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This information is part of a study by Oasis Global, Inc. of all space inventions filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office, and is provided for informational purposes only. It is not an endorsement of any particular assignee, inventor or invention. Although Peter A. Koziol represents inventors, owners and assignees of space inventions he does not represent all of the inventors, owners and assignees listed. The prosecuting attorney agent or firm for each patent is identified by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in the patent specfication, which can be viewed by clicking on the patent image or downloading the patent document. For more information regarding Mr. Koziol's background and experience, or to learn more about space inventions, please contact Mr. Koziol.

6,988,246Touch sensitive input and display arrangement for controlling and monitoring aircraft cabin systems2006-01-17
7,005,175Ventilated double-walled composite aircraft fuselage shell2006-02-28
7,021,856Splicing for interconnected thin-walled metal structures2006-04-04
7,048,234Adaptive flap and slat drive system for aircraft2006-05-23
7,051,975Aircraft flap or slat drive system with redundant drives and shaft drive lines2006-05-30
7,070,148Aerodynamic component for controlling a landing guide path of an aircraft2006-07-04
7,083,146Seating arrangement especially adjoining an emergency exit in an aircraft passenger cabin2006-08-01
7,100,871Lightweight structural component made of metallic ply materials2006-09-05
7,100,885Seat mounting rail, particularly for a commercial aircraft2006-09-05
7,108,229Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft2006-09-19
7,111,808Arrangement of a safety and information device on at least one passenger seat in a passenger cabin of a commercial aircraft2006-09-26
7,137,593Vertical conveyor arrangement for the transport of catering service goods in an aircraft with at least two decks arranged one above another2006-11-21
7,152,829Perforated skin structure for laminar-flow systems2006-12-26
7,178,954System and method for guiding a passenger in an aircraft cabin2007-02-20
7,185,853Air discharge valve for an aircraft2007-03-06
7,195,202Method and device for improving the thermal comfort in passenger airplanes2007-03-27
7,207,524Device for warning of differential pressure during the opening of a pressurized closing device pertaining to an opening in the fuselage of an aeroplane2007-04-24
7,222,819Aircraft ram air inlet with multi-member closure flap2007-05-29
7,226,020Apparatus for driving and adjusting flaps hinged to an aircraft2007-06-05
7,246,771Lifting device for a luggage compartment in an aircraft, as well as aircraft with a lifting device for a luggage compartment2007-07-24
7,255,916Metallic layer material, reinforced with basalt fibers, as well as products made thereof2007-08-14
7,258,307Device and method for damping at least one of a rigid body mode and elastic mode of an aircraft2007-08-21
7,262,957Modular communication fixture for installation on board of a passenger conveyance2007-08-28
7,281,685Flush-top seat mounting rail for passenger aircraft2007-10-16
7,285,326Lightweight structure particularly for an aircraft2007-10-23
7,285,753Heating system for use in on-board kitchens in means of transport and a method for heating food on board means of transport, in particular aircraft2007-10-23
7,290,736Aircraft door2007-11-06
7,309,044Device and method for improving security during the operation of air traffic2007-12-18
7,316,371Method and device for steepening a landing approach of an aircraft2008-01-08
7,318,566Aircraft with a lift system2008-01-15
7,331,401Method and apparatus for fighting a fire in an enclosed space in an aircraft2008-02-19
7,344,013Loading support device for cargo spaces in a means of transport, in particular for cargo spaces in aircrafts2008-03-18
7,354,022Device for monitoring tiltable flaps on aircraft wings2008-04-08
7,364,119Multipurpose passenger compartment in a cabin of a commercial passenger transport aircraft2008-04-29
7,374,131Support device for a galley2008-05-20
7,419,124Multi-purpose mount for securing insulation and holding cables2008-09-02
7,431,238Arrangement and method for the generation of water on board an aircraft2008-10-07
