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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

7,078,658Heater mat made of electrically-conductive fibers2006-07-18
7,104,372Damping structure and applications2006-09-12
7,134,627Device for lashing down rotorcraft blades2006-11-14
7,137,590Lubricating installation for rocking power transmission box2006-11-21
7,137,786Tilting transmission gearbox comprising a pivoting connection with plain bearings2006-11-21
7,188,802Convertible aircraft provided with two tilt fans on either side of the fuselage, and with a non-tilting fan inserted in the fuselage2007-03-13
7,225,062Device for indicating the vibration level of a vehicle2007-05-29
7,237,747Device for assisting an airplane in intercepting a segment of a flight path utilizing positional and ground speed indicators2007-07-03
7,270,520Fairing for the rotor of a rotorscraft2007-09-18
7,331,235Device for indicating a beat level2008-02-19
7,346,437Secure interactive 3d navigation method and device2008-03-18
7,363,120Method of adjusting at least one defective rotor of a rotorcraft2008-04-22
7,367,526Device and system for assistance within interception by an aircraft of a flight path segment2008-05-06
7,407,134Auxiliary nose undercarriage, a force-transmission structure, and a rotary wing aircraft2008-08-05
7,413,140Rotary wing aircraft with undercarriage structure2008-08-19
7,418,888Transmission mechanism between accessories and engine members for driving the rotor of a rotorcraft2008-09-02
7,427,046Optimized method of controlling yaw for rotary-wing aircraft, and a system for implementing it2008-09-23
7,429,019Auxiliary nose undercarriage, a force-transmission structure, and a rotary wing aircraft2008-09-30
7,451,949Method for using a tiltable stabilizer to reduce vibration generated on the fuselage of a helicopter2008-11-18
7,461,729Device for supporting an aircraft battery2008-12-09
7,461,815Suspension system for a rotary wing aircraft engine2008-12-09
7,461,819Method for using a steerable tall fin to reduce the vibration generated on the fuselage of a helicopter2008-12-09
7,472,864Device for filtering vibration between two parts, and applications thereof2009-01-06
7,496,433Method and apparatus for minimizing the noise emitted by a rotorcraft during take-off and landing2009-02-24
7,523,889Modular anti-icing/de-icing device for an aerodynamic surface2009-04-28
7,554,237Centrifugal-effect vibration generator having coaxial contrarotating rotors2009-06-30
7,558,653Autopilot system for a helicopter2009-07-07
7,575,193Anti-crash method and system, an undercarriage, and an aircraft2009-08-18
7,578,476Aircraft door arrangement2009-08-25
7,579,715Device and method for transmitting and providing the power of capacitive actuators2009-08-25
7,582,032Anti-vibratory device with rotary compensation weights2009-09-01
7,616,130Method and a device for processing and displaying aircraft piloting information2009-11-10
7,631,835Method of selectively decoupling solidborne noise, a laminated ball joint, a mechanical connection, and an aircraft2009-12-15
7,654,488Aircraft door arrangement with an aircraft door that swings by 180 degrees2010-02-02
7,672,758Method and a device for assisting the piloting of a rotary wing aircraft in the vicinity of a landing or takeoff point2010-03-02
7,690,600Aerially transportable tank for storing a composition for discharging in flight2010-04-06
7,717,369Power plant for a rotary wing aircraft2010-05-18
7,720,582Active suspension method and apparatus for a rotary wing aircraft2010-05-18
7,731,287Vibration absorber device for a seat in a vehicle, in particular an aircraft or the like2010-06-08
7,756,612Method and a device for providing assistance in piloting a rotorcraft at takeoff2010-07-13
7,769,521Method and a device for performing a check on the state of health of a turbine engine of a twin-engined rotorcraft2010-08-03
7,770,843Rotorcraft skid undercarriage and a rotorcraft including such an undercarriage2010-08-10
7,779,965Absorbent structure for attenuating noise particular by a rotor-generator noise, and a rotor duct including such a structure2010-08-24
7,780,116Composite anti-crash structure with controlled buckling for an aircraft2010-08-24
7,819,359Aircraft firewall2010-10-26
7,823,829Equipment fastening device to enhance the crash safety of an aircraft2010-11-02
7,891,610Rotary flap2011-02-22
7,907,066Method and a device for detecting and signaling that a rotorcraft is approaching the vortex domain2011-03-15
7,913,952Method and a device for de-icing an aircraft wall2011-03-29
7,914,383Mechanical transmission system with a magnetic damper for a rotorcraft2011-03-29
7,918,417Undercarriage with anticrash and antiresonance skids for a rotary wing aircraft, and an aircraft2011-04-05
7,946,536Device for interconnecting first and second control sticks of an aircraft in roll and in pitch2011-05-24
7,959,105Aircraft provided with a silent shrouded rotor2011-06-14
7,969,110Compensation actuator for a rotorcraft flight control2011-06-28
7,984,873Retraction cylinder and rotorcraft undercarriage furnished with such a retraction cylinder2011-07-26
8,027,772Power transmission gearbox presenting a modifiable speed of rotation at its outlet, and a corresponding method of operation2011-09-27
8,052,094Fast hybrid helicopter with long range with longitudinal trim control2011-11-08
8,052,097Flying control device for a rotorcraft2011-11-08
8,070,089Hybrid helicopter that is fast and has long range2011-12-06
8,074,920Helicopter having means for the aerodynamic support of the torque equalization2011-12-13
8,074,941Aircraft flight control2011-12-13
