energy supply for aircraft2012-03-20
8,142,873Rod for supporting components in a fuselage cell structure of an aircraft2012-03-27
8,146,860Aircraft fuselage with circular-arc-shaped exterior contour2012-04-03
8,152,102Module for accommodation of crew members having a stowage bin usable from inside the module2012-04-10
8,152,206Securing device for a load system in a cargo compartment of an aircraft, comprising at least one securing catch2012-04-10
8,157,209Method for isolating a cabin wall of an aircraft or for cooling or heating of cabin air and a cabin wall suitable therefore2012-04-17
8,162,258Rest module with a first partial module with direct access to a possible second partial module2012-04-24
8,191,834Cooling system on the basis of suction of a boundary layer2012-06-05
8,220,742Assembly and method for stowing away and removing a survival kit in a passenger cabin of an aircraft2012-07-17
8,226,032Pivoting equipment carrier in combination with a modified luggage rack2012-07-24
8,245,974Drainage device, aircraft, and method for letting out a fluid that is present between the exterior skin and the interior lining of an aircraft2012-08-21
8,245,975Load-supporting and damage-tolerant laminated aircraft window2012-08-21
8,245,977Apparatus for the pivotal fastening of an active surface, in particular a spoiler on a wind tunnel model of an aircraft2012-08-21
8,251,314Cargo receiving arrangement for an aircraft hold2012-08-28
8,256,718Method and device for providing automatic load alleviation to a high lift surface system, in particular to a landing flap system, of an aircraft2012-09-04
8,262,018Drag-optimised ram-air duct and process for controlling a mass flow of ambient air or cooling air through a ram-air duct2012-09-11
8,262,023Aircraft frame element connected to an air-conditioning system2012-09-11
8,262,026Releasable fastening of a component in an aircraft2012-09-11
8,276,841Hydraulic actuator with end position damping2012-10-02
8,276,847Cover for an aircraft structure2012-10-02
8,282,039Device for storing life vests in a vehicle cabin2012-10-09
8,282,041Fastening element for insulation packages2012-10-09
8,286,914Conveyor device for airplanes2012-10-16
8,286,921High lift system on the airfoil of an aircraft2012-10-16
8,297,553Equipment element with retractable line2012-10-30
8,297,554Arrangement of a first and a second furnishing2012-10-30
8,297,556Window element for insertion in a window cutout in an outer skin of an aircraft2012-10-30
8,298,055Process and system for controlling the pressure in an aircraft cabin2012-10-30
8,302,913High-lift system for an aircraft2012-11-06
8,308,103Insulation of an aircraft fuselage structure2012-11-13
8,313,062Extendable deflector for discharging structure-damaging fluids2012-11-20
8,313,868Oxygen enrichment device comprising at least two molecular sieves for supplying a fuel cell system2012-11-20
8,317,132Quick-change fastening system for mounting an element to a fastening structure2012-11-27
8,322,656Wing-fuselage section of an aircraft2012-12-04
8,327,976Insulation design for thermal and acoustic insulation of an aircraft2012-12-11
8,328,137Emergency exit hatch for exiting a cabin module in an emergency and entering the same2012-12-11
8,336,804Aircraft cabin panel with core recesses for acoustic absorption2012-12-25
8,336,825Passenger stairway for an aircraft and method for pulling in and out the passenger stairway2012-12-25
8,336,829Advanced trailing edge control surface on the wing of an aircraft2012-12-25
8,342,443Wing-engine combination, an aircraft, and a wing section of an aircraft comprising an engine bleed-air duct arrangement2013-01-01
8,342,449Vertically movable passageway for rest rooms in ceiling region2013-01-01
8,342,450Seating arrangement of a vehicle compartment2013-01-01
8,348,209Universal retaining device, particularly for fastening panel elements and/or accessory parts in aircraft2013-01-08
8,356,771Coupling for joining two frame segments2013-01-22
8,356,772Lightweight structure2013-01-22
8,356,773Structural wing-fuselage component for connecting two wings to a fuselage section of an aircraft2013-01-22
8,356,776Automatic control of a high lift system of an aircraft2013-01-22
8,360,358Ram air duct flap arrangement and ram air duct2013-01-29
8,360,363Floor structure in an aircraft with continuous panels2013-01-29
8,360,365Modular hatrack for a passenger compartment of aircraft2013-01-29
8,366,042Arrangement for installing electric cables in the floor region of an aircraft2013-02-05