7,437,955Device for determining the rotation angle of a shaft in an aircraft2008-10-21
7,451,950Joint for connecting a longitudinal side to an upper side of components and flexible strip for use in such a joint2008-11-18
7,478,781Joint cover in aircraft2009-01-20
7,481,397Force supporting device with a load-dependent force support2009-01-27
7,481,398Intercostal for aircraft2009-01-27
7,503,720Hinge bracket holder2009-03-17
7,506,478Method and apparatus for detecting smoke and smothering a fire2009-03-24
7,517,014Passenger seat with luggage compartment2009-04-14
7,520,471Aircraft wing, method for operating an aircraft wing, and use of a pivotable trailing edge on a main wing of an aircraft, for adjusting the shape and width of an air gap2009-04-21
7,527,221Mounting device for interior equipment in aircraft2009-05-05
7,530,533Wing, particularly airfoil of an aircraft, having changeable profile2009-05-12
7,537,361Aircraft window case that can be artificially illuminated in an indirect manner2009-05-26
7,543,777Air guiding flap of an aircraft comprising control of the pressure forces impinging thereon, process for adjusting the position of an air guiding flap and ram air system including such an air guiding flap2009-06-09
7,546,981Drain system for an aircraft2009-06-16
7,546,984Flap interconnection system for aircraft2009-06-16
7,556,220Seal for sealing a component opening in a component2009-07-07
7,562,845Rudder unit connection to a fuselage without a bolt-fairing structure2009-07-21
7,567,186Information and notification system using passenger service units in an aircraft2009-07-28
7,571,877Operation mechanism for activating a deceleration device2009-08-11
7,581,698Method and apparatus for tempering gaseous and/or liquid media in transportation vehicles, particularly in aircraft2009-09-01
7,588,211Baggage compartment in passenger transport system2009-09-15
7,597,285Fluid dynamically effective surface for minimizing induced resistance2009-10-06
7,604,204Loading device for the at least partially automated loading and unloading of a cargo hold on transport equipment as well as a conveying system2009-10-20
7,607,612Passenger seat unit, in particular for commercial aircraft2009-10-27
7,607,617Wing unit, in particular spar box, for forming aerodynamically active surfaces of an aircraft, in particular airfoils, horizontal tail units or rudder units of a plane2009-10-27
7,618,008Air supply for an aircraft2009-11-17
7,621,275Cover assembly for oxygen mask containers2009-11-24
7,624,946Reservoir for cryogenic fuels and vehicles2009-12-01
7,629,068Aircraft having integrated electrochemical supply system2009-12-08
7,641,147Airplane wing, method for manufacturing an airplane wing and use of a welding process for welding a wing spar2010-01-05
7,658,044Gap covering for cabin panels2010-02-09
7,673,832Aircraft component exposed to streaming surrounding air2010-03-09
7,681,951Arrangement for accommodating passengers; vehicle for transporting passengers2010-03-23
7,694,915Covering device for a hinge of an aircraft2010-04-13
7,699,263Installable reclining device for emergency medical aid of patients2010-04-20
7,699,270Wing, especially a carrier wing of an airplane, having an adaptable profile2010-04-20
7,712,705Deceleration device2010-05-11
7,717,371Resting deck in an aircraft with resting cabins2010-05-18
7,721,990Passenger compartment2010-05-25
7,721,994Holder for interior installations in airplanes2010-05-25
7,726,606Luggage compartment that can be lowered comprising a hydraulic cylinder locking mechanism2010-06-01
7,726,607Flight passenger seat with an integrated spring element2010-06-01
7,727,057Device and process for heating an aircraft cabin2010-06-01
7,730,728System and method for cooling a thermally loaded device on board an aircraft2010-06-08
7,731,126Autonomous passenger seat2010-06-08
7,731,127Drain mast connector2010-06-08
7,740,201Device and method for floor heating in an aircraft2010-06-22
7,743,884Sandwich panel for sound absorption2010-06-29
7,746,037Power supply for an electric window dimming device2010-06-29
7,753,312Lightweight structure especially for an aircraft and method for making such a structure2010-07-13
7,757,994Method and device for suctioning the boundary layer2010-07-20
7,758,290Device for locking objects into place2010-07-20
