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Honeywell International Inc

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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

6,987,257Attitude determination system and method2006-01-17
7,000,638Diverter valve with multiple valve seat rings2006-02-21
7,003,383Flight management system using holding pattern entry algorithms2006-02-21
7,007,897Flight control actuation system2006-03-07
7,014,144Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2006-03-21
7,014,150Method and system for optimizing torque in a CMG array2006-03-21
7,057,734Integrated reaction wheel assembly and fiber optic gyro2006-06-06
7,066,808Aircraft cabin multi-differential pressure control system2006-06-27
7,077,631Ram air turbine with speed increasing gearbox2006-07-18
7,078,880Energy storage flywheel voltage regulation and load sharing system and method2006-07-18
7,090,170In-orbit satellite sensor alignment determination2006-08-15
7,090,171Momentum stabilized launch vehicle upper stage2006-08-15
7,093,424Thrust reverser system electro-mechanical brake manual release mechanism2006-08-22
7,093,806Method and system for decoupling structural modes to provide consistent control system performance2006-08-22
7,098,810Aircraft autorecovery systems and methods2006-08-29
7,107,131Cross-engine aircraft communication system2006-09-12
7,120,522Alignment of a flight vehicle based on recursive matrix inversion2006-10-10
7,124,983Hybrid electrical ice protection system and method including an energy saving mode2006-10-24
7,152,495System and method for adaptive cancellation of disturbances2006-12-26
7,181,020Audio feedback regarding aircraft operation2007-02-20
7,182,296Methods and apparatus for error-tolerant wrap-back ACE monitor2007-02-27
7,185,855Method and system for steering a momentum control system2007-03-06
7,185,857Thrust vector actuation control system and method2007-03-06
7,206,698Ground operations and imminent landing runway selection2007-04-17
7,210,652Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2007-05-01
7,246,776Method and system for CMG array singularity avoidance2007-07-24
7,255,208Aircraft brake wheel heat shield2007-08-14
7,273,196System for vehicle attitude and/or momentum control2007-09-25
7,280,917Systems and methods for controlling a landing position of sensors deployed from an air vehicle2007-10-09
7,306,644Gas generating system and method for inerting aircraft fuel tanks2007-12-11
7,325,569Butterfly valve with integral split flapper relief valve2008-02-05
7,325,769Fast-pivot missile flight control surface2008-02-05
7,328,104Systems and methods for improved inertial navigation2008-02-05
7,364,120Quantized control-moment gyroscope array2008-04-29
7,367,529Momentum tube for distributed actuation2008-05-06
7,370,833Method and system for determining a singularity free momentum path2008-05-13
7,374,134Systems and methods for semi-permanent, non-precision inspace assembly of space structures, modules and spacecraft2008-05-20
7,395,987Apparatus and appertaining method for upfinding in spinning projectiles using a phase-lock-loop or correlator mechanism2008-07-08
7,400,287Smart chaff2008-07-15
7,406,370Electrical energy management system on a more electric vehicle2008-07-29
7,407,137Dual voltage integrated power and attitude control system and method2008-08-05
7,409,292Method and system for degimbalization of vehicle navigation data2008-08-05
7,409,820Electrical thrust reverser tertiary lock system including a voltage limiting circuit2008-08-12
7,419,121Integrated mount duct for use with airborne auxiliary power units and other turbomachines2008-09-02
7,421,343Systems and methods for reducing vibration-induced errors in inertial sensors2008-09-02
7,431,125Composite muffler for use with airborne auxiliary power unit2008-10-07
7,431,126Support means for an acoustic liner used in an auxiliary power unit exhaust muffler2008-10-07
7,431,240Hybrid deicing system and method of operation2008-10-07
7,448,656Dual action structural latch2008-11-11
7,461,814Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2008-12-09