8,366,043Structure, especially a fuselage structure of an aircraft or a spacecraft2013-02-05
8,369,069Avionics equipment carrier system with quick-mount housing and quick-mount modules2013-02-05
8,371,522Device for cooling hot gas to be discharged from an aircraft2013-02-12
8,371,527Conveying device for a trolley in an aircraft cabin2013-02-12
8,371,529Interconnection and aircraft or spacecraft having such an interconnection2013-02-12
8,371,550Equipment holder with optional grid function2013-02-12
8,376,276Load introduction structure, in particular a lining frame, for an aircraft2013-02-19
8,382,034System box for accommodating aircraft systems2013-02-26
8,382,038Device, in particular connection rod, for bracing a fuselage structure of an aircraft and/or for fastening a component2013-02-26
8,382,044High-lift system on the wing of an aircraft, and method for its operation2013-02-26
8,387,916Galley and method of catering for passengers on an aircraft2013-03-05
8,387,922Aerodynamic element and wing with aerodynamic element, actuator-activation module, computer, computer program and method of influencing wake eddies2013-03-05
8,387,994Surface seal as well as method for producing sealed joints with this surface seal2013-03-05
8,393,566Air inlet for a vehicle2013-03-12
8,393,570Landing flap kinematics driven by way of a pinion drive2013-03-12
8,393,572Floor element with illumination2013-03-12
8,398,019Adjusting device for adjusting a high-lift flap and airfoil wing comprising such an adjusting device2013-03-19
8,398,910Method for manufacturing a fibre-composite component, fibre-composite component and fibre-composite fuselage component of an aircraft2013-03-19
8,401,742Reconfiguration of cabin layouts2013-03-19
8,403,258Power regulating device for an aircraft2013-03-26
8,403,262Overhead luggage compartment with a mounting for a control unit2013-03-26
8,403,263Composite and structure, particularly in the aerospace sector2013-03-26
8,403,264Air inlet valve for an airplane and manufacturing method for an air inlet valve2013-03-26
8,403,266Attachment structure for affixing interior equipment components of an aircraft passenger cabin2013-03-26
8,413,268Rest arrangement2013-04-09
8,418,955Control system for a hydraulically actuatable horizontal stabilizer and test method for testing the integrity of a control system2013-04-16
8,418,961Device for supporting a door which is pivotably received in a fuselage airframe of an aircraft2013-04-16
8,424,803Attachment arrangement for a cargo compartment floor of an aircraft and aircraft with an attachment arrangement of this type2013-04-23
8,424,804Attachment arrangement for attaching a component to the fuselage of an aircraft, aircraft and method for constructing an attachment arrangement2013-04-23
8,427,334Device for early registration of a closing state of a closure element for a compartment opening2013-04-23
8,430,358Storage compartment module with an integrated supply channel for optimized installation2013-04-30
8,430,360Control unit and method for controlling the supply of a vehicle with multiple fuels2013-04-30
8,430,362Aircraft having a force transmission element between a cabin structural element and a primary structure2013-04-30
8,434,721Aircraft tank system and method for refueling an aircraft using an eration/deaeration device with a shut-off valve2013-05-07
8,439,302Aircraft with at least two rudder units in a non central arrangement2013-05-14
8,439,307Structural component with rib and cross member element2013-05-14
8,441,375Aircraft power failure simulation apparatus and method2013-05-14
8,444,088Fuselage structure and method for the production of a fuselage structure2013-05-21
8,444,089Pressure bulkhead and method for subdivision of an aircraft or spacecraft2013-05-21
8,444,090Transverse butt connection between two fuselage sections2013-05-21
8,444,094High lift system for an aircraft2013-05-21
8,453,970Under-floor system for an aircraft2013-06-04
8,453,975Coupling device for coupling fuselage sections; combination of a coupling device and at least one fuselage section; and method for producing the coupling device2013-06-04
8,454,261Snap-and-click hatrack fastener2013-06-04
8,459,592Fuselage nose door2013-06-11
8,459,594Emergency evacuation system, in particular for a tailless aeroplane2013-06-11
8,459,701Differential pressure-controlled locking mechanism2013-06-11
8,469,310Airfreight container and aircraft2013-06-25
8,474,755Supply unit for flexible supply channels2013-07-02
8,474,758Aircraft component assembly system2013-07-02
