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Airbus France

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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

6,981,676Method and spoiler system for ensuring the aerodynamic continuity of the upper surface of an aircraft2006-01-03
6,982,655Method and indicator for displaying information showing the airspeed tolerance margins for an aircraft2006-01-03
6,986,483Inertial reference system for an aircraft2006-01-17
6,991,304Method and device for automatic control of an aircraft deceleration in running phase2006-01-31
6,993,420Method for monitoring a plurality of systems of an aircraft including displaying tasks already performed2006-01-31
7,014,146System for aiding control of the deceleration of an aircraft moving over the ground2006-03-21
7,031,810Control system and process for several actuators2006-04-18
7,051,976Process for improving the maneuverability of an aircraft during a resource2006-05-30
7,063,290Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2006-06-20
7,089,090Flight control indicator determining the maximum slope for the flight control of an aircraft by terrain following2006-08-08
7,090,172Process for countering the vibrations induced in an aircraft by the windmilling of a fan and system of electric flight controls implementing this process2006-08-15
7,107,757Aircraft provided with thrust reversers2006-09-19
7,121,504Hanging device to connect an engine to an aircraft wing2006-10-17
7,121,512Drain particularly for engine support strut2006-10-17
7,143,984Throttle lever for controlling the speed of at least one aircraft engine2006-12-05
7,147,185Device for assembly of a shroud placed between an aircraft engine air intake and a pylon2006-12-12
7,156,343Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2007-01-02
7,156,344Long-haul airplane2007-01-02
7,159,819Mounting structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing2007-01-09
7,159,825Process and device for the optimization of the deflection of the spoiler flaps of an aircraft in flight2007-01-09
7,162,336Process and system for transmitting information on an aircraft2007-01-09
7,163,178Seat rail for aircraft cabin and method of manufacturing such a rail2007-01-16
7,165,747Method and device for guiding an aircraft for aiding parachute drops2007-01-23
7,178,759Hinged door for aircraft landing gear2007-02-20
7,191,982Floor for aircraft2007-03-20
7,201,347Process for improving the landing of an aircraft2007-04-10
7,204,458Closing system interposed between two elements2007-04-17
7,225,061Method and device for detecting pilot induced oscillations in an aircraft2007-05-29
7,232,091Mounting system inserted between an aircraft engine and a rigid structure of an attachment strut fixed under a wing of this aircraft2007-06-19
7,240,877Multi-engined aircraft with lowering shaft2007-07-10
7,258,303Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment2007-08-21
7,263,414Method and device for controlling the attitude of an aircraft2007-08-28
7,264,201Process for reducing the aerodynamic loads applied to the elevators of an aircraft during takeoff2007-09-04
7,269,486Method and device for automatically determining a capture trajectory of a flight trajectory for an aircraft, as well as a procedure and system for automatic guidance of an aircraft2007-09-11
7,271,741Method and device for detecting an overstepping of design loads of the fin of an aircraft2007-09-18
7,280,896Process and device for constructing a synthetic image of the environment of an aircraft and presenting it on a screen of said aircraft2007-10-09
7,281,683Process for aiding the takeoff of an aircraft2007-10-16
7,296,768Structure for mounting a turboprop under an aircraft wing2007-11-20
7,305,285Method and device for piloting an aircraft2007-12-04
7,316,372Fuselage spar for aircraft and central sparbox provided with such a spar2008-01-08
7,328,870Aircraft propulsion system comprising four engines with pusher propellers2008-02-12
7,338,011Method making it possible to prevent vibration of a rudder of an aircraft and aircraft using this method2008-03-04
7,338,012Landing gear door with controlled kinematic control2008-03-04
7,338,013Floor for aircraft2008-03-04
7,347,399Aircraft partition designed to separate a cargo part from a cockpit or from a passenger compartment2008-03-25
7,350,747Engine mounting structure under an aircraft wing2008-04-01
7,350,750Control system for airbrakes of an aircraft2008-04-01
7,366,592System for automatically controlling lift-enhancing devices of an aircraft, in particular wing leading edge slats2008-04-29
7,382,283Method and device for detecting an overstepping of design loads of the tailplane of an aircraft2008-06-03
7,383,679Air intake structure for aircraft engine2008-06-10
7,384,015Aircraft nose with shield2008-06-10