7,759,011Safety system for reducing the explosion risk of a fuel tank2010-07-20
7,766,276Aircraft fuselage with upper and lower deck2010-08-03
7,766,281System for reducing aerodynamic noise at a supplementary wing of an aircraft2010-08-03
7,771,557Method for joining a stringer to a structural component of an aircraft or spacecraft2010-08-10
7,775,479Lining framework for an aircraft2010-08-17
7,780,114Modular galley, in particular for an aircraft2010-08-24
7,785,694Panel arrangement for an interior lining of a passenger cabin in an aircraft2010-08-31
7,810,669Replaceable cartridge for liquid hydrogen2010-10-12
7,819,360Window frame for aircraft2010-10-26
7,828,244Supply system for an aircraft2010-11-09
7,832,684Ram air channel for the supply of ambient air in an aircraft2010-11-16
7,832,686Combined displacement and swivel mechanism2010-11-16
7,837,155Boundary layer suction arrangement2010-11-23
7,841,560Seat device for an aircraft2010-11-30
7,850,117Fuselage structure2010-12-14
7,850,118Structural element, method for manufacturing a structural element and use of a structural element for an aircraft hull2010-12-14
7,857,259Modular seat system for a vehicle2010-12-28
7,857,263Landing flap guide for aircraft2010-12-28
7,861,978Drive and guide arrangement for a flap which is arranged on an aircraft mainplane2011-01-04
7,874,523Method of controlling an aircraft in flight, especially to reduce wake vortices2011-01-25
7,875,333Laminate sheet, in particular for fuselage skin sheets for aircrafts2011-01-25
7,883,056Insulation arrangement for the internal insulation of a vehicle2011-02-08
7,883,058Combined displacement and swivel mechanism2011-02-08
7,895,810Crash paddle for reinforcing a primary fuselage structure of an aircraft2011-03-01
7,896,291Aircraft door with oversizing2011-03-01
7,896,294Cover skin for a variable-shape aerodynamic area2011-03-01
7,896,402Spacer for coaxially sheathed fuel pipes2011-03-01
7,900,878Joint for connecting a longitudinal side to an upper side of components and flexible strip for use in such a joint2011-03-08
7,905,451Arrangement of a first and a second furnishing2011-03-15
7,905,452Window frame for aircraft2011-03-15
7,909,292Wing unit, in particular spar box, for forming aerodynamically active surfaces of an aircraft, in particular airfoils, horizontal tail units or rudder units of a plane2011-03-22
7,918,421Wing, in particular airfoil of an aircraft, with a variable profile shape2011-04-05
7,922,118System for producing process air2011-04-12
7,922,119Telescopic stowage bin2011-04-12
7,922,126Aircraft component exposed to streaming surrounding air2011-04-12
7,926,505Transfer unit2011-04-19
7,931,047Arrangement of line connections for installations in an aircraft passenger cabin2011-04-26
7,931,234Continuous fuselage connection2011-04-26
7,931,236Deflection device for a stream body2011-04-26
7,932,837Conditional aircraft cabin warning and signalling system for determining the cabin status2011-04-26
7,934,678Luggage compartment actuation2011-05-03
7,934,753Aircraft with connection element for connecting a conduit system to cooling aggregates in aircraft cabins2011-05-03
7,938,363Emergency opening device for an overhead locker with a lowerable shell2011-05-10
7,938,365Line holder in an aircraft2011-05-10
7,963,481Method and device for supporting the take-off rotation of an aircraft2011-06-21
7,963,484Lift-augmenting flap, in particular for a leading edge flap, for an aerodynamically effective wing2011-06-21
7,967,249Cooling system and method for expelling heat from a heat source located in the interior of an aircraft2011-06-28
7,975,963Safety system for reducing the impact energy of a container2011-07-12
7,980,511Device for the transport and medical care of patients as well as for the provision of emergency medical care in an aircraft2011-07-19
7,980,513Water-wastewater module for aircraft2011-07-19
7,980,928Arrangement and method for utilizing the heat of waste air for heating the bilge area of aircraft2011-07-19
7,984,874Flexible cable connection to monuments inside of an aircraft cabin2011-07-26
7,988,091Luggage compartment actuation2011-08-02
7,988,093Window frame for aircraft2011-08-02
7,988,102Aircraft with a fluid-duct-system2011-08-02
7,992,821Arrangement and method for installing a component in an aircraft2011-08-09