8,474,763Wing arrangement comprising an adjustable flap and fairing element for covering a flap adjustment mechanism of a wing2013-07-02
8,480,027Movable storage unit for an accommodation module of an aircraft2013-07-09
8,480,030Structural component and method for stiffening an external skin2013-07-09
8,484,962System and method for the temperature regulation of a hydraulic fluid2013-07-16
8,485,051Apparatus and method for testing an aircraft pedal system2013-07-16
8,485,486Mounting device for a retractable display2013-07-16
8,489,257Method and device for moveable tail trimming in an aircraft2013-07-16
8,490,921Line system arrangement in an aircraft or spacecraft having a fuselage2013-07-23
8,490,922Lining for an aircraft2013-07-23
8,490,925Non-planar wing tip device for wings of aircraft, and wing comprising such a wing tip device2013-07-23
8,496,203Aircraft with vertical stabilizers arranged on a central fuselage body and method, as well as control unit, for compensating a negative pitching moment2013-07-30
8,496,207Connection of cabin components, cabin component and method for connecting cabin components2013-07-30
8,500,878Inerting system for an aircraft2013-08-06
8,505,851Profile comprising at least one hollow profile section2013-08-13
8,517,308Storage compartment module with mobile storage compartment2013-08-27
8,517,315Lateral coupling device for holding and guiding at least one aerodynamic body relative to the main wing of an aircraft, airfoil and aircraft with such a lateral coupling device2013-08-27
8,523,110Door frame component of cast titanium and structural fuselage part2013-09-03
8,523,585Line system2013-09-03
8,528,859Installation system for an airplane2013-09-10
8,528,865Connecting arrangement for joining two stiffening elements having different cross-sectional profiles for an aircraft or spacecraft, and shell component2013-09-10
8,529,727Method and device for fitting a fuselage shell with a window frame2013-09-10
8,540,190Connecting arrangement comprising a coupling element and two curved ribs of an aircraft or spacecraft2013-09-24
8,544,798Window replacement for filling a window frame2013-10-01
8,550,143Curtain support assembly with integrated storage facility in a cabin of a vehicle2013-10-08
8,556,211Double-walled floor segment for a means of locomotion for accommodating system components2013-10-15
8,556,212Device for delimiting a crew rest compartment and method for implementing such a device2013-10-15
8,561,266Holder arrangement for an aircraft or a spacecraft and an aircraft or a spacecraft2013-10-22
8,562,031Locking means for an aircraft door2013-10-22
8,567,721Decompression device for an aircraft2013-10-29
8,567,741Hard coated seat rail2013-10-29
8,568,934Mixing system for inerting a gas volume2013-10-29
8,579,237System for setting the span load distribution of a wing2013-11-12
8,584,991Vane having a regulating flap and a gap covering device and an adjusting mechanism for a gap covering device2013-11-19
8,584,992Adjustment mechanism of an adjustment device for coupling an adjustment flap to a main wing, and such an adjustment device2013-11-19
8,596,578Pressure bulkhead for purposes of arrangement in an aircraft fuselage2013-12-03
8,596,583Adjusting mechanism for kinematic guidance of an adjustable body during its adjustment on a supporting structural component, adjusting mechanism for kinematic adjustment of a high lift body, and high lift system comprising a like adjusting mechanism2013-12-03
8,596,584High-lift system for an aircraft with a main wing and an adjustable slat2013-12-03
8,596,585Slats with a flexible trailing edge2013-12-03
8,596,586High-lift system for an aircraft, method for displacing a lift flap, and aircraft having a high-lift system2013-12-03
8,602,353Monument with an autonomous water module2013-12-10
8,602,354Ergonomic and space-saving arrangement of monuments underneath a rest compartment in an aircraft2013-12-10
8,602,356Framework wing box for a wing2013-12-10
8,602,357Installation system for the connection of systems to a structure of an aircraft, a measurement system and a method2013-12-10
8,602,358Interface element, aircraft interior equipment component and method for installing an aircraft interior equipment component2013-12-10
8,602,364Trailing-edge flap system2013-12-10
8,608,106Aircraft cooling system2013-12-17
8,613,407Assembly for separating a space into multiple areas2013-12-24
8,616,494Switchable vortex generator and array formed therewith, and uses of the same2013-12-31