7,462,098Cabin pressure control system and method that accommodates aircraft take-off with and without a cabin pressurization source2008-12-09
7,464,899Method and system for determining a singularity free momentum path2008-12-16
7,469,545Auxiliary power unit inlet door position control system and method2008-12-30
7,469,725Method and apparatus for accurately delivering a predetermined amount of fuel to a vehicle2008-12-30
7,478,578Commercial airliner missile protection using formation drone aircraft2009-01-20
7,512,466High-torque, low power reaction wheel array and method2009-03-31
7,526,921Auxiliary power unit with integral firebox2009-05-05
7,540,142Multiple auxiliary power unit system inlet ducts controlled by a single actuator2009-06-02
7,549,605Electric flight control surface actuation system for aircraft flaps and slats2009-06-23
7,556,224Distributed flight control surface actuation system2009-07-07
7,561,947Dynamic CMG array and method2009-07-14
7,568,662Emergency flight control system2009-08-04
7,575,196Ice protection system and method including a plurality of segmented sub-areas and a cyclic diverter valve2009-08-18
7,580,778Methods and systems for controlling multi-body vehicles with fuel slosh2009-08-25
7,600,713Pre-hung inlet door system2009-10-13
7,600,714Diffusing air inlet door assembly2009-10-13
7,607,318Integrated environmental control and auxiliary power system for an aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,611Flight control surface actuation system with redundantly configured and lockable actuator assemblies2009-10-27
7,610,828Flight control surface actuator assembly including a free trial mechanism2009-11-03
7,625,434Enhanced OBIGGS2009-12-01
7,626,514Systems and methods for reducing nuisance alerts for helicopter enhanced ground proximity warning systems2009-12-01
7,630,829Ground incursion avoidance system and display2009-12-08
7,633,410Wireless assisted recovery systems and methods2009-12-15
7,637,456Power starter for micro air vehicles2009-12-29
7,640,743Aircraft flight control user interface linkage system2010-01-05
7,641,148Sonobuoy loading method2010-01-05
7,651,055Non-streaking drainmast2010-01-26
7,658,346Double ducted hovering air-vehicle2010-02-09
7,658,347Micro air-vehicle transport container and launch system2010-02-09
7,658,349Pilot flight control stick haptic feedback system and method2010-02-09
7,665,694Dual action inlet door and method for use thereof2010-02-23
7,681,832Ducted fan air vehicle with deployable wings2010-03-23
7,686,680Closed-loop cabin pressure control system test method with actual pressure feedback2010-03-30
7,690,602Satellite active motion damping2010-04-06
7,690,604Rudder pedal assembly including non-parallel slide rails2010-04-06
7,693,619Method and system for controlling sets of collinear control moment gyroscopes with offset determination without attitude trajectory of spacecraft2010-04-06
7,698,064Gas supported inertial sensor system and method2010-04-13
7,701,082Aerospace electrical power DC subsystem configuration using multi-functional DC/DC converter2010-04-20
7,721,998Self-powered spacecraft attitude control system and method2010-05-25
7,725,215Distributed and recoverable digital control system2010-05-25
7,726,611Active rudder pedal mechanism with foreign object strike tolerance and articulating brake2010-06-01
7,735,670Oxygen removal system2010-06-15
7,747,364Methods, apparatus and systems for enhanced synthetic vision and multi-sensor data fusion to improve operational capabilities of unmanned aerial vehicles2010-06-29
7,748,486Landing gear for a hovercraft2010-07-06
7,762,374Turbine engine diffusing exhaust muffler2010-07-27
7,769,474Method for soft-computing supervision of dynamical processes with multiple control objectives2010-08-03
7,770,842Aircraft flight control surface actuation system communication architecture2010-08-10
7,775,482Aircraft icing sensor2010-08-17
7,778,744Avionics framework2010-08-17
7,802,758Load-distributing rotor insert for aircraft brakes2010-09-28
7,805,226Hierarchical strategy for singularity avoidance in arrays of control moment gyroscopes2010-09-28
