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Airbus Helicopters

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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

8,684,314Emergency piloting by means of a series actuator for a manual flight control system in an aircraft2014-04-01
8,695,917Vibration damper mechanism, and a flying machine including a carrier structure and a rotor provided with such a mechanism2014-04-15
8,714,480Rotary wing aircraft provided with an emergency undercarriage2014-05-06
8,727,265Helicopter with cycloidal rotor system2014-05-20
8,757,542Electrical architecture for a rotary wing aircraft with a hybrid power plant2014-06-24
8,763,949Aircraft provided with a swiveling tail rotor, and an associated method2014-07-01
8,777,152Method and an aircraft provided with a swiveling tail rotor2014-07-15
8,783,615Loads interface, particularly loads interface of an aircraft structure and application of said loads interface2014-07-22
8,783,616Loads interface, particularly a loads interface for a plug type aircraft door2014-07-22
8,788,123Method of assisted piloting of a rotary wing aircraft having at least one propulsion propeller, an assisted piloting device, and an aircraft2014-07-22
8,789,792Aircraft undercarriage having a rocker lever with a swivel and hinged twin wheels2014-07-29
8,800,919Landing gear provided with energy absorber means, an aircraft provided with said landing gear, and a method of landing2014-08-12
8,800,923Method of activating protection means for protecting an occupant of an aircraft, and an aircraft implementing said method2014-08-12
8,807,894Surface-area safety means and a vehicle2014-08-19
8,814,083Aircraft provided with a tail plane including means for combating flutter2014-08-26
8,820,673Rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft2014-09-02
8,820,674Rotor carrier structure with a damper device for avoiding unstable coupling between resonant vibration modes2014-09-02
8,825,228Method and a device for assisting the piloting of an aircraft, and an aircraft2014-09-02
8,826,597Weatherproof surround for safely jettisoning a removable panel2014-09-09
8,827,201Rotorcraft structural element for reducing aerodynamic drag2014-09-09
8,827,228Fastener device, a seat provided with said device, and a vehicle2014-09-09
8,840,057Hybrid aircraft having a rotary wing2014-09-23
8,843,252Piloting assistance method, a piloting assistance device, and an aircraft2014-09-23
8,845,489Powerplant and a method of driving a mechanical system via said powerplant2014-09-30
8,851,425Removable support for optional external equipment on an aircraft, and an aircraft provided with such a support2014-10-07
8,857,754Device for launching and recovering a drone, and an associated aircraft2014-10-14
8,882,027Aircraft power plant, an aircraft, and a method of using a piston engine in a power plant having a conventional gearbox2014-11-11
8,886,370Simplified flight control system including a declutchable friction device2014-11-11
8,888,036Primary flight controls2014-11-18
8,888,037Antivibration suspension means for a tie bar of an aircraft power transmission gearbox, an antivibration suspension device, and an aircraft2014-11-18
8,888,044Aircraft provided with a buoyancy system for a rotary element2014-11-18
8,888,047De-icing system for a fixed or rotary aircraft wing2014-11-18
8,888,048Removable fastener device equipped with attachment means for attaching an external load and with fastener means for fastening said attachment means to an aircraft, an associated aircraft, and an associated method2014-11-18
8,890,378Electrical power supply device for electrically powering at least one item of equipment on a rotary rotor of an aircraft, and an aircraft2014-11-18
8,894,008Landing gear, an aircraft, and a method2014-11-25
8,915,464Fast, long-range aircraft2014-12-23
8,915,466Aircraft provided with hoist means, and an associated method2014-12-23
8,919,699Emergency opening system of an aircraft cabin door2014-12-30
8,925,858Anchoring element and mooring device for an aircraft2015-01-06
8,942,867Procedure and device for the determination of airspeeds of a rotorcraft in stationary flight and/or at low speeds2015-01-27
8,974,189Blade for a helicopter anti-torque device2015-03-10
8,979,015Anti-torque device with longitudinal thrust for a rotorcraft2015-03-17
8,979,024Skid landing gear and an aircraft provided with such landing gear2015-03-17
8,985,500Method of minimizing the attitude hump phenomenon and a rotary wing aircraft provided with stabilizer means therefor2015-03-24
8,985,502Aircraft provided with a device for reducing vibration, and a method therefor2015-03-24
8,985,953Rotor provided with a device for protecting it against lightning, and an aircraft provided with such a rotor2015-03-24
9,004,400Method of controlling a buoyancy system for an aircraft, a buoyancy system implementing said method, and an aircraft2015-04-14
9,033,275Aircraft undercarriage2015-05-19
9,038,939Method of controlling a group of engines, and an aircraft2015-05-26
9,102,402 Landing gear, an aircraft, and a method2015-08-11

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