8,616,501Pre-installed adaptable supply network for aeroplanes2013-12-31
8,621,677Odour seal for a vacuum toilet drain system2014-01-07
8,622,344Load path-optimized pivotable hatrack2014-01-07
8,623,566Aircraft fuel cell system2014-01-07
8,636,003Oxygen supply system for generating oxygen from cabin air in an aircraft2014-01-28
8,636,249Storage system for emergency equipment2014-01-28
8,636,251Transformable luggage storage compartment for an aircraft cabin2014-01-28
8,636,256Curtain support assembly, in a framework design, in a cabin of a vehicle2014-01-28
8,640,990Circumferential stiffener for an aircraft fuselage2014-02-04
8,640,991Window for aircraft with microstructure as a sunscreen2014-02-04
8,651,420Stowage compartment with space-saving opening mechanism2014-02-18
8,651,421Aircraft fuselage structure and method for its production2014-02-18
8,651,422Fuselage section having an integral pressure bulkhead, as well as a fuselage shell having such a fuselage section2014-02-18
8,651,423Fireproof bulkhead of a highly porous structure with intumescent coating and method for its production2014-02-18
8,651,430Spoiler for an aerodynamic body of an aircraft2014-02-18
8,661,685Preassembly and integration of aircraft cabins2014-03-04
8,662,444Monument for a cabin of a vehicle2014-03-04
8,668,165Wheel drive system for aircraft with a fuel cell as energy source2014-03-11
8,672,263Power distribution system2014-03-18
8,672,266Overhead bin for use on both sides in an aircraft2014-03-18
8,672,267Toilet arrangement for a vehicle2014-03-18
8,684,308Universal arrangement for receiving a curtain rail for a partitioning curtain2014-04-01
8,690,102Fastening arrangement for fastening a component on a fuselage2014-04-08
8,690,107High-lift system for an aircraft2014-04-08
8,695,922Aircraft fuselage structure and method for its production2014-04-15
8,695,923Window replacement for filling a window frame2014-04-15
8,701,708Redundant oxygen supply for an aircraft2014-04-22
8,702,038Pressure fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft with pressure calotte2014-04-22
8,702,042Flow body, in particular for aircraft2014-04-22
8,714,483Decompression device and decompression system2014-05-06
8,715,808Method for coupling stiffening profile elements and structural component2014-05-06
8,720,826Window element for a double-shell skin field of an aircraft fuselage cell2014-05-13
8,721,406Air duct for supplying ambient air in an aircraft2014-05-13
8,722,272Modular fuel cell system module for connection to an aircraft fuselage2014-05-13
8,725,319Monitoring device for an actuation system of an aircraft, actuation system and method for reconfiguring the actuation system2014-05-13
8,727,272Apparatus for adjusting a surface of an aircraft model, surface unit, aircraft model, and use of an aircraft model2014-05-20
8,727,281Condensed water decreasing insulation package for thermal and acoustic insulation of a vehicle cabin2014-05-20
8,727,282Safety system for reducing the explosion risk of a fuel tank2014-05-20
8,727,285Wing tip shape for a wing, in particular of aircraft2014-05-20
8,740,143Compartment for accommodating at least one flight crewmember2014-06-03
8,740,144Passenger supply arrangement for an aeroplane2014-06-03
8,740,145Door for an accommodation module, accommodation module and aircraft2014-06-03
8,740,146Cover panel for an aircraft, more particularly a landing gear cover panel for a cargo plane2014-06-03
8,740,148Device for limiting the deflection of a door arranged in a fuselage cell of an aircraft2014-06-03
8,740,150Connection of a wing to a fuselage of an airplane2014-06-03
8,741,416Sandwich panel with integrated reinforcing structure and method for the production thereof2014-06-03
8,746,611Lightning protection arrangement for an electronic unit2014-06-10
8,746,614System for actuating at least one positioning flap of an aircraft and a method for monitoring the system2014-06-10
8,746,625Flap adjusting system of an aircraft with a regulating flap2014-06-10
8,757,545Segment of a fuselage of an aircraft2014-06-24
8,757,555Concept of a variable winglet for lateral load reduction for combined lateral and vertical load reduction, and for improving the performance of means of locomotion2014-06-24
8,757,556Aerodynamic body, regulating flap or main wing or fin of an aircraft as well as a structural component with such an aerodynamic body2014-06-24
8,763,450Locking fastening device, adjustable fastening device, component system, main wing of a wind tunnel model aircraft, and wind tunnel model aircraft having such a main wing2014-07-01