7,400,949Device for adjusting at least one parameter, in particular for an aircraft automatic pilot system2008-07-15
7,407,135Aircraft provided with a belly fairing, and corresponding belly fairing2008-08-05
7,415,330Aircraft standby display device and system2008-08-19
7,422,176Method for ensuring the safety of an aircraft flying horizontally at low speed2008-09-09
7,448,573Engine suspension pylon for aircraft2008-11-11
7,451,947Engine mounting structure under an aircraft wing2008-11-18
7,463,957Method for operating an aircraft2008-12-09
7,485,800Electrical current return device for avionic equipment2009-02-03
7,502,684Method and system for the automatic piloting of an aircraft on the approach to an airdrop position2009-03-10
7,503,524Device for equipping a hole in a panel, and panel thus equipped2009-03-17
7,506,838Air intake structure for aircraft engine2009-03-24
7,506,840Device for connecting in flight an aircraft to a refuelling device of a tanker aeroplane2009-03-24
7,543,778Door for aircraft, and aircraft provided with such a door2009-06-09
7,568,659Door which is intended to be positioned between the cockpit and the cabin of an aircraft2009-08-04
7,581,694Vertical tail unit for aircraft and aircraft equipped with same2009-09-01
7,584,823Communicating ladder between an upper level and a lower level of an aircraft, and an aircraft provided with such a ladder2009-09-08
7,597,287Device for reinforcement of a hollow structure, especially a box structure for an aircraft and a hollow structure equipped with such a device2009-10-06
7,607,609Mounting device for an aircraft engine comprising two thrust recovery rods with a double rear mechanical connection2009-10-27
7,607,614Transition shim between structure for fastening a wing to a fuselage of an aircraft, and aircraft having such a shim2009-10-27
7,611,098Flight management process for an aircraft2009-11-03
7,621,371Method for attenuating the noise of a turbofan2009-11-24
7,624,945Aircraft engine unit2009-12-01
7,631,836Jet engine nacelle for a supersonic aircraft2009-12-15
7,635,105Ejection device, ejectable hatch and aircraft having at least one ejectable hatch2009-12-22
7,636,635Device for determining a flight trajectory of a follower aircraft during a patrol flight, as well as a system for aiding a patrol flight comprising such a device2009-12-22
7,647,140System for aiding the piloting of an aircraft during the approach to a runway with a view to a landing2010-01-12
7,651,052Device for supplying electricity and air to an airplane on the ground2010-01-26
7,651,053Aerodynamic airflow deflector for aircraft landing gear2010-01-26
7,654,363Turboshaft engine that reduces rear noise emissions2010-02-02
7,669,798Airplane protected against projections of tire debris2010-03-02
7,677,493Engine assembly for aircraft comprising an engine and a mounting device for such an engine2010-03-16
7,677,498Device and method for fastening an aircraft radome2010-03-16
7,681,836Aircraft comprising a device for detection and/or measurement of atmospheric disturbances2010-03-23
7,682,682Stiffener stop with staggered slopes and panel fitted with such a stop2010-03-23
7,690,603Method and device to assist in the piloting of an aircraft in a non-precision approach during a landing phase2010-04-06
7,699,264Rest unit for an aircraft2010-04-20
7,702,429Electric flight control system for aircraft elevators2010-04-20
7,708,223Method and device for enhancing the braking efficiency of an aircraft during the ground run thereof2010-05-04
7,715,955Aircraft piloting system, at least for piloting the aircraft during a non precision approach with a view to a landing2010-05-11
7,739,043System for displaying on a first moving object a position indication dependent on a position of a second moving object2010-06-15
7,740,200Aircraft engine assembly2010-06-22
7,761,194Method and device for assisting a pilot of a follower aircraft during a patrol flight2010-07-20
7,770,840Engine assembly for aircraft2010-08-10
7,780,113Assembly for an aircraft including a wing element and a suspension pylon2010-08-24
7,784,733Turbojet pylon for aircraft2010-08-31
7,784,735Aircraft pod and aircraft equipped with at least one such pod2010-08-31
7,784,736Front aircraft part comprising a flat partition between a pressurised zone and a non-pressurised zone housing landing gear2010-08-31
7,789,344Aircraft engine mounting device attachment arrangement2010-09-07
7,797,947Mounting assembly for securing an engine to an aircraft wing2010-09-21
7,810,755Hydraulic distributor for airplane landing gear2010-10-12
7,819,358Aircraft with reduced environmental impact2010-10-26
7,823,362Splice plate for stringers and orbital joining device2010-11-02
7,823,624Heat exchanger, propulsion unit, and aircraft comprising such a propulsion unit2010-11-02
7,823,831Aircraft cabin layout having berths in the upper portion of the cabin2010-11-02