7,840,316Limited authority and full authority mode fly-by-wire flight control surface actuation control system2010-11-23
7,841,563Ducted fan air data system2010-11-30
7,869,943Flight management systems and methods for use with an aerial vehicle2011-01-11
7,871,044Method for vertical takeoff from and landing on inclined surfaces2011-01-18
7,874,137Gas turbine engine anti-ice formation device and system2011-01-25
7,922,120Wing ice protection heater element network2011-04-12
7,946,105Bi-directional locking ring assembly for aircraft thrust reverser manual drive unit2011-05-24
7,962,265Vehicular linear sensor system2011-06-14
7,979,199Method and system to automatically generate a clearance request to deviate from a flight plan2011-07-12
7,999,698Anti-collision lighting systems and methods for a micro aerial vehicle2011-08-16
8,002,220Rate limited active pilot inceptor system and method2011-08-23
8,014,911Methods and systems for imposing a momentum boundary while reorienting an agile vehicle with control moment gyroscopes2011-09-06
8,016,227Non-handed engine cowl doors for fuselage mounted turbine engines2011-09-13
8,016,232Aircraft cabin pressure descent detection and control system and method2011-09-13
8,033,509Load optimized redundant flight control surface actuation system and method2011-10-11
8,042,766Hybrid aircraft wheel comprising metal and composite portions2011-10-25
8,068,943Inertial signals for flight control backup mode2011-11-29
8,070,091Electromechanical actuation system and method2011-12-06
8,070,092Noise-suppressing strut support system for an unmanned aerial vehicle2011-12-06
8,070,103Fuel line air trap for an unmanned aerial vehicle2011-12-06
8,072,172Redundant electromechanical actuator for control surfaces2011-12-06
8,078,340Active user interface haptic feedback and linking control system using either force or position data2011-12-13
8,080,772Modular, harnessless electromechanical actuation system assembly2011-12-20
8,083,186Input/steering mechanisms and aircraft control systems for use on aircraft2011-12-27
8,084,726Control system for an exoatmospheric kill vehicle2011-12-27
8,087,619Active control stick assembly including traction drive2012-01-03
8,090,483System and method for displaying control related information to an aircraft operator2012-01-03
8,104,707X-vane configuration in a ducted-fan aerial vehicle2012-01-31
8,114,198Cross ship architecture for dispatch critical fuel tank inerting system2012-02-14
8,123,169Vertical non-bladdered fuel tank for a ducted fan vehicle2012-02-28
8,128,019Hybrid power for ducted fan unmanned aerial systems2012-03-06
8,135,503Ground proximity sensor2012-03-13
8,136,758Hybrid strut comprising metal and composite portions2012-03-20
8,141,816AFT inlet duct mounted door actuator2012-03-27
8,141,818Ram door assemblies2012-03-27
8,141,823Method for vertical takeoff from and landing on inclined surfaces2012-03-27
8,162,256Launch and capture systems for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) vehicles2012-04-24
8,162,263Payload quick release for an aerial system2012-04-24
8,205,820Transforming unmanned aerial-to-ground vehicle2012-06-26
8,209,070Methods and systems for efficiently orienting an agile vehicle using a gyroscope array2012-06-26
8,225,822Electric fueling system for a vehicle that requires a metered amount of fuel2012-07-24
8,251,307Airborne manipulator system2012-08-28
8,275,500Gas turbine engine fixed collective takeoff compensation control system and method2012-09-25
8,306,676Systems and methods for differential altitude estimation utilizing spatial interpolation of pressure sensor data2012-11-06
8,328,130Vertical take off and landing unmanned aerial vehicle airframe structure2012-12-11
8,338,768Actuation assembly2012-12-25
8,342,920Outflow valve having J-shaped bellmouth and cabin pressure control system employing the same2013-01-01
8,344,303Projectile 3D attitude from 3-axis magnetometer and single-axis accelerometer2013-01-01
8,348,190Ducted fan UAV control alternatives2013-01-08
8,362,408Steerable projectile charging system2013-01-29