8,763,751Silencer for an auxiliary power unit of an aircraft2014-07-01
8,765,042Fuselage section of an aircraft and method for the production of the fuselage section2014-07-01
8,770,339Silencer for an auxiliary power unit of an aircraft2014-07-08
8,770,519Structural component of an aircraft or spacecraft and a fuselage component arrangement of an aircraft or spacecraft2014-07-08
8,770,520Device for the mounting of connectors2014-07-08
8,776,353Fastening system for an element in an aircraft interior2014-07-15
8,777,162Connecting rod for the structural reinforcement of a fuselage structure of an aircraft2014-07-15
8,783,609Movable bin2014-07-22
8,783,610Transverse splicing plate for creating a fuselage, and a method for connecting two, in particular wound, CFP fuselage sections2014-07-22
8,783,623Device for the generation of aerodynamic vortices and also a regulating flap and wing with a device for the generation of aerodynamic vortices2014-07-22
8,793,963Method for laying a floor covering in a cabin of a vehicle2014-08-05
8,794,571Cooler for an aircraft cooling system, aircraft cooling system and method for operating an aircraft cooling system2014-08-05
8,800,915Device for boundary layer suction and composite component therefor2014-08-12
8,800,921Structural component and fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft2014-08-12
8,800,925Holder assembly for a secure line installation in structure openings of aircraft2014-08-12
8,800,927Aircraft door and a method for the manufacture of an aircraft door of this type2014-08-12
8,800,928Shell segment for producing a fuselage cell section for a fuselage cell of an airplane2014-08-12
8,813,860Fuel cell system for extinguishing fires2014-08-26
8,814,085Fault-tolerant actuating system for adjusting flaps of an aircraft, comprising adjustment kinematics with a fixed pivot, and a method for monitoring an actuating system2014-08-26
8,814,087Interface system for use in an aircraft galley2014-08-26
8,814,090Cabin equipment component connection system and method for modifying passenger cabin configuration2014-08-26
8,814,093Covering device for an interior of an aircraft and a method for covering an interior of an aircraft2014-08-26
8,814,095Ceiling panel having curtain rail in a transport cabin2014-08-26
8,814,461Locking apparatus for an object being lockable on a rail2014-08-26
8,827,210Engine nacelle of an aircraft comprising a vortex generator arrangement2014-09-09
8,833,697Component, reinforcement member, structural arrangement, aircraft or spacecraft and method2014-09-16
8,833,700Cover plate, door covering and aircraft or spacecraft2014-09-16
8,840,065Multifunctional cargo hold system2014-09-23
8,844,863Device for mechanically decoupled fastening of an aircraft component perfused by hot gas2014-09-30
8,844,865Passenger services conduit2014-09-30
8,844,868System and a method for fastening aircraft components in the case of a CFK-metal hybrid construction2014-09-30
8,844,870Fuselage segment, and method for the production of a fuselage segment2014-09-30
8,844,878High lift system for an aircraft2014-09-30
8,851,420Integration of supply functions in a storage compartment2014-10-07
8,857,767De-icing system for an aircraft2014-10-14
8,864,072Structural component with improved conductivity and mechanical strength, and a method for its manufacture2014-10-21
8,864,077Method for connecting a first material to a second material in aircraft construction2014-10-21
8,864,082Device for reducing the aerodynamic drag of a leading surface of an aircraft2014-10-21
8,868,261Monitoring device for an actuation system of an aircraft, actuation system and method for reconfiguring the actuation system2014-10-21
8,870,119Modular seat system for a vehicle2014-10-28
8,876,040Method for controlling the internal pressure in an aircraft2014-11-04
8,876,048Fuselage of an aircraft or spacecraft and corresponding aircraft or spacecraft2014-11-04
8,878,699Method for providing a pilot warning signal for a pilot of an aircraft, computer program product and warning device2014-11-04
8,880,247Method for planning a landing approach of an aircraft, computer program product with a landing approach plan stored thereon, as well as device for planning a landing approach2014-11-04
8,882,032Mounting system for attaching a structural monument in a desired position in an aircraft cabin2014-11-11
8,882,041Insulation package for insulating a cabin of a vehicle2014-11-11
8,882,044Gap covering device2014-11-11