8,087,723Crashworthy seat for a vehicle2012-01-03
8,096,499Device for feeding combustion air to an engine of an aircraft2012-01-17
8,113,460Fast hybrid helicopter with long range and an optimized lift rotor2012-02-14
8,121,773Method and an instrument for determining the limiting parameter of a turboshaft engine2012-02-21
8,136,764Device for opposing sloshing in a flexible tank2012-03-20
8,146,864Locking device for sliding doors of aircraft, especially of helicopters2012-04-03
8,152,465Rotor blade for a rotor airplane2012-04-10
8,162,264Method of jettisoning an external load carried by an aircraft, and an associated device2012-04-24
8,170,728Rotorcraft control system2012-05-01
8,181,901Fast hybrid helicopter with long range and proportional drive to the rotor and the propeller2012-05-22
8,186,629Method and a device for optimizing the operation of propulsive propellers disposed on either side of a rotorcraft fuselage2012-05-29
8,196,857Variable ratio crank for a manual flight control linkage of a rotary wing aircraft2012-06-12
8,196,865Foldable step for a vehicle, and a vehicle provided with such a step unit2012-06-12
8,196,937Transport wheel for a helicopter2012-06-12
8,197,212Power-assisted control system for a rotorcraft2012-06-12
8,226,037Aircraft door assembly, and aircraft fuselage comprising such an aircraft door assembly2012-07-24
8,282,035Mechanical device for combining first and second control orders, and an aircraft provided with such a device2012-10-09
8,292,978Radial air intake device with integrated bypass for an air inlet2012-10-23
8,308,882Hollow fiber composite component and intermediate products2012-11-13
8,328,134Connection element for power transmission between a flap actuator and a flap mounted on a wing of an aircraft so as to swivel2012-12-11
8,328,138Supporting strut for supporting an intermediate deck that is arranged in an aircraft fuselage2012-12-11
8,342,455Method of assisting piloting, piloting assistance means, and a piloting assistance device for a rotorcraft using said piloting assistance means to implement said piloting assistance method2013-01-01
8,376,266Method of controlling a hybrid helicopter in yaw, and a hybrid helicopter provided with a yaw control device suitable for implementing said method2013-02-19
8,376,269Hydraulic valve, a hybrid helicopter provided with such a hydraulic valve, and a method implemented by the hydraulic valve2013-02-19
8,376,283Device for switchable pilot control forces2013-02-19
8,380,365Method and a system for determining and indicating a sound nuisance level outside an aircraft2013-02-19
8,393,569Breakable coupling device, and an associated trim actuator2013-03-12
8,393,866Drive device for driving first and second lift rotors of a rotorcraft having twin rotors in tandem2013-03-12
8,397,431Emergency jettison window pane and associated ejection system2013-03-19
8,398,029On-board device for measuring the mass and the position of the center of gravity of an aircraft2013-03-19
8,430,357Tail skid for protecting a structural element of an aircraft, an aircraft provided with such a tail skid, and an anti-overturning method implemented by said tail skid2013-04-30
8,434,718Reusable rotorcraft bumper, and a rotorcraft having such a bumper2013-05-07
8,439,297Air inlet for an aircraft turbine engine, an aircraft provided with such an air inlet, and a method of optimizing the operation of an aircraft turbine engine with the help of an air inlet2013-05-14
8,439,303Retractable undercarriage for an aircraft2013-05-14
8,439,304Energy absorber system for an undercarriage, and an aircraft provided with said energy absorber system2013-05-14
8,442,740Passing from a non-synchronized state between an engine and a rotor to a synchronized state2013-05-14
8,452,525Weighing system and methods of operating such weighing system2013-05-28
8,464,980Power plant, a helicopter including such a power plant, and a method implemented by said power plant2013-06-18
8,469,312Integrated maintenance step on helicopter fuselage2013-06-25
8,485,472Sealing of airflow between a wing and a fuselage2013-07-16
8,523,104Method and a rotary wing aircraft that are optimized so as to minimize the consequences for the occupants of said aircraft of an off-specification emergency landing2013-09-03
8,540,184Long-range aircraft with high forward speed in cruising flight2013-09-24
8,561,945Skid-type landing gear for a helicopter2013-10-22
8,565,981Method of controlling a buoyancy system for an aircraft, and a control system implementing said method2013-10-22
8,579,587Method of reducing or even eliminating the vibration of a rotorcraft lift and propulsion rotor, and an airfoil assembly and a rotor implementing said method2013-11-12
8,583,295Method of controlling and regulating the deflection angle of a tailplane in a hybrid helicopter2013-11-12
8,622,346Fuselage structure made of composite material2014-01-07
8,622,349Device for assisting the piloting of a rotorcraft2014-01-07
8,626,383Method of optimizing the loading of loads in a vehicle2014-01-07
8,628,042Electrical power supply and control device for equipment of a rotor, and an aircraft fitted with such a device2014-01-14
8,628,046Control system2014-01-14
8,636,121Filter mechanism for filtering vibration in aircraft2014-01-28
8,640,992Drill-elastic and flexurally rigid rod element for the support and guidance of a movable flap relative to a wing of an aircraft2014-02-04
8,666,568Method and a device for performing a health check of a turbine engine of an aircraft having at least one such engine2014-03-04

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