7,826,937Aircraft equipment control system2010-11-02
7,835,829Automatic take-off method and device for an airplane2010-11-16
7,840,389Method of optimizing stiffened panels under stress2010-11-23
7,850,125Method and device for reducing the wake vortices of an aircraft in the approach/landing phase2010-12-14
7,853,369Active pitch control method and device for an aircraft2010-12-14
7,856,295Device for issuing authorization to act on the operating conditions of an aircraft engine and engine control system comprising same2010-12-21
7,857,258Assembly of panels of an airplane fuselage2010-12-28
7,861,971System for opening and closing a landing-gear compartment for an aircraft2011-01-04
7,866,604Aircraft including an air conditioning system2011-01-11
7,866,608Device for controlling a vortex trail generated by the oblong element of an aircraft bearing surface2011-01-11
7,874,516Structural frame for an aircraft fuselage2011-01-25
7,874,517Process for making a composite material assembly and aircraft wing and stabilizing element obtained by this process2011-01-25
7,891,604Engine mounting structure for an aircraft2011-02-22
7,896,288Method for improving roll steering of an aircraft and aircraft using same2011-03-01
7,899,585Device for monitoring aircraft control information2011-03-01
7,905,449Multi-engine aircraft2011-03-15
7,907,545Switching device adapted to switch an aircraft wireless network from a maintenance configuration to a commercial configuration and vice-versa2011-03-15
7,908,043Method and device for active control of the roll of an aircraft2011-03-15
7,909,287Super-transporter aircraft2011-03-22
7,909,302Two-shackle aircraft engine attachment2011-03-22
7,921,632Device for protection against icing for aircraft engines and related de-icing method2011-04-12
7,926,760Method for producing an aircraft with reduced environmental impact and the aircraft thus obtained2011-04-19
7,931,232Rigid framework for aircraft engine mounting structure and engine mounting structure comprising same2011-04-26
7,931,235System for deicing the leading edge of a nose inlet cowl turbine engine2011-04-26
7,938,367Stringers assembled at a circumferential joint of an airplane fuselage2011-05-10
7,942,580Rear suspension for an aircraft engine with shackle in waiting and spring for such a hinge pin in waiting2011-05-17
7,950,604Engine mounting structure for an aircraft2011-05-31
7,952,492Landing assistance device and method for aircraft2011-05-31
7,959,107Hinge device of a nacelle cowling of an aircraft engine on a supporting structure2011-06-14
7,963,479Method for fixing an engine strut to an airplane wing2011-06-21
7,963,480Strut for locking the engine of an aircraft2011-06-21
7,967,242Engine mounting structure interposed between an aircraft wing system and said engine2011-06-28
7,967,247Method and device for driving an aircraft during the ground run thereof2011-06-28
7,996,118Method and device for carrying out at least one flight testing on an aircraft and the use thereof2011-08-09
7,996,120Method and device for flying an aircraft according to at least one flying line2011-08-09
7,996,121Device and method for assisting in the management of an engine failure on an aircraft2011-08-09
8,000,845Method and device for dynamically alleviating loads generated on an airplane2011-08-16
8,005,614Method for monitoring the integrity of an aircraft position computed on board2011-08-23
8,006,931Aircraft wing arrangement comprising an engine attachment pylon defining, in the forward region, a lateral airflow channel2011-08-30
8,011,613Aircraft with reduced environmental impact2011-09-06
8,014,910Assisted take-off method for aircraft2011-09-06
8,014,912Method and device for aiding the piloting of an airplane during an approach phase2011-09-06
8,028,955Landing gear casing provided with a box structure2011-10-04
8,066,221Aircraft ventral fairing partition wall and aircraft equipped with a ventral fairing2011-11-29
8,083,182Monolithic self-stiffened panels2011-12-27
8,091,832Nacelle cowling for turbojet and nacelle comprising at least one such cowling2012-01-10
8,100,358Method of reducing the compressibility drag of a wing, and container implementing the method2012-01-24
8,100,362Cockpit and aircraft including such cockpit2012-01-24
8,113,464Autonomous plane architecture for the transport and the replacement of propulsion engines2012-02-14
8,123,164Device for fixing a seat rail on a floor, and aircraft equipped with such a fixing device2012-02-28
8,123,166Primary structure for aircraft of composite material with improved crash resistance and associated energy-absorbing structural element2012-02-28
8,132,757Pitch-oscillation limitation system applied to an aircraft2012-03-13
8,146,863Aircraft doorway2012-04-03
8,152,095Aircraft having a reduced acoustic signature2012-04-10

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