8,882,045Covering device and aircraft area comprising a covering device2014-11-11
8,882,383Fastening device for an aircraft interior equipment component2014-11-11
8,888,041Tank module for a structurally integrated vacuum sewage system for aircraft2014-11-18
8,888,046Fuel management system2014-11-18
8,894,009Separation device for vacuum toilet systems2014-11-25
8,894,013Aircraft assembly and method for producing an aircraft assembly2014-11-25
8,899,523Fire protection space for aircraft passengers provided with the aid of fuselage skin of fibre-metal laminates2014-12-02
8,899,545Apparatus for affixing an object to a rail2014-12-02
8,903,569Method for controlling a high-lift device or a flight control surface, system and aircraft or spacecraft2014-12-02
8,905,349Structural element of an aircraft fuselage2014-12-09
8,910,907Variable seat separation adjustment in an airplane2014-12-16
8,910,908Two-piece stiffening element2014-12-16
8,910,910Wing comprising a flow fence, and aircraft having such wings2014-12-16
8,915,776Air outlet valve as well as a system and method for emergency ventilation of an aircraft cabin2014-12-23
8,919,695Storage compartment configuration2014-12-30
8,919,696Method and a device for the manufacture of a stiffening structure for an aircraft fuselage segment, and also a stiffening structure2014-12-30
8,925,862Monument complex for an aircraft rear area2015-01-06
8,925,864Component, in particular a shell component, which can be joined thermally and/or mechanically, for building a fuselage section of an aircraft2015-01-06
8,925,865Emergency supply system for a transportation means, method for supplying electrical power and for inhibiting fire and aircraft with an emergency supply system2015-01-06
8,925,867Modular adaptive electrical freight loading system2015-01-06
8,925,869Aerodynamic body with an ancillary flap2015-01-06
8,925,871Wing of an aircraft2015-01-06
8,931,733Wing for an aircraft2015-01-13
8,939,404Pressure fuselage of an aircraft with dome-shaped pressure bulkhead2015-01-27
8,939,411Aerofoil comprising a high lift flap2015-01-27
8,944,374Safety cabin2015-02-03
8,944,380Movable fastening unit for a seat frame in an aircraft2015-02-03
8,944,382Method for mounting an aircraft component and aircraft assembly2015-02-03
8,947,267Method and device for displaying information by means of a dual-view display in a passenger cabin of an aircraft or spacecraft2015-02-03
8,954,301System and method for configuring an aircraft passenger cabin2015-02-10
8,955,803Decompression assembly for an aircraft2015-02-17
8,955,804Aircraft structure with air ducts integrated in structural elements2015-02-17
8,961,726Method for infiltrating silicone into a fiber composite structure and device for executing a method for producing a fiber composite workpiece2015-02-24
8,967,541Structural arrangement, aircraft or spacecraft and method2015-03-03
8,967,550Aerofoil comprising a high lift flap2015-03-03
8,968,500Method and device for adhesively joining large-surface components in vehicle construction2015-03-03
8,973,867Fresh air inlet for an aircraft2015-03-10
8,973,870Wall component for an aircraft2015-03-10
8,974,885Structural element for reinforcing a fuselage of an aircraft2015-03-10
8,978,264Fuel cell system and method for drying of exhaust gas of a fuel cell system2015-03-17
8,979,014Multilayer board for acoustic insulation2015-03-17
8,991,757Self-supporting cabin structural segment2015-03-31
8,991,762Wing/fuselage connection of an aircraft2015-03-31
8,998,143Aerodynamic fairing device, aircraft component arrangement with an aerodynamic fairing device and method for installing such a fairing part2015-04-07
8,998,687Multi functional supply profile2015-04-07
9,010,685Guiding mechanism for opening and closing a cargo door of an aircraft, aircraft with such a guiding mechanism and method for opening and closing a cargo door of an aircraft2015-04-21
9,014,840Integrated cargo loading system architecture2015-04-21
9,014,877Aircraft with a control device2015-04-21
9,016,626Convertible monuments2015-04-28
9,022,318Hydraulic drive, hydraulic supply device, airplane with a hydraulic supply device and method for configuring a hydraulic supply device2015-05-05
9,022,321Decompression arrangement for an aircraft including a bi-directional flap2015-05-05
9,027,880Screen for a passenger cabin2015-05-12
9,033,272Arrangement and aircraft or spacecraft2015-05-19
9,038,950Arrangement of aerodynamic auxiliary surfaces for an aircraft2015-05-26

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