7,997,028Internal swivel door for compartment of a vehicle2011-08-16
7,997,533Fire barrier for an aircraft fuselage2011-08-16
8,006,941System for reducing aerodynamic noise at a supplementary wing of an aircraft2011-08-30
8,011,619Insulation package arrangement for insulating the interior of an aircraft fuselage2011-09-06
8,016,234Airframe structure of an aircraft or spacecraft2011-09-13
8,025,252Modular wall construction system for aircraft cabins2011-09-27
8,025,253Commercial aircraft with a main deck and a lower deck2011-09-27
8,028,957Force assisting system for luggage system2011-10-04
8,033,503Pressure bulkhead for an aerospace fuselage2011-10-11
8,033,505Aircraft door window2011-10-11
8,052,087Device for improving the breathing air quality in an aircraft cabin2011-11-08
8,061,652Rudder of a commercial aircraft2011-11-22
8,061,661System and method for reducing airfoil vortices2011-11-22
8,066,228Single slotted flap with sliding deflector flap and lowerable spoiler2011-11-29
8,070,097Mobile divider for an aircraft2011-12-06
8,074,927System for improving air quality in an aircraft pressure cabin2011-12-13
8,074,937Method for load limiting in drive systems for aircraft high lift systems2011-12-13
8,074,954Rail for positioning and locking of elements, and a corresponding fitting2011-12-13
8,079,185Window element for insertion in a window aperture in an outer skin of a transport2011-12-20
8,082,052Method and apparatus for ensuring the dimensional constancy of multisegment physical structures during assembly2011-12-20
8,091,831Aircraft with door seal arrangement2012-01-10
8,091,837Reduction of frictional losses in the region of boundary layers on surfaces, around which a fluid flows2012-01-10
8,096,503Structuring construction for an aircraft fuselage2012-01-17
8,096,505Deceleration device for a cockpit door for decelerating in case of decompression2012-01-17
8,096,506Method for making window frame2012-01-17
8,100,360Light rail system for powered introduction of large loads in a structure2012-01-24
8,100,361Hull structure2012-01-24
8,104,709Lateral force joint2012-01-31
8,104,712Aircraft fuselage element2012-01-31
8,109,469Combined staircase and lavatory module for an aircraft2012-02-07
8,146,861Component with carbon nanotubes2012-04-03
8,157,214Aircraft window darkening system2012-04-17
8,181,912Engine pod for an aircraft with a vortex generator arrangement2012-05-22
8,191,835Wing of an aircraft2012-06-05
8,201,775Improved decompression device with adjustable release pressure2012-06-19
8,205,824Aircraft fuselage structure2012-06-26
8,205,832Floor structure for a fuselage2012-06-26
8,205,834Support structure for a wing2012-06-26
8,205,836Fire protection device for an aircraft or spacecraft2012-06-26
8,220,744Fitting for introducing high forces into a fuselage cell of an aircraft2012-07-17
8,220,745Connection arrangement for connecting a first and second reinforcing element for an aircraft or spacecraft, and a shell component2012-07-17
8,292,222Air-conditioning system with icing protection for an aircraft2012-10-23
8,336,610Device and method for temperature control in an aircraft cabin2012-12-25
8,371,528Intercostal for an aircraft or spacecraft2013-02-12
8,439,061Emergency ram air inlet valve of an aircraft2013-05-14
8,480,028Optimized defrosting regulation of parallel arranged fresh air outlets of air conditioners2013-07-09
8,490,365Aircraft side fairing2013-07-23
8,539,787Aircraft air-conditioning system for the individual air conditioning of regions of an aircraft cabin with a liquid coolant2013-09-24
8,602,088Cooling air supply for the cooling of different systems requiring cooling air in an aircraft2013-12-10
8,727,265Helicopter with cycloidal rotor system2014-05-20
8,768,608Method, device and computer program product for monitoring loading and unloading procedures in the cargo holds of an aircraft2014-07-01
8,783,615Loads interface, particularly loads interface of an aircraft structure and application of said loads interface2014-07-22
8,783,616Loads interface, particularly a loads interface for a plug type aircraft door2014-07-22
8,919,699Emergency opening system of an aircraft cabin door2014-12-30
8,925,858Anchoring element and mooring device for an aircraft2015-01-06

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