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Groen Brothers Aviation Inc

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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

8,668,162Apparatus and method for roll moment equalization at high advance ratios for rotary wing aircraft2014-03-11
8,752,786Low speed autogyro yaw control apparatus and method2014-06-17
8,844,880Two-place, collective pitch and throttle control2014-09-30
8,915,465Mast main bearing lubrication and thermal management2014-12-23
8,931,728Fail safe, multiple source, tip-jet supply apparatus and method2015-01-13
8,931,731Tail jet apparatus and method for low speed yaw control of a rotorcraft2015-01-13
8,939,394Anemometer drive apparatus and method2015-01-27
8,939,395Tail fan apparatus and method for low speed yaw control of a rotorcraft2015-01-27
8,944,365Mission-adaptive rotor blade2015-02-03
8,944,366Rotorcraft empennage mounting system2015-02-03
8,973,863Blade root attachment apparatus and method2015-03-10
8,991,744Rotor-mast-tilting apparatus and method for optimized crossing of natural frequencies2015-03-31
8,991,745Rotor-mast-tilting apparatus and method for lower flapping loads2015-03-31
8,991,748Solid lubricated blade pitch control system for use within a compressed airstream of a reaction driven rotorcraft2015-03-31
8,998,127Pre-landing, rotor-spin-up apparatus and method2015-04-07
9,004,394Mission-adaptive rotor blade with circulation control2015-04-14
9,022,313Rotor unloading apparatus and method2015-05-05
9,022,314Torsionally stiff rotorcraft control apparatus and method2015-05-05
9,038,940Rotor configuration for reaction drive rotor system2015-05-26

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