8,370,005Methods for displaying aircraft procedure information2013-02-05
8,374,804Aircraft dynamic pressure estimation system and method2013-02-12
8,375,837Catch and snare system for an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-02-19
8,376,818Thrust recovery, or other valve, containing two independently actuated doors and control system2013-02-19
8,382,035Poppet valve for cabin pressure control systems2013-02-26
8,386,095Performing corrective action on unmanned aerial vehicle using one axis of three-axis magnetometer2013-02-26
8,387,911Ducted fan core for use with an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-03-05
8,413,931System and method for reducing attitude errors for exoatmospheric devices2013-04-09
8,428,793Automatic downlink messaging during emergency flight situations2013-04-23
8,439,305Non-handed thrust reverser for installation on handed aircraft gas turbine propulsion engines2013-05-14
8,485,466Compact electric taxi assembly for installation on an aircraft2013-07-16
8,499,567Hybrid fuel tank inerting system2013-08-06
8,511,602Differential vane vehicle control2013-08-20
8,515,596Incremental position-based guidance for a UAV2013-08-20
8,515,609Flight technical control management for an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-08-20
8,528,316Solid propellant gas control system and method2013-09-10
8,528,856Compact electric taxi assembly for installation on an aircraft2013-09-10
8,532,848Systems and methods for alerting potential tailstrike during landing2013-09-10
8,538,669Ground based system and methods for identifying incursions along the flight path of an in-flight aircraft2013-09-17
8,543,262Electric boost of turbine engine output power and power control system2013-09-24
8,543,264Aircraft system and method for selecting aircraft gliding airspeed during loss of engine power2013-09-24
8,558,150Inertial measurement unit (IMU) multi-point thermal control2013-10-15
8,583,293Flight control surface actuation force fight mitigation system and method2013-11-12
8,600,586Stable approach monitor (SAM) system2013-12-03
8,600,602Flight technical control management for an unmanned aerial vehicle2013-12-03
8,620,493Electric taxi auto-guidance and control system2013-12-31
8,621,874Turbomachine core coupling assembly2014-01-07
8,632,381Lightweight cabin pressure thrust recovery outflow valve2014-01-21
8,695,720Fireproof systems in aircraft engines2014-04-15
8,702,032Compact electric taxi assembly for installation on an aircraft2014-04-22
8,718,911Systems and methods for presenting taxi instructions and reducing runway incursions2014-05-06
8,736,633Traffic symbology on airport moving map2014-05-27
8,757,549Fuel gauge for an unmanned aerial vehicle2014-06-24
8,770,513Resilient aircraft engine mounts and aircraft engine mounting systems including the same2014-07-08
8,797,191Systems and methods for displaying runway information2014-08-05
8,807,479Movable bushing interface and taxi drive system2014-08-19
8,818,579Systems and methods for graphically indicating aircraft ascent and descent capabilities2014-08-26
8,820,672Environmental sampling with an unmanned aerial vehicle2014-09-02
8,840,451Cabin pressure outflow valve with simplified whistle eliminator2014-09-23
8,843,253Aircraft ice protection control system and method for mitigating engine over-bleed2014-09-23
8,843,255Methods for displaying aircraft procedure information2014-09-23
8,844,643Fireproof systems with local heat shields for aircraft engines2014-09-30
8,868,256Relative navigation for aerial refueling of an unmanned aerial vehicle2014-10-21
8,902,074Harness for fall protection2014-12-02
8,919,504Brake actuator assembly with line replaceable motor features2014-12-30
8,935,018Electric taxi auto-guidance and control system2015-01-13
8,948,960Systems and methods for arbitrating sensor and actuator signals in a multi-channel control system2015-02-03
8,979,019Aircraft taxi system including drive chain2015-03-17
9,002,543Situation aftermath management system and method2015-04-07
9,037,392Airport surface collision-avoidance system (ASCAS)2015-